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Red Socks and Yellow Socks


									            CHALLENGING WORDS



  “Pumpkin, Pumpkin” is the story of a little boy named
Jamie who plants a pumpkin seed. Little by little the seed
  grows and Jamie watches as each new part turns into
 another new part. Until…there is a full grown pumpkin!
                       --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Tell me what process the book took us through.
(Answer)    The growth of a pumpkin from a tiny seed.
(Follow Up)   How big did the pumpkin get?

(2)   If you were Jamie, would it be hard to wait for that seed to sprout?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Do you think he watched every day?

(3)   Pretend you have just planted a seed. Explain what you would need to do
      to care for it.
(Answer)     Give it water, warmth, and miracle grow.
(Follow Up)     What is one thing that all plants must have-including cacti?

(4) Suppose the seed didn’t sprout. What would you think happened?
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   What do kids need to grow?

(5) Explain what “scooped” means.
(Answer)    To make hollow.
(Follow Up)   What do people scoop that is cold and sweet and comes in flavors such
              as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry?

(6) Name the kind of seed Jamie planted.
(Answer)    A pumpkin seed.
(Follow Up)    What happen after he planted the seed?

(7) Tell me what the sprout turned into.
(Answer)    A plant.
(Follow Up)    What did the plant grow first?

(8) Recall in the story what color was the pumpkin at first.
(Answer)    Green.
(Follow Up)    Then what color did it become?

(9)   Explain how Jamie got the pumpkin out of the garden.
(Answer)    By using a wagon.
(Follow Up)    Describe what the wagon looked like.

(10)  Describe what Jamie did to the pumpkin after he picked it from the
(Answer)    He scooped out the seeds and the pulp and made a jack-o’-lantern.
(Follow Up)   What did he do with the seeds?

1.   Make a list of costumes kids wear on Halloween.

2.   Using the word “Pumpkin” write as many words as you can.

3.   Make a list of all things that you can think of that is orange.

4.   Draw a pumpkin plant. Label the parts.


1.   Show a picture of a jack-o’-lantern. Ask the children to identify it and ask them
     when you put them out on your porch. Then ask the children where a jack-o’-
     lantern comes from? Tell them that in our story today, we will meet a little boy
     who plants a seed and grows a pumpkin. Let’s read and find out what happens
     in between!

2.   Show the children different kinds of seeds. Have the children tell you what kind
     of seeds they think they are. Let’s read and see what Jamie plants and what he
     does with the plant.

3.   Show the children many different things that you would see around Halloween.
     Ask them if they know the significance of any of them. Tell them that today we
     will read about Jamie and what he does with the pumpkin he grew.

Book Title: Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Author: Jeanne Titherington                     Illustrator: Jeanne Titheringon
ISBN: 0-688-09930-0                             # of Text Pages: 11      AR: 2.4 LEX: 590L
                                    Building Oral Vocabulary
 7              sprout            23              pulp           23           scooped
                                       Prediction Questions
 5    What is going to happen to the seed?
 7    What do you think the sprout will become?
23    What do you think he will do next?

 This resource is provided by the ATEAM/Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part by the Kentucky
          Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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