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									                          NORTH HINKSEY PARISH COUNCIL

Present:          The Chairman, Councillor E. Batts, and Councillors M. Baker, I. Battersby, E. T. Beaver,
                  Mrs. A. Dykes, S. Elliott, G. A. Griffiths, Mrs. J. C. Laver, P. R. Massey,
                  Mrs. B. A. Newport, P.C. Pheysey-Jones and P.C. Stevens.

Others Present:   Mrs. J. Barker (The Sprout) and A. J. Stone (Parish Clerk).

           Apologies were received from Councillors M. Grande, G. P. Parkhurst and District Councillor
           T. Quinlan,

           Councillors I. Battersby, S. Elliott and P. Stevens declared a personal and prejudicial interest
           in agenda item 05/80/2, Grant request from the Parish Plan Steering Group – Recommendation
           of the Grants Working Group to pay a grant of £200.00 towards the cost of producing a Parish
           Plan, as members of the Parish Plan Steering Group.
           Councillor Mrs. B. A. Newport declared a personal and prejudicial interest as ‘Features Editor of
           ‘The Sprout’ magazine.

           There were no matters raised by members of the public.

           Mrs. J. Barker summarised the aims and objectives of the Publicity Group and hoped that by
           producing ‘The Sprout’ magazine it would help to encourage parishioners to be proud of
           where they lived and encourage a greater community spirit. The fact that the parish was divided
           in two by the A34 trunk road did not help matters. It was hoped that the magazine would become
           the medium for communication within the parish and help to make things happen. The Parish
           Plan Questionnaire had identified amongst other things a considerable amount of interest in
           having a local magazine and a Farmers Market.
           It was hoped to get local businesses, clubs and schools more involved and it had been decided to
           circulate the first three issues of magazine free of charge. There would be ten issues a year, with
           single issues for December/January and July/August.
           Mrs. J. Barker then informed Councillors that there would be a community event in the
           Botley Shopping Precinct on 10th December 2005, with the intention of getting more people into
           the Precinct. There would be a Father Christmas (sponsored by Barclays Bank), a Christmas
           Tree had been donated by the V.W.H.D.C. and Botley Baptist Church Choir would sing in the
           morning and choirs from local schools in the afternoon. A lucky dip was being arranged for
           children, a raffle for adults and there was a possibility of a ‘Treasure Hunt’. It was hoped to
           make this an annual event and the Oxford Mail would come down and see what was happening.
           Councillors then asked a series of questions, which Mrs. Barker answered. Councillors
           complimented the Publicity Group for showing the initiative for organising the event.

           There were no items of ‘Urgent Business’

            i). The minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING, held on Thursday 27th October 2005,
                were AGREED as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman of the Parish Council.
           ii). The minutes of the PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETING, held on: -
                a). The meeting scheduled to be held on Thursday 10th November 2005, was cancelled, due
                    to a lack of business.
        Councillors NOTED the following: -
        1). Scheduled Playing Field Safety Checks - Update.
             a). That Tony Honey had reported that the funwheel in the children’s play area appeared to
                  have been vandalised as it no longer revolved smoothly. Graham Sillman had
                  subsequently inspected it and found that it was working normally. It was believed that
                  the extremely cold weather had caused the grease to freeze, restricting the movement.
        2). Courses/Meetings/Consultation Documents and Advice – Details for Councillors
            Councillors NOTED that the Clerk had received: -
               A letter from the Vale of White Horse District Council explaining that the Council’s
                Members Working Group had met to discuss the proposed Parish Review. North
                Hinksey was not affected by the review but any Councillors wishing to see details of the
                conclusions should contact Marcia Beverie (Abbey House) on 01235 540310.
               Confirmation from the County Council that it had adopted the ‘Oxfordshire Structure
                Plan 2016’ with modifications on 21st October 2005. A copy of the agreed plan would
                be forwarded to the Parish Council once printed. Councillors could view the adopted
                proposals by visiting the County Council’s web-site at
               Following a request from the Clerk, the County Council had now written to Mrs. G.
                Cotterell, 182 Westminster Way, confirming that they would undertake a public
                consultation on the location of a pedestrian crossing in Westminster Way, near the
                entrance to the subway under the A34. (Copies to Councillors Mrs. B. N. Newport
                and E. Batts).
               A copy of the City Council’s ‘Draft Air Quality Action Plan’. Councillor G.P.
                Parkhurst had reviewed the document and his comments were on the current agenda as
                item 05/80/3, Oxford City Council - Air Quality Report.
               A note from the Emergency Planning Unit of the County Council that their correct
                E-mail address was
        3). A Selection of letters written by the Clerk or Chairman, or received by the Parish
             Councillors NOTED that: -
               A letter had been received from the South and Vale Carers Centre thanking the Council
                for its grant of £200.00.
               A letter of thanks had been received from the Rev. Canon Patrick Hobson MC, the
                Speaker at the recent Remembrance Day Service. (Copies had been sent to Councillors
                Mrs. B. N. Newport and E. Batts).
               A letter had been received from Rev. Donald McNeile, Monks Barn, North Hinksey
                 Village, complaining of the speed of traffic in North Hinksey Lane and the Village, the
                 problems associated with the parking of vehicles in North Hinksey Lane by the
                 Wildlife Amenities area and the road priorities at the junction with Curtis Yard.
                 Rev. McNeile’s letter had been forwarded to Lee Turner at the County Council’s
                 Highways Depot, Drayton.

