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MARWADI FINANCE by amungpara


									General Information
      Of MSFPL

 Marwadi at brief

                           Marwadi Shares and
                           Finance Pvt. Ltd.


                           Marwadi Shares and
                           Finance Pvt Ltd.,
                           Near Kathiawar gymkhana,
                           Dr. Radha Krishnan Road.
                           RAJKOT –360 001.

                           12, Avantika Complex,
                           Second floor, Limbda Lane

                           (0281) 2481313, 2468131



                           ISO 9002 (For demat

                         Pvt. Ltd.


                         Mumbai, Jamnagar,
                         Junagdh, Bhavnagar,
                         Porbandar, Keshod,
                         Manavadar, Gondal,

              History and

               MSFPL (Marwadi Shares and Finance Pvt. Ltd.) has started
its financial services since 1991. Mr. Ketanbhai Marwadi is the owner of
MSFPL and Mr. Devenbhai Marwadi and Mr. Ketanbhai Marwadi are the
promoters of MSFPL. It has wide spread presence in saurastra peninsula
with 27 branches. MSFPL is trading members of NSE (National Stock
Exchange), CDSL (Commodities and Derivatives Securities Ltd.), OTCEI
(Over The Counter Exchange of India.), saurastra-kutch stock exchange
RAJKOT and Depository Participant of NSDL (National Securities
Depository Ltd.     ). MSFPL holds ISO 9002 certification for its demat
services, which is further proof of their quality in services.

               In the heart of RAJKOT, MSFPL have 10,000 sq. feet
building comprising a high-end fully automated set-up. MSFPL is a
financial services group offering multiple financial products, such as
buying and selling on cash segment, derivatives segment of NSE and
BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) depository services through national
securities depository ltd. (NSDL), insurance products as tied agents of
TATA-AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd. MSFPL is a decade old group
offering financial products to investors. Today MSFPL is having 3000
clients. “TO MAXIMISE CLIENT’S WEALTH” is the motto of MSFPL.
MSFPL has well educated staff as well as advance technologies in the
field of finance.

               They have spotless track records of investor services. Their
demat services are the most widespread in Saurashtra region.


Time keeping system

              Time is no less important in any organization. “The time
ones gone will never come back”. Time is as important as others factors of

              If you go through the history of a succeed firm, you will find
that what they have achieved in short span of life and in a short time. The
secret of their achievement in life was due to the proper budgeting of their
time. So those who are able o budget there time perfectly can have
fulfillment and success in life. In time management the vital factor is not
only management of time at your disposal, but also your ability to utilize
the time in a proper manner.

              As MSFPL engaged mostly in share broking services and
insurance services, it is very essential for such institute to have proper
timing management. Work of the MSFPL started from 10 a.m. in the
morning to 7:30 p.m. at evening. There is a lunch break between 1:30 to
3o’clock. Around 4 o’clock, tea break is given to their employees. For
convince of employees, if any employee what to change their lunch time,
he or she is free to do so.

      Gate pass system

              This system is implemented to avoid entrance of strange
person in the MSFPL. If any person want to visit MSFPL first he or she
has to take gate pass from the person sitting over there. One can visit first
floor of MSFPL without having gate pass. But to visit other four floors one
has to have gate pass. After completion of visit one has to sign out of the
person whom he met. The form of gate-pass is as under.


         TO SERVICES

             As I have stated earlier also that MSFPL is the service
provider firm. MSFPL is one of biggest depository participant and has
started insurance and mutual fund services since last two years. MSFPL
has got an ISO 9002 certification for demat services. Today MSFPL is
having 3000 clients and 27 branches in Saurashtra. MSFPL is a quality
service provider firm. They are, at MSFPL try to use advance technologies
with speedy distribution of work for their clients. MSFPL do not want to
delay in any work and therefore they have also started separate customer
care department, which will be convenient for customers.


            STOCK BROKING (NSE, BSE, F&O)
             CORPORATE AGENT               OF TATA-AIG)


              “We have dedicated research team churning out projection
and prediction about micro and macro fundamentals. We at MSFPL, strive
to make investments a pleasurable excise for all investors. We at MSFPL
are committed to world-class financial services. At last, in order to sharpen
our retail focus and for that they are planning out to expand their network
and its ling term goal is to become a financial super market with our
financial chain-stores, spread throughout the length and breadth of our
country. We at MSFPL are trying to use wealth to customers or clients’
maximum advantage we are committed to delivering value to our clients at
the least cost.

              The product enhancement in the marketing place has now
led to a greater need on the part of all of us. To know the dynamics of
market place more than ever before, we, at MSFPL are engaged in that

             BRIEF TO FLOOR
             VICE SERVICES

                             FIRST FLOOR

         Reception: -
                If any customers or clients want to meet any staff members
of MSFPL individually or by telephone, receptionist will make them meet.
All members of MSFPL have been given telephone code and by using (Hi-
com attendant software from KTS co.) the whole network of MSFPL get

         Trade collection: -
                The task related to trade collection is done in collection front
office. As name stated, here different collections are collected regarding
accounting opening fees, demat charges. This is the department, which is
direct related to clients or customers can contact here about any queries
regarding trade collection.

         Trade book issue: -
                Simply, this department issues books, which are required for
trading; there is a time limit for any trade book so after completion of time
limit, and clients have to get trade book from this department.

      Balance inquiry: -
              Mr. Yogeshbhai and Mr. Chetanbhai handle this department.
Here clients can ask about the balance transactions like whether it has been
competed or not. If any clients have credited the share or converted any
numbers of shares into demat, they can ask whether credited or not
converted or not.

      Dispatch: -
              It is a segment busy in taking couriers from other institutes or
companies. After getting such couriers other client related things, they will
inform concerned clients to get it.

      Mutual funds and IPO: -
              Here, activities related to mutual fund takes place. If any
customer wants guidance about investment in mutual funds, this department
will guide him and will also tell about procedure of investment in mutual funds.
MSFPL is a corporate agent of Birla Sun Life, ICICI and Frankline, TATA
Mutual Funds.

              IPO means Initial Public Offer. Information taken from computer
on line by the staff of this department will enter into their own handled
computer. MSFPL is a member of collection center.

