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					  Wellness Triangle
Answer the following questions to be sure that you
understood the most important points in this discussion.

1. What are the three sides of wellness?

2. Explain these qualities of wellness:
       a. Holistic
       b. Interdependent
       c. Dynamic

3. How do these effect your wellness?
      a. Lifestyle
      b. Choice
      c. Risk
Measure Yourself
How is YOUR Wellness?
   behaviors that help you to have better
   wellness. If you think about each thing on
   the list you can see if it is part of your life
   now. You will see how each thing is part
   of each side of your wellness triangle.

 Look at each item in this Wellness
  Inventory below to consider the Mental,
  Physical and Social Health sides of your
  Wellness Triangle. Make a list of any
  item that you do NOT do.
Physical Health:
 1. I usually have enough energy to do what I want.
 2. I get an average of at least 8 hours of sleep each
 3. I use dental floss and a soft toothbrush.
 4. I do not smoke or chew tobacco.
 5. I do at least 20 minutes of aerobic type exercise at
     least 3 times each week.
 6. I eat breakfast almost every morning.
 7. I do not drink alcohol or abuse other drugs.
 8. I take time to relax each day to relieve my stress.
 9. I limit the amount of sugar and salt in the food I eat.
 10. I eat balanced meals that include a variety of foods.
 11. I wear a seat belt every time a get in the car.
 12. I practice monthly self-examinations. (BSE and TSE)
Mental (Emotional) Health:
 1.  I ask for help when I need it.
 2.  I am happy most of the time.
 3.  Sometimes I like to be alone.
 4.  I can name three things that are good about me.
 5.  I feel OK about crying when it is appropriate and I
     allow myself to do so.
 6. I can give others sincere compliments.
 7. I can accept a compliment.
 8. I listen to and think about constructive criticism.
 9. I am able to say "no" to people without feeling guilty.
 10. I can be satisfied with my effort if I have done my best.
 11. I express my thoughts and feelings to others
 12. I have at least one hobby or interest that I enjoy.
 Social Health:
1. I am comfortable meeting new people.
2. I am comfortable entering into a conversation with new people I have
    just met.
3. I continue to participate in an activity even when I don't get my way.
4. I have at least one close friend.
5. When working in a group, I can accept other people's ideas and
6. I feel OK saying no to my friends if they are doing things I do not want
    to do.
7. I can accept the differences in my friends and classmates.
8. I am comfortable carrying on a conversation with adults.
9. If I have a problem with someone, I try to work it out with them.
10. I avoid gossiping about people.
11. I am comfortable having a conversation with the opposite sex.
12. I know when it is appropriate to have a face to face conversation vs. a
    text message.
Wellness Triangle

  From the list of any items that you do
   NOT do, write a short paragraph
   describing your current Wellness Triangle
   including your responses on each side of
   the triangle. Be sure to write about your
   Physical side, your Mental side and your
   Social side.

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