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                    OUR VIEW
            The season
             for fires
        his is one of the worst times of the
        year for house fires, hence one of
        the busiest times of the year for
local firefighters. Why? Temperatures are
dropping at night and we’re cranking up
our furnaces and electric heaters for the
first time – and too many enough of them
are malfunctioning and igniting fires.
   To end that ugly cycle, Mooresville Fire
Chief Wes Greene and Fire Marshal Bobby
                                                                                                                                STAN THOMPSON

                                                                           Liberty’s English roots sprout once more
Compton offer some tips for homeowners
as the winter season approaches. We hope
you’ll heed them and make the fire
department a little less busy over the next

few months:                                                              he results of two Nov-         from the levers of power. The        have been less than awesome.             If the Northeast seized such
                                                                         ember elections proved         stirred, gray embers of Camelot      Promotion of tourism, planning       an opportunity (as New England
   •If you have doubts about the condition                               one thing the pundits over-    can burn down and smolder for        and operation of public trans-       threatened seriously to secede
of your heating unit, have it checked by a                         looked completely: “One nation       two more years.                      portation, environmental mat-        over the Louisiana Purchase),
qualified technician. Better yet: Have it                          ... indivisible” is                     While we were fighting our        ters, economic development           the South would probably wave
checked annually regardless.                                       about 4,000 miles                    civil war with blue and red          strategizing and housing would       them bon voyage with ill-dis-
   •If you have a wood-burning fireplace                           northeast of wh-                     paintball ammunition, another        have come home from London.          guised glee.
or wood stove, have your chimney cleaned                           ere we thought it                    election was being fought across     The military, statecraft, and the        England’s decision to stay
                                                                   was. While Amer-                     the pond. Newcastle, Durham,         framing of most civil and crimi-     whole probably bucks a global
annually.                                                                                                                                    nal law would have stayed
                                                                   ica’s Northeast                      and twenty-odd boroughs of the                                            trend. Quebec is still sidling
   •Always use proper ventilation when                             divided       itself                 English Northeast were being         south. But the Northeast of          away from Anglophone Canada
using gas or kerosene heaters.                                     sharply       from                   nudged toward the edge of the        England said “no” to going it on     and Corsica from France. Bas-
   *Never fill a kerosene heater indoors or                        most of the nat-                     nest by Tony Blair’s Labour Party    their own even a little bit.         ques still want out of Spain and
when the heater is warm.                                           ion,     England’s Thompson          and urged to try their wings.           How would the blue splash of      Cataláns may not be far behind
                                                                   Northeast turned down offered,       When the chad cleared on             Northeastern American states         them.
   •Make sure nothing flammable is near                            encouraged, partial independ-        Thursday morning, Nov. 5, Dur-       have voted on Nov. 3 if, having          England’s election did show
or touching a heater.                                              ence from London by a greater        ham and friends had Just said no     seen the Nov. 2 national election    America two important things:
   •Place a screen in front of your wood-                          than three-to-one vote.              by a three-to-one margin.            results, they were suddenly giv-     First, there is no particular sanc-
burning fireplace to catch sparks.                                     Kerry and Bush are making        Northeast England’s Regional         en the chance that England gave      tity in the geographic sizes of
   •Test smoke detectors and carbon                                nice for a while but the redness     Parliament died a’bornin’.           Durham? Per Joseph Kurl, writ-       political entities beyond their
monoxide detectors annually.                                       and blueness of a divided nation        But devolution is not dead in     ing in The Washington Times on       inhabitants’ own sense of be-
                                                                   are burned into our retinas. We      the UK. The Scottish, Welsh and      Nov. 9, “Secession, which didn’t     longing. Second, a developed
   •If you have gas heat or a gas fireplace,                       emerged from the prize ring          Northern Ireland Parliaments         work very well when it was tried     nation reconsidering its opti-
make sure you place a carbon monoxide                              punchy – more “under God” and        are settled in and flexing their     once before, is suddenly red hot     mum granularity is no longer a
detector on each level of your home.                               much less “indivisible” than         regional muscles. The Manx (the      in the blue states.”                 matter of much consequence,
   Any questions? Call the Mooresville Fire                        when we went in.                     Isle of Man) claim theirs is the        Suppose the Franchise Fairy       let alone a cause for war.
Department at 704-664-1338. And have a                                 On TV, the American North-       oldest continuously operating        appeared in Times Square to say,         In the 1770’s, Americans
safe winter!                                                       east was revealed as a small,        parliament in the world. (The        “But only mark your ballot and       fought for independence be-
                                                                   angry splash of blue on a big, red   Icelandic Althing, AD 930, may       the Northeast shall rise as a glo-   cause they were not being treat-
                                                                   national map. Once again,            believe otherwise but they’re not    rious new semi-state, for beyond     ed like liberty-loving English-
                                                                   Massachusetts failed to re-con-      making much fuss over it. Parley     the reach of the Righteous Right.    men. Tony Blair’s devolution
                  ANNA BONHAM                                      quer the nation. Michael Duk-
                                                                   akis was not avenged by his
                                                                                                           If the referendum to establish
                                                                                                                                             You can yank all lingering Com-
                                                                                                                                             mandments from public build-
                                                                                                                                                                                  may be the new face of liberty in
                                                                                                                                                                                  the English speaking world – a