                         SECOND FLOOR

     Insurance department: -
             The essence of insurance lies in the elimination of the uncertain
risk of loss for the individual through the combination of a large number of
similarly exposed individuals who contribute to common fund premium
payments sufficient to make good the loss caused to any one individual No
one is safe from thefts. No building is a safe from fire; no business is immune
from risks. The disasters cause death or hardship for many more people and
properties tan those directly involved. In all kind of insurance. The
fundamental legal principle is that one man agrees to take the risk of another
man’s life and business in consideration of certain small payments which are
called premiums.

             There are main two types of insurance, Life insurance and non-
life insurance or general insurance. General insurance includes fire, auto
tariff, marine and non-tariff insurance, where as life insurance includes
pension plane, health first, career builder, education, security and growth and
many more. In general insurance government decides the policy and
premium, which will, further followed by insurance taker. Procedure for both
type of insurance is same, while taking insurance some personal data like
date of birth, proof of income, mood of payment etc. will be required. Mood of
payment might be quarterly, semi annual and annual.

             If any insurance taker fail to pay installment, grace period is give
and notices might be send to him.

             MSFPL’s business is association with TATA-AIG (American
International Group Incorporation.), and right now MSFPL is a senior
business associate and have more than 200 agents.

                                  THIRD FLOOR

            Server room: -
                    All kind of server like BSE’s servers and NSE’s servers,
      depository server, computer accounting servers are kept here and the
      procedure regarding all servers is starting from here.

            Accounts: -
                    Mr. Sureshbhai and Mr. Vithlanibhai handle this department. All
      the accounts regarding work are done here. All the monitory transactions’
      entry is passing out and secured here. In other meaning all the finance
      related activities are done here. All the decisions regarding allocation or
      transformation of funds are taken here. This department also sees the
      records of bank related transactions, bank related transaction, and bank
      balance and statements are also prepared.

            H.R. Administrations: -
                    Activities related to H.R.Administrations are done here. It is
      handled by Mr. Akshaybhai (Head of H.R.) with Mr. Kumarbhai and Mr.
      Rajeshbhai. Activities regarding employees’ work like, new policy planed for
      employee, wage and salary administration, project work, manpower planning
      is completed here. Head of H.R. tries to enforcing discipline on the basis of
      co-operative understandings and a human application of rules and regulation.

            Commodity back-office: -
                    Accounts regarding commodities billing receivable and payable
      are kept here.
             Other activities regarding commodities trading like if any clients has
made deal of any commodities. Procedures related from and payment and time
limitation and all other are done here. And this department will further guide clients
for next procedure of commodities trading

                          FOURTH FLOOR

     Commodity Back-office: -
             Here all the staff members who are having concerned with
commodities marketing get to gather and they planed out for new strategy
and for new project final decisions have been taken by them and some times,
if needed they people are also calling clients for such meetings. This
department is especially for commodities market members.

     Trading: -
             There are main tow types of trading normal trading and F&O
(Future and Option market) trading so all the trading accountings are
controlled over here. Such trading is divided into two parts i.e. NSE and BSE.
Clients can deal here for trading contract, new accounting opening, pay-in
and pay-out. For such trading all have to follow SEBI (Securities and
Exchange Board of India) rules.

     Settlement Department: -
             This department deals between clients and exchange. Clients
can debit or credit their bill here. Other transactions regarding billing of NSE
and BSE are done here.

     Commodity trading: -
             As in other trade, client can trade in commodities with the code
by filling the form for commodities to open an account with MSFPL by filling
up the account opening form, and deposit. There is no element of risk of any
company. Trading of any commodities like gold, silver, Kapas, Soya oil,
castor seed is done here. All the procedure regarding such trading is also
done here.

      F&O Back-office: -
              This is also called derivative market. It has been started in India
in the year 2002. According to this market, trading can be possible in national
and Mumbai stock exchanges. Future means any script or shares, which are
listed in F&O. such shares will purchase or sell at decided price in limited
period. Future trade has still not got delivery base trading permission.

              Options are of two types. Call option and put option.

              Call option means the right of any derivates listed security to
purchase any derivates securities in limitation of time. Put option means a
right to sell any derivates securities in decided time. NSE and BSE have
derivates market and MSFPL is the member of both markets.

                            FIFTH FLOOR

     D.P. Back-office: -
             The work of DP- Back office is to check activities of front office,
this department sees whether DRF (Demat Request Form) for demat account
opening has been fill-up correctly or not. If required to change detail of bank
transaction. This department as name suggested not comes directly into
contact with customer. In brief a process, which has started from DP-Back
office, will have been completed over here.

     Compliance: -
             This department stays directly in contact with higher authorities
(SEBI and other big companies). This department recorrects mistakes which
are done while opening of demat account. If there will be mistake, this
department will point out and reported to SEBI.

     Software: -
             As MSFPL is engaged in share related activities, It becomes
necessary to have different; software for all different procedures like, trading
and price listing, data entry and so on. Such procedures become easy by
using soft wares. Such types of software maintain and handled over here, as
we know day-to-day technologies are changing so this department also
keeping into considers that thing also. Therefore new soft wares are
developing and old can be modifying over her.

      Hardware: -
              Computers join the whole network of MSFPL and branches
only. All work related hardware is handled carefully over here. If any fault
find by any employees in theirs computer, immediately they will call this
department and this department will solve those problems. So instead of
waiting for outsider person for solution, here in MSFPL only problems can
be solved.

      Dispatch: -
              Activities regarding bill and contract of IPO are done here
also. If any clients demand for any statement (day to day, weekly,
monthly), this department will provide them those statements. Here, if any
client gets any couriers, this department will send it to the concern clients.
First this department gets work from other department like trading and so

      Store: -
              Stationary stocks are kept over here and other inventories
are also kept over here only.

             MAIN SERVICES
              OFFERED BY

      Trading services: -

               It is the service based on computer system. This service is
offered entirely on line in the computer. It is compulsory for clients to come
at office and then they can have trading. First they have to login in
computer. For example, if client wants to trade in NSE (National Stock
Exchange), they will come at concerned office and on screen price of
shares can be seen and it get change on every time. Now client knows
increase and decrease in the price of shares. So, he will decide in which
companies share he wants to trade means purchasing and selling of
shares. The numbers of companies are limited over here.

