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Top 3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

About Dyson

Dyson vacuums were designed by James Dyson after he realised the inherent flaws in the current
cleaners at that time. James spent over 5 years to produce a vacuum to the standard that was
needed to bring vacuum technology that households had never seen that would out perform the

The bagless was born when James Dyson produced the dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaners.
Technology just got better with the dyson vacuum cleaner also being the first vacuums that had
the ball design that made vacuum cleaning around corners within the home, so much easier.

Top Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
There is a wide range of dysons worth mentioning that are high performance lean mean vacuum
cleaning machines, and here are some examples that we found out perform many brands,
although pricey.

Dyson Upright Vacuum
There are a few dyson vacuum cleaners that use the ball design which includes the DC25 all
floors cleaner. This unit has the ball design to make reaching those awkward spots and corners
much easier than basic cleaners that are unable to move at different angles, like this machine
does. This model is an upright design form a wide range of uprights.

Dyson Cannister
Whilst uprights are high performing cleaners, they will suit one households needs but not another.
The Dyson DC23 Turbine Canister Vacuum is a model I really like for its design that includes the
HEPA lifetime filter with the bactisafe screen that will trap and kill off bacteria, allergens and nasty
unwanted mold. There are many features that make the DC23 dyson a popular choice among
consumers including the air driven brush bar that works well on short pile carpet that switches off
for hard floor cleaning.

Handheld Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
The Dyson DC31 Animal is a handheld compact vacuum that's lightweight suiting households that
own pets, hence the animal. This small unit has a measurement of 4.5 inches deep by 8 inches
wide and 12.7 inches in height, weighing a mere 3.4 pounds makes it a vacuum that's quick and
easy to remove pet hair. Its another vacuum by dyson that is bagless, that saves money on
vacuum bags long term.
Dyson vacuum cleaners gave the market new innovative designs that were unheard of at the time.
The 3 Dyson vacuums above cover just three types which are upright, cannister and of course the
handheld vacuum from a massive range of dysons. The above types all rate well within consumer
reports and pack a punch when it comes to choosing a vacuum that can perform well. These
models above are worth comparing to other dyson models or even other vacuum brands.

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