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									   How to
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How to Look Younger
                      and feel Better!

          ith age comes experience, wisdom, and grace, however,
          this also tends to come hand in hand with wrinkles, thinning
          skin and a tad bit of sagging. all those years spent enjoying
 the sun, staying out late, smoking, and drinking can take its toll on
 our complexion.

 every passing year the amount of elastin, collagen, and fat in our
 faces gradually decreases making us look aged. this effect speeds up
 dramatically as we get older so although it might not be too obvious
 right now, it really does creep up on you! Looking younger has always
 been a top priority for most - we all want to look good, and feel better
 about ourselves.

 thankfully one of the great things is that taking care of yourself at
 a young age and continuing to do so into old age is a surefire way to
 keep feeling and looking younger. here’s a list of some of the best tips
 to do just that.

• Drink green tea since it has been proven to minimize the effects of
  sun damage since it contains so many healthy antioxidants such as

• the less processed food you consume the better. these have a nasty
  habit of interfering with our natural digestion processes leaving us
  tired and stressed out. Stick to whole vegetables, lean meats, fruit and
  nuts. this will keep our energy up and our body less taxed.

• eat less sugar. according to recent research, sugar acts as a pow-
  erful skin ager so try to resist your sweet-tooth urges as much as

• eat brazil nuts – these nuts are high in selenium which protects the
  skin from aging damage.

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                      HOw    tO   l O O k YO u n g e r

• Meat is good - 120 grams of protein per day will help prevent skin
  from sagging.

• 6 - 8 glasses of water a day helps skin to stay hydrated and flexible.

• get your weekly dose of heart-pumping cardio. Your face will be
  flushed with blood which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients
  into the skin as well as work up a sweat which removes toxins and

• Yoga is a great way to keep your body’s muscles limber and flexible as
  well as keep the skin firm.

• Lift weights. Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights will not make
  you muscular (women simply don’t produce enough testosterone).
  However, it will help you feel amazing, make your butt firmer and
  flatten your stomach.

• a great way to keep exercise fun is to kill the monotony. Switch up
  your exercises so you aren’t doing the same exercises every week. So
  swim on Friday in week 1 and then on the second Friday you could do
  some strength training.

• Buy fashion magazines more often. this will give you ideas for more
  youthful ways to wear your existing wardrobe.

• You can’t go wrong with black. if you are ever faced with the choice
  of an item in one bright color or black, go with black. Most of the time
  you’ll be happy you did.

• Wear skirts. the classic a-line skirt always looks great as it ‘skirts’
  over those tricky curves. Be sure the hem falls between your knee
  and calf muscle.

• When it comes to jeans it really pays to try on as many as possible.
  there are however a few factors that generally always look good on
  women. Choose the darker shades over the lighter ones – they make
  the leg look thinner. Low rise jeans are tricky unless you are confi-
  dent with your body shape. as with most things fashion-related, the
  fit truly is king when it comes to jeans. Make sure they are just right.

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                      HOw     tO   l O O k YO u n g e r

 ask the opinion of the shop assistant if you are in any doubt about
 what style suits you.

• Never buy clothes in a smaller size than you are. You really need to
  buy clothes the fit you perfectly right now. The reverse is also true -
  wearing clothes that are too big is also a bad idea. Ill fitting clothes
  will not do you any favours, they more often than not accentuate any
  of our imperfections.

• Show less neck and less clevage. Our necks are often the first to give
  our age away. a beautiful scarf can not only hide a multitude of sins
  but can also look very sophisticated.

• Get a hairstyle that flatters your face. This is one of the most pro-
  found tips to looking dramatically younger. Jennifer aniston is one
  celebrity who does this particularly well. She tends to have her hair
  hang across the corners of her eyes. this can hide any tell-tale wrin-
  kles and lines.

• get your eyebrows shaped by an expert. it’s expensive and can be
  painful but the effects are well worth it.

• get rid of the grey. Never pluck gray hairs. instead, use powder or
  mascara for your brows or hair color for your hair.

• Use irons and blow driers with tourmaline. this generates negative
  ions that dries and styles hair quicker with less damage. Making your
  hair look healthy and young.

• after coloring, add a few drops of essential grapefruit oil to lock in
  the luster and shine. if you suffer with dry hair, a glug of olive oil and
  a plastic wrap for 20 minutes should bring it to life.

• Use makeup as a whole with restraint. as we get older, the more
  makeup we use, the more it tends to add on the years. Use the mini-
  mum necessary for the desired effect and nothing more.

• Use a good, lightweight foundation to even out those blemishes and
  dark patches.

