How to update Microsoft Security Essentials

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					How to update Microsoft Security Essentials

Updates are necessary whether it is your Windows OS, antivirus program, or
any application that you are using on your PC. Updates help keep you PC run
smoothly by repairing the internal glitches and bridging any loopholes. In
the same fashion, your Microsoft Security Essentials needs to be updated
with latest virus definitions as these enhance its defense system to deal
with latest and everyday growing threats. Below are the simple instructions
that will help you update your antivirus program smoothly:

Automotive Procedure:

 Locate Microsoft Security Essentials in your system tray. Double click on
the icon to open it.
 If it is not there, click on the Start menu> All Programs> and click on
Microsoft Security Essentials to open it
 Click on the Update tab at the top and then click on the Update button.
 It will start downloading the latest virus definitions and updates to your
system. During the process you may close or minimize the MSE window.
 When the process completes, it will show up-to-date message on the screen
when you reopen the MSE program.

Manual Procedure:

 First check which Windows version you have. You can check it by pressing
the Windows key and Pause/Break key together on the keyboard. It will take
you to the properties of Windows OS. Check if you have 32-bit, 64-bit
 Open your web browser viz. Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox etc.
 Go to (you can also copy and paste this link in your browsers address bar
and hit Enter on the keyboard).
 Click to choose whichever Windows version you have to download the latest
 When a dialog box opens (mpam .f etc., vary with your Windows version),
click on Save File and save the file to your preferred location.
 Double click on the file icon to open and run it. Now let the updates be
downloaded to your PC. It may take some time so wait for the process to
 When the updates file is running, a file extraction dialog box will
appear. The box will show that the updates are being downloaded.
 When the downloading is finished, the box will be closed automatically. If
it doesnt you can close it.
 If you want to check whether the updates have been downloaded or not, open
the Microsoft Security Essentials and click on the Updates tab. It will
show a message up-to-date.

Additional Tips:

 You must be logged in as an administrator to your PC or should have
administrative privileges to update or make changes to MSE.
 If you have Windows 7 or Vista, then right click on downloaded file, click
on Run as administrator, and click on Yes. If it prompts for admin username
and password, key in the information.
 You would need an active internet connection to download the virus

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