      Net services: -

              To get this service, customers or clients don’t need to come
at the share broking office but they can have it in their own computer
screen. Such services are also provided by net. It be can use only for
registered clients. Deposit is done here. First they have to enter their
password and they can up date their information on their computer screen.
To update data on regular bases one can use it, mean it is useful for the
person who has daily trade in stock exchange. And other benefit is that
clients can have this information regarding trade at any time and
anywhere they want.

        Commodity derivatives: -

                  It is the recently started service by MSFPL. MSFPL is the
participant of NCDEX and MCX (one of the stock exchanges). MSFPL has
separated department for commodity derivatives. MSFPL has also
departments like, commodity back office, commodity trading. Here the
contracts of the commodity like gold, silver, rice etc. are completed.

        Demat services: -

                  DEMET mean Dematerialization of shares. MSFPL is the
participant of NSDL (National Securities and Depository Ltd.). And it is the
agreement between clients and D.P. (Depository Participant).

                  To open a demat account thing which are required like
photograph of concerned clients, current proof and residential address of
clients. The changes are taken considering scheme charges. Scheme
charges include life time for which client has to pay 4000 to 10000. To
open demat account, opening kit will also be required like trade book etc.
first,   client    have    to   fill   up   DRF   (Demat   Request       Form)

     Cash segment: -
             In NSE, BSE and other state level stock exchanges
(Saurashtra stock exchange and Ahmedabad stock exchange) on the
daily delivery based purchasing and selling of listed shares or square up
have been done and it is called CASH MARKET. In this market, the load
of market will be in the single number. Rolling settlement, daily settlement
and purchasing and selling of bonds and debentures could also take place
over here.

     Mutual funds: -
             A Mutual Fund is a pool of money collected from investors
and is invested according to stated investment objectives. Mutual Funds
investors are like share holders and they own the fund. Mutual Funds
investors are not lenders or deposit holders in a Mutual Funds. Every body
else associated with Mutual Funds is a service provider like MSFPL, who
earns a fee. Mutual funds invest in marketable securities according to the
investment objective. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) got
regulatory powers in 1992. Mutual Funds themselves pay no tax on the
incomes they earn. They are fully exempt from tax. Agents can sell
products of multiple mutual funds.

             MSFPL is a corporate of Mutual Funds provider companies
like, Birla Sun Life, ICICI, Frankline and TATA. They have separate
department regarding Mutual Funds at first floor of MSFPL building. It
provides services regarding Mutual Funds investment. This department is
also giving information regarding guidelines and procedures of investing
money in Mutual Funds.


    Private banking sector.

    Forex market.

    Commodities demat service.

    Product enhancement in commodity market.

            TO FINANCE

             The finance function covers both acquisitions of funds as
well as their allocation. Thus apart from the issues involved in acquiring
external funds, the main concern of finance manager is the efficient and
wise allocation of funds to various used Defined in a broad sense. It is
viewed as an integral part of over all management. To make wise
decisions, a clear understanding of the objectives are sought to be
achieved, is necessary. The objectives provide a framework for optimum
financial decision-making. It implies what is relevant is not the overall
objectives or goals of a business but an operationally useful criterion by
which to judge a specific set of mutually interrelated business decisions,
namely, investment, financing and dividend policy.

             Hoagland says,” finance management is concerned mainly
with such matters as how a business corporation raises its finance and
how it makes use of it.

             The responsibilities for finance managers are spread
throughout the organization in the sense that finance management is to an
extent an integral part of the job for the managers involved in planning,
allocation of resources and control. Financial management is highly
specialized in nature and is handled by specialists. Financial decisions are
of crucial importance. It is, therefore, essential to set up an efficient
organization for finance management functions. The job of the chief
financial executive does not cover only routine aspects of finance and
accounting. As a member of the top management, he is closely associated
with the formulation of policies as well as decision-making.

Staff Management


              According to flippo, personnel management or Human
Resources Management is “the planning, organizing, directing and
controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration,
maintenance and reproduction of human resources to the end that
individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished.”

              Personnel management involves the task of handling the
human problems of an organization and is devoted to acquiring,
developing, utilizing and maintaining an efficient work force.”

              Human resources management cannot be separated from
the basic management function. Human resources are heterogeneous,
dynamic, and have immense potential. The scope of H.R.M. is very wide;
it covers labor, welfare and industrial relations aspects. H.R. Managers do
not manufacture or sell goods but they do contribute to the success and
growth of an organization by advising the operating departments on
personnel matters. Human resources management is concerned with
employees as individuals as well as groups. It is the task of dealing with
human relationships within an organization. It is the process of achieving
the best fit between individuals, jobs, organizations and the environment.
It is the process of bringing people and organization together so that the
goals of each are met. Human resources are most important element in an
organization. The effective utilization of all other resources depends upon
the quality of human resources.

              Without united human efforts no organization can achieve its
goals. All the activities of an organization are initiated and completed by
persons who make up the organization. Therefore people are the most
significant resource and it is the most important factor of production.


              According to me,” H.R. Manager should identify what human
 is? And their wants and desire to the organization. If a person who can
 identify this much bitterly, he or she is able to be a manager of human
 resources. They should have some basic principles like…

      Co-ordination of work and employees
      Highly motivation to employees
      Positive attitude towards employees
      Team work

              Individual and group efforts must be effectively utilized by
 providing suitable work opportunities. Our organization i.e. MSFPL is
 working on these four principles. We are here, in MSFPL providing best
 corporate culture to our staff. Here, we have a young and educated staff
 and advance technology in the field of finance. These two main factors
 make our organization unique than others. We are already providing good
 working condition as well as best equipment to our employees. So,
 employees can work smoothly and firm can get maximum output from
 their employees’ side. In MSFPL, we have improved system of working.
 We are also planning to give better training to or employees, which
 improve competency and skill audit in staff members.”


               Guidelines are pre-determined course of action established
to guide the performance of work towards accepted objectives. Any firms
have their own objectives and to achieve those objectives, some pre-
programme and pre-planning required what we called policies such
programme refers to a plan of action. It includes time period within which
the task is to be completed and the way resources are to be utilized
appropriate policies and programmed can be helpful in future whenever
some problems arise

               MSFPL has good and intelligent number of employees, but
they believe that to have certain guidelines is good for firm as well as
employees. Some guidelines are as under.

