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                   “Islam in Malaysia: Past, Present, and Future”

Abstract Submission Form

Full Name                   Mohamad Abdul Hamid

Paper’s Title               Corporate Demand for Islamic Insurance (Takaful) in
                            Malaysia: a Financial Exposition Perspective

Abstract (250 words)        The general takaful (Islamic insurance) industry in
                            Malaysia recorded progressive growth, particularly over
                            the last six years. Demand for general takaful products has
                            continuously risen, evident by the improvement in
                            contributions (premiums) of general takaful. In addition,
                            over 50 percent of total general takaful contributions
                            (premiums) was from the business corporations in
                            Malaysia. Moreover, although numerous theoretical and
                            empirical articles investigate corporate demand for
                            conventional insurance, empirical tests of the theories have
                            never been tested for Islamic insurance known as takaful.
                            This study is the first attempt to empirically investigate the
                            determinants of corporate demand on takaful for property
                            or asset-based risk exposures of non-financial corporations
                            using data from main board of public listed companies at
                            Bursa Malaysia. The specific issue of this study is; what
                            are the factors affecting the corporate demand for takaful?
                            Factors like underinvestment and leverage, growth
                            opportunities, expected bankruptcy costs, tax
                            considerations, managerial ownership, company size and
                            regulated effects have been examined in this study to
                            answer the issue. The data covers a five-year period from
                            year 2002 – 2006. This research has focused the above
                            issue using panel data regression models. We find that
                            leverage, expected bankruptcy costs, tax consideration,
                            managerial ownership and company size play an important
                            role for determining the takaful demand in Malaysia.

Contact information –       mdah@ukm.my, dsmakmur@yahoo.com
Contact information –
Institution                 International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

Programme                   PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance

Affiliated Institution in   Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Position*                   Lecturer
Academic Qualification          BBA (Hons)(Risk Management)
Academic Qualification          MBA (Finance)
Academic Qualification          IIUM, PhD Candidate
Latest scholarly                -
publication 1*
Latest scholarly                -
publication 2*
Latest scholarly                -
publication 3*

*Note that chairperson will use information in this form to introduce you before your presentation.

Send the completed form to mysalam@lamp.ac.uk before 18th April 2008

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