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					                                 Jawahar Knowledge Centre
             List of participating colleges for Infosys 2012 recruitment events
S.No                                   Collegename                                District
   1   Aizza College Of Engineering & Technology                                  Adilabad
   2   Gates Institute of Technology                                          Anantapur
   3   Intell Engineering College                                             Anantapur
   4   Moula Ali College of Engineering&Technology                            Anantapur
   5   Sri Krishna Deva Raya Engineering College                              Anantapur
   6   Sri Krishna Devaraya University College of Engineering&Technology      Anantapur
   7   JB Institute of Computer Technology                                     Chittoor
   8   Madanapalle Institute Of Technology & Science                           Chittoor
   9   Mother Teresa Institute of Computer Applications                        Chittoor
  10   Sir Vishveshwaraiah Institute of Science&Technology                    Chittoor
  11   Sri Kalahasteeswara Institute of Technology                            Chittoor
  12   SVU College of Commerce Management&Computer Science                    Chittoor
  13   BVC Engineering College                                              East Godavari
  14   BVC Institute of Technology&Science                                  East Godavari
  15   Chaitanya Institute of Computer Sciences                             East Godavari
  16   Chaitanya Institute of Engineering&Technology                        East Godavari
  17   Chaitanya Institute Of Science & Technology                          East Godavari
  18   GBR Degree College                                                   East Godavari
  19   Sree Konaseema Banoji Ramars College                                 East Godavari
  20   Sri Prakash College Of Engineering                                   East Godavari
  21   Sri Sai Aditya Institute Of Science & Technology                     East Godavari
  22   VSM College                                                          East Godavari
  23   Annabathuni Satyanarayana Degree College                                Guntur
  24   Christu Jayanthi Jubilee College                                        Guntur
  25   Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Choudary College                                 Guntur
  26   Loyola Institute of Technology&Management                                  Guntur
  27   Nalanda Institute of Engineering&Technology                                Guntur
  28   PRIYADARASHINI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE                           Guntur
  29   S C R Engineering College                                                  Guntur
  30   Sri Mittapalli College of Engineering                                   Guntur
  31   Aurora Management and Research Institute                               Hyderabad
  32   Auroras College of PG Studies                                          Hyderabad
  33   Avanthi PG College                                                     Hyderabad
  34   Bankatlal Badruka Collefe for Information Technology                   Hyderabad
  35   Bharat PG College for Women                                            Hyderabad
  36   DRK Institute of Science&Technology                                    Hyderabad
  37   Greenfort Engineering College                                          Hyderabad
  38   Hi-Tech College of Engineering&Technology                              Hyderabad
  39   Holy Mother PG College                                                 Hyderabad
  40   Information and Resarch Institute of Arora                             Hyderabad
  41   Mahaveer Institute Of Science & Technology                             Hyderabad
  42   Malla Reddy College Of Engineering & Technology                        Hyderabad
  43   Moghal College Of Engineering & Technology                             Hyderabad
44   Nanakram Bhagwandas Science College & PG Center                    Hyderabad
45   Nizam College                                                      Hyderabad
46   Osmania University College For Women                               Hyderabad
47   Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Institute Of Technology            Hyderabad
48   Rishi UBR PG College for Women                                     Hyderabad
49   Sai Sudhir Degree And PG College                                   Hyderabad
50   Shadan College of Engineering&Technology                           Hyderabad
51   Shadan Womens College Of Engineering & Technology                  Hyderabad
52   St Joseph's PG College                                             Hyderabad
53   Swami Vivekananda Institute Of Technology                          Hyderabad
54   TKR College of Engineering&Technology                              Hyderabad
55   VV Sanghs Basaveshwara Institute of Information Technology         Hyderabad
56   Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences -- Kadapa           Kadapa
57   JNTU College of Engineering                                         Kadapa
58   Kandula Obul Reddy Memorial College of Engineering                  Kadapa
59   KSRM College Of Engineering                                         Kadapa
60   Madina Engineering College                                          Kadapa
61   Sri Sai Institute of Technology&Science                             Kadapa
