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					                                   The Golden Pages
                                                February 2010

              News Flash                                  Swimmer’s of the Month
  • PB’s all round at Exeter                                 LTS – Blossom Hammerton
  Level 1 Open Meet                                          FSA – Jake Wittor
  • Shiny trophies handed out at                             SSS – Rhodri Moss
  a busy presentation evening                                T2T – Becky Rundle
  • 3 Towers team stay in
  division 2 for 2010 in the
  National Swimming League
                                                           Karen’s Top Tip
  • Swimmers make 47 PB’s for
  Separated IM at Frome                             New Year’s resolutions
  •Record numbers enter                               start to fade a little
  Avalon open Meet                                    towards the end of
                                                    January. Keep yourself
                                                   going by regularly setting
                                                   and reviewing your goals.
Dates for your Diary

6th/7th Mar       County Champs                      Your goals are key to
13th/14th Mar     County Champs                          improving your
20th Mar          B-Grade Gala
3rd-10th April    Swim Camp
                                                     performance. For help
10th/11th April   Avalon OM                          with setting your goals
26th April        Junior League (9-12’s)           see the swimmer log book
                                                   on the information section
                                                         of the website.

Pg 1              All competition reports and full fixture details can be found at
                               The Golden Pages
                                            January 2010
                                                           Congratulations to:
                                                                 Trevor Williams
                                                                     Chris Hall
                  Learn to Swim                                   Lloyd Hartnell
             A polite request from all the                          Nic Yeates
        teachers; - Please be on time for your                     Aimee Obern
         swimming lesson, with long hair tied               who all passed their level 1
            back and well fitting goggles.                    teaching qualification.

                                                         Committee Notices
                                                           Next meeting:22nd March
                                                    Last meeting Mon 18th Jan: one of the
       Workforce                                   main tasks was finalising details for Club
                                                   Championship presentations. This event
       Info & Courses                                 went well – thanks to everybody who
       24/25th April Level 1 Coaching                helped with organising, donating raffle
                                                   prizes and food and helping to clear away
                     Millifield                     afterwards. The raffle raised over £50.
       13th March    Level1 Teaching
                                                   The club website continues to develop: do
                     Millfield                       go and have look:

                                                      We’re always on the lookout for new
       For more course details and access           committee members. If you would like to
       to funding support please contact            play a part in supporting our club and it’s
                                                   swimmers please contact us. Details on the
       Karen                                                         website.

                                                      Any item you wish to raise with the
                                                    committee please contact Daryl Wilson:

                                                      General: Daryl Wilson

                                                      Learn to Swim: Diana Hudson
       Any contributions??
                                                      Squads: Karen Pinniger
       Please e mail                                  (
Pg 2                               More info can be found at

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