        1). Approval of Supplementary Estimates for 2005/2006.
            Councillor S. Elliott proposed and Councillor P. C. Stevens seconded the resolution
            that the Council AGREE to the following supplementary estimates for 2005/2006, on
            the understanding that any unspent funds at 31st March 2006 would be returned to
            ‘General Balances’: -
             a). Allotments Sub-Committee – ‘Hedge and Tree Cutting Budget’
                 Expenditure of £1,500 from General Fund balances for reshaping the hedge at the
                 Wildlife Amenities Area, an approved bid in 2004/2005, but was not spent due to a
                 delay in the redevelopment of the site and had been returned to General Fund balances.
             b). Allotments Sub-Committee – ‘Wildlife Amenities Area – Development Budget’
                 i). Urgent expenditure of £408 in 2005/2006, had been agreed by the Chairman of the
                     Parish Council and the Chairman of the Allotments Sub-Committee. This was to
                     cover the cost of supplying and fixing safety notices at the Wildlife Area, to protect
                the Council’s interests and meet insurance requirements, after members of the public
                started using the site prior to its planned opening date.
           ii). The transfer of a sum of £3,592, to the Development budget revised estimate, being
                 the balance of the Wildlife Amenities Area earmarked reserve to cover expenditure
                 incurred in the current year.
       c). Highways Sub-Committee – ‘Signs, Noticeboards and Notices Budget’
            Expenditure of £500 from the Parish Noticeboards earmarked reserve to cover the cost
            of supplying and fixing a noticeboard to the Louie Memorial Pavilion building.
      Councillors UNANIMOUSLY AGREED the supplementary estimates for 2005/2006.
2).   Grant Request from the Parish Plan Steering Committee
      Having declared personal and prejudicial interests in this item, Councillors I. Battersby,
      S. Elliott and P. C. Stevens took no part in the debate or vote.
      Councillors considered the grant application details and Councillor M. Baker proposed
      and Councillor P. R. Massey seconded the resolution that the Council should
      APPROVE a grant of £200 towards the cost of producing a Parish Plan. (Section 137
      expenditure). This was UNANIMOUSLY AGREED.
3).   Oxford City Council - Air Quality Report
      The Clerk circulated copies of Councillor G. P. Parkhurst’s comments in relation to the
      report. Councillors asked that Councillor Parkhurst be thanked for doing his report and
      AGREED that the Clerk should write to Oxford City Council thanking them for the
      opportunity of commenting on their report and hoping that they are successful in their
      efforts to reduce air pollution. Action: The Clerk to write to Oxford City Council.
4).   Wildlife Amenities Area (N. H. Nature Reserve), Provision of a Hardwood Seat
      Councillors debated the resolution from Councillor Mrs. B. A. Newport, seconded by
      Mrs. J. C. Laver that ‘The Parish Council AGREES to the purchase from ‘General
      Fund’ balances of a hardwood seat in memory of Primrose Warburg, a Parish
      Councillor of many years standing and a renowned international conservationist. The
      seat to be placed in the ‘North Hinksey Nature Reserve’.
      Councillor G. A. Griffiths supported the resolution but along with Councillor P. C. Pheysey-
      Jones believed that as Primrose Warburg had a dislike for seating, her service should be
      commemorated in a different way.
      When put to the vote it was UNANIMOUSLY AGREED to purchase a hardwood seat
      or bench, to a maximum cost of £500.00. The style should conform to the other seating
      that will be purchased and placed in the reserve.
5).   Discussion of Highways Issues raised by the Parish Plan Transport Group
      Councillor P. C. Stevens introduced a list of transport issues that had been identified by the
      Transport Group of the Parish Plan Steering Committee and hoped that the Parish Council
      or the Botley Traffic Advisory Committee would raise the issues with the County Council.
      Councillors explained that many of the issues had already been taken up with the County
      Council and that issues concerning the A34 were the responsibility of the Highways
      Agency. Action: The Clerk to write to Councillor Stevens and explain what action
      had already been taken in relation to the issues highlighted.
6).       Reports from Chairs of Other Committees (Progress/Issues of Interest)
            i). PLANNING COMMITTEE
                  The Chairman, Councillor G. A. Griffiths reported that an application to convert
                  78A into flats had been approved by the V.W.H.D.C. He believed that the
                  application would remain on file as an approved application as the previously
                  approved application to convert the building to a Cattery and flat for staffing was
