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November 2009 Newsletter (PDF)


									November 2009
Volume 11, Issue 10

                                                         OPAWL Newsletter
                                     President’s Message
Newsletter Deadline for              Dear OPAWL                         past presidents who responded                 Highlights of the
December is November 20              Members,                           to our invitation. This included    evening included the presenta-
                                                                        Charter Past-President, Vee         tion by City of Orange Mayor
Publisher/Editor ~                   The Orange                         Madson who intended to come,        Carolyn Cavecche of a Procla-
                                     Park Acres                         but at the last hours was unable    mation signed by the full City
          Michelle Pettit Williams   Woman’s                            to travel. Donna and Kathy          Council. A Proclamation was
Editorial Coordinator ~              League 25th                        were also responsible for the       also presented from the Office
          Jana Shuler                Anniversary                        key-chain memento for each          of Orange County Supervisor,
Proofing/Distribution ~              Celebration and Annual Mem-        attendee to take home. Pam          Bill Campbell. Thank you to
          Laurel Baker               bership Event was an exciting      Sapetto VP Membership chaired       Councilman Mark Murphy for
                                     event for all. Many thanks to      the event.                          taking my request for the Proc-
                                     those who put in a lot of time               The table decorations     lamation to the Mayor. It was a
                                     and effort to make it very spe-    were outstandingly made by          pleasure to have his wife Vicki
                                     cial. Special thanks to Dorothy    Joyce Redfern and Rose Ellen        at this event. We appreciate the
                                     Neblett and her husband Ster-      Cunningham. The flowers were        time and effort made on our
Inside this issue:
                                     ling for graciously hosting the    hand picked from Joyce’s gar-       behalf to fit into their busy
                                     event at their lovely home and     den. Thanks to all those who        schedules.
                                     garden. Catering was by Ever-      helped setup and take-down                    Thank you to our
                                     Fresh in Orange (714-633-          with VP Jana Shuler. Those          new Section Leader Coordina-
The Inside Story            2        3838) and the food was out-        lovely nametags were made by        tor, Sheree Haavik for taking
                                     standing. There were many          Judy Denton and the Greeting        on this role. She is a yearling
                                     others who contributed their       Committee was coordinated by                       Continued on Page 2
Community Projects          2        time and effort to this event,     Marilyn Halderman. Jann & Bob
                                     and many went the extra mile       Koepke took photos and John

OPA News                    2
                                     and beyond.
                                               Donna Aidekman and
                                                                        Cox video taped the event.
                                                                        Thanks to Tom Davidson for
                                                                                                                Next Board
                                     Kathy Manulkin, co-chaired
                                     the 25th Anniversary part of the
                                                                        taking the time and effort to set
                                                                        up and take down the speaker             Meeting
                                     Celebration, including the         system which enhanced our
Getting to Know             3
our Members
                                     lovely vases given as gifts to     evening.                                  Thursday,
                                             PLEASE READ THIS NOW!                                              November 12th,
An Enchanted Evening 3               If you have an email address, but PREFER to
                                     receive your OPAWL NEWSLETTER like
                                                                                      OPAWL                 is the next OPAWL Regular
                                                                                                            Board meeting. It will be at

Sections News               3
                                     this (as a HARDCOPY) you need to let us
                                     know NOW. Just leave a message at 714-289
                                     -0270 or State your
                                                                                      Goes                  the home of Sheree Haavik,
                                                                                                            10533 Morada Dr. Business
                                     name and that you want a hardcopy only. We
                                     have heard from several gals who want to
                                     continue receiving the HARDCOPY and the
                                                                                      Green!                meeting will start at 7 pm with
                                                                                                            dessert to follow. As we know
                                                                                                            all board members have a
Save the Date               4        reasons vary. Some get email only at work,                             standing Yes to attend, so
                                     some never look at their email and others just                         Regrets Only to Cindy Nelson
                                     prefer a HARDCOPY. The reason does not                                 at or phone
Calendar                    4        matter but YOU DO. We want to make sure                                Pat Bomer-Harris at 714-639-
                                     you get the Newsletter in the form you
                                     like. Unless we hear from you, and you have                            7846. Looking forward to
                                     email, you will no longer get the HARD-                                seeing all of you there! Re-
                                     COPY starting in January. LET US KNOW                                  member, Board Meetings are
                                     NOW. Thank you. Laurel Baker, Newsletter                               open to all OPAWL members.
                                     Distribution Manager.
Page 2                              OPAWL Newsletter                                                             Volume 11, Issue 10