 They believe that employees should treated as a partner, because they
   should have all liberty to present their views and idea for the
   development of firm and if they have their own problems, they can
   present that problem also and if head of H.R. identify reasonable, he
   tries to solve it.

 If employees found good and dedicate in their work. Head of H.R. tries
   to give them promotion and by this way they are providing
   opportunities to each and every employees of MSFPL.

 There is no any scope of dispute in MSFPL due to their good working
   system but if any problem arises related to any personal demand of
   employee, head of H.R. thinks over it and if needed, after giving two or
   three notices, employee is supposed to leave firm.

 MSFPL cannot change their working conditions. So if employee wants
   to change it, he might to leave institutes.

 If any employee wants to take leave for some days, he has to fill up the
   leave application form.

Leave application form



              According to flippo” Recruitment is the process of searching
for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply
for jobs in an organization.”

              Recruitment is a positive function as it seeks to develop a
pool of eligible persons from which most suitable ones can be selected.

              Recruitment is pervasive functions as all organization
engages in recruiting activity. But the volume and nature of recruitment
varies with the size, nature and environment of the particular organization.
Recruitment methods or techniques are the means by which an
organization establishes contact with potential candidates, provides them
necessary information and encourages them to apply for jobs. The nature
and extent of the recruitment programme should be so designed as to
employment opportunities for its employees on a long-term basis so that
the goals of the organization should be achievable; and it should develop
the potentialities of employees.

                           SELECTION: -

              Selection is the process of choosing the best out of those
recruited. Recruitment is positive as it aims at increasing the number of
applications for wider choice or for increasing the selection ratio. Selection
is negative, as it rejects a large no. Of applicants to identify the few who
are suitable for the job. Recruitment involves prospecting or searching
where as selection involves comparison and choice of candidates.

              The purpose of selection is to pick up the right person for
every job. Selection is an important function as no organization can
achieve its goals with out selecting the right people.


             In MSFPL, recruitment and selection process taking place
like in other firms. There are few steps for recruitment and selection
procedures. Let’s see one by one.

(1) Recruitment process begins when personnel department receives
   requisition for recruitment from department of the MSFPL. This
   requisition contain details about the position to be filled, number of
   persons to be recruited the duties to be performed, qualification
   required from the candidate, terms and conditions of employment and
   the time by which the persons should be available for appointment etc.
(2) If head of H.R. found it to be failing, he decides the sources of
   recruitment to be used like newspaper, consultancies or by using
   reference of other employees in MSFPL.
(3) After deciding sources, he will put into a practice and the prospective
   employees will inform to send their applications.
(4) After getting application, selection procedure gets started. They will
   scrutinize those applications and suitable person will ask for interviews
   and rest of applicants will be rejected.
(5) Now, Executives and head of concern department etc will take the

             For this financial service provider firm a person with MBA
(finance) and if he or she has passed any other exams of NSE and BSE,
He or she has more chances for job. Other factors like past experience
and age are also considered at the time of selection.
             INDUCTION OR

              Orientation programme usually cover things like employee’s
compensation benefits, personnel policies, the employees’ daily routine,
company organization       and   operation, and      safety measures and
regulations. Orientation or induction is,” the process of receiving and
welcoming an employee when he first joins a company and giving him the
basic information he needs to settle down quickly and happily and start
work.” Induction helps minimize what might be called the reality shock
some new employees undergo. This reality shock is caused by the
incompatibility between what the employees expect in their new jobs and

              When a new employee joins an organization, he is
completely a stranger to the staff, work place and the work environment.
Therefore, he is likely to feel insecure, shy and nervous. In the absence of
information and support these are likely to be anxiety and fear in his mind.
In MSFPL, when any new employee is going to join an organization, first
of all he or she is introduced to all his or her concern department staff
members and at the same time he or she will be given a brief view about
MSFPL. Here, there are two persons who introduce to the new employee.
First, head of concern department and second a person who has resigned
the job. The task of Head of Department is to make employee familiar with
organization and a person who have resigned a job will guide newcomer
how he or she is supposed to finished task etc. so for new comers in
MSFPL has induction period about 4 to5 days. But again it is depends
upon job. If job is high, it might take much time than other job.
           TRANSFER AND


              Transfer is a horizontal or lateral movement of an employee
from one job, section, department, shift, plant or position to another at the
same or another place where his salary, status and responsibility are the
same. It generally doesn’t involve a promotion, demotion or a change in
job status other than movement from one job or place to another. Transfer
may be initiated either by the company or the employee. A company may
initiate a transfer to place employees in positions where they are likely to
be more effective. Similarly, employees may initiate transfer to locations
where they are likely to get greater satisfaction.

              In MSFPL, transfer of employees happens in rarely case.
Here generally, positive transfer takes place. Means if any employee
wants to transfer from one branch to another one, they can do such.
Except such cases transfer doesn’t happen in MSFPL.

             Promotions have a salutary effect on the satisfaction of the
promoted person’s needs for esteem, belonging and security. They also
afford an opportunity for greater self-actualization through more varies and
challenging assignments. Promotion is some time given to build up moral,
loyalty and a sense of belonging on the part of the employees when it’s
brought home to them that they would be promoted, if they deserve it.

             In MSFPL, generally, promotion is given on the bases of
merit of the employees. They people are not considering the age factors
for promotion, because head of H.R. believes that employees should be
given more priorities, if they are giving result to firm. They are not
considering age because it might be happen that any employees work for
many years, but not fruitful for organization, such employees should not
be given promotion.

              An incentive scheme is a plan or programs to motivate
 individual or group performance. An incentive programme is most
 frequently build on monitory rewards (incentive pay or a monitory bonus)
 but may also include a variety of non-monitory rewards or prizes. Incentive
 refers to performance-liked compensation paid to improve motivation and
 productivity of employees. Incentive plans are designed to improve
 productivity and to secure better utilization of human and material
 resources of the enterprise.

           Classification or types or rewards

                        INTRINSIC REWARDS

              Intrinsic rewards are those an individual receives for himself.
 They are largely a result of the job that the worker does. Intrinsic rewards
 are given to satisfy internal needs of employees. Such intrinsic rewards
 include greater job and freedom, more responsibility and soon.

