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					                             Erie County Council Ladies Auxiliary VFW
                                October / November 2010 Newsletter
                       “Light Fires for Our Veterans on the Wings of Dragons”
                           “United by Love for Our Veterans and Country”
                               Deborah A. Fucina, President

Dear Sisters:                                                                      MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT:
                                                                              The next meeting of the Erie County
What a great representation of auxiliaries at our last ECCA meeting.          Council will be the DEPARTMENT
Thank you. A few highlights:
                                                                              PRESIDENT’S VISIT to ECCA to be held on
   Upcoming Events:                                                           Tuesday, October 26, 2010. The meeting
                                  Beginning next year, Presidents and
                                                                              will begin @ 7:00 pm at the Harvey D.
                                   Treasurers will need to be bonded.
        October 2:                                                            Morin VFW Post #2940 – Center Road –
    th                            ECCA will host a “Tailgate Party” at the
   6 District Ham Dinner                                                      West Seneca. Uniforms are required for
                                   Buffalo VAMC this month.
                                                                              this meeting.
        October 11:               ECC VFW has mailed Lotto tickets as
      COLUMBUS DAY                 their October fundraiser. Please           The ECCA meets every 4th Tuesday of
      October 22-24:               support them, as they are what we          the month.
    FALL CONFERENCE                are here for.

      October 23:              I attended the Welcome Home Picnic at the Buffalo VAMC on Saturday, September 25th. I
   MAKE A DIFFERENCE           also attended National President Cortina Barnes visit in Salamanca on Wednesday,
          DAY                  September 29th. Both events were well-attended and a great time.
       October 26:
  DEPT. PRESIDENT VISIT        Are you reading your “Auxiliary News” and National VFW AUX magazine?? These
      ECCA Meeting             publications contain vital information from National & Department Officers and Chairmen.
         October 28:               DEPARTMENT PRESIDENT’S VISIT: Department President Sharlene will be visiting
  Statue of Liberty Birthday
                                   ECCA on October 26th. Information was sent to Auxiliary Presidents. Uniforms
         October 31:               are required for this meeting. Please join us in support of President Sharlene.
        HALLOWEEN                                                 Tentative Itinerary:
        November 2:
                                   11:00 AM:       Informal Dutch Treat Lunch @ the Family Tree Restaurant
       ELECTION DAY                                   – Rose Cooper, Chairman
                                   1:00 PM:        Tour of VA Medical Center
        November 7:
                                                      – Pat Marciniak, Chairman
   Daylight Savings Time
            Ends                   5:00 PM:        Dept. President’s Reception – VFW Post # 2940
                                                      – Fran Wright, Chairman
       November 11:                5:30 PM:        Dinner – Norma Schwarzott, Chairman
                                   7:00 PM:        ECCA Meeting
        November 14:
     6 District Meeting
                               FALL CONFERENCE: October 22-24. I will be glad to take anything you may have to Fall
       November 23:
       ECCA Meeting

        November 25:           PRESIDENT’S SPECIAL PROJECT-N.E.A.D.S Canines for Combat Veterans: Chairman Sue
       THANKSGIVING            Darveaux has been busy making towels and selling bracelets. Sue has done a phenomal
                               job - ECCA raised over $200 so far, plus she is selling the bracelets for Department.

2010-2011 VOD & Patriots Pen Themes: (Chairman Barbara Rickard) VOD = “Does My Generation Have a Role in
America’s Future?“ Patriots Pen = “Does Patriotism Still Matter?” Deadline date: November 1
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MEMBERSHIP: Do not hold up your transmittals. Please remit as soon as you receive dues. I will be attending the Fall
Conference and will be glad to take your transmittals with me. ECCA is 64.88% - dropping down to 9th place in District 6.
District 6 is 65.33% - 2nd place. Auxiliary 1369 has disbanded.

VETERANS & FAMILY SERVICES: Paul Rudnicki from VALOR will be
visiting our November meeting to collect canned/dry food items and                 ECCA Meeting Schedule
cash. Please - NO clothing or toys.                                          October 26 – Dept. President’s Visit
                                                                             November 23 - VALOR
WAYS & MEANS: Lotto calendars for December 2010 have been                    February 22, 2011
                                                                             March 22, 2011
distributed to Officers, Chairmen, and Auxiliary Presidents. Chairman
                                                                             April 26, 2011
Rose Cooper is also asking each auxiliary to donate a “theme basket” to
be raffled at each meeting.

                   AMERICANISM: Our youth need to stay involved in Americanism programs and to continue to keep
                   them educated in Patriotism, ECCA will sponsor Scrapbook, Poster, and Essay contests, in addition to
                   the awards being presented to teachers.
                   Themes:         Pre-K & Kindergarten: Pledge of Allegiance Certificates
                                   Grades 1 & 2: (Poster) “Favorite American Hero”
                                   Grades 3 & 4: (Poster) “Favorite Patriotic Holiday”
                                   Grades 5 & 6: (Essay) “Favorite American Hero”
                                   Grades 7 & 8: (Essay) “The Importance of Patriotism in Today’s World”
                   Judging will take place at the March meeting. Awards for Grades 1-8 are: $15-First Place; $10-
Second Place; $5-Third Place.

Remember -- Lady Liberty’s birthday is October 28th. Be sure to get out and vote on November 2nd.

HOSPITAL/VAVS: Please send your donation to VAMC for the Coffee Cart and Christmas Morning. Donations are also
being accepted for Thanksgiving Dinner (earmark your check for “homeless veterans”).

DUES: ECCA and 6th District dues need to be remitted as soon as possible. ECCA dues should be sent to
Treasurer Kathy Macris and 6th District dues are sent to Treasurer Regina Hill.

REPORTING REMINDER: AUXILIARIES send reports to DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN. This is the only way you will receive
credit. ECCA CHAIRMEN promote their programs to auxiliaries and submit reports to me (ECCA President).

NOTE to ECCA CHAIRMEN: Be sure to submit a written copy of your report to ECCA to Secretary Ann Ferguson and to
me. I need a copy for my report to the Dept. President and for my year-end report. Thanks.

Thank you for all you have worked towards so far. According to the last Program Report, we have a long way to go. So
remember to REPORT – REPORT – REPORT.

FYI: I was asked by representatives at the VAMC Welcome Home Picnic to send this announcement out: Vets-4-Vets
Spaghetti Dinner & Chinese Auction – *ALL VETERANS EAT FREE* – Wednesday, October 27th @ Matthew Glab
American Legion Post 1477 – 1965 Abbott Road – Lackawanna, NY – 3:00-7:00 PM (*with picture ID and proof – DD214,
VA Card, VFW / American Legion / DAV membership card) Adults: $6 / Children: $5 / Under 5 years – free. Please be
sure to pass this information along.

                                                                               ECC Ladies AUX (www.eccauxvfw.org)
                                                                                        ECC VFW (www.eccvfw.org)
ECCA President
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor
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