Website design mistakes to avoid!

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					                  Website design mistakes to avoid!
 There are many pitfalls to avoid when designing a website. However even once a website is designed,
   polished and looks fresh, soon it could develop issues when being browsed via new browsers and

This article provides you with various novice web design tips and insight, which hopefully means you will
  be better prepared for those hurdles that await. However why bother doing all the tough design work
yourself? Instead why not hire a Hull web designer to take care of the design work? Neogain have skilled
  web designers who know web design inside and out. Please give our Hull web design team a call for
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                                        Research before you design!
  Don’t just pull a template ‘off the shelf’, but research what the true requirements are. UX design could
            give you the foundations to help you move forward, with a more focused roadmap.

                                  My partner loves my website design!
 If web design isn’t your primary job, but you are trying to cobble together your website design, chances
    are you will show the web design to your partner, else friends. You will ask them to give you honest
                             feedback, but how honest will they choose to be?

     Chances are your friends and family won’t understand UX design processes, mobile web browser
considerations, SEO internal link issues, bandwidth concerns, screen sizes and many other concerns. Be
careful with feedback from friends and family, as they probably want to be supportive, but might internally
            be cringing. So you should be cautious of the processes you use to gain feedback.
  If your website isn’t new, but you are making changes, there are ways of testing new landing pages to
   gauge their effectiveness, especially when coupled with a Google AdSense campaign to bring traffic
                                 directly to those pages for testing purposes.

  To enable you to test your layout via various browsers, you can use the online Browsershots service,
                               which is impressive, especially as it is free.

Always try to make sure the website loads quickly, and the website design is a major part of that process.
  A great free service to test load times, plus receive advice on changes you can make to your specific
                                 website, is Google’s ‘Page Speed Online’.

                               If you don’t have the time, hire help!
Hire Neogain a web design company based in Hull, England to design your website. Our Hull based web
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Description: Website mistakes to avoid. Hire our Hull web designers to design your website.