              In MSFPL, intrinsic rewards such as participation in decision-
 making, opportunities for personal growth (communication skill classes
 and personality development, good working condition, visit on hotels like
 CHOWKI-DHANI and so on.
                      EXTRINSIC REWARDS

             Extrinsic rewards are those rewards, which are visible and
external and have certain monitory or ego value. These rewards can be in
monitory and non-monitory terms. Such as, Basic wage or salary, bonus
(9%), P.F. (24%), E.S.I. (6.5%), overtime and holiday premiums are given
to the employees of MSFPL as a monitory benefits, Preferred lunch hours,
preferred work assignment, impressive job titles and preferred office
furnishings are given to the employees as a non-monitory benefits.


                 “Training is any process by which the aptitudes, skills and
abilities of employees to perform specific jobs are increased. Training is a
short-term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by
which non-managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a
definite purpose. Training involves helping an individual learn how to
perform his present job satisfactorily. Training enables an employee to
adapt to changes in work procedure and methods. Trained employees can
perform better and thereby earn more.

                 Here, in MSFPL, there are many types of trainings are given
to their employees. Such training includes, technical training which local
trainer gives.

                 They are also planning for executive training for upper level
persons. For that they are interacting between some consultancies. So, in
future there will be executive training for MSFPL’s executives.

              Retraining is the process of providing training to persons
who underwent training earlier in their job. Retraining programmes are
generally arranged for employees who have long been in the service of an
organization. Sometime due to technological changes some jobs may
become unnecessary employees working on such jobs are retrained for
other jobs.

              As in MSFPL there is a need for knowledge and as we know
technologies are changing day to day, so MSFPL has to be aware about
new emerging technologies and if required there will be training
programme arranged by MSFPL. Such training programmes can be
conduct any time and when required.


              Development is along term educational process utilizing a
systematic and organized procedure by which managerial personnel learn
conceptual and theoretical knowledge for general purpose. In the words of
comp bell, training courses are typically designed for a short-term, stated
set purpose, such as the operation of some pieces of machinery while
development involves a broader education for long term purposes.
Development involves preparing the individual for a future job and growth
of the individual in all respects.

              For self development of employees and for MSFPL’s own
shake, they are arranging class regarding communication skill and
personality development, because they believes good personalities, the
working environment will become healthy and ultimately firm will benefited.

                Performance evolution or performance appraisal is the
process of assessing the performance and progress of an employee or of
a group of employees on a given job and his potential for future
development. It consists of all formal procedures used in working
organizations to evaluate personalities, contributions and potentials of
employees. According to flippo, ”performance appraisal is the systematic,
periodic and an impartial rating of an employee’s excellence in matters
pertaining to his present job and his potential for a better job”.

                Performance appraisal provides valuable information for
personnel decisions such as pay increases, promotions, demotions,
transfers and terminations. It helps to judge the effectiveness of
recruitment, selection, placement and orientation systems of the

                Thus, performance appraisal serves as the vases of suitable
personnel policies.
               appraisal form
Name of Employee:-
Department:-                                          Designation:-
Qualification:-                                       DOJ:-
Experience:-           Present:-            Past:-            Total:-

SR.     Creteria’s for Rating                        Marks     Mark Obtained
S|D     U]6F\SGF 5lZDF6M                             DFS¶;     D[/J[,F DFS;¶
1       Quantity of Work                             10
        SFI¶lGSF, GL 1FDTF
2       Quality of Work                              10
        SFI¶lGSF, GL U]6JTF
3       Job Knowledge                                10
        SFI¶ lJX[ G]\ 7FG
4       Initiative and Innovativeness                10
        SFI¶ GL 5C[, SZJL T[DH SFI¶ DF\
5       Analytical Ability (Problem Solving          10
        5|Ma,[D C, SZJFGL 1FDTF
6       Attitude and Behaviour                       10
        VlEUD VG[ JT¶6]S
7       Communication Skill                          10
        5F:5ZLS ;\RFZ GL VFJ0T
8       Cost Consciouness                            10
        BR¶ V\U[ GL ;EFGTF
9       Discipline/Punctuality/ House                10
        XL:T q GLIDLTTF q SFI¶ V\U[ GL
10      Ready to take new Responsibility             10

Excellent:- 86-100                 Average:-          51-65
V. Good:-      75-85               Poor:-             below 50
Good:-         66-74
                            Name & Sign of HoD


              “It is the process by which a management determines how
an organization should move from its current man power position to its
desired manpower position.”

              In the word of Stainer, ”Man power planning is the strategy
for the acquisition, utilization, improvement and preservation of an
organization’s human resources. It is aimed at coordinating the
requirements for and the availability of different types of employees.”

              Manpower planning is a double-edged weapon, if used
properly. It deals to the maximum utilization of human resources. Reduces
excessive labour turn over and high absenteeism; improved productivity
and aids in achieving the objectives of an organization. Therefore, for the
success of an enterprise, manpower planning is a very important function
for individual. It is important because it helps him to improve his sills and
utilize his capabilities and potential to the utmost. The objective of
manpower planning is to maintain and improve the organizations ability to
achieve its goal by developing strategies that will result in optimum
contribution of H.R.

              Manpower planning consists in projecting future manpower
requirements and developing manpower plans for the implementation of
the projections. Manpower plans can be long-term or short-term. Long-
range plans are prepared for a period of five years or more on the basis of
trends in the economy, labour market and production. These reflect
management thinking on the organization structure, business environment
and personnel polices. Short-term manpower plans cover time periods
ranging from one year to less than five years. These are concerned with
filling existing jobs. Long range and short range plans are complementary
to each other.

               In MSFPL, there are some predefined policies for employees
but whenever needed, they call upon all executives and employees of
H.R. department and plane out for new policies and for man force

              “It is the responsibility of finance manager to plane properly
to a given resources. It includes allocation and control of such resources.
Specialists should handle Financial only because money is very much
important for any institution. If money gets lost, firm will be no more. The
other thing, which I believe is that decision plays vital role especially in the
case of finance, it depends upon finance managers that how rightly and
how speedily they take decision. Here we are in MSFPL, more
concentrates on rising of funds and proper utilization of funds. We have a
clear understanding of our objectives, which is very much needed. If any
need arise for money we have overdraft facilities in bank.

