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									The Rotary Foundation

  My Foundation –
  My Charity of Choice

• Overview of the Foundation
• Review of Each Sub-Committee
• Educate – Communicate - Participate
                             The Rotary Foundation

          Regional Rotary
       Foundation Coordinators

        Immediate PDG                District Governor                    DGE

                                  Foundation Committee

                                     Committee Chair
                                            David Taylor

Annual Giving                 Alumni                 District 5370 Paul Harris Society
 Brenda Tyson               Sally Schilds                  Brent Collingwood / Joel David

                 Grants                                     Group Study Exchange
     Drew Lamont / John Stoddart                                   Paul Moulton
Planned Giving / Permanent Fund                        Polio-Plus
                Don Lowry                             Gillian Taylor

Scholarships                      World Peace Fellowship
Muriel Dunnigan                              Nonie Buski
                   Thank You
•   Last year, clubs:
•   Pledged $269,445 to the Annual Programs Fund
•   Achieved $299,229 or 111% of goal
•   Average per cap of $124.83
•   Restricted Giving $174,509.34
•   Permanent Fund $2,643.51

• Total Giving in 2009-10 $476,382.21
           District Designated Funds - History

Contribution Year         Collected          Amount of
                                   DDF (after 3 years)
2006-07                  $317,193                $158,690
2007-08                  $378,438                $189,219
2008-09                  $280,784                $140,392
2009-10                  $299,229                $149,614

    Rotary Goals & Objectives

The Mission of The Rotary Foundation of
Rotary International is to enable Rotarians
to advance world understanding, goodwill
and peace through the improvement of
health, the support of education and
alleviation of poverty.
         Mission Statement

     District Foundation Committee:

“Helping Rotarians doing good in the world.”
           SHARE          - How it Works
                     Contributions to
                  Annual Programs Fund

                  The Rotary Foundation
                    Invests for 3 years

                                 50% back to the District
50% goes to World Fund
                               as District Designated Funds

                        2009 - 2010
•   Ambassadorial Scholarships
•   World Peace Fellowships (World Fund)
•   Grants
•   Group Study Exchange (World Fund)
•   International / Local Humanitarian Aid
•   Alumni
•   Polio-Plus

• Ambassadorial Scholarships – to students who
  serve abroad as ambassadors of goodwill to improve
  international understanding – up to US$27,000

  Committee Chair – Muriel Dunnigan (Interim): Edmonton Downtown
•     Bruce McRae – Harvard
      Full year Ambassadorial Scholar
      -sponsored by the Rotary Club of Edmonton Downtown

Recipient for 2009 - 2010 Year
•   Heather Sarsons – London School of Economics
    Full Year Ambassadorial Scholar
    - sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lloydminster
       World Peace Fellowships

• Masters Degree - US$50,000 2 year Fellowship

• Professional Development Certificate - US$11,000
  3 month intensive studies (now available to

  These programs are funded through the World Fund

  Committee Chair – Nonie Buski: RC Edmonton - Mayfield

• Funded from the World Fund
• 2009-2010 partner country: Australia
• Team Leader Rotarian Linda Robertson
    RC of Edmonton Northeast
Dates: Outgoing Team: February 11 - March 22, 2011
         Incoming Team: May 18 - June 22, 2011

Future GSE Trips (Apply as Rotarian Team Leader)
        2012 – Russia
        2013 - New Zealand

Committee Chair- Paul Moulton RC of St. Albert
• Matching Grants – District and the Rotary Foundation to
  assist in funding international humanitarian service projects.
  District Directed Funds (DDF) are available for matching with
  a maximum of US$15,000.00 per Club

• District Simplified Grants – support the service
  activities or humanitarian endeavors of Rotarians. These funds
  can used for either local or international projects. The are the
  maximum of 20% of the DDF. This year amount is $37,906
  with a maximum of C$2,000.00 per Club.
• Information and forms are
  available on the District

 Committee Chair Matching Grants
 Drew Lamont, RC of Grande Prairie Swan City

 Committee Chair District Simplified Grants
 John Stoddart, RC of Camrose Daybreak
• International humanitarian aid projects
  –   Polio Plus Partners
  –   Ecuador water project
  –   Surgery Ecuador
  –   Water and Sanitation in Sir Lanka
  –   Learning Centre in Brazil
  –   District 5370 Belize Literacy Program (3-H Grant)