The Inside Story                            President’s Message (continued)
November                           member of OPAWL and a great           Please come enjoy the fun of        organization that would like to
Birthdays                          contributor to our efforts. There     watching a 20 foot movie            have their name engraved on a
                                   are many activities planned in the    screen while sitting outside.       bench for all to see, I look for-
8    Noreen Bryce Gruebl           various Sections so check out         Invite your friends to also come    ward to helping them make that
12   Tina Dalby                    our calendar for updates.             and support our own 4H Club.        possible. They provide long-
14   Mary Anne Turner                        Our Christmas Event is                  With the help of Tina   lasting and much needed seat-
18   Pamela Alexander              currently being planned and tick-     Dalby, OPAWL members and            ing.
21   Nikkii Klein                  ets will be ready for sale by mid     others, horses and riders were                Thanks to those who
26   Donna Aidekman                November. Co-Chairs Donna             greeted with bottles of cold        helped at The Volunteer Fire-
27   Martha Wetzel                 Aidekman and Jana Shuler will         water at the Equi-Fest on Octo-     men’s Pancake Breakfast. We
30   Joanne Pritts                 keep you posted on the details.       ber 17, sponsored by the Santi-     had a great time at our Booth
                                   You won’t want to miss the            ago Oaks Regional Park.             meeting many OPA neighbors
Sunshine                           chance to participate in this big     Though it was very hot, there       who also enjoyed the event.
                                   event to be held again at the         was a great turnout and several     We appreciate the invitation
We are hoping that Rose Ellen
                                   former Korbel Estate on Santi-        OPAWL members rode their            from the Volunteer Fireman to
Cunningham and Joyce Redfern       ago Blvd, so be sure to take the      horses in the events. Some          have a Booth and it gave
are feeling better with their      opportunity to be part of one of      even received prizes. Congratu-     OPAWL an opportunity to
strained and sore backs.           the committees. Contact Donna         lations to Park Ranger II Mau-      show our support for our com-
These ladies did all the wonder-   to volunteer to help at djaidek-      reen Beckman and Senior Park        munity Firemen.
                                                   Ranger Jim Simkins for taking                 If you have questions
ful floral table decorations for             New things continue to      on this inaugural event. We         or suggestions about OPAWL, I
our Membership Social, and         pop up on our calendar, created       encouraged them to do it again!     welcome hearing from you!
picked the beautiful pink roses    by Karen Cormier-Southards, so                    Zoo Benches Update      Please contact me at
and hydrangeas from their gar-     be sure to check it often. On         – we currently have orders for 2 or 714-
dens. “Get well” wishes are sent   Nov 7, 2009, we will again have       more benches totaling 4, for the    633-0836.
to you both. We wish you all a     Movie Night Under the Stars.          Irvine Regional Zoo. That
healthy Fall Season.               The food being served will be a       means they need only 16 more                 Lois Widly
                                   big draw to those who like            to fulfill their goal. If anyone
Please continue to let me know     Pulled Pork and Ribs being of-        would like to donate a bench or
if you know of anyone who          fered by OPA’s OABB 4H Club.          knows of a business or another
need a "ray of sunshine" to
brighten their day.
STAY HAPPY AND                     Community Projects
                                                                               wreaths along Orange                Annual Christmas Social
                                            How Are We                       Park Blvd. One long-term            this year to be held on
                                           Spending Our                   project was proposed: the            December 5th.
aÉÜxxÇ UÜçvx ZÜâxuÄ                         Money?                      redesign of the monument sign
                                                                        and bus stop at the corner of
714-633-3190 ~                                                                                               Karen Cormier-Southards
                                                                        Orange Park Blvd and Chapman
                                   During the May Installation          Ave. As these projects were
                                   Luncheon, President Lois Widly       within the current budget, the
                                   announced the Board’s decision
                                   to begin a new annual Strategic
                                                                        Board approved to set aside
                                                                        funding for all three projects at    OPA News
                                   Planning process for the use of      the October Board meeting.
                                   OPAWL funds raised each year.                                             Saturday, Nov 7, is the next
                                   The first step was a Newsletter      After much discussion and delib-     Movie Night Under the Stars!
                                                                                                             Support the OABB 4H Club –
                                   “call for membership input” for      eration, the Board voted to sup-     they are planning to serve a
                                   recommended community pro-           port the following groups for the    great supper menu at the
                                   jects. All input was welcome,        upcoming year: Mary’s Kitchen,       Movie. Look for DETAILS on
                                   for both short-term or long-         the Beverly House, and our local     the “e” Tree.
                                   term improvement projects that       OABB 4H Club, as these organi-
                                   would benefit the entire OPA         zations meet our mission to           IF YOU DO NOT HAVE
                                   community. Two short-term            “develop the civic, social and       SEWERS IN OPA- Check your
                                   projects were submitted: the         economic conditions in our           property tax bill! You probably
                                   purchase of a park bench for         community”. The Board also           will find a $221 charge for
                                   the Santa Ana Zoo in Irvine          voted to continue the philan-        sewer service. Call them to take
                                                                                                             you off the list for being taxed
                                   Park, and the installation of        thropic support of our military as   for sewers at 714-593-7281.
                                   equestrian-themed holiday            the featured charity for the 2nd
OPAWL Newsletter                                                           Volume 11, Issue 10                                     Page 3

