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									Here are a whole lot of online marketing promotion tactics. You will have to figure out
the exact combination that will help you bring a good amount of target traffic to your site
so that you can make sales. The major online marketing tactics that a lot of people who
work on the internet employ are:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC)
2. Article marketing
3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

        Pay Per Click (PPC)
Well, PPC is known for giving web masters quick returns on their investment. Web site
owners will be able to conveniently evaluate their success immediately when they
employ PPC. Sadly, this also means that you will also have to put some of your hard
earned money on the line. You need to understand that Google AdWords' program do not
require that users pay for up to one month, this simply means that if a user does not
succeed in making back their money immediately, they will be in debt.

        When you utilize PPC for your online marketing campaign, you will have to write
a rather short advertisement (which is typically 90 to 125 characters) that will appear
alongside the search engine results on Yahoo, Google or MSN. Your PPC ads may also
show on other relevant web pages - that is, if you do not turn off the feature.

        The position of your PPC ad will totally depend on how much you are willing to
pay for every visitor to your site and the percentage of individuals who view your ad and
are very willing to click through. This simply means that in order to make money with
your PPC online internet marketing strategy, you will have to write a compelling ad for
low competition key words or keyword phrases.

       Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

        If you want your website to be listed in Google's top ranking search, you will
have to do a couple of things on your site in order to attract a computer programs that are
also referred to as "spiders", which top search engines and such as Google, Yahoo, MSN
etc use in order to determine search engine ranking.

        In order to successfully achieve this online marketing promotion strategy, your
website must also be search engine friendly, this includes having the appropriate coding
in your site's HTML and also fresh relevant content. You need to update your website
frequently by adding more pages in order to increase your search results. You will also
have to build links to your website. Doing this is pretty easy, all you will need to do is to:

- Submit your site to online directories
  - Creating blog posts about your site
    - Posting to classified websites
         One of the very best methods of building links is by submitting articles to online
article directories. Article directories are known to have very valuable functions for
online marketing campaigns. One of the many functions is to help build links which will
increase the chance that your website will be indexed in top search engines such as
Google, Yahoo or MSN.

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