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									   Kluane’s Creations
Indoor Organic Herb Kits
                 Kitchen Herbs


Just follow these instructions to grow your own herbs.
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The seeds are embedded on the
surface of the starter pot/pucks.
Pop out the pot/puck located
behind the instructions using
your thumbs.
     Single Kit

Place ¼ cup of lukewarm water
into a measuring cup.

Each pot/puck should
absorb 1/4cup of water.

     Kit of three

Add ¾ cup of lukewarm water
into a measuring cup
Carefully pour the appropriate
amount of water into either a
plastic bag, deli container or dish.
For the single kits and cards you
can use the included outer wrap.
Place the pot/puck(s) into
the chosen container.
In 2 to 3 minutes the pot/pucks
will expand to 3 times its
original size.
After the pucks have fully
expanded it may be necessary
to pour out excess water
After the expansion of the
pot/puck gently spread the seeds
around using your finger. A light
covering of soil will cover the seeds.
Pencil in the date on the back of
the herb marker. This allows you
to keep a record of when you
started your organic garden.
The germination time (the time it takes
your seeds to sprout) varies for each
plant type.

See the individual
germination times
located with the
  2nd set of leaves

Time to transplant

  2nd set of leaves
Once the seeds have sprouted and
a second set of leaves are present
carefully remove the outer mess
and place the new baby sprouts
(it’s roots and soil) into a 4 inch pot.
When the individual plants reach approximately 3 inches
tall transplant them into a windowsill box or place them

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