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									                              Langley In Progress
         Urban Development Institute Township of Langley – April 28, 2011
Venue: Langley Events Center 7888 200th Street, Langley, B.C.
Time: 2:00 to 3:45

Mayor Rick Green
     -   Township is a community of opportunity, growth and where people want to live
     -   Home to 106 000 residents and over 5 900 businesses
     -   Forecast is for over 100 000 people to move into the Township over the next 30 years
     -   Huge potential for family development
     -   Township is committed to removing obstacles
     -   Issued 969 building permits in 2010

Shawn Bouchard – Quadra Homes
 -       lives in the Township of Langley
 -       appreciated the opportunity to
 -       Township is very good at working with people who want to invest in this community and make it
         a better place
 -       Took 24 months after the original application to receive their building permit which in any other
         municipality would not be possible
 -       Fantastic place to create a development

John Conicella – Westgroup Properties
     -   10 year project (Gateway 200) to create a business and employment zone
     -   New interchange created a small industrial property developer to become involved (Westgroup)
     -   2005 the Golden Ears and Fraser Health were the game changers for the property
     -   Township cooperated with the future vision of the Gateway 200 area
     -   PharmaSave decided to locate their national headquarters in the Township
     -   Built 378 000 square feet of office space and 570 new jobs
     -   Township is credited with helping Westgroup achieve their clients objectives especially to
          understand the business needs to attract these companies

Dave Gormley – Beedie Group
     - Development focused mainly in the Gloucester area
     - Credits the Township with
     - Township has affordable land relative to the rest of Vancouver, proximity to the US border and a
        good available workforce
     - One of the best Municipalities to deal with on the development side in the Lower Mainland.
     - Supportive Council
Hugh Carter – Qualico

     - 60 year history started in Winnipeg
 -     Willoughby Town Center is their development
 -     Yorkson is unique and is showing strong market appeal
 -     50% of Township population will be in Willoughby by 2031
 -     144 000 square feet of retail and commercial development coming to Willoughby Town Center
 -     Proposed exit off Highway #1 to 216th is in the planning stages and will link to 83rd Avenue.
 -     Grocery store coming to Willoughby Town Center in 2012.
 -     Township is open for development business
 -     Strong sense of community is one of the strong attributes of Langley
 -     A growing trade area with a potential of 28 000 people in Yorkson

Ramin Seifi – Township of Langley
     -   A community of six distinct communities
     -   One of the fastest growing municipalities in the region with an annual growth rate of 3 to 4
     -   Strong and diverse economy
     -   70% of the Township population is under 55
     -   20% of the population is under 15
     -   Fourth largest number of housing starts in the Lower Mainland after Surrey, Burnaby and
         Richmond over the last 10 years
     -   Langley has the highest project growth rate of any municipality in the Lower Mainland (except
     -   History and future growth potential with our central location provides a great opportunity to
         invest in the Township of Langley

Closing Remarks
     -   Township of Langley is open for business – Mayor Rick Green
     -   Township is a good spot to do business – Dave Gormley
     -   Langley has a progressive Council – Hugh Carter

                      The Township of Langley has a great future!

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