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					                         Issue No. 4                                02/03/2011
CITY EDUCATION                                                   PRINCIPAL’S REPORT
Elliminyt Primary School exists
    to enable our children to                                                  Hot wheels Several of our
 become responsible life-long                                                  students have had their bikes
            learners                                                           specially fitted to increase safety
                                                                               and stability. Shown here are
                                                                               three of our students testing out
   Sports News
                                                                               their new Hot Wheels. My thanks
   Parents & Friends News                                                     particularly to Leiza Clifton and
   Family Science                                                             other support staff for their work
       SCHOOL DIARY                                                            organizing this.
 3 March
                                       Canberra camp Many thanks to those parents who have made contact
  Tomorrow Twilight                    with the school about this year’s Canberra camp. The school understands
   Sports 6.00pm to                    the significance of this camp given its location and obvious costs. Parents
       7.30pm                          yet to make a decision regarding their child’s attendance will today receive
                                       a final note asking for them to confirm with the school whether or not their
 11th March                           child will attend. This invitation will remain open until this Friday 4th of
  Tennis Trials                        March. If no indication is received by the school it will be assumed that the
 14th March                           student will not be attending camp this year.
  Labour Day – Public
  Holiday                              School Council There are four further positions on School Council which
 17th March                           remain available this year for interested parents. We have extended the
  Interschool Aths – Gr4-6             nominating time until this Friday to allow as many parents who are
 18th March                           interested to apply. Parents wishing to be nominated for School Council
                                       can obtain a form from the office. Parents can self nominate for School
  Geelong Swimming                     Council. We are happy to increase our current School Council size so
  Carnival                             please nominate if you are interested in this important role in our great
 22nd March                           school.
  Parents & Friends
  Meeting – 9.15am                     House Captains Congratulations this week to our many House Captains
 22nd March                           who were presented with their badges at assembly this week.
  School Council Meeting
                                       Yellow House – Acacia     (C) Charlie A        (VC) Sharie G
 28th & 29th March
                                       Red House – Banksia       (C) Hannah W         (VC) Bradley S
  3/4 Melbourne Camp                   Blue house – Eucalypt     (C) Isaiah S         (VC) Laura C
                                       Green House – Grevillia   (C) Brooklyn J       (VC) Samantha W
    Water Tank arrives!
                                       Preps Our preps have made a great start to the year and have settled into
                                       the routines of school so well. Their buddies have certainly been a great
                                       support and we thank all of our parents for the help they have given us in
                                       ensuring such a smooth transition for them all. Congratulations to them all
                                       on attending their first Wednesday for the year!!
                                       BER building We are in the final weeks of our BER building and have
                                       begun making some early plans for the transition which still appears to be
                                       at the end of this term. New Interactive Whiteboards and photocopier will
135 Slater Street
 Elliminyt                             be among the last additions to the building and I know many students and
                                       staff are looking forward to their new home. Parents will be invited in as
PO Box 359
                                       soon as the building has met all final inspections.
Colac 3250
                                       Rockets taking off this week Yrs 3-6.         You do not really understand
Phone:          52 315208              10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ……                    something unless you can explain it to
Fax:            52 321943                                                                  your grandmother.
Mobile:         0427 546072            Enjoy your week.
Email:                                 Regards,                                            Albert Einstein
elliminyt.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au        David Houghton (Principal)
  CANTEEN –                                                           them. When new awards are
  Friday 4th March, 2011           WHY IS THE VSN BEING               given, the previous week’s
                                   The introduction of the VSN will   leaves can go home.
  Morning Supervisor:              provide    the    capability to
     Sallee Sell                   accurately detect patterns of      ANNUAL FAMILY RECORD
  9.00am:                          student movement through, and
                                                                      Could all families who have not
        Vicki Almond               departure from, the Victorian
                                                                      already returned their sheet,
                                   education and training system.
        Tammy Woods                                                   could they please do so as
                                   It will greatly improve the
  Afternoon Supervisor:            collection of analysis of timely   soon as possible.
      Johanna Latham               and accurate data about
                                                                       FAMILY SCIENCE
  11.30am:                         education in Victoria.
                                                                      The theme for this term
        Sallee Sell                Students of the Week               throughout the school is related
        Leanne Mayer
                                    25th February, 2011               to Science.
                                                                      Family Science bags have been
                                                                      sent home this week to three
                                   1/2 S – Chelsie H for her          lucky     children    in    each
  TERM DATES FOR STUDENTS          wonderful ‘have a go’ attitude     classroom. Please try the
  Term 1 2011
   th             th
  4 February – 8 April             towards all her tasks. Well        experiment at home and return
  Term 2 2011
     th       st
                                   done!                              the Science bag by the day
  27 April – 1 July                                                   nominated by each class
  Term 3 2011                      1/2 G – Emily R for her
                                                                      teacher. It does not matter if
                                   excellent effort with all her
     th        rd
  18 July – 23 September
  Term 4 2011                                                         you are unable to do the
     th              nd
  10 October – 22 December         work.                              experiment, but it is most
                                   3/4 G – Skye L for her             important that Science bags are
                                   mature attitude towards her        returned by the nominated
                                                                      date. It is wonderful to see