62   SV PG College (Formerly MCA College)                                Kadapa
63   Vaagdevi Institute Of Technology & Science                          Kadapa
64   Yogi Vemana University                                              Kadapa
65   Jyothishmathi Institute Of Technology & Science                    Karimnagar
66   Mother Theressa College Of Engineering & Technology                Karimnagar
67   Sindhura College Of Engineering & Technology                       Karimnagar
68   Sree Chaitanya College of Engineering                              Karimnagar
69   Vaageswari College Of Engineering                                  Karimnagar
70   Vivekananda Institute of Technology&Science(N6)                    Karimnagar
71   Vivekananda Institute of Technology&Science(N9)                    Karimnagar
72   Adams Engineering College                                          Khammam
73   Bomma Institute of Technology & Science                            Khammam
74   Dr Paul Raj Engineering College                                    Khammam
75   Mother Teresa Institute of Science & Technology                    Khammam
76   Sai Spurthi Institute Of Technology                                Khammam
77   Sarada Institute of Technology & Sciences                          Khammam
78   Sree Kavitha Engineering College                                   Khammam
79   SRR Engineering College                                            Khammam
80   Swarna Bharathi College of Engineering                             Khammam
81   Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science&Technology                    Khammam
82   University College Of Engineering                                  Khammam
83   Akkineni Nageswara Rao College                                      Krishna

84   Devineni Venkata Ramana&Dr.Hima Sekhar MIC College of Technology    Krishna
85   Nova College Of Engineering & Technology for Women                  Krishna
86   Sri Sarathi Institute Of Engineering & Technology                   Krishna
87   Sri Sunflower College of Engineering & Technology                   Krishna
88   Alfa College Of Enggineering & Technology                           Kurnool
89   Safa College Of Engineering & Technology                            Kurnool
 90   St.John's College of Engineering&Technology                      Kurnool
 91   Jayaprakash Narayan College Of Engineering                    Mahabubnagar
 92   Sree Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology And Science         Mahabubnagar
 93   Sri Kottam Tulasi Reddy Memorial College Of Engineering       Mahabubnagar
 94   DVR College Of Engineering & Technology                          Medak
 95   Ellenki College of Engineering&Technology                        Medak
 96   Hyderabad Institute Of Technology & Management                   Medak
 97   Indur Institute Of Engineering & Technology                      Medak
 98   Maheshwara Engineering College                                   Medak
 99   Maheshwara Institute of Technology                               Medak
100   RRS College of Engineering & Technology                          Medak
101   Syed Hashim College of Science&Technology                        Medak
102   TRR College Of Engineering                                       Medak
103   TRR Engineering College                                          Medak
104   YPR College Of Engineering & Technology                          Medak
105   Madhira Institute of Technology&Science                         Nalgonda
106   Nagarjuna Institute of Technology & Sciences                    Nalgonda
107   Netaji Institute of Engineering & Technology                    Nalgonda
108   Nizam Institute Of Engineering & Technology                     Nalgonda
109   Progressive Engineering College                                 Nalgonda
110   Sana Engineering College                                        Nalgonda
111   Sri Venkateswara Engineering College                            Nalgonda
112   St.Mary's College of Engineering&Technology                     Nalgonda
113   Swami Ramananda Tirtha Institute Of Science & Technology        Nalgonda
114   Vathsalya Institute Of Science & Technology                     Nalgonda
115   Gokula Krishna College of Engineering                            Nellore
116   Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy Institute of Technology&Science         Nellore
117   Narayana Engineering College -- Gudur                            Nellore
118   Narayana Engineering College -- Nellore                          Nellore
119   Quba College of Engineering&Technology                           Nellore
120   Kshatriya College Of Engineering                               Nizamabad
121   Srinivas Reddy Institute Of Technology                         Nizamabad
122   University College,Telangana University                        Nizamabad
123   Vijay Institute of Technology&Sciences                         Nizamabad
124   Vijay Rural Engineering College                                Nizamabad
125   Chirala Engineering College                                    Prakasam
126   Dr Samuel George Institute of Engineering&Technology           Prakasam
127   Malineni Lakshmaiah Engineering College                        Prakasam
128   Prakasam Engineering College                                   Prakasam
129   Rao And Naidu Engineering College                              Prakasam
130   Sri Veera Venkata Satya Narayana Engineering College           Prakasam
