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					                       Is Your Child A Cyberbully?
It seems that all young people today are attached to an electronic device most of their waking
hours. This is a growing trend and goes along with the rise of smartphones, iPods, tablet
computers and the like. Cyberbulling is the dark side of this technological trend, and affects
nearly half the young people aged 10-24. That's a lot of kids falling victim to this growing
epidemic. With that large number of victims, it stands to reason that there are a lot of
perpetrators. If you are not familiar with this growing problem, this is a very good time to learn
what it is all about to enable you to recognise if someone you know is a victim of this growing

If you suspect that your child might be a cyberbully what should you do? You should make sure
of your facts and sit down with your young person and have a heart to heart talk about what it
means and the extreme negative effect it can have on the victims. If your young person is going
through difficulties and is acting out aggressively due to this problem, some counseling may be
in order. Get your child the help he or she needs to control his or her anger issues and resolve
them in a positive and benign way. Share with your young person the statistics on cyberbullying
and its relationship to teen suicide attempts and other negative connotations of his actions. Let
your young person know that he/she is harming someone emotionally and that they could face
dire consequences if they are found to be a culprit. He could be banned from all social networks,
email accounts and worse. If your child is convicted of cyberbullying, he could face legal
ramifications, fines and even imprisonment depending upon the severity of his or her actions.

This activity of bullying others is harmful and negative, and if you find your child involved in it,
take care to put a stop to it before someone is harmed beyond repair. A cyberbully should always
be taken seriously and dealt with sternly and swiftly. Do not turn away if you think your young
person may be a bully. As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child, but it is also
your responsibility to teach them right from wrong.

the act of bullying of any form should be taken very seriously before it escalates to doing
someone permanent psychological or physical harm.

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