CANTEEN                            learning. Well done Skye. I am
Thank you to all parents who                                          parents coming in to school to
                                   impressed!                         help their child demonstrate
have volunteered to help at our
canteen. With the assistance of    3/4 H – Jasmaine F for             their experiment, but again do
our parents the Parents &          working so hard at learning        not worry if you are unable to
Friends can continue to run the    new spelling words.                come. Class teachers will
canteen on a weekly basis.                                            organise for the experiment to
                                   5H – Will S for getting his
The profits from the canteen                                          be shown to the grade.
                                   work completed on time.             Science bags will then be
are used to purchase extra
resources for our students. If     Great work. Well done.             given to another class teacher
you can help for an hour or two    6C – Thomas G for working          to be sent home with other
once a month please contact        tough and completing all his       children. All bags are used by
the school.                                                           either two grades in the 5/6 or
                                   tasks.                             3/4 areas or by three grades in
WHAT IS THE VICTORIAN                                                 the Prep/1/2 area. If you need
STUDENT NUMBER (VSN)?                                                 more supplies to re-stock the
The VSN is a student                                                  bags please see Mrs Gormley.
identification number that will                                       For the rotation of Science bags
be assigned by the Department                                         to occur smoothly, please
of    Education    and     Early                                      return your Science bag on
Childhood Development to all                                          time.
students in government and                                            Thank you for your co-
non-government schools. The        These awards were handed           operation.
number, which is unique to         out at this week’s assembly.
each student will be used as a     Note: Student of the Week          Needed for Family Science
key identifier on a student’s                                         If families are able to donate
                                   leaves will be kept on the tree    any of the following items to
school records, and will remain
with the student through his or    at the office for a whole          stock some Science bags we
her education, until reaching      week so everyone can see           would     be   most    grateful.
the age of 25.
Donations help us to keep            House Athletics Sports                 of play commences 7th
costs down.                          Next Wednesday 9th March we            March.
 We need                             are having a whole day of           Week commencing 14th
 Fresh eggs                         athletics.                             March - Semi Finals begin.
 Old knitting needles               From 9.15am to 10.30am the          Thursday 24th March –
 Cardboard boxes with lids, if      grade Prep to 2 will have their        Preliminary Finals for Under
   possible, of various sizes        Sports and then from 10.30am           11 & Under 13’s.
 Metal washers                      to 1.30pm grades 3 to 6 will be     Week commencing 28th
 Old cutlery eg spoons, forks       competing for their SCHOOL             March – Finals will be
 Small spray bottle                 HOUSE.                                 played this week.
 Mustard or bean sprout             Children are allowed to dress in   Players will need to check the
   seeds                             their HOUSE COLOURS so             Internet/newspaper for game
                                     long as they can compete           times.
 1 litre glass bottles
                                     properly. Children are to have a   A reminder to all players –
 Cardboard cups
                                     drink bottle and their hat.        please return tops to team
                                                                        manager/coaches after your
These items can be sent to the
                                                                        last game.
3/4G classroom.
Thank you
Sandra Gormley
                                     Thank you,
                                     Maree Daffy
                                                                          COLAC OTWAY ROVERS
                                     PARENTS & FRIENDS                  Colac Otway Rovers AFC,
INDO CORNER                          REPORT                             Colac district’s new soccer
Did you know that Indonesia          Easter Raffle                      club, is on the hunt for keen
has     the     fourth    largest    Donations for the Easter           players wanting to play the
population in the world –            Raffle can be dropped off at
approximately      230     million                                      round-ball game in 2011.
                                     the Front office.                  The     Rovers      have     been
people. Indonesia also has
world’s largest archipelago          The raffle tickets will be sent    accepted       into      Football
(group of islands) – about           home in the next couple of         Federation Victoria’s Geelong
13,677; last time I checked.         weeks.                             competition and are recruiting
Pak Gray
Indonesian Teacher                                                      junior players from under-12
                                                                        to under-17.
                                     Mother’s Day                       It’s your chance to play in a
                                     A quick reminder to keep our       competitive,            11-a-side
                                     Mother’s Day stall in mind. It     competition against Geelong
SPORTING NEWS                        will be in the second week of      teams and be a part of
District Swimming Carnival
                                     Term 2, so we will be calling      something as the Rovers grow
Well done to the 22 students
representing    Elliminyt  PS.       for donations during Term I.       the club.
Everyone tried their best and                                           Pre-season       training     for
gained very good results. Ten                                           juniors     kicks      off     on
children have now progressed                                                                       nd
on to Geelong with good times.                                          Wednesday March 2              at
                                     Johanna Latham                     Colac Hockey Fields.
Thanks to all the supporters
who came to the pool. It was         P&F President                      For more information, contact
wonderful for the swimmers to                                           Dave Latham on 0417 019384.
see you there.                       REBELS BASKETBALL
                                     Dates to remember:
                                      Friday 18th March – last
                                        game for under 9 players (a
                                        small presentation will be
                                        held after each game). All
                                        other teams, the last week
               Accountants
               Financial Planners
               Lending Brokers

     “We Provide Total Financial Solutions”

  89 Bromfield St, Colac                     5234 0200

            Connell Family
         Chiropractic Centre
     Dr Ashley J Connell (CHIROPRACTOR)
     Dr Rahni Buchanan (CHIROPRACTOR)

Colac Office        Apollo Bay Office   Geelong Office
3 Dennis Street,   25 Murray Street,    230 Malop Street,
Colac 3250         Apollo Bay 3233      Geelong 3220
Ph: 5231 2069       Ph: 0447 518 698     Ph: 5224 2323

                   All Aboard!!!!

                  Tours & Charters
                  Hire & Drive
                  35, 22, 19 & 13 Seat Buses
                  Great for Clubs/Groups
                  Drivers Available

Booking Line: 0419 437 124

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