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Gears of War Action Figures

The video game finally makes an impact in the collectibles scene with NECA's release of Gears Of
War action figures. After the success achieved by the huge Xbox 360 franchise, a decision was
made to bring GoW toys to the ever booming market. Popularity will continue to grow as there has
been word the game is soon to become a movie, as well as the confirmed finale to the series;
Gears 3 to be released in April of 2011.

Action Figures Series One

The first release of toys based on the massively exciting Xbox 360 game was made public in the
middle of 2008; much to the delight of fans nationwide. NECA was able to recreate some stunning,
high quality figures which were lifelike and as close to those characters in the game as possible.

This first set included Marcus Fenix, Delta Squad leader as well as fellow COG Augustus Cole.
Not to mention the two horrible (in a good way), Locusts, Locust Drone and Locust Snipe. A box
set was made readily available for fans, as well as single boxes of each character. These also
included all extra accessories and a head that could be substituted for either Locust.

Series Two

After the first series' success, NECA was given the go ahead to create another set of Gears Of
War toys; which were released later on in 2008, November. Promising signs were shown in terms
of added articulation, quality was maintained and the figures please many fans.

Four new additions were added, Dominic Santiago and Damon Baird (fellow COGs) as well as the
Theron Guards, Marcus Fenix received a touch or two and was released once again.

Series Three

The third set of NECA's toys were released at the beginning of 2009. Four new in game
characters were transferred to be created as real world models.

Once again a new version of Delta Squad leader, Marcus was released - he had received some
note able retouching, requested by fans. A COG soldier (who I believe is Benjamin Carmine) was
created, as well as a Theron palace Guard, Locust grappler and variation of the Locust Cyclops.
Once again, the figures included in game accessories and weapons.
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For complete information about the Gears of War Carmine please visit my website, click on the
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