              Here, we have not any cash revenue but for expenses we
are using direct cheque or payment by bank. We are also preparing
accounts (statements) and finalize it. We cover routine aspects of
financing and accounting.

              In MSFPL, finance managers have generally the major
responsibility is to prepare accounts and to allot money properly. The
information contained in these statement and reports assist finance
manager in assessing the past performance and future directions of the
firm. Hence here, accounting and finance function are closely related with
each other.

              Finance manager consistently developed and interprets data
on past performance.”

              Financial planning is a primary function of the management.
It is an executive function of financial management. Finance manager has
to make plane for investment, borrowed capital funds, and resources of
acquiring money.        Financial planning should be match with top
management’s decided plane. Plane should be formatted in such a
manner that it can be used whenever firm wants to expand or develop its

              Finance manager also consider other managers of various
department like marketing, production and H.R. manager. Finance
managers should ensure that funds are properly utilized. From where
company will get finance and how it will utilize, its return on investment,
risk factor of investments.

              In the procedure for financial planning, first step is to
analyses the part performance of the firm in terms of its financial strengths
and weaknesses. The next step is to determine the objectives. After
deciding objectives, need for investment to achieve those objectives.
Based on its investment needs and alternatives are selected. Now the
time comes for decide and procurement of funds. At last financial planning
analyses whether it will long term beneficial to firm or not.
             FINANCE AND
            IN M.S.F.P.L.

             Accounting function is a necessary input into the finance
function that is, accounting is a sub function of finance. Accounting
generates information relating to activities of the firm. Here in MSFPL, the
finance manager is more concentrating on constitution of financial
statement such as the, income statement (P &L a/c) and the statement of
changes in financial position (sources and used of fund statement). The
information contained in these statements and reports assists finance
managers in assessing the past performance and future directions of the
firm, in meeting certain legal obligation, such as a payment of taxes and
so on. Thus, accounting and finance are closely related. MSFPL’ manager
mainly engaged in keeping records of cash supervision of bills to tally
cash and bank balances, to prepare reports to secure valuable papers.

             Finance begins where accounting ends.

              The objective of the firm is to maximize the value of the
equity shares. The firm should select a financing capital structure, which
will help in achieving the objective of financial management. The capital
structure should be examined from the viewpoint of its impact on the value
of the firm. A firm should select such a financing mix as will maximize the
shareholders’ wealth. Such a capital structure is referred to as the
optimum capital structure.

              The theory of capital structure that show the theoretical
relationship between the employment of debt and the return to the
shareholders. The use of debt implies a higher return to the shareholders
as also the financial risk. A proper balance between debt and equity to
ensure a trade-off between risk and return to the shareholders is
necessary. A capital structure with a reasonable proportion of debt and
equity capital is called the optimum capital structure. Financing decision is
the determination of an appropriate capital structure given the facts of a
particular case.
           AND ITS THEORY


              According to Shri M.C. Shukla, ”capitalization is the sum
total of all kinds of ling term securities issued by a company as well the
surpluses which are not meant to be distributed.”

              Lillin Doris says,” capitalization, means the total accounting
value of the capital stocks, stocks, surplus in whatever form it may appear
and funded long-term debt”.

              In the simple meaning” capitalization” can be defined as sum
total of all kinds of long term securities at their par values.

              If capitalization of a company is equal to its capital
requirements, it will consider to be properly capitalized. If it is more than
required due to full in profit per share will not consider fair. And at the
same time if capitalization is less than required, it is not desirable.

              Under capitalization and over capitalization is two different
things, but it becomes easy to understand if we elaborate it; this both
aspects includes main tow things one is capital and other is rate of return.
In simple words, if capital employed is proportionally more and its rate of
return is low. It’s called over capitalization. Where as capital employed is
proportionally less and rate of return is high it’s called under capitalization.
              Let’s see one by one briefly.

                  UNDER CAPITALIZATION

              Gerstenberg says, ”A corporation may be under capitalized
when the rate of profit is exceptionally high in relation to the return enjoyed
by similarly situated companies in the same industry or it has too little
capital to conduct business.

              Under capitalization implies an effective utilization of finance,
a high rate of dividend and the enhanced price of shares. The capital
employed in business is less compared with its requirement. Here the rate
of return will be higher than a firm is able to afford. Here, real value of
shares is greater than book value, which indicated under capitalization.

               Hence, in simple words we can say that if any firms’
proportion of shares employed in business is less and rate of return is high
it will be called under-capitalization.

              When firm’s earning are not large enough to yield a
fair return on the amount of its issued securities and long term
borrowing is called over capitalization.

              As we have seen that in under capitalization on the
capital employed was underestimated and return was high. Here in
over capitalization due to over estimation the proportion of capital
will be more compared to its rate of return. Such estimating leads to
overcapitalization. So it indicate that the under utilization of existing
capital as against under capitalization, the real value of shares will
be less than its book value.

              According to Shri M.C. Shukla, ”capitalization is the
sum total of all kinds of ling term securities issued by a company as
well the surpluses which are not meant to be distributed.”

              Lillin Doris says,” capitalization, means the total
accounting value of the capital stocks, stocks, surplus in whatever
form it may appear and funded long-term debt”.

              In the simple meaning” capitalization” can be defined
as sum total of all kinds of long term securities at their par values.

              If capitalization of a company is equal to its capital
requirements, it will consider to be properly capitalized. If it is more
than required due to full in profit per share will not consider fair.
And at the same time if capitalization is less than required, it is not
                     COST THEORY
              This theory is useful for new established company.
Sum of the costs to be actually incurred on fixed assets, current
assets and promotional expenses in setting up the business is
regarded as capitalization. According to this theory more emphasis
is laid on current investments and don’t have any direct relationship
with the future earning capacity. But limitation f this theory is that it
doesn’t provide basis for capitalization for an existing company. It is
possible that book value of some of its assets may not be real,
because it will not show right price. If they are purchased at higher
prices, their actual market prices.
              Another limitation is that it will not present right picture
because. If fixed assets stand idle, it become obsolete. So earning
will be lower than what proprietor has expected.