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                      HOw    tO   l O O k YO u n g e r

• Use a cream blush instead of powder as it hides lines better. Powder
  also has the tendency to make skin look very dry. Not exactly the type
  of thing associated with youth.

• Use a foundation primer to minimize pores and lines before applying
  your foundation.

• Use a foaming cleanser on damp skin as it’s less irritating than on
  dry skin.

• A splash of cold water as the first step to a makeup regimen can close
  pores and help the process by giving the products a firm base to sit on.

• Curly lashes open the eyes like nothing else. Use a curler straight
  after getting out of the shower. the warm water and steam makes
  them more pliable and less prone to breakage.

• Fill in your brows. this softens the face and creates the impression
  of youth.

• Coat the middle of your lips with gloss for an instant, youthful look.

• as we age our lashes tend to get thinner and fall out so adding a good
  set of false ones can instantly restore that full-lash look.

• tinted moisturizers with luminescent particles can give one’s face an
  instant, youthful, glowing shimmer.

• a rose blush and lipstick can really add warmth to a face and brighten
  up the complexion.

• to prevent bleeding, trace your lip line with clear lip liner.

• apply concealer to crow’s feet in an upward motion. this really mini-
  mizes them well.

• Stick to lighter lipstick shades. Deeper hues can be aging.

 Be fully aware of the risks involved before going to go under the knife.

• Fraxel is a somewhat gentler form of laser treatment that super-heats
  deep layers of the skin. this promotes elastin and collagen production
  making skin plumper and smoother. It can also fix spots, scars, sun
  damage, wrinkles and port-wine stains.

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                      HOw     tO   l O O k YO u n g e r

• Botox: as i’m sure you know, Botox is a toxin that is injected into key
  areas of the skin which helps to relax areas of tension, thereby reduc-
  ing wrinkles.

• erase spider veins with sclerotherapy. this quick and painless pro-
  cedure consists of a salt solution being injected into the vein causing
  it to collapse. Over a few months of treatments this will help erase
  most of them.

• While not exactly surgery, whitening your teeth is a great one. Make
  sure you do it naturally by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with
  hydrogen peroxide and brushing it into your teeth. after letting it sit
  for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly.

• Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures today. a
  fuller, perkier bust can definitely shave a few years off your appear-
  ance. Just be fully aware of the potential complications.

• When approaching your skincare, think beyond your face. So target
  the hands, neckline and upper arms too. this will keep all the most
  visible areas looking good for years and prevent them betraying your
  youthful face. here are some good tips for your skin:

• Make sure you apply a good quality sunscreen every single day. an
  SPF 15 – 30 will prevent any further damage to your face and keep you
  looking younger as the years pass.

• always use a cleansing oil at bedtime to remove any makeup or sun-
  screen and keep your pores unblocked all night long. this will prevent
  acne and let your skin breathe.

• Be sure to use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid at night to prevent
  your skin from drying out.

• as the years pass the ability of our skin to renew itself decreases so
  it helps to give it a boost. exfoliate regularly to keep the skin cells on
  your face and body fresh and youthful.

• a good serum can inject some much-needed antioxidants and acids
  into your skin.

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                      HOw    tO   l O O k YO u n g e r

• Use products with Retinol to reduce wrinkles and increase your col-
  lagen production.

• 1000 mg of omega 3 every day can transform dry, patchy, reddish skin
  into a youthful, glowing complexion over the course of a year. it really
  is that powerful.

• avoid using harsh soaps on the hands, face, arms or chest. these have
  a very drying effect and are to be avoided at all costs.

• Sleep cannot be underestimated. Make sure you are getting 7 hours
  or more of high quality sleep every night. Sleeping on your back will
  prevent those nasty lines appearing in the morning. Sleeping with
  your face crunched into a pillow all night is a surefire way to get
  permanent lines in the future. Use gravity as your friend by letting
  it gently push your skin back towards your ears giving you a subtle,
  nightly facelift that will make a big difference in later years.

• Stress has a strange way of manifesting on our faces. Find ways to
  manage stress with exercise, delegation and elimination of unneces-
  sary tasks. also, don’t multitask. this overblown ‘skill’ has been proven
  time and again to be ineffective and highly stressful. the mind doesn’t
  do very well when faced with multiple tasks so do one thing at a time
  and do it well.

• everyone enjoys a drink or two once in a while, if only we could just
  keep it at that. alcohol has been proven to dehydrate us, increase
  our stress levels, destroy our sleep quality and age us fast. if you are
  a social drinker, stick to one or two drinks maximum. it’s negative
  effects ramp up drastically once intoxication kicks in. get tipsy by all
  means but avoid overdoing it too much.

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