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					  The Lost Colony

 EQ: What English settlement
  became known as the Lost
Colony, and why is it called the
         Lost Colony?
    England Plans to Colonize
England envies the success of _________ &
_______________ exploration
1578 – England’s first attempt to settle in the
New World
   Lead by ____________________
      Makes ___________ attempts in which he
England’s 2nd Attempt to Colonize -
 Organized by _____________________
    First Voyage – sends out _________
           They find a possible location for a colony off the coast of
            North Carolina near modern day ___________________
           Report back to England & take with them two Native
            Americans - ____________________________
Sir Walter Raleigh’s 2nd Voyage –
            April, 1585
Lead by _____________________
Sir Richard Grenville & crew reach the
Carolina coast June 16, 1585
_______________________ return with
the crew
       Setting Up the Colony
A Rough Beginning
   The Tigar runs aground & flooded
      Lost most of the supplies
Good News From Nearby
   _________________ are discovered nearby
________________ get low and
__________________ returns to England
promising to return in the _____________
Setting Up the Colony Cont . . .
Grenville leaves ___________ in charge
_______________ arrives with supplies
    A sudden storm destroys the ship that
     ___________ had planned to leave
    The Colonist are again low on food & supplies
Ralph Lane decides to return to England
________________ returns from England
with food & supplies and finds no one;
therefore, he returns to England
Third & Final Voyage to Roanoke
Lead by ____________________
August 18, 1587 _____________ is born
becoming the first English child born in the
Lack of food and supplies becomes a
   _____________ is forced to return to England
Third & Final Voyage to Roanoke
            Cont. . . .
_______________ returns to England to find
them at war with __________________
He is not able to return to ________________
for _____________ years
Upon his return he finds the colony vacant & the
letters ___________ carved on a tree and
_______________ carved on a post
He planned to visit Croatoan island the next day
but a ________ prevents him; thus, he never
learns of the fate of the Roanoke Colony
    The Mystery Continues
May 1607, _____________ states “AT
Port Cotage in our Voyage up the River,
we saw a Savage Boy about the age of
ten yeeres, which had a head of haire of
perfect yellow and reasonalbe white
In 1660, _______________ preached in
the Neuse River area to Indians who were
light colored and supposedly spoke Welsh
    The Mystery Continues
In 1998 a 16th-century English
__________, a _________ from an
English musket, and two English
________ were found at an archaeological
site on ________________ island

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