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					TEMPLATE                                                                        LEVEL
                              TASK TITLE                          DISCIPLINE
  TASK #                                                                       (MS/HS)

   2                    Zoos and Animal Welfare                      SCI         MS

   2                      Alexander the Great                         SS         MS

   2                          Cryobiology                            SCI         MS

           A Ship without a Captain: Walt Whitman's Response
   2                                                                 ELA         MS
                 to the Assassination of President Lincoln

   2                          Foreign War                             SS         MS

              Jungle Justification: The Controversy Over US
   2                                                                  SS         HS
                         Involvement in Vietnam

   2                Watergate vs. Iran-Contra Affair                  SS         HS

   2        Genetically Modified Crops: Harmful or Helpful?          SCI         HS

   2                  Yes or No to Nuclear Power?                    SCI         HS

   2             Should the FDA Regulate Energy Drinks               SCI         HS

   2       G.I. Jane: A Female Solder's Role in the US Military       SS         HS

            Is the US Doomed to Repeat the Roman Empire's
   4                                                                  SS         HS

   11               The Bottom Line on Biodiversity                  SCI         MS
13    Impact of Human Activity on the Chesapeake Bay   SCI    HS

18            The Effects of Genetic Disorders         SCI   MS/HS

11B          Harvesting Embryonic Stem Cells           SCI    HS

11B    Shariah Law and its Impact on Muslim Women      SS     HS

11B    Organ Transplantation and the Issues Involved   SCI    HS

12B                Importance of Soil pH               SCI    HS
                  AUTHOR(S) OF TASK                                      PREVIEW LINK

    Sean Houseknecht, Alex Shubert, Monica Cressman -
            Elizabethtown Area School District                        ources/20757/view.ashx

    Chad Thomas and Dan Rau - Lebanon School District

Anne Maxwell, Monica Cressman, Megan Adams, and Holly
      Particelli - Elizabethtown Area School District              nt/resources/20264/view.ashx

  Allison Bullock and Kelly Newswenger - Lebanon School
                           District                                nt/resources/20293/view.ashx

Carolina Azeles and Jason Dermes - Lebanon School District

 Zach Musser and Eric Rothenberger - Conrad Weiser School
District; Ashleigh Huffman - Exerter Township School District;
           Kelly Johnes - Daniel Boone School District

Tim Greene - Jershey Shore Area School District; Jed Lezak -
               Towanda Area School District                        nt/resources/20215/view.ashx

  Lisa Cook and Jen Peiffer - Wallenpaupack Area School
  District; Rebecca Kretschmer - Wayne Highlands School
Districts; Barabara Moss - Abington Heights School District;       nt/resources/20211/view.ashx
       Anastasia Zabielski - Valley View School District
C. Siwak - Abington Heights School District; K. Dymond and
             T.G. Kotch - Elk Lake School District                 nt/resources/20250/view.ashx

Daria Miller, Mary Bean, and Tanna Whitton - West Chester
                    Area School District                              ources/20253/view.ashx

           Angela Kahle - Elk Lake School District

       Chris Tachuta - Pleasant Valley School District

    Monica Cressman, Sean Houseknecht, Alex Shubert -
            Elizabethtown Area School District                        ources/20270/view.ashx
  Emma Healey - Dallas School District; Rob Bonczewski -
            Wyoming Valley School District                        nt/resources/20179/view.ashx

  Wyanita Edwards - Northwest Area School District; Robin
Frask - Hazelton Area School District; Meredith Flach - Wilkes
                  Barre Area School District

        Derek Rapp - Titusville Area School District

   Wendy Schmid - Cocalico School District; Matt Johns -
           Manheim Township School District                       nt/resources/20196/view.ashx

      Kaye Schwenk - Schuylkill Haven School District

 Misty Wilson - Red Lion Area School District; Pam Kimber -
             Spring Grove Area School District                    nt/resources/20956/view.ashx
                             TASK TITLE                       DISCIPLINE   LEVEL (MS/HS)
  TASK #

  19B        Genetic Variation: What Makes Us Different?         SCI            HS

  19B                   The Power of Proteins                    19B            HS

  14B             Genetic Inheritance and Expression             SCI            HS

            The Spending Fight: Understanding the Federal
  12B                                                             SS            HS
                           Budget Proces

