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Will you survive?
          The story so far..
• How lucky you thought
  you had been when
  you won the trip to
  visit the Caribbean.

             How were you to know that things
             wouldn’t all be plain sailing.
             After a week of sailing a terrible storm
             occurred. Valiantly, your crew battled
             against the strong winds and the ragging
             waves. However, the inevitable happened
             and your craft was wrecked by the sea.
             Survival needs
                    • You have woken upon
                      a beach. Apart from
                      all your crew
                      members, there does
                      not seem to be any
                      other occupants.
•For several hours you all
desperately plea for help along
the large expanse of sand. No-
one replies. You are alone. It is
up to you to survive!

• What are the type                •Can you create
  of foods you would               some meals that
  expect to find on a              would make a
  tropical island?                 balanced diet?

                        • Which will be the
                          best materials for
                          your shelter?

•How will your shelter
survive in the conditions that
it may face?
              Clean water
• Can use the water
  that is on the

                      •How can you clean
                      the water?
After a few days all
your plates and cups
are becoming very

 • Using only the
   materials you were
   stranded with, can
   you find out which
   materials are the
   best to clean with?
        Converting energy
• What are the energy   •What can you use
  sources that may be   to convert this
  available on your     energy into a form
  island?               that is easier to
             Sailing away!
• You have now been
  on the island for a
  week. Some of the
  crew are worried
  that there may not
  be enough food for
  the forthcoming
  weeks. You all decide
  to try and escape       •Which types of
  from the island.        sails will be best
                          to use for your
   How much wind?

• In order to escape
  from the island you
  need to have plenty
  of winds for your
  sails. What can you
  invent in order to
  measure how much
  wind there is?
• Unfortunately your
  island is has many
  areas which contain
  very sharp rocks
  that could ruin your
  boat if you were to
  hit them.

           •Can you make a warning device
           that could be placed in the sea?
• You are just about to set
  sail when you realise
  that a family of sharks
  are swimming nearby.
  You decide that you
  must distract them in
  order to have enough
  time to sail out to the
  open seas.                  •You must therefore
                              construct something
                              that will fire some
                              fish into a different
                              part of the sea. Good
• After two whole
  days of sailing you
  are sighted by a
  local fishing man. A
  few hours later you
  arrive in port and
  are treated like
• Congratulations, you
  are a survivor!

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