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					Friends, Good Friends —
and Such Good Friends

  Judith Viorst (born February 2, 1931)
 American author, newspaper journalist,
    and psychoanalysis researcher

1.   Questions

2.   Text Type

3.   Main Ideas

4.   Text Pattern

5.   Language Points
1. Comprehension Questions

 What does the title tell us?
 How has my definition of friendship changed?
 Who are my intended audience? Why?
 What if I use you/your instead of we/our?
 What effect does my use of quotations have?
 How would you describe the tone of the essay?
 What is the 8th category of friends?
1. Comprehension Questions

 What categories are the following
  relationships according to my categerization?

     Classmates           County fellows
     Colleauges           Club members
     Key pals             Boyfriends/girlfriends
            2. Text Type

  Narration                记叙文 a movie
  Description              描述文 a picture
  Exposition               说明文 a lecture
  Argumentation            议论文 a debate

 These are the four major global and ideal types.
 A combination of text types is often found to interact.
           3. Main Ideas

What are the first three paragraphs about?

1. Friendship is built on love, trust and sincerity.
2. Friendship is characterised by the same affection.
3. Friendships vary in terms of intensity/intimacy.

What is the first three paragraphs about?

 My definition of friendship has changed: ...
          3. Main Ideas

What are the last three paragraphs about?

3. Friendships are defined by their level of intimacy.
2. The best friends totally love and trust each other.
1. The best friends needn’t agree about everything.

What is the last three paragraphs about?

 The best of friends.
      4. Text Pattern

Sequence / time               顺序、时间
Space/spatial                 空间
Compare-contrast              比较-对比
Advantage-dis.                利弊
Cause-effect                  因果
Problem-solution              问题-解决
Topical (G-S)                 话题(总分)

    The numbers tell a lot.
        5. Language Points
 Words and expressions
 Sprout, pinch, sibling, rivalry, texture, dormant,
  revive, chemistry, keep score, cross-generational
  friend, blind with rage, serve functions, meet needs…

 Sentences
 There are the women with whom, if our paths ...
 Our crossroads friends are important for what was …
 But the fact that our feeling on seeing each other …

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