                       EARNING THEORY
              The major goal of every organization is to earn profit.
This will be earned in future by firm. Capitalization by using this
theory is based on the estimated on the flow of its expected
earnings. Return will be compared with another company’s rate of
return in the same business.
According to this theory,
       Capitalization = net annual earning--- capitalization rate
              Hence this theory covers major two aspects i.e.
average annual earning of the company, Expected rate of return on
its investment.
              We can say that this theory is beyond the control of
management because future is an predictable and that is why to
make decision nearer to level of expectation, one has consider
average earning of the last three years and current market

              Working capital includes total of all current asset or
working capital is the excess of current assets over current
liabilities for margin of safety. Safety in terms of company’s financial
prestige, fulfill the requirement of customer, insolvency etc.

              Working capital used for payment of raw material,
wages and other expenses. It changes day to day and risk on such
assets/capital is low. The main goal of working capital management
is to manage the firm’s current assets and liabilities in such a way
that a satisfactory level of working capital is maintained. It is
important for maintenance of liquidity in the firm. Each short-term
source must be managed continuously. So management can come
to conclusion that what is the requirement of working capital?
Which are the sources available for that? How to obtain and utilize?
So on. One of the important features of working capital is that it is
changing with market condition and circumstances. So proprietor of
the firm have to be attached his self with marketing condition or
scenario. The exact amount of working capital management is
varies from firm to firm. Working capital management is also affect
to cash inflow and cash out flow. The more cash inflow means
working capital will be required less whereas the more cash outflow
means working capital will require more. So, for beneficial for firm
cash inflow should more than cash out flow.

                   To know the meaning of “MARKETING”, first we will
      see what “MARKET” is.

                   “Market includes both place and region in which
      buyers and sellers are in free competition with one another.”
                   Let’s see what is “MARKETING”.

                   “Marketing includes those business activities which
      are involved in the flow of goods and services from production to

                   “Marketing is concerned with the people and the
      activities involved in the flow of goods and services from producers
      to consumers.”

                Marketing have basically three objectives.

                  Fulfill needs of consumers.
                  To satisfy wants and desires of consumers.
                  To create new desires.

                   Marketing adds value of goods by changing their
      ownership and by changing their time and place of consumption.
At present, marketing operates in reverse fashion by seeing to it that
products are made, as the consumers want them made.
            DIFFERENCE        BETWEEN        “OLD     SALES

1.    Product       selling and promoting      profit through
      sales volume

2.   Customer needs  integrated marketing  profit through
      customer satisfaction.

             “We are generally; do marketing for commodities like
gold, silver, Soya oil, castor seed, Kapas, rubber etc. Commodities
mean things, which are used every day by people. Commodities
market is needed because when the season comes for any
commodities like rice and tea; every farmer has pressure of selling
it. So price gets down, where as in other state there is scarcity of
such commodities. So there is a gap between demand and supply.
So this market is needed to bridge that gap. We are doing
marketing for life and non-life insurance by providing browsers to
people directly. We are giving sometimes advertisement of our
organization (MSFPL) in daily newspapers like SANJ SAMACHAR,

             Marketing    managers     should   have    the   entire
knowledge regarding current market situation or trend. They should
have enough convincing power as well as patience. We personally
meet to our potential customers and convince them for trading. We
are also planning for marketing of commodities like rice, sugar, and
tea etc. we as the participant of MCX, which is controlled by
“forward market commission”. For solution of technological matter,
MCX is tied up with “financial technologies Ltd”. So our clients and
we (MSFPL as a service man) can also solve their technical
problems with the help of MCX.

              After the product has been planned, the channels of
distribution and physical distribution of the product decided, and the
price structure evolved; the next step is to decide upon the
promotional activities that the firm may follow. It has rightly been
said, “Noting happens until somebody sells something.” This gives
in a nutshell the philosophy of promotional activities. The
promotional activities are concerned with :(A) INFORMING the
people about products’ distinctive want-satisfying characteristics
and its availability; (B) REMINDING people periodically about the

product and its role; and (C) PERSUADING the people/prospective
buyers that make people to do what they might not otherwise do
what they don’t really want to do.

              “Promotion is the all inclusive term representing the
broad field-advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion.”

              The word advertising is derived from the Latin word,
viz”advertero” “ad” meaning towards and “verto” meaning “I turn”.
Literally it means, “to turn people’s attention to a specific thing.”

              Webster says advertising is “to give public notice or to
announce publicity.”

              Advertisement is simply the message it self, whereas
advertising is a process. Advertisement is a programme or a series
of activities necessary to prepare the message and bring it to the
intended person. Public knows the person behind advertising
because the sponsor is openly identified in the advertisement it self.
The sponsor makes payment to the media, which carries the

               They are of printing further aided in the technique of
advertising   through     handbills,   magazines      and    newspaper,
pamphlets and handbooks.

              The primary objective of advertising is to increase
sales. In modern times it has become the life breath of the modern
business economy.

              The marketing committee or MSFPL is used to give
advertise in newspaper. They people are not constantly giving ad in
newspaper but whenever they found that it needed. They are giving
ad in daily newspaper like SANJ SAMACHAR and FINANCIAL
EXPRESS. They believe that advertisement is the only effective
media for any firm to create aware ness about firm as well as
products or services.

              Exhibitions,   also   known     as   tradeshows,    are
organized n a large scale and are held regularly at some or the
other central places. Their purpose is to promote sale of goods
exhibited. All big manufacturers and businessmen take pat in it and
arrange their shows by taking space in the exhibition area.

              At these exhibitions, one can study the competitors
products, sales techniques, relative strength or inferiority of the
product, technical advantages, etc. these are also useful for the
buyers, who can view in one place the different requirements of the
industry with which they are connected. Exhibitions are popular for
they proved a common meeting ground for competitor in the same
field; they establish friendly relation between exhibitors and the

              For direct marketing of commodities they people are
organizing various exhibitions in various cities. There they call upon
all farmers and brokers of that city (including nearer villages) and
then, they present the entire trade related thing which are needed
for trading and make them aware about all procedure for selling
and purchasing of commodity products like rice, kapas etc. they
people also serves tea and coffee to the invited people also. So
MSFPL says that to meet clients personally becomes more
effective when matter comes of trading.

