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Certified Storage Network Designer
Question: 1

You work as a SAN designer at Company .com. You are designing a SAN using low port-count fabric elements.
Which of the following fabric topology is best used in this design if the fabric is not expected to grow beyond
four or five switches?

A. Full mesh.
B. Partial mesh.
C. Skinny tree.
D. Core-to-edge.

                                                                                              Answer: A

Question: 2

Which of the following statements is true regarding the selection of a principal switch when establishing a

A. Principal switch selection takes place after zone activation.
B. If all fabric elements are set to Principal or Default, the director or switch with the highest priority and the
lowest WWN will become the principal switch.
C. If all fabric elements are set to Principal or Default, the director or switch with the lowest Domain 10 will
become the principal switch.
D. If all the fabric elements are set to Principal or Default, the switch with the highest WWN will become the
principal switch.

                                                                                              Answer: B

Question: 3

You work as the SAN designer at Company .com. In your SNA design, a FICON-based mainframe must be
attached to its storage via a SAN. Which of the following McDATA products can be used in this SAN design?
(Choose three.)

A. Intrepid 6140 Director
B. Intrepid 10000 Director
C. Sphereon 4500 Switch
D. Sphereon 4400 Switch
E. Sphereon 4700 Switch

                                                                                          Answer: A, B, E

Question: 4

Which of the following solutions reduces costs by taking advantage of existing local area Ethernet networks and
allows existing Fibre Channel SANs to be connected to stranded servers?


                                                                                        Answer: C

Question: 5

You work as the SAN administrator at Company .com. You need to manage all user names and passwords for
all switches from a single location. You currently manage the fabric using EFCM Basic. How would you
accomplish this goal?

A. Enable IP ACLs.
B. Implement a RADIUS server.
C. Use the Security tab in EFCM.
D. Implement CHAP secrets in EFCM Basic.

                                                                                        Answer: B

Question: 6

Which of the following provides Fibre Channel over IP services? (Choose two.)

D. iSCSl

                                                                                      Answer: A, C

Question: 7

How many partitions does the Intrepid 10000 support?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6

                                                                                        Answer: C

Question: 8

You work as the SAN administrator at Company .com. You want to view the Fibre Channel servers and storage
ports performance in real time on the topology map. Which of the following software management tools would
you use? (Choose two.)

A. EFCM Basic
B. SANavigator
C. EFCM v8.x or higher
D. SANvergence Manager

                                                                                      Answer: B, C

Question: 9

You work as the SAN designer at Company .com. Company .com has a mission critical application that
currently resides on a storage device. Company .com plans to migrate to an Enterprise Storage array. What
benefits will this migration offer? (Choose two.)

A. Replication for disaster recovery.
B. Reduced configuration requirements.
C. Increased availability and performance.
D. Availability of native Fibre Channel ports.

                                                                                      Answer: A, C

Question: 10

What percentage of ports can be used for ISLs in a single fabric?

A. Up to 10%
B. Up to 25%
C. Up to 50%
D. Up to 75%

                                                                                        Answer: C

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