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									School-Wide Positive Behavior
Support – Reality Check

Presented by:
Russell Dyer, Ed.D.
Principal – Bon Lin Middle School
Bon Lin Middle School
Bartlett, TN
Established 2008
Grades: 6th-8th
650 Students
Research on PBIS
 PBIS has 10 years of research history in
  over 9000 schools in 40 states.
 Supported by the US Department of
  Education and TN Department of
 PBIS Technical Assistance Center:
Pyramid of Interventions
Bon Lin Middle SWPBS Team
 Principal
 School Counselor
 Grade level teachers
 Specialist (PE, library, art, music)
 Special Education teacher
 Student Government
Bon Lin Middle’s Expectations:
         Be Respectful!
        Be Responsible!
           Be Ready!
PBIS Timeline at Bon Lin Middle

   Lifeskills program was implemented in 2008
   Too many rules, too difficult to manage
   2009 attended state PBIS conference with
   2009-2010 roll-out of initial program
   2010-2011 second year of implementation
   2011-2012 introduce Tier 2 programming
   Teamed with R.I.S.E. Project at the University
    of Memphis
Initial Introduction – 08-09
 After conference, committee met several
  times and then presented findings to
 Students and teachers were educated on
  SWPBS at our school
 Buy-in (80% rule) was established and
  survey indicated we were ready to
 District officials were educated on this
SWPBS - Humble Start!
 Lynx Loot and Principal’s 200 Club
 Data collection and analysis using Excel
  and PowerSchool
 Tier One meetings – monthly review of
 Surveys – Teachers, Students, and Parents
 Professional Development – International
  PBIS conference
 Summer Meetings
First Year Positives/Negatives
•   Lesson Plans for each   •   Lack of clarity
    area of building        •   Inconsistency
•   Student discipline      •   Lack of fidelity in
    decreased                   reward program
•   Academic time for       •   Parent
    students/teachers           communication
    increased                   about successes
•   Parent responses        •   Desire to move too
•   Improved school             quickly
2010-2011: Year 2 of PBIS
 Summer Meeting – what worked and
  what didn’t work, review of data and
  surveys, plan for the future
 Fall Inservice
 Reconfiguration of Lynx Loot reward
 Consulted with Dr. Butterworth from
  EdPro Development on Expectations
  Matrix and Minors/Majors chart
 Revised lesson plans
School PBIS Flowchart
School-Wide Expectations
Minor/Major Chart
Data Review
 Data is used to drive interventions and
  booster sessions
 Tier One/Two teams use data to help
  teachers and students
 Data is discussed monthly at Tier
 Data is the backbone of the PBIS program
Data Review
   Data Sources:
    ◦   Minor Incident Report
    ◦   Major Incident Report
    ◦   Powerschool entries
    ◦   SWIS reports
SWIS (school-wide information
 The School-Wide Information
  System (SWIS) is a web-based
  software system for collecting and
  summarizing office discipline referrals in
  schools. (
 Big 5 Reports: Avg. referrals per day per
  month, referrals by problem behavior,
  referrals by location, referrals by time, and
  referrals by student
Average Referrals per Day per
Month Example




            0   100   200   300   400   500   600
Academic Growth
 09-10: AYP not met in SPED and
  Economically Disadvantaged Math
 10-11: AYP met in SPED (35% gain!) and
  Economically Disadvantaged.
 Students staying in the classroom rather
  than in ISS or OSS contributed partially to
 Positive climate also played a big role.
Booster Sessions
 After review of data, teachers and
  administrators hold sessions to review
  specific expectations and lesson plans
 Held at various intervals throughout the
  year – beginning of year, around
  Thanksgiving, after Christmas break, after
  Spring Break
 Also can be held based on data and needs
  of school
Lynx Loot
New Loot Incentives…
   The follow are individual student level rewards:
   10 Loot - Friday before Fall Break – Freetime
    Friday in the Gym
   20 Loot – Before Christmas Break – Mexican
    Fiesta with food
   30 Loot – Friday before Spring Break – Free
    dance during school
   60 Loot – End of the Year – Special Surprise!!
   SPECIAL – All students at the end of the year
    with NO office referrals will be treated to a
    special event
                                 Number of Loot

       Week 1
       Week 2
       Week 3
       Week 4
       Week 5
       Week 6
       Week 7
       Week 8
       Week 9
       Week 10
       Week 11
       Week 12
       Week 13
       Week 14
       Week 15
       Week 16
       Week 17
       Week 18
       Week 19

       Week 20
       Week 21
       Week 22
       Week 23
                                                                     Loot by Numbers

       Week 24
       Week 25
       Week 26
       Week 27
       Week 28
       Week 29
       Week 30
       Week 31
       Week 32
       Week 33
       Week 34
       Week 35
       Week 36

       Week 1
       Week 2
       Week 3
       Week 4
       Week 5
       Week 6
       Week 7
       Week 8
       Week 9
       Week 10
       Week 11
       Week 12
       Week 13
       Week 14
       Week 15
       Week 16
       Week 17
       Week 18
       Week 19

       Week 20
       Week 21
       Week 22
       Week 23
       Week 24
       Week 25
                                                                                      Percent of Students Receiving LL

       Week 26
       Week 27
       Week 28
       Week 29
       Week 30
       Week 31
       Week 32
       Week 33
       Week 34
       Week 35
       Week 36

Teacher Comment
   PBIS has truly changed the face of BLMS. This program continues
    to motivate both students and teachers. When you get an
    opportunity to reinforce respect, responsibility, and readiness
    within your students it becomes very self- rewarding. Students at
    this school are taking their own initiative to help one another, clean
    our common areas, and truly respect our BLMS home! I only hope
    that the values that they learn here will be taken with them on
    their journey through high school. The implementation of PBIS has
    created a very positive atmosphere within our school and I believe
    it will only continue to get better!

   Mrs. Miller, 6th grade teacher
Classified Staff Comment
   The impact that PBIS has had on me personally is to take the time
    to look for the positive behavior in our students. It's so much
    easier to see the negative or bad behavior in a student.
    Sometimes it takes more time to recognize good behavior but
    most students seem to respond in a positive way when they are
    rewarded for good behavior instead of always being punished for
    bad behavior. It has also helped me to stop and think about what
    may be going on in a student's personal life and that there behavior
    may be a result of those struggles.

   Mrs. Sharpe, DEC Secretary
University of Memphis


    Russell Dyer, Ed.D.

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