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					code   agency name                                address1                 address2      city

       Child and Family - Ophelia Program         31 John Clarke Road                    Middletown

       Providence Center

          Providence Center - Hope St             520 Hope Street                        Providence
          Providence Center - N. Main St          530 North Main Street                  Providence

       Rhode Island Student Assistance Services   300 Centerville Road     Suite 301 S   Warwick


                                                  1011 Veterans Memorial                 East
       SafeQuest Program (Bradley Hospital)
                                                  Parkway                                Providence


       Samaritans                                 P.O. Box 9086                          Providence

state   zip     phone           website

RI      02842 401-848-4206


RI      02909
RI      02909

RI      02886 401-732-8680

RI      02915 401-432-1020

              (24 hr crisis
RI      02940
              hotline/          home.htm
              listening line)
description                                                                     services accessed

The Ophelia Program offers clinical support for girls and young women for
                                                                                self-referral, referral (DCYF,
issues surrounding: self-destructive behaviors, eating disorders, relational
                                                                                Juvenile Drug Court)
issues, mental health concerns, substance abuse, stress reduction

Providence Center provides comprehensive services to adults, adolescents
                                                                         self-referral, referral (Schools,
and children experiencing mental health, substance abuse, emotional and
                                                                         DCYF, Hospitals, Community-
behavioral difficulties.
                                                                         based organizations and
                                                                         providers, Community Health
                                                                         Centers, DOC, preschools and
                                                                         daycare centers)
child and adolescent services: mental health, substance use outpatient

adult services: mental health and substance use outpatient

Rhode Island Student Assistance Services is a statewide school-based
                                                                                screening and assessment,
prevention/early intervention program, using on-site Master’s-level
                                                                                prevention education series,
counselors to provide a wide range of services. All counselors have been
                                                                                individual counseling sessions,
trained in the QPR (“question-persuade-refer”) Gatekeeper intervention for
                                                                                group sessions, referral and case
suicide prevention. Counselors recognize the warning signs of a suicide
crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help.

The SafeQuest program is an intensive after-school program for
adolescents who are at risk for self-harm and/or who are suffering from
significant mood or anxiety disorders. The program runs five days a week
                                                                                Referral and self-referral
from 3 to 7 p.m. SafeQuest nurses, social workers, psychiatrists and milieu
staff work collaboratively with parents to provide targetted services to assist
each child.

Samaritans is a suicide prevention and resource center, providing outreach
for anyone looking for help or needing to learn more about suicide
prevention. Programs include 24 hour hotline/listening line, outreach and
community education, youth and teen suicide prevention education,
services provided

Mental health care (outpatient), Individual counseling, Family counseling, Group counseling, School-
based counseling, Crisis intervention, Substance abuse services (outpatient), Violence prevention
services, LGBTQ Services

CAITS, partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs for adolescents 8 to 21; Adolescent SA
prevention education and intervention programs; multisystemic therapy. Adult services include: outpatient
counseling; Women's day treatment (intensive SA treatment); Addiction recovery. Acute care services -
emergency services on-site and in the community for children, adolescents and adults experiencing a
psychiatric or SA emergency (24/7) - services include psychiatric assessment, medication, nursing,
evaluation, therapy, SA counseling, homeless outreach. Residential programs include: residential drug
and alcohol treatment programs (short-term and long term); transitional housing for people with SA
problems; group homes and supervised apartments. Also provides employment and education services.

Partial Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Service for Adolescents that includes group therapy, individual
therapy and family therapy as well as a therapeutic milieu from 3pm-7pm five days a week

24 hour hotline/listening line, outreach and community education, youth and teen suicide prevention
target populations             client restrictions   other languages?

The Ophelia Programs are                                                        Yes (up
                               females               no
specific to young women                                                         to 18)

CMHC service
                               None                  Spanish                    Yes
area: Providence

School-aged adolescents
who are at risk of substance                         Yes, bilingual conselors
abuse or poor school                                 available

                               Insurance company     Interpreter services
Adolescents (13-18 y.o.)                                                        Yes
                               approval              available

individuals with suicidal
ideation or those concerned                          Spanish                    yes
about someone
                                                                 young adult-specific
adolescent-specific services:                 serves 18-24                                     suicide prevention services

All clinical services are adolescent geared
                                              No                                               no
and tailored.

Outpatient-counseling services for children
and adolescents, CAITS and Children and
Families Intensive Treatment (CFIT), partial                     partial hospital and          Partial hospital, intensive
hospital and intensive outpatient, Individual Yes                intensive outpatient (up to   outpatient and outpatient
and group therapy and family counseling for                      21)                           programs for suicidal youth
adolescents who have both mental health and
substance abuse problems.

                                              Yes, if still in                                 Yes, QPR Gatekeeper
                                              highschool                                       intervention

                                              18-year-olds, if                                 Yes, Safequest’s purpose is to
                                              they are still                                   prevent recurring suicide
All services specific to this population
                                              enrolled in high                                 attempts and other unsafe
                                              school                                           behaviors among adolescents.

                                                                 youth suicide prevention
youth and teen suicide prevention education   yes                                              all
violence-specific services   fees                                      payment

                             Clinical treatment is through insurance
yes, part of clinical core                                             All/most insurances, fee for service and
                             billing or self pay. Ophelia Sessions/
services                                                               sliding scale offered for clinical services.
                             Fitness programs are free.

                                                                       BCBSRI, United Health, NHPRI, Signa,
                                                                       Tufts, Medicaid, Medicare and uninsured
N/A                          Yes
                                                                       individuals for substance use treatment

Safequest addresses the above
areas in various ways.
Safequest helps adolescents                                            Most insurances are accepted. This
express their feelings, use   Yes                                      information can be clarified at time of
supportive resources, problem                                          referral via the Access Department.
solve, communicate with their
families, and manage stress.

none                         no
foreseen changes                                           other agencies:                            notes:

We hope to maintain funding for the free components of
                                                            Newport County Community Mental Health
services…the community events and fitness components. If we
                                                            Center, Women’s Resource Center,
were to lose funding these programs could switch to fee or
                                                            Looking Upwards
donation based

                                                           Bradley Hospital, Adolescent Services
                                                           Inpatient Program; Providence Center Day
                                                           Program; All CFIT/CAITS programs; Family
None                                                       Service of RI; Newport Child and Family
                                                           Service, Jewish Family Service, All
                                                           Community Mental Health Centers; All
                                                           programs that provide MST services.
contact    contact
                       contact email
name       position
Sharonn                srust-
Rust-      Director    bottone@childand

Dianne                 dflaherty@provctr.
Flaherty               org

Kim                    kwaggoner@lifesp
         Director of
         Safe Quest

           Director    com,

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