                  going ahead. Action: Councillor Griffiths to investigate whether 78A West
                  Way had been sold to the owners of the Cattery, or was being leased to them.
                  Councillor Griffiths also referred to a proposal by Grandpont Waters Ltd. to build a
                  rowing course on land between North Hinksey and South Hinksey Villages.
                  The Chairman, Councillor Mrs. J. C. Laver, informed the meeting that
                  approximately 85% of the 2005/2006 allotment rents had been received.
                  The Chairman, Councillor P. C. Pheysey-Jones informed the meeting that the
                  County Council had issued the order for work to narrow the carriageway to one
                       lane and install appropriate signage at the junction of North Hinksey Lane and
                       West Way.
               iv).    PLAYING FIELDS SUB-COMMITTEE
                       Nothing further to report
                v).    REMEMBRANCE DAY SUB-COMMITTEE
                       The Chairman, Councillor Mrs. B. A. Newport read out a letter of thanks from the
                       Rev. Canon Patrick Hobson MC.
                       The Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor E. Batts informed the meeting
                       that this year’s retiring collection had raised £235.56 for the Poppy Appeal
                       Councillors expressed disappointment at an article in the Oxford Mail from a
                       representative of the Air Crew Association, claiming that they were responsible for
                       starting the Remembrance Day Service. Councillors AGREED that it was not
                       appropriate to challenge the inaccuracies in the article.
                       The Clerk circulated a report from the Chairman of the Botley Traffic Advisory
                       Committee, Councillor G. P. Parkhurst on the recent meeting with representatives
                       of the County Council’s Highways Division and Thames Valley Police.
                       Councillors recorded their thanks to Councillor Parkhurst for producing his report.
                       The Chairman, Councillor Mrs. A. Dykes, informed Councillors that the
                       outstanding rent for hire of the hall had now been paid and that the caretakers had
                       moved to another property in Greater Leys. Councillor E. Batts as Secretary to
                       the Seacourt Hall Committee and the Parish Council representatives on the
                       committee all expressed surprise at the announcement as they had not been
                       informed of this fact. Councillors were concerned that the caretakers no longer
                       lived locally, as this was an important consideration in their appointment.
                       Furthermore, concerns were expressed about arrangements for the collection of
                       keys by hirers. The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council had not been advised
                       of the change of address and telephone number, which meant that the details shown
                       on the Parish Council’s noticeboards were now incorrect.
                       It was AGREED that Councillor Batts would contact the caretakers about how
                       they intended to fulfil the requirements of their employment now that they did not
                       live locally. He would also ask for clarification on the arrangements for setting up
                       tables and chairs before meetings etc.
              viii).   WEB-SITE WORKING GROUP
                       The Chairman, Councillor S. Elliott explained that the Clerk had now ordered a
                       web-site template for the parish council. Councillors Baker, Elliott, Parkhurst and
                       the Clerk had done some preliminary work on the draft web-site and it was hoped
                       that the site would be live from 1st January 2006. Councillor P. R. Massey and
                       Mrs. E. Grande would join the Web-Site Development Group.
                       Councillor M. Baker had kindly agreed to be the web-master, Councillor
                       G. P. Parkhurst would set-up the various links and the Clerk would arrange for the
                       minutes and agenda information to be regularly updated.
                       Councillor M. Baker would arrange for a demonstration of the draft web-site in the
                       Seacourt Hall, at 7.30pm, on Thursday 15th December 2005.
                       The Chairman, Councillor P. C. Stevens informed the meeting that Mr. A. Howse,
                       (the owner of the parade shops), had attended the last meeting of the Parish Plan
                       Steering Committee. He informed the meeting that he was going to re-decorate the
                       frontage of the parade shops. Wendy White, the Manager of Templar’s Square
                       Shopping Precinct had agreed to meet with the Parish Plan Steering Committee.

