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   Cardiology is the specialization in medicine that
deals with the study of cardiovascular illness, the
care of all things related to the heart.

   Cardiology also includes arteries and is used to
diagnose and treat conditions like blockages.

   However, cardiologists shouldn’t be confused
with cardiac surgeons who perform heart surgeries,
while cardiologists perform tests and procedures
like angioplasty.

  Cardiology researches, diagnoses and treats
heart injuries and diseases as well as their causes.
   A cardiologist will treat ones’ heart problem while
staying aware of other conditions, including high
blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other
factors that risk damaging the heart.

   Some risk factors include a family history of heart
disease, obesity, cigarette smoking, poor diet and a
sedentary life style.

   Since cardiology is a specialized field of medicine,
one should not necessarily rely on ones’ regular health
care provider to care for ones’ heart.

    In fact, he or she may be able to deal with minor
problems, but will usually refer a patient to a specialist
if the symptoms appear to be serious.
   A specialist can inform ones’ doctor about new
drugs or tests that may be beneficial to one, or he or
she may request an ECG or blood tests and study the

   Los Angeles Cardiologists are talented and
accredited cardiologists who have extensive
experience in all aspects of cardiology.

  Cardiologists use many diagnostic tests like ECGs
and angiography to diagnose heart conditions.

   Until recently, the only way to confirm the
presence of coronary artery disease was to get a
cardiac catheterization or conventional angiogram.
  These invasive procedures require a lot of dye, large
needle in the groin, bed rest for 6-8 hours and an
overnight stay in the hospital.

  Today, by using the ultrafast, 64 Slice CT scanner
physicians can image the heart and its blood vessels
without blurring.

   Then, using advanced computer technology, the
information can be reconstructed into 2-D and 3-D
views of the heart and coronary arteries showing
narrowing that can indicate early coronary artery

   The 64 Slice CT Scan technology operates 4-64 times
faster than other standard CT scanners.
  The 64 Slice CT scanner is a large round doughnut-
shaped machine with a large opening.

   The patient lies on a comfortable table that will slide
in and out of the round opening. The CT will obtain
images from hundreds of angles that are reconstructed
by a computer.

  Modern CT scanners are so fast that they can scan
through the large sections of the body in just a few

  The 64 Slice CT Scan is less invasive and produces
excellent imaging.
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Description: Using computed tomography and advanced computer software, we can now obtain a non-invasive image of the beating heart. This allows you to obtain detailed information about the structure of a patient's heart and coronary arteries, which until recently, was only available by an invasive coronary angiogram.