• Annual Programs Fund – This is the essence of
  the “Every Rotarian Every year” initiative. We
  encourage all Rotarians to be sustaining members
  giving US$100 every year for 10 years to the
• Pledge for 2010-2011 is $253,866.
• Last year’s end result was $299,229!
 Committee Chair: Brenda Tyson, RC Edmonton Northeast
• Permanent Fund / Planned Giving – Through Wills,
  estate, insurance, stocks, etc.
  Permanent Fund monies are never spent, they are
  invested, and the interest earned each year goes to the
  Annual Programs Fund or World Fund.
• Two recognitions:
     Benefactor - US$1,000 in your will. Receive “wings”
     to attach under your Rotary pin.
     Bequest Society - minimum of US$10,000
   Committee Chair: Don Lowry, RC of Sherwood Park
      PolioPlus Committee
In keeping our promise to eliminate Polio from the world
we have immunized over 2 Billion Children.
In one day over 100 million children were immunized.
We have to eliminate polio from the remaining 4 countries
in the world where it is found.
Funding the Bill and Melinda 200 Million Dollar matching
grant challenge with at least $2,000.00 from each club for 3
years, 2009 – 2012. Clubs are encouraged to raise the funds
not generate them from club members necessarily.

Committee Chair: Gillian Taylor, RC of Stony Plain
             Achieving our Goal
• Initiatives in 2010 – 2011 to achieve our goal

   – Increasing membership in District 5370 Paul Harris Society

   – Having more Rotarians use TRF-Direct (donating funds
     periodically from their Bank Account or Credit Card)

   – Encouraging Rotarians to become Sustaining Members

   – Funding the Bill and Melinda 200 Million Dollar matching
     grant challenge with at least $2,000.00 from each club
        The Paul Harris Society

• The Paul Harris Society is a special district recognition
  program designed for Rotarians who wish to support the
  Rotary Foundation in a more substantial way each year
• Recognizes individual donors who make a commitment to
  contribute a minimum of US$1,000 per year to the Annual
  Programs Fund, Polio Plus and Polio Plus Partners, or the
  Humanitarian Grants Program.
• Currently over 80 members in the District
Committee Chair: Brent Collingwood, RC Edmonton Riverview
        (2011-12 Joel David, RC of Edmonton)
• A new, convenient way is now available for you to make
  regular contributions to The Rotary Foundation – through
• Simply fill in how much you would like deducted from your
  chequing or savings account or from your credit card.
• Indicate frequency: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually.
• Mail it in to The Rotary Foundation, and you are all set!
• Form is available on the District website under Foundation.
For TRF-Direct forms only mail to:
The Rotary Foundation
Annual Giving, FN500
One Rotary Center
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston IL 60201-3698 USA


• Send a cheque to
  The Rotary Foundation Canada
  Box B9322
  P.O. Box 9100,
  Postal Station F
  Toronto, Ontario M4Y 3A5
 * Please include the appropriate form
           Alumni Basics
      Who are Foundation Alumni?
 Former Ambassadorial Scholars
 Former Rotary World Peace Fellows
 Former GSE Team members and
 Former recipients of a University
  Teachers Grant          ….. Cont’d
            Alumni Basics
      Who are Foundation Alumni?

 Former Rotary Volunteers who have
  received a grant from the Foundation
 Former Discovery Grant recipients
 Former Individual Grant recipients
How many Foundation Alumni are there?

          118,000 Total Alumni
              (approximate for Oct. 2010)

          42,000 are Ambassadorial Scholars
          69,000 are GSE members
          18% of Rotarians are alumni
           Rotarian Actions

            Actions clubs can take

 Invite Alumni to join your club
 Ask Alumni to speak to your club
 Invite Alumni to serve on Selection committees
 Invite Alumni to help with Foundation Presentations
 Invite Alumni to work on service projects

Rotarian Treacy Duerfeldt asks,
“If two-thirds of the world – about four
billion people – can live on $2 per day, then
Shouldn’t the rest give at least that much?”

Consider making your annual gift today
                 THANK YOU
• Thank you for your support of the Rotary Foundation
• Further Information is available on our District
• Call or email David Taylor, District 5370 Foundation
  Committee Chair at either (780) 672-2829 or
  e-mail at
  (2011-14 Ross Tyson)

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