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Mengoperasikan alat mesin pasca


									10.3 Explaining Operation Procedure
     of Post Harvesting Machine

How to operate Tea Picking up machine
 Operator : 3-5 people
 Procedure :
         2 people as operator machine

           A person hold sprout bag.

2 people as sprout analyst and sprout delivery to
How to operate Paddy
Sheller Machine
There are 2 ways :
1. Hold the base of paddy or paddy’s stalk

2. Throw in system directly
        How to operate
        throw-in system
      Paddy’s stalk is cut as short as possible

         Shell of rice go down to pass filter.

Dirt which cannot pass filter blown by fan of dawning.

Shell of rice which go down to be shoved aside with
                    conveyor screw.

                   Placed in a bag
   How to operate
Sheller Paddy Machine
        2 rubber rolls at peel shares turned around into

Shell of rice alight from relocation basin through inclusion door

               Fall between 2 cylinder rubber

                  Jam in shell of among rice

                         Husked shell

                       Peeled off shell

                     Get peeled off rice
   How to operate
 Paddy Huller Machine
Room of huller filled by full of peeled of rice
         Door of husk expenditure of peeled rice opened

             Rice is on hulling process in huller room

           Let the rice go out through door expenditure

Hulling rice hulled perfectly and rice which has not been hulled yet

            Returned to hulling basin of peeled of rice

    Boost up stone of huller by turning wheel regulator stone

              Get half peeled rice with not too white
How to operate machine dryer
of bulk (Grain Dryer)

 Fill in basin draining with materials to be
 Check rate irrigate surface with moisture
 Turn on motor and run fan propeller
 Air blow into draining room
 Turn on heater
How to operate bulk dryer machine
          (Grain Dryer)

 Stream kerosene to saucer of pre-heat and
  flame with match
 After stove heating, turn on fan propeller
 Control flame volume 42oC for seed and 55-
  60oC for the materials of consumption
 Maintain temperature until more or less 1 hour
 After 1-2 hour draining with hot air, take a rest
  1-2 hours

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