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					Shahar Yuval - Attorney                                    04-9937076 ● (052)3692981 ●

Residence: Yoqneam ● Year of birth 1975 ● Israeli ID 032253544 ● married + 2

   Attorney with more than 10 years' experience in civil and commercial law, labor law, independent
    case management, represents companies and local authorities.

   Good multi-tasking skills with ability to take on several cases simultaneously, coordinating between
    various groups; takes initiative and responsibility, works well under constraints of time.

Professional History:
2011-2012: Attorney, Doron, Tikotzky Law Office (civil and commercial law), Haifa
             Manages complex commercial litigation cases, labor law, company law, freezing
               injunctions and company dissolutions.
             Appears and represents in all courts of law.
             Conducts negotiations and discussions with international clients.
             Prepares commercial contracts, sales contracts, work agreements and contracts in English.
             Gives seminar lectures on labor law, civil law and commercial law.
             Won major case dealing with dispute between moshav landowners.

2007-2011: Attorney, Haikin, Dror Lazer Law Office (civil law, commercial law, local authorities), Tel Aviv
             Managed complex commercial litigation cases, legal representation and guidance with
               local authorities, work with international clients.
             Appeared and represented in all courts of law, appeals committees, committees to combine
               authorities and change legal boundaries, establishment of water corporations.
             Prepared commercial and sales contracts, English language contracts, authority
               agreements vs. groups, conducted negotiations.
             Managed administrative petitions, tenders, labor law, including litigation, preparation of
               work agreements and writing of legal opinions.
             Planning and zoning legislation.
             Gave seminar lectures on labor law, civil and commercial law and administrative matters.
             Won major case against municipal authority, made major newspaper headlines.

2003-2007: Attorney, Hovev Biton Law Office (civil and commercial law), Afula
             Appeared in all courts of law: district courts, magistrate's court, supreme court, managed
               comprehensive litigation cases.
             Legal representation and consultation to companies: conflicts, labor law, inter-company
               financial claims, company dissolutions.
             Handled contract law, labor law, cooperative associations, administrative petitions, real estate,
               laws of execution.
             Prepared contracts, sales and acquisition agreements, court papers, legal opinions,
               compromise agreements, debt settlements and more.
             Published court rulings in legal sites, including Nevo and the national press.
Shahar Yuval - Attorney                                   04-9937076 ● (052)3692981 ●

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2001-2002: Attorney, Eliahu Melech Law Office (civil and commercial law), Haifa
             Managed legal execution department: hired and trained teams, constructed and
               implemented procedures.
             Provided consultation and professional problem-solving, prepared pleas, capacity investigations.
             Independently managed customer accounts in banking, real estate, labor and company law.
             Handled complex litigation cases, among them contractual and representational claims,
               company conflicts.
             Wrote court papers, prepared witnesses, prepared investigations, arbitration meetings, court

1999-2000: Internship, A. Ben Ari Law Office (civil and commercial law), Haifa
             Integration into legal work in practice, ongoing work with clients.
             Prepared court papers and legal opinions, participated in discussions and arbitration
               meetings, prepared witnesses, prepared investigations.
             Writ of executions, submitted requests for disclosure of documents, prepared court papers,
               performed capacity investigations, representation in legal discussions.
             Mortgage banks, conducted negotiations and settlements with debtors, use of judgment
               debtor's dwellings.
             Labor law, wrote legal opinions, represented clients in labor courts.

Educational History:
1996-1999: L.L.B. degree, Ono Academic College, Kiryat Ono, via Manchester University.

Languages: Hebrew – mother tongue | English – mother tongue level.

Computer skills:
Full command of legal software and databases | MS Office, email and Internet applications.

Military Service: Full service, wireless operator, released at rank of First Sergeant (1993-1996).

Volunteer Activities: Schar Mitzva Program – legal assistance to the underprivileged – IBA (2004).
                         Legal consultation to Ethiopian community, Yoqneam (2005).

                                                                  *** Recommendations available upon request.

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