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   Name: Rafael Nadal Parera
   Place and date of birth: 03/06/1986 in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
   Height: 182cm
   Weight: 75kg
   Professional since: 2001
   Residence: Manacor, Mallorca
   Sponsorship: Rafa Nadal: Nike
   Brothers and sisters : 1 sister
   Trainer: Toni Nadal
   Representative: Carlos Costa
   First Championship: Balearic Islands when he was 8 years old
   Hobbies: play station, Football, golf and sailing.
        Rafael Nadal’s professional
INTRODUCTION: Rafael Nadal Parera is a
  Spanish professional tennis player. He’s
  been champion of Roland Garros for four
  times after winning in 2005, 2006, 2007
  and 2008 and twice Wimbledon finalist
  (2006 and 2007), he has also won the gold
  medal in Summer Olympics and the Prince
  of Asturias award for Sports in 2008. On
  August 18th, 2008 he has become No.. 1 in
  the ranking in the ATP after being second
  for 160 consecutive weeks. With 12
  Masters Series titles, Nadal is within the
  select group of four players who have been
  number one along the history of tennis,
  together with Pete Sampras, Roger Federer
  and Andre Agassi.
   Rafael Nadal, Sportsman of elite, somebody
    who conquered the world with his left-hand.

         Individual titles:
    -Masters Series-Toronto
    - Queen's
    -Roland-Garros (05-06-07-08)
    -Masters Series Hamburg
    -Masters Series-Monte Carlo (05-06-07-08)
    -Conde de Godo (05-06-07-08)
   -Tonrneo-Stuttgart (05-07)
    -Masters Series Rome (05-06-07)
    -Masters Series in Indian Wells
    -Masters Series-Madrid
    -Olympic medal-China
    -Masters Series in Montreal
    -Mexican Tennis Open
                       Earlier this year, he disputed the
                        2008 Summer Olympics,
                        defeating, in the first round, the
 His way through        Italian Potito Starace in the
                        second round the Australian
the 2008 Olympics
                        Lleyton Hewitt and in the final
                        round the Russian Igor Andreev.
                        In the quarter-finals,he defeated
                        the Austrian Jurgen Melzer quite
                        easily. In the semifinals he faced
                        the Serbian Novak Djokovic,
                        number 3 in the world at that
                        time. Rafa ended up winning. In
                        the end, it was the Chilean
                        Fernando Gonzalez’s turn, who
                        won the first Olympic in the
                        history of Spanish tennis. The
                        following day (August 18, 2008),
                        he became No.1 in the world
                        after overcoming the Swiss
                        Roger Federer
                        On September 3rd he was
                        awarded Prince of Asturias for
Next day, August 18, he became number one in the world
overcoming Roger Federer in more than 700 in the ATP ranking.
On Setember 3, Rafael Nadal was given the Prince of Asturias
award for Sports. After a polemic debate, the judges decided to
choose Nadal among others such as the Spanish Football Team,
Yelena Isinbáyeva, Michael Phelps(winner of eight gold metals in
Pekin) or Usain Bolt (record in 100m., 200 m. and 4x100m with
    Tournament 2003       2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   Participation   W-L
 Open Australia      -     3R     4R      -     QF     SF         0/4        14-4
  Roland Garros      -      -     G      G      G      G          4/4        28-0
    Wimbledon       3R      -     2R      F      F     G          1/5        22-4
        US open     2R     2R     3R     QF     4R     SF         0/6        16-6
   Participations   0/2    0/2    1/4    1/3    1/4    2/4       5/19         N/A
      Won-Lost      3-2    3-2   13-3   17-2   20-3   24-2        N/A        80-14
    Master CUP       -      -      -     SF     SF      -         0/2         4-4
OLYMPIC games                                          G          1/1         6-0
   Indian Wells            3R            SF     G      SF         1/4        16-3
          Miami            4R      F     2R     QF      F         0/5        14-5
    Monte Carlo     3R            G      G      G      G          4/5        24-1
           Roma                   G      G      G      2R         3/4        17-1
     Hamburgo       3R                           F     G          1/3        11-2
Canada Masters             1R     G      3R     SF     G          2/5        16-3
      Cincinnati           1R     1R     QF     2R     SF         0/5         6-5
 Madrid Masters     1R     2R     G      QF     QF                1/5        10-4
            Paris                                F                0/1         4-1
T. ATP Won-Lost      0     1      11     5      6      8          N/A         31
     Victories %    56%   64%    89%    83%    82%    90%         N/A         81%
        Ranking     49     51     2      2      2      1          N/A         N/A

   Rafa Nadal is a professional
    tennis player born in Manacor on
    June 3/1986. He is Miguel Angel
    Nadal’s nephew, football player in
    FC Barcelona and Real Mallorca.

   He has practised all kinds of
    sports (football, basketball, etc.)
    since he was little. But he has
    devoted his time to tennis, from
    the age 4, which showed his class
    and tremendous technique. His
    first official competition was in
    the Balearic Islands, at the age of
    8, and he won. As he also won
    other tournaments in all the lower
    categories (perhaps the most
    striking is the French Petit Aces,
    the world junior championship par
    He and some of his trophies

   Roland Garros champion for        Rafa Nadal, with his trophy.
    the fourth consecutive year       (AFP)
Queens london trophy   third trophy of Roland Garros
And because this whole effort
        deserves it
   Because it hasn’t
    been easy…
    because of your
    efforts, your results
and that's why you're number
Since July 2008, an asteroid discovered
from the Astronomic Observatory Of
Majorca has the name of Rafa Nadal,
exactly (128036) Rafaelnadal.

His favourite football teams are Real
Madrid and Real Mallorca, though his
uncle used to play in Barça.

In May 2, 2007, he beat Roger Federer
in the exhibition called, “The superficies
battle”, which was disputed in a half clay
and half grass court.
                                             He is the global ambassador for
He was taught how to play with his left       KIA motors, and he’s also made
hand to make it more difficult for his       advertisements for Cola Cao and
                                                        for Viceroy.
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