         Inherited ditz
                                                                   young protegee, John Kerry. Ted      a regional parliament had car-       ing walls and replace them with      kinder, gentler, civilized form of
                                                                   Kennedy remained safely away         ried, the regional powers would      Robert Maplethorp photos.”           secession and accommodation.

        t age forty-(cough cough) I am suddenly
        realizing a few faults I wish I had con-                                         MARSHA MERCER                                                              SCOTT HOLLIFIELD
        quered before I had kids. No one
explained to me that my personal imperfec-
tions would morph into my kids and will haunt
me for years to come.
                                                                              Spinning the results                                                            Big briefs to fill
                                                                   W                                                                          I
   In the pursuit of making the best use of my                               ASHINGTON – Now            iatory. Bush suddenly wants to            t’s a question that, to be      deals with underwear, some-
time, I have developed this teensy little prob-                              that the campaign is       “reach out.” He says so repeat-           honest, I don’t get very        times referred to as “bloom-
                 lem of being a flibbity-jibbit, a                           over, President Bush       edly. But he has given no sign            often, and especially not in    ers” or “drawers” or “those
                 will-of-a-wisp, a clown – or more                 said at his post-election news       how he might do it or to whom         all capital letters: “ARE YOU       weapons of mass destruction I
                 precisely – “a ditz.” While I enjoy               conference, “Americans are           he might reach.                       THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE?”             forgot to take out of the gym
                 smelling the roses, I frequently                  expecting a bipartisan effort           At the news conference, he         And the answer would be YES –       bag.” Those offended by frank
                 forget they need watering and                     and results.”                        said: “I’ll reach out to everyone     if 99.4 percent of the world’s      discussions of underwear and
                 fertilizer.                                           Most Americans aren’t            who shares our goals.”                male population died from an        underwear-related issues are
                   Some people see it as laziness; I               expecting any                           That sounds a lot like the old     Asian monkey                        advised to stop reading imme-
                 call it “conserving resources.” I                 such        thing.                   “my way or the highway”               pox pandemic,                       diately and turn to yet another
    Bonham never understood why people                             They’re far too                      George W. Bush.                       leaving just me                     story analyzing the 2004 presi-
                 would worry and fret for six                      savvy to think                          Four years ago, Bush came          and members of                      dential campaign. The rest of
months just to plan a 20-minute wedding. If                        the poisonous                        into office after the most dis-       the Lee Green-                      you, continue.)
one used their time more wisely and efficiently,                   atmosphere in                        puted election in history and         wood fan club.                         The underwear maker is
they could focus and plan it in one good after-                    Washington will                      having lost the popular vote. He         OK, then the                     looking for Mr. Intimo USA,
noon, just before the big day. Sure, it may not be                 lift simply be-                      said then he was going to be a        answer would                        and hopes to find him (me)
the biggest church in the best neighborhood,                       cause a cam-                         “uniter not a divider.” Aside         be MAYBE. The                       “through the first event of its
the dress that fits like a glove, the caterer that                 paign ends, es-
                                                                                          Mercer                                                                    Hollifield    kind on the World Wide Web.”
                                                                                                        from early success with tax cuts      question arrived
bakes crumpets, or the honeymoon of your                           pecially after the bruiser we’ve     and the “No Child Left Behind”        via e-mail from Intimo, the         The winning model/ spokes-