Getting to Know our Members
                                                                  By Nikkii Klein
On the 21st of this month, I’ll    I do want to thank all the lovely    I’ll be writing about another
be 39 for the second time (tell    people who sent me get well          member next month. In the
me I don’t look it!). Finally, I   cards, took the time to visit me,    meantime, I wish you all much
am a Lady of Worth . . . Be-       and brought me the lovely food       joy as we approach the holiday
tween the gold in my mouth         tidbits, flowers and other           season with Halloween, Thanks-
(thanks to my son the dentist)     things. You don’t realize how        giving and then Christmas.
and the platinum in my knee        important cards and such are
(with one more to go yet), I can   until you are bed bound. So,         Sincerely, with lots of hugs,
really put the peddle to the       thanks again for all your well
metal and fly on my broom!         wishes. Know that you are                        Nikkii
                                   most valued and appreciated.

An Enchanted Evening
Our 2nd Annual Christmas           have decorating, centerpieces,       ticipate in. Contact me to join a    Thank you in advance for your
fundraising event will be titled   food and drink, fundraising,         committee.                           support!
An Enchanted Evening and           parking, music, tickets and
will be held at the former
Korbel Estate. We have volun-
                                   many other areas that need
                                   assistance. We ask everyone to
                                                                        Our next meeting is at my home
                                                                        Nov 3rd, 7643 E Twinleaf Trail
                                                                                                             Donna Aidekman
teer Committee Chairs for the      get involved in an effort to         in Broadmoor. 6:30 pm for tast-
event in place and need more       make this event the best yet!        ing and 7 pm for the meeting.
hands to help put it on. We        This is such a fun event to par-

