Rikvin Releases an Overview of the Singapore Employment Act

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					Rikvin Releases an Overview of the
Singapore Employment Act
Singapore company registration specialist, Rikvin, has
recently released a concise guide featuring the essential
components of a Singapore employment contract.
Singapore company registration specialist, Rikvin, has released the Overview of
the Singapore Employment Act, a concise guide to drafting a Singapore
employment contract. Rikvin’s guide aims to give Singapore employees and
employers a quick snapshot of the essential features of a Singapore employment
contract (Contract of Service).

Rikvin is confident that the guide will help employees and employers quickly
grasp and understand their rights and duties under an employment contract. This
understanding would in turn enable both parties to negotiate fair and mutually-
beneficial grounds for employment based on the Singapore employment act,
Singapore's fundamental labor law.

The Overview includes 1) a brief explanation of the Singapore Employment Act
as well as the parties it covers, 2) a brief explanation of what an employment
contract is and what it should essentially constitute as well as 3) other important
factors relating to an employment contract.

Rikvin’s guide also lays out eight salient features of an employment contract
namely 1) the designation title and job scope, 2) employee’s commencement
date and employment period, 3) hours of work, 4) probation conditions, 5)
remuneration package, 6) employee benefits, 7) code of conduct and 8)
conditions for termination.

Commenting on the Overview, Mr. Satish Bakhda, Head of Rikvin’s Operations,
said, “We have observed that many young entrepreneurs engaging our
Singapore company registration services would like to draft fair Singapore
employment contracts but do not know how to do so. Rikvin’s Overview of the
Singapore Employment Act is a one-stop checklist that gives owners of small
enterprises the most important components to draft fair employment contracts.
On the other hand, the same guide provides an employee with a concise
reference point with which he can check against the terms of his employment

Furthermore, the Overview is aligned with the recommendations laid out by the
Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices. Drafting a fair employment
contract is the first step to establishing a respectful working relationship with an
employee, regardless of the type of Singapore work visa he is holding. A fair
employment contract is also one of the first documents shared between an
employer and a potential employee. As the contract is an extension of the
company brand, it is then of utmost importance to begin the relationship on the
right foot, even if it does not come to fruition.

To view the complete guide, please visit the Overview of the Singapore
Employment Act page.


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