dreams, but it would be done and you would                         been through.                        bill, though, there was less unit-    “makers of stylish & ultra cool     person will be dubbed – seri-
still have time to catch a good movie on the way                       What the president was           ing than dividing.                    underwear.”                         ously – the Ambassador of All
to the ceremony. Who needs all that extra                          doing was spinning the election                                                                                Underwear.
                                                                                                           Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-            Previous to that, I had never
hoopla and expense anyway?                                         results. Bush, flush with victory,   Mass., did shepherd the “No           heard of Intimo, the makers of         This is, of course, a huge
   I never thought being scattered in my                           is casting his re-election as a      Child” bill through the Senate,       “stylish & ultra cool under-        responsibility – traveling
thoughts was a huge fault until it stood eye-to-                   nationwide referendum that           but just two months after Bush        wear,” probably because I tend      around the globe, meeting for-
eye with me in the form of a 13-year-old boy.                      endorsed his campaign plat-          signed the measure into law,          to buy underwear only when I        eign heads of state, perhaps
   My eldest son has never once gone to school                     form.                                Kennedy charged that Bush had         find a particularly good deal       negotiating a nuclear disarma-
with his book-bag fully packed, his homework                           “When you win, there is a        refused to put enough money in        on a bundle marked “slight          ment treaty with North Korea
where he could find it, his shoes tied, or with-                   feeling that the people have         his budget to pay for the legisla-    imperfections.”                     (Kim Jong Il is a boxer man,
out a fluttering trail of paper behind him. He is                  spoken and embraced your             tion.                                                                     from what I’ve heard) and
                                                                                                                                                 It doesn’t have quite the ring   undoubtedly frolicking in
Charlie Brown’s “Pig-Pen” … complete with his                      point of view,” he said. “And           Kennedy charged that the           of “stylish & ultra cool,” but,
own dust cloud.                                                    that’s what I intend to tell the                                                                               one’s unmentionables with
                                                                                                        administration was failing to         for 49 cents a pair, I’m more       some of the world’s most
   I have to remind him to bathe, and to brush                     Congress, that I made it clear       match its rhetoric with               than happy to gouge out
                                                                   what intend to do as the presi-                                                                                beautiful women.
his teeth and hair on a regular basis.                                                                  resources. Bush’s budget was “a       another leg hole with a steak
                                                                   dent…and the people made it                                                                                       Yes, Mr. Intimo USA will
   If I ask him how he plans to do 65 math                                                              severe blow to our nation’s           knife.
                                                                   clear what they wanted – now                                                                                   have big briefs to fill.
word-problems, write a 3-page essay on the                                                              schools,” Kennedy said.                  (By now, sharp-eyed readers
                                                                   let’s work together.”                                                                                          But how did Intimo come to
                                                                                                                                              have noticed this column
                              See ANNA BONHAM on Page 11A              That sounds nice and concil-        See MARSHA MERCER on Page 11A                                             See SCOTT HOLLIFIELD on Page 11A

                                                  ‘I may disagree with what you say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it.’ - Voltaire

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