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									    Lesson 30

Christmas Day
When is Christmas ?

Christmas Day ~ December 25th

Christmas Eve ~ December 24th
What do people do on Christmas Eve ?

                  Decorate the christmas
 stocking                         kind--hearted

fireplace                          generosity
                                   <慷慨> n.

climb down   He is famous for his generosity
Christmas tree




Christmas ball

Father Christmas

Christmas card
Listen and answer :
1. What does Father Christmas do when he gets
into the house ?
  He fills the stockings with Christmas presents
2 . What do friends do during the Christmas season?
    They get together and go from house to house
    singing Christmas songs.
 3. What do children do on Christmas Eve?
 They put stockings at the end of their beds.
 True or false :

   (F )1. During the Christmas season friends go from
   house to house dancing together.
   (F )2. Children put stockings on the chairs.
   (T )3. Father Christmas is a kind man
(F )4. Father Christmas come into the house from the doors
   (F )5. Father Christmas is a real person.
   (T )6. Saint Nicholas is a shy person.
1. Do some people even put up stockings for their pets ?

       Yes, they do .
2. How does Father Christmas come into each house ?
   He lands on top of each house and climbs down the
3. What kind of person Father Christmas is ?
      He is a kind- hearted man.
4. Who is Father Christmas based on ?
    Saint Nicholas.
   Language points:
1. go from house to house = go from door to door
2. as well = too, also
3. fill…with : 用某物填满   be filled with = be full of
4. be based on : 以…为根据
5. even though: even if
6. live on: 继续存在
7. no longer: no more . not … any longer . not …any more
8. can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待要做…
9. have a delicious breakfast . have breakfast/ lunch /supper
10. spend…doing:      花费…..做某事
11. greet sb. wth a hug. greet sb. with a smile
          form house to house. as well. be based on.
          be filled with. even though. live on.
          spent… doing. can’t wait to do

1.                                 ______ house
     The kids ask for candies from house to _______.
2.                                          as well
     I want this book, oh, give me that one ___ ____.
3.             is ____ on
     My hope ____based____ the news that he brings back.
4.           is ____ with
     His bag ___ filled _____ the sweets.
5.   Even though
     ____ ______ I fail , I’ll keep on trying
6.                                lives ___.
     Mozart is dead but his music _____ on
7. Jim _____ 3 hours working
                      _______out that math exercise
                              ___ ____ to ___back to his
8. The New Year is coming ,he can’t wait___go
 On Christmas Eve, children are very happy. They put their
             at ____ ____
 stockings ____ the end of their beds before they ____ to
 ____. They want Father Christmas to ____ them some
 sleep                               give
 Father Christmas is a very kind--hearted man. He comes on
 Christmas Eve. He lands ___ _____ of each house and comes
                          on top
down the chimney into the fireplace and brings them a lot of
                                 before _________.
  Christmas Day always begins _______breakfast The
          ____ up
 children wake ___ very early. They can’t wait to open the
                                          ____ ____
 presents in their stockings. Then they wake up the other
                           Merry _________”
 family members, calling”_______ Christmas
1). What present you want to get from Father Christmas ?
2). If you meet Father Christmas, what will you give him as
Christmas present ?
3).Can you say something about Saint Nicholas ?
4). What can you learn from Saint Nicholas ?
We should help each other in our
everyday lives .
We must learn to be a generous
man .
Homework :
1. Listen and imitate the tape, then recite the
whole passage.
2. Do the exercises in the exercise book.

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