131   St Anns College of Engineering and Technology                  Prakasam
132   Al-Habeeb College of Engineering&Technology                    Rangareddy
133   Annamacharya Institute of Technology&Sciences                  Rangareddy
134   Arjun College of Technology&Sciences                           Rangareddy
135   Aurora s Scientific & Technological Institute                  Rangareddy
136   Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology -- Rangareddy    Rangareddy
137   Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology             Rangareddy
138   Bharat Institute of Engineering&Technology           Rangareddy
139   CM Engineering College                               Rangareddy
140   Dr VRK womens College of Engineering&Technology      Rangareddy
141   DRK College of Engineering&Technology                Rangareddy
142   Geethanjali College Of Engineering & Technology      Rangareddy
143   Global Education Centre                              Rangareddy
144   Global Institute of Engineering&Technology           Rangareddy
145   Guru Nanak Engineering College                       Rangareddy
146   Gurunanak Institute of Technology                    Rangareddy
147   Holy Mary Institute of Technology&Science            Rangareddy
148   Jyothismathi College of Engineering&Technology       Rangareddy
149   Lokamanya Tilak PG College                           Rangareddy
150   Lords Institute of Engineering&Technology            Rangareddy
151   Malla Reddy Engineering College                      Rangareddy
152   Malla Reddy Institute Of Technology & Science        Rangareddy
153   Mannan Institue Of Science and Technology            Rangareddy
154   Murthy Institute of Technology and Science           Rangareddy
155   Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College                Rangareddy
156   Nishitha College Of Engineering & Technology         Rangareddy
157   Nova College of Engineering&Technology               Rangareddy
158   P Indra Reddy Memorial Engineering College           Rangareddy
159   Princeton College of Engineering&Technology          Rangareddy
160   PRRM Engineering College                             Rangareddy
161   Raja Mahendra College of Engineering                 Rangareddy
162   S.S Institute of Technology                          Rangareddy
163   S.S.J.Engineering College                            Rangareddy
164   Samskruti College of Engineering & Technology        Rangareddy
165   Scient Institute Of Technology                       Rangareddy
166   SLC's Institute of Engineering&Technology            Rangareddy
167   Sphoorthy Engineering College                        Rangareddy
168   Sree Dattha Institute Of Engineering and Sciences    Rangareddy
169   Sri Indu College of Engineering&Technology           Rangareddy
170   SV College of Engineering & Technology               Rangareddy
171   Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering College            Rangareddy
172   Tirumala Engineering College                         Rangareddy
173   Vidya Vikas Institute of Technology                   Rangareddy
174   Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology              Rangareddy
175   Sri Sivani College of Engineering                     Srikakulam
176   Gokul Institute Of Technology & Sciences            Vijayanagaram
177   Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology       Visakhapatnam
178   Dadi Institute of Engineering&Technology            Visakhapatnam
179   Dr L Bullayya Post Graduate College                 Visakhapatnam
180   Kaushik College of Engineering                      Visakhapatnam
181   Noble Institute Of Science & Technology             Visakhapatnam
182   Pydah College of Engineering&Technology             Visakhapatnam
183   Balaji Institute of Technology & Science               Warangal
184   Chaitanya PG College                                            Warangal
185   Christu Jyoti Institute Of Technology & Science                 Warangal
186   Ganapathy Engineering College                                   Warangal
187   Jayamukhi Institute Of Technological Sciences                   Warangal
188   Masterji Institute Of Information Technology                    Warangal
189   Ramappa Engineering College                                     Warangal
190   SDLCE Kakatiya University                                       Warangal
191   Thushara PG School Of Information Science & Technology          Warangal
192   University Arts & Science College                               Warangal
193   Vaagdevi College of Engineering                                 Warangal
194   Vaagdevi Degree & PG College                                    Warangal
195   Vaagdevi Institute Of Management Sciences                       Warangal
196   Vidya Bharathi Institute of Technology                          Warangal
197   Akula Gopayya College of Engineering&Technology               West Godavari
198   Akula Sree Ramulu College Of Engineering                      West Godavari
199   Nova College Of Engineering and Technology -- West Godavari   West Godavari
200   Sarojani Devi College Of Information Technology               West Godavari
201   Sasi Institute of Technology&Engineering                      West Godavari
202   Sir CR Reddy College PG Courses                               West Godavari
203   Sir CRR College For Women                                     West Godavari
204   SVKP & Dr KS Raju Arts & Science College                      West Godavari

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