Poster by huanghengdong


									                                  Salvation Army Poster

                                     December 20, 2007

You are to create a poster that does one of three things:

       Explain the history of the Salvation Army

       Explain the services of the Salvation Army

       Reflect/Documents why Oak Ridge rings the bell

You may work with ONE partner. The poster is due at the end of the day. There must be

color, and there must be factual information. These posters will be displayed when they

are completed.

The poster will be graded on: use of color (10 pts), creativity (20pts) and use of

information (20 pts).


                        0pts                   5pts                   10pts
Color                   No color, or one       2-4 colors used, not   Many colors use
                        color used in the      very eye-popping       well. Poster is
                        poster                                        attractive to the eye

Creativity              Little to no thought   An image or two,       Creative use of
                        put into layout of     mostly words on the    images, descriptions
                        poster. No images,     poster; confusing
                        just words

Information             Very little factual    Some facts, some       Facts and ideas are
                        information            opinions               presented

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