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BIOL 127 Sample Questions for th


									                                            BIOL 127
                                    Sample Questions for the
                              Multiple Choice part of the Final Exam
             (Large font in Mathew’s species accounts, essays, and ecology lecture)

1. _________ are composed of living organisms (communities) and their
   physical environment.
   a. Populations
   b. Species
   c. Ecosystems
   d. Habitats

2. The long tubular corolla of skyrocket evolved its shape and color for

   a.   attracting ants which keep plant parasites away.
   b.   attracting bumble bees for pollination.
   c.   attracting hummingbirds for pollination.
   d.   unknown reasons.

3. A mosquito bite raises a bump and itches due to

   a.   pain due to the "surgical" stylets used to draw blood.
   b.   a psychosomatic reaction to the sucking insect.
   c.   mosquito eggs being laid in your dermis.
   d.   an allergic reaction to mosquito saliva.

4. The Makah tribe used this plant as hummingbird lures; they
    trapped hummers as charms for whaling:

   a. Oregon-Grape                              c. Pinedrops
   b. Indian Paintbrush                         d. Hardhack

5. Hudson's Bay Company traders applied this eastern intertribal
    word for "smoking-herbs" to this plant which was smoked for
    its high as well as a way to stretch tobacco:

   a. Spirea                                    c. Kinnickinnick
   b. Yarrow                                    d. Penstemon

6. Mathew’s essay Fire Histories refers to _________ plants as those that
   sprout from charred stumps or root crowns, or grow from seeds adapted
   to withstand heat or move in abundantly from nearby.
   a. old-growth                            c. decimated
   b. pioneer                               d. late-successional
7. Native Americans used this sophisticated and poorly understood
    (by the Forest Service) management technique to maintain areas
    for huckleberry harvest:

   a. plowing                               c. seeding
   b. burning                               d. grafting

8. Mathews considers this plant's berry "the most exquisite berry
    flavor on earth.":

   a. Oregon-Grape                          c. Serviceberry
   b. Thimbleberry                          d. Blue Elderberry

9. The leaves of this tree are choice browse, used by elk, beaver,
    grouse, pika, and other wildlife. It is also the most wide-ranging
    American tree, covering much of North America:

   a. Black Cottonwood                      c. Ponderosa Pine
   b. Quaking Aspen                         d. Red Alder

10. This tree is our fastest-growing. They can reach 100 feet in
     20 years. It is now grown in "fields" and used for paper pulp.

   a. Douglas-fir                           c. Black Cottonwood
   b. Quaking Aspen                         d. Red Alder

11. The smashingly yellow trees one sees along the Blewett Pass
     Highway in October are the famous deciduous conifer ______.

   a. Western Hemlock                       c. Western Larch
   b. Douglas-fir                           d. Engelmann Spruce

12. This beautiful tree's populations have been decimated by
     blister rust which was brought from France in 1906:

   a. Douglas-fir                           c. Engelmann Spruce
   b. Western White Pine                    d. Ponderosa Pine

13. This species suffered heavy losses in some areas from toxic
     chemicals like DDT, which caused eggshell thinning:

   a. Great Blue Heron                      c. Belted Kingfisher
   b. Osprey                                d. Red Crossbill

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