Sections News                                Sections Coordinator ~ Sheree Haavik or 949-929-6910
3rd Monday Bridge ~                Thursday for a walk and then           Hot Trotters Annual Meeting         Literature ~
Marcia Hogie, 714-973-8242 ~       some dog obedience training.           & Potluck will be Thursday,         Kathy Manulkin,         $5.00 per class.                       Nov 12th at the home of Mi-         714-639-8686 ~
Will meet at Marcia Hogie’s                                               chelle Williams, corner of Hill-
home at 11:00 A.M. Please call     Gad Abouts ~ Sheree Haavik,            side Dr & Meads Ave at 6:30         Meetings are at 7 pm on the
Marcia to let her know if you      949-929-6910 ~                         pm. Bring your favorite dish.       4th Tuesday of each month at
will be there.                                                              Kathy Manulkin’s home, except
                                   December 1st we will visit the         Save the date of Dec 12th for       during the holidays. Our next
Bible Study ~                      Ronald Reagan Library. If inter-       the OPA Hot Trotters Christ-        meeting is Jan 26th discussing
Jaimie Spence, 714-289-1190        ested, call Travel Club Tours          mas Parade organized by crew        “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana Ros-       (714-771-6439) and tell them you       chief Connie Bowin. It will         nay.
                                   are with the OPAWL. Cost is            start at Meads Ave & Morada
Bunco ~                            $109 and includes a Country            Dr at 2 pm, circle towards the      Lunch Bunch ~
We are looking for a Team          BBQ Buffet lunch. We will car-         east on the “Loop” and cross        Rena Zangan, 714-997-4665 ~
Leader. Contact Sheree you         pool from my home, 10533 Mo-           OP Blvd into Lazy Creek car-
are if interested.                 rada Dr, departing at 9 am. Call       oling and sending messages of       Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
                                   if you’re coming so no one’s left      good will. We then head north
Computers ~                        behind!                                on OP Blvd to the Sully Miller      Mom & Kids Club ~
Patrice Christman, 714-633-                                               Arena. We will have Christmas       Erin Chell, 714-288-9402 ~
5966 ~                             Save the Date - January 1st we         music played by some partici-          will go to the 2010 Rose Parade.       pants, a procession of Mary,
2nd Tuesday of the month at        This trip is also thru Travel Club     Joseph and Jesus accompanied        Signature Dishs ~
Patrice’s home, 10571 Morada       Tours (see above). Cost is $159        by other stable animals, and        Emilia Sugiyama, 714-369-
Dr, 7 pm. Instructor Bob           and includes continental break-        equestrians outfitted for the       8411 ~
Koepke is an engineer & com-       fast in route.                         season. Refreshments will be
puter scientist. Those with                                               available from the 4-H club at      Tennis ~
laptops are encouraged to          Garden Section ~                       the Arena along with more           Marilyn Halderman, 714-997-
bring them.                        Rose Ellen Cunningham,                 caroling—words provided! If         5473
                                   714-532-1326 ~ Meetings on             you don’t want to be in the
Dog Socialization ~                4th Thursday of each month.            parade, come out and watch!         Walking for Fitness ~
Sandy Forkert, 714-997-9135 ~      Call for info on Nov’s meeting.                                            Jana Shuler, 949-836-1012                                                     Thursday, Dec 17th we will
Bring your favorite pooch to       Hot Trotters ~                         have our annual Ornament            Monday Nite Group meets
Leader-Sandy Forkert’s arena,      R. Lynn Canton,                        Exchange Party at Sharon            every Monday at Curves and
10541 Randall (corner of Ran-      714-771-3371 ~ 714-412-0011(c)         Butterfield’s. More info next       leaves at 7 pm sharp! Come
dall and Meads) at 6:15 every                     month!                              & walk off that turkey!
Orange Park Acres
Women’s League
P.O. Box 2696
Orange, CA 92859

 We’re on the Web!

                                                            2/9/16/23/30 Mon Nite Walking Group
                                                                       3 Computers
       Save the Date for a Holiday Treat!                     5/12/19/26 Dog Socialization Class
                                                                       7 4H Family Movie Night
                                            ~ Calendar ~

                                                                      12 Regular Board Mtg

     An Enchanted Evening                                             12 Hot Trotters Annual Pot Luck
                                                                      16 Bridge - 3rd Mon
                   At the Korbel Estate                                1 GadAbouts ~ Reagan Library
                                                              3/10/17/21 Dog Socialization Class
                                                              7/14/21/28 Mon Nite Walking Group
                                                                        5 AN ENCHANTED EVENING
                                                                        8 Computers
                                                                       10 Regular Board Mtg
                                                                       12 Hot Trotters Caroling
                                                                       17 Hot Trotters Ornament Party
                                                                       21 Bridge - 3rd Mon
                                                                       1 GadAbouts ~ Rose Parade
                                                              4/11/18/25 Mon Nite Walking Group
                                                                       5 Computers
         An Amazing Saturday Night Event!                     7/14/21/28 Dog Socialization Class
                                                                      14 Regular Board Mtg
                    December 5, 2009                                  18 Bridge - 3rd Mon
                                                                      26 Literature

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