        There was no report from County Councillor Mrs. J. Godden.
        District Councillor B. A. Newport explained that it was a busy time for the V.W.H.D.C. and that
        licensing applications were still being considered.
        Oxfordshire County Council  Confirmation - Adoption of the Oxfordshire Structure Plan
             “         “       “    Contact point for Emergency Planning issues
             “         “       “    News for Towns & Parishes – November 2005
             “         “       “    Correspondence re: Pedestrian crossing in Westminster Way
             “         “       “    CAG Oxfordshire newsletter – November 2005
             “         “       “    Acknowledgement of request for further information on
                                    partnership arrangements.
             “          “      “    Children and Young People’s Plan Consultation
                                    (Details are available on the County Council’s web-site
        Vale of White Horse DC      Parish Review progress
         “ “ “          “ “         Funding and Community Grants Update
        Oxford City Council         Draft Air Quality Action Plan
        Rev. Canon P. Hobson MC     Thank you letter re: Remembrance Day Service
        South & Vales Carers Centre Thank you letter for grant
        B.B.O.W.T.                  Newsletter October 2005
        D.I.S. (NALC)               Direct Information Service 31/10/2005 and 14/11/2005
        Commonwealth War Graves     Annual Report 2004-2005

        Ch. No. Payee                     Expenditure                                     Amount
        101231 Oxford City Council        Printing of Remembrance Day Service Sheets £ 45.00
        101232 T.H. Neale                 Grass cutting Sep./Oct. 2005                   £ 246.00
        101233 V. W. H. D. C.             Servicing Dog Bins to 30/9/2005 and Licence £ 142.14
                                          for use of land fronting Chapel Way
        101234   Lyreco Uk Ltd.           Stationery order, photocopy/print cartridges   £ 159.95
        101235   G. Sillman               ROSPA repair work, Repairs to cisterns in      £ 521.00
                                          Pavilion, W.A.A. noticeboards.
        101236   Royal B. L. Poppy Appeal Wreaths for Remembrance Day Service 2005 £ 103.50
                                          (Two wreaths to be recharged)
        101237   Young’s Tree Services    Cutting of conifers on allotment site          £ 200.00
        101238   Vision ICT Ltd.          Web-Site design costs                          £ 622.75
        101239   Radio Cherwell           Hire sound System – Remembrance Day Service £ 80.00
        101240   Oxfordshire Youth Brass Donation for playing at Rem. Day Service        £ 100.00
        101241   Botley Women’s Institute Donation towards tea, coffee etc.              £ 45.00
        101242   R. McDonald              P/T caretaking fee/skatebowl clean for Nov.05 £ 126.04
        101243   A. R. Honey              Safety checks/litter clearing Sept 05          £ 128.70
                                          5 weeks @ £25.74)
        101244   A. J. Stone              Net salary Novemeber 2005 + travelling Sept/ £1,005.53
                                          Total Expenditure                             £ 3,525.21

        15th December 2005 Planning Committee (7.00pm) (If needed)
        15 December 2005   Council (8.00pm)
        12th January 2006  Allotments Sub-Committee (7.00pm)
        12th January 2006  Planning Committee (7.30pm)
        19th January 2006  Grants Working Group (7.00pm)
        19th January 2006  Highways Sub-Committee (7.30pm)
        19th January 2006  F & G P Sub-Committee (8.00pm)
        26 January 2006    Playing Fields Sub-Committee (7.30pm)
        26th January 2006  Council (8.00pm)

        The meeting finished at 9.40pm

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