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What are the best Network Marketing Companies - MLM Leads? That's the million dollar question
isn't? And chances are that you are either asking it because you have just joined an MLM
company and are looking for validation, or you are looking for the right MLM to join.

The answer to that question can really vary greatly from person to person because what company
is right for one Mr. X isn't necessarily right for Ms. Y and vice versa.

So I am going to take a different approach to help you answer this question by addressing the root
of the concern instead of simply looking at numbers like how much profit a company makes or the
amount of products sold every year.

When it all boils down, how much business a company does, does not help you in the slightest.
Sure one companies compensation plan could be a little better than another, or their products
might be a little better but the bottom line is there are only 3 things that will actually affect how
much money you make with any Network Marketing Company.

1. You believe in the product or service that you are offering strongly enough that you would use
and recommend it even if you weren't trying to make a fortune with it.

2. Commitment to your success - You can make a lot of money in MLM working just a few hours a
week, but the hours you devoted to working your business actually need to be worked (No
business can build itself. Surprise surprise right?)

3. A mentor to guide you - Nobody does it alone. You need a mentor who understands what type
of marketing you want to do and can help you accomplish your dreams and goals within that.
Traditional MLM tactics are about putting together a friends and family list to annoy about your
opportunity, hanging out in stores to pitch strangers, and buying cold call lists to dial all weekend.

Fortunately I found a better more duplicable way that doesn't involve selling, friends and family
lists, or pitching strangers.

However, those strategies were NOT FOR ME! I didn't want to become a part of the NFL (No
Friends Left) club because they were so sick of me trying to sell them. I didn't want to get thrown
out of Wal-Marts for pitching their customers my "opportunity".

I was fortunate enough to find a better way that is easily duplicable by anyone and doesn't involve
approaching strangers, making friends and family lists, or even selling!

Over 4 MILLION people per day are searching for some type of way to make money working out
of their home. That is why I am not in the "selling business", I'm in the "showing business".

When you learn the secrets to leveraging the Internet and placing yourself in position to attract
even a small percentage of the amount of people who are seeking for EXACTLY what you're
offering, you don't have to sell anyone. You just have to show them you have the better way, they
are looking for.

So it is probably becoming clear to you now that the MLM / Network Marketing Company you
chose is drastically less important than choosing the right mentor who knows how to teach you
step by step how to leverage the power of the Internet for yourself.

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training series and get the real secrets to Network Marketing SUPREMACY!

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Click on the link to learn how to generate endless leads & instant cash for any MLM

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