Selecting the most appropriate Desk Light for every single Space

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					Selecting the most appropriate Desk Light for every
single Space

If you’re considering acquiring one or more table lamps for your home, here are some things to
look at to make sure you acquire the right table lamp for whatever room you need it in.

Your Family room

In terms of décor, your living room may be the most significant room in your house, because it’s
normally the room your guests will spend the most time in. Table lamps are a significant part of
establishing your décor, so you’ll need to be sure any lamp you get integrates into the living
room décor you'd like to build.

You don’t want your living room to look either garish or, at the other extreme, dated, so you’ll
need to select a lamp that strikes a good balance between these two extremes, while at the
same time enhancing your living room’s theme.

The lampshade may be the most significant part of a bedside lamps. A lamp-shade should never
extend past the perimeter of a table. An opaque lamp-shade reduces glare from lamps that are
located close to a television set. A lampshade made of semi-opaque paper or material will lend
a warm, flattering glow. In general, drum shades look more current; conical ones, more

The particular Living area

For the dining room, you’ll need a multi-faceted lamp, preferably one with either a dimmer
switch or a three-way switch. This will allow you to see what you’re doing when you’re setting
the table, but will also let you dim the lights down when you want to achieve a romantic
atmosphere. An opaque shade covering a shiny, metallic interior will cast a romantic glow. Release 2011                                                            Page 1
For a sideboard or a surface other than the dining table, try a design with lots of height, as long
as it doesn’t shine in the eyes of diners. A lamp with a slim base and a narrow shade will free up
space for food platters, flowers or other items.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom ceiling fans with lights, it doesn’t much matter whether anyone else might or
might not like the lamp you pick out, except your partner. This is a private sanctuary, so just
pick out a lamp you and your partner like.

If you plan to read by the lamp, you need to check the angle and height of the light you need
before you buy the lamp. You will want the light to fall on the page of your book, not in your
partner's eyes.

Keep the shade small so you won't bump into it when you are lunging for the alarm clock. A
metal shade will help direct light onto your book, but metal can seem cold in a bedroom.
Material and paper shades are preferable.

The Children's Space

The most important thing about a child’s lamp is that it is safe. It should be made fully of
plastic, if possible, or some other unbreakable material. Don’t use halogen or incandescent
bulbs, which get quite hot and can pose a fire hazard.

You should consider buying LED bulbs for kids’ lamps, because they never heat up and they’re
virtually indestructible. They’re also very energy-efficient along with last a long time, although
they are high-priced to begin with.

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