How to Solve 'Unknown' Partition Issue in Windows

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					How to Solve 'Unknown' Partition Issue in Windows

Each physical disk is partitioned into several partitions. The disk MBR
(Master Boot Record) and optionally EBRs (Extended Boot Records) hold the
metadata information of these partitions. These tables collectively form
partition table. Partition tables can get corrupt for several reasons,
causing different symptoms, including but not limited to the one discussed
later. In any of such cases, the solution might compel you to restore from
backup. But if no suitable backup is present for the affected partition,
you need a windows data recovery solution that could retrieve the entire
information safely.

You may face several instances when you can find your Windows hard disk
partitions inaccessible with 'Unknown' partition type. Some of them are
here below:

Your Windows-based computer system gets corrupted due to virus attack. The
next time, when you boot the computer, it doesn't boot and Fdisk displays
the partitions with 'Unknown' type
You install a third-party software, which creates an unknown partition to
image the operating system. You cannot delete such partition because it is
currently in use by the software
You try to install Windows, but the Setup declares the partition with
'Unknown' type


'Unknown' partition type generally indicates that the partition is corrupt.
However, in second scenario, the unknown partiton has been created by the
third-party software for its use.


You can try the following solutions to overcome the 'Unknown' partition
type issue:

You can manually edit the partition type in MBR. To see this information,
you can use Ftdmpnt.exe tool that displays boot record and partition
information for each hard drive of system.
If this fails, you need to remove the corrupted disk partition and create
it as new.

In case when the third-party software has created an unknown partition that
cannot be deleted, you need to perform clean reinstall of Windows.

The above operations cause deletes the entire data and thus, require a
complete data backup to restore. For any reason, if it is unavailable or is
corrupt, you need to opt for windows solutions. However, it is recommended
to recover data using these windows data recovery utilities prior to
reformat the drive.

Stellar Phoenix is an advanced solution known for complete retrieval of
lost and missing Windows partitions. It uses powerful scanning algorithms
while adhering to data safety. This windows partition recovery utility is
compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.

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