  11B      Complete and Incomplete Combustion Reactions          SCI            HS

  11B            Civil War Strategies: Anaconda Plan              SS            HS

  11B                     Keystone Species                       SCI            HS

  11B         Atoms: History, Structure, and Importance          SCI            HS

  11B       What Can Lab Animals Teach Us about Cancer?          SCI            HS

  11B                The Road to Desegregation                    SS            HS

  11B                    Tornado Formation                       SCI            HS

  11B      Manifest Destiny: An American Indian Perspective       SS            HS

  11B             The Importance of Erosion Control              11B            MS
         Healing the Nation: Contrasting Views of
11B                                                     SS    MS

11B        Development of the First Civilization        SS    MS

11B         Europe's Totalitarian Governments           SS    HS

11B                 Models of Evolution                 SCI   HS

11B                 Amphibian Decline                   SCI   HS

23          Crocodiles: The Ultimate Survivors          SCI   HS

      America's War and Peace: The Effects After Both
23                                                      SS    HS
                       World Wars

23     Yankees and Rebels: Life During the Civil War    SS    HS

21      The Great Depression's Impact on America        SS    HS

20           Ancient Culture: India and China           SS    MS

20                      Fossil Fuels                    SCI   MS

18    Bush v. Gore: 2000 Presidential Election Debate   SS    HS

        Defining Common Childhood Psychological
18                                                      SCI   HS
       Disorders Informational/Explanatory Writing

18             Fish Classification and Habitat          SCI   HS
     Tear Down This Wall: The Four Most Important
18                                                  SS    HS
          Words of Ronald Reagan's Presidency

18      Chemistry Calculations Using the Mole       SCI   HS

14      Quantum Physics: Uncertainty Principle      SCI   HS

         From Mao to Modern-Day China: The
14                                                  SS    HS

14              Gases and Boyle's Law               SCI   HS

14    Credit: What Every Consumer Should Know       SS    HS

14             The Effects of Symbiosis             SCI   HS

           The Legacy of Mohandas Ghandi
13                                                  SS    HS
          Informational/Explanatory Writing

13     The Diplomacy of the Cuban Missile Crisis    SS    HS

12             Importance of Wetlands               SCI   HS

     In What State is Your Matter?: Understanding
11                                                  SCI   MS
                Kinetic Energy Transfer

4           Democracy v. Authoritarianism           SS    HS

     Economic Crisis: How Does the US Get Back on
2                                                   SS    HS

2      The United Nations: Preventing Genocide?     SS    HS
     Motorcycle Helmets?: State Laws and Physics Help
2                                                           SCI   HS
                   Make the Decision

2                         Bacteria                          SCI   MS

2                   The Politics of Water                   SCI   HS

2                  Aliens in Pennsylvania                   SCI   MS

2         Home Ownership and Solar Panel Appeal             SCI   HS

2         Illegal Immigration: An Economic Debate           SS    HS

      The Lasting Legacy of President Richard Milhous
2                                                           SS    HS

2                Viruses: Living Organisms?                 SCI   MS

2            Mexican-American War: Justified?               SS    HS

1     The Underground Railroad: A Path to Freedom?          SS    MS

1    US Foreign Policy: Internationalism vs. Isolationism   SS    HS

18            Organ Systems in Humans & Cats                SCI   HS
             AUTHOR(S) OF TASK                                   PREVIEW LINK

  Lynn Aponick and Laura Zimmerman - Eastern
 Lebanon County School District; Heather Lister;
  Holly Particelli - Elizabethtown School District
  Lynn Aponick and Laura Zimmerman - Eastern
 Lebanon County School District; Heather Lister;
  Holly Particelli - Elizabethtown School District
  Lynn Aponick and Laura Zimmerman - Eastern
 Lebanon County School District; Heather Lister;
  Holly Particelli - Elizabethtown School District
Katie Gingerich and Tiffany Goff, Conewago School
 District Sean McComas and Scott Vojcsik, South
              Eastern School District

W. Brayton Baston and Ryan Graziani - North Hills
                School District                           esources/20202/view.ashx

