May 2010 Tiniroto by huanghengdong


									Cluster              The Cluster of Higher Learning
Workshop                                 (Tiniroto School)
Tuesday 11th
May 2010
9 am           MIHI
               Round the table sharing.
               How are the Smart Goals going?
9.10am         Video:
9.15am         Quotes: Pick one and report back “I think this quote/statement is……..
               because ……..
9.25am         Milestone 3 – Google docs
9.50am         Reflective Blogs: Online examples (How important is this?)
9.55am         Management/finance issues (Rebecca)
10.00am        e-Portfolios – Rebecca to share, Ivan to show slideshow
10.30am        Morning Tea
10.50am        Celebrating ICT collaboration day – 23rd June.
11.05am        Mini Conference – Gisborne 2010 (Complete Registration)
               Regional Cluster hui – Gisborne 2010
11.10am        Inquiry Learning:
               Video ……….. (Feedback)
               Look at Questioning Models – Who uses them? How do you use?
               “Models of Questioning” – Rebecca to share how Tiniroto uses theirs.
               Professional reading for Teacher Day at Tiniroto: http://question-
11.30am        Living Heritage Audio Call (What questions/Issues do you have about
                       what’s required for Living Heritage?)
12.30pm        Lunch
1.00pm         Inquiry Learning cont.
               Information Literacy Models
               NEMP 2005 - Teach the steps of IL
               Learning Media book Ring Pat Wakelin
               Activity - What would IL look like at your school?
               Next meeting Schools to share their models.
               Toolbox – A wish list of what it needs
1.30pm         IWB Tips and Tricks (1 or 2 each to share)
2.00pm         Taking Photos
               Photography lesson plan
2.20pm          SITES & Tutu Time
               Whakatipurangi wiki
2.50pm         Check dates of other work and set next hui programme.
3.00pm         Finish

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