     Ed Marcellus - Northgate School District

Brock Glass - West Middlesex Area School District

   Ella Spiegel - Brookville Area School District

Melanie Acker - Nother Potter School District; Bill
  Buhite - Ridgway School District; Chris Fink -
       Coudersport Area School District

   Candy Boyer - Conestoga Valley; Jeff Price -
                   Cocalico                                  esources/20168/view.ashx

  Robert Crick, Mark Himelfarb, Margie Reed -
      Elizabethtown Area School District                     esources/20198/view.ashx

     Maria Vita - Penn Manor School District

    Dawn Connelly - Lebanon School District
  Carolina Azeles and Jason Dermes - Lebanon 
                 School District                               esources/20851/view.ashx

  Chad Thomas and Dan Rau - Lebanon School   
                  District                                     esources/20850/view.ashx

Alex Peterson and Ryan Hinkle - Perkiomen Valley
                 School District                         esources/20340/view.ashx

   Lisa Cephas - S chool District of Philadelphia

Adrian S. Portland - Pottsville Area School District

 Deborah Steinmiller and Lori Schalles - Cannon-
           McMillon School District                            esources/20205/view.ashx

  Kevin Wagner, David Gilbert, and Jason Erb -
         Carlisle Area School District                         esources/20197/view.ashx

 Nicole Meckes and Sherry Bereznak - Hazelton
             Area School District                              esources/20171/view.ashx

  Carl T. Daubert - Hanover Area School District

  Kevin Biddle, Donna Schaidle, Jeremy Troop -
          Elizabethtown School District                        esources/20982/view.ashx

    Tanna Stenger, Midd-West School District

Tim Baumbach - Bradford Area School District; Ray
        Kelly - Ridgway School District                   esources/20184/view.ashx

Christine Morris - Bellefonte Area School District

                 Dan Smith, IU 11
James T. Yadush - Northern Lehigh School District

 Robert Azar - Whitehall-Coplay School District;
Jeanne Knepper - Palmerton Area School District;
Marc Snyder - Salisbury Township School District

 Cristian Chapa, Perseus House Charter School of
                    Excellence                              es/21147/view.ashx

   Thomas W. Redfern, Milton Hershey School

Mindy Callender - Mid-West School District; James
Ulrich - Warrior Run School District; Katona Miller
 and Stephanie Rothery - Berwick School District

Rebecca Finkel - Wyoming Valley West High School

 Beth Kunze - Downingtown Area School District;
 Megan Santry and Julie Shaw - Phoenixville Area
 School District; Heather Gowton - 21st Century             esources/20404/view.ashx
              Cyber Charter School
   Jamie Rhed - Jefferson County Dubois AVTS

  Dawn Cohen and Daniel Meier - Philadelphia
               School District                              esources/20450/view.ashx

   Julie Canter - Wattsburg Area School District

     Deanna Fedor - Lebanon School District

   Chris Fee - Cannon-McMillan School District

 Nancee Miles and Jesse Haight - Brookville Area
                School District                             esources/20181/view.ashx

  Zac Wynkoop - Bellefonte Area School District
   Wendy Jasper and Heather Drost - Blairsville-
            Saltsburg School District                        esources/20660/view.ashx

   Dawn Connelly and Deanna Fedor - Lebanon
                School District                              esources/21039/view.ashx

Anne L. Buckwalter - Conrad Weiser School District

  Bill Ferguson, Dayna Dawsey, and Alyce Baker

      MaryAnn Miller and Rebecca Wagner -  
       Northampton Area School District                      esources/20209/view.ashx

   John Heaney - Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

      Jim Gover - Morrisville School District

   Gary Buffone - Purchase Line School District

James Berkey - Blairsville-Saltsburg School District;
   Brandon Newill - Armstrong School District;
  Michael Ninosky - Puchase Line School District

     Douglas Mason - Lebanon School District

     Gary Hess and William Mack - Schuylkill
Technology Center; Connie Segedy - Tamaqua Area
School District; Eddie Terefencko - Schuylkill Haven         esources/20182/view.ashx
                 Area School District
  Melissa Blocker - Lehighton Area School District

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