              These are printed, in four to six pages or even more.

              They give information about the goods and services
in greater details with the help of figures and illustrations in black
and   white   or   colors.     Publishers,   travel   agencies,   tourist
departments, life insurance companies, medical firms or prestigious
industrialists etc often use them.

              They are glamorous and impressive; and they give
the seller unlimited opportunities to create a prestige mailing item.
Because they are expensive, they are expected to enjoy long lives.

              MSFPL      has     its   own   format    catalogues    for
commodities trading. Such catalogues are of four to five pages and
include information related commodities market, commodity vice
specification, delivery centers, delivery date, trading system, trading
hours, opening of contract, delivery unit. At the last page of
browsers they are giving information related marwadi group and
services offered by them and about all branches.

              The word communication is derived from the Latin
word “communis,” meaning common. There is communication only
if there is “communication” in the words or symbols both the sender
and the receiver i.e., message must mean one and the same thing
both. Communication means, “Sharing of meaning.” Implicit in this
definition is the notion of transmission of information, because
sharing necessitates information. Communication is concerned with
who says what to whom, through which channel, and with what
effect. Such a communication may be made through written or
spoken words or through gestures of some type.

              For commodities marketing, a selected person goes
direct to potential customers and convinced them. So, there is no
need to wait for any potential clients to come. But for other trading,
clients can contact MSFPL by using Internet facilities, by tele-
phone, by personal meet, by E-Mail. So there is an effective
communication channels in MSFPL. Therefore clients and firm
have not to wait for each other.


              Share   khan,   Carvi,   Modilal,   Aenugram,    N.   J.
investment and India Bulls etc. are the competitors of MSFPL.

              As we have seen that MSFPL is concentrating more
on the quality services to their customers than profit. Profit is
required to firm for day-to-day transactions. But to provide good
services also one of the part or firm. Because customer is the king
of market, without customers firm will no more. Therefore MSFPL
has identified such requirements and for that they have started a
separate     department      called        “CUSTOMER         CARE

              This department is handling by Mr. Yogeshbhai and
Mr. Chetanbhai. They have responsibilities to guide customers
whenever they find any problems. Generally here, they do task
related to opening of demat accounts, other transaction related
guidance, changing in address or bank address. Customer can ask
about on line balance.

              At the end of the day, back offices sees all the
transaction, which has been done during one day and analyses or
interprets them on the bases of several methods. So complain or
information asked by customers will pass on to the back office and
then back office further passes it to the concern company. And after
getting the solution from company, this department will inform to
customer and if solution does not match with what customer wants,
this procedure will repeat again.
             Generally, in MSFPL, the intention behind this
department is to guide customer because as MSFPL is providing
services related to share brokerage, demat account opening and
closing etc. for such services, customer many time don’t know the
procedure, so this department will help them personally.

              The regulator has put in place the paraphernalia. We
at MSFPL are trying to use clients’ wealth at maximum level. All
you have to do is to watch your wealth grow. Leave the worry to
use and make the pleasure of wealth creation yours.

              Investment    is   today    complex    game     requiring
knowledge of finer aspects of market economy. Industry scenario
and a host of other related issues, which come from dedicated and
focused study and analysis. A lay investor neither has the timer nor
the resources for such concerted efforts. We, at MSFPL, would like
to fill up this vacuum for which we have a high-end set-up. We are
committed to delivering value to our clients at the least cost. We all
know that our money value is eaten up by inflation. Conventional
investment such as bank deposits etc., don’t safeguard money
against erosion through inflation. The best bet, in spite of all
attendant risk is investment in share. Yes, let us tell you upfront that
stock market investing has an element of risk. However, if it is
handled sagaciously, that risk can be largely eliminated. We believe
that all investment must be based on fundamentals and not on
technical movements in the short run. So far, our market was
inadequately structured because both speculation and investment
went on under the same plat form of account period settlement.

              Now, cash segment is segreted under rolling
settlement and speculation can take bet on index future and stock
future. Such segration has also served to drive the volumes in cash

            Please visit gives and us enhance to show you
around what we have got for you.

                 In order to facilitate the work of classification,
 commodities are distinguished with each other after giving due
 consideration to all the qualities of a commodity by specialist. When
 goods are sold by description, the percentage of valuable materials
 determines the quality and if any difference arises on the delivery of
 inferior goods. It is compensated by paying an amount of difference
 by experts on the basis of quality fixed during the course of

                 As, MSFPL is a commodity broker; they are generally
 concentrating on commodities markets. They have a separate
 department, which engaged in marketing of activities. They identify
 the   current    market   saturation   and   by   keeping   that   into
 consideration, they decide next strategies for marketing. One thing
 that we can say about soundness is that they people are
 communication with people face to face. They are also advertising
 for commodities, but rather than advertising, they believe that face-
 to-face communication has its own influence in market over
 customers. MSFPL is members of NCDEX and MCX (MCX by its
 own working procedure has tied up with B.O.I., H.D.F.C. And U.T.I)

              Certain special features have an important bearing on
the demands made on agricultural marketing system and
organizations. Farm products tend to be bulky and their weight and
volume are great for their value in comparison with many
manufactured goods. The demand on storage and transport
facilities is heavy and specialized. Although some crops, such as
rice and paddy, retain their quality for a long time, most of the farm
products are perishable and cannot remain long on the way to the
final consumer without suffering loss and deterioration in quality.
Peaches, grapes, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables
rapidly become over-ripe and decay if they are not soon consumed
or kept in special storage.

              Sale generally takes place when the cultivator is in
debt. Sometimes the BEOPARIES also go from village to village
collecting the produce from the farmers at comparatively reduced
prices. Though a major portion of the agricultural produce is
disposed of at the village level through the hands of the creditors of
the cultivators and other shrewd BANIAS, some part of the
produce, thus, finds a place in mandis, which are located at a
distance varying from five to twenty miles from the villages.
              In agricultural marketing is involved the putting up of
the surplus in the market through a definite channel. The surplus
may be marketable surplus and marketed surplus. The surplus may
be marketable surplus and marketed surplus. The former indicated
the residential quantity left with the producer after meeting his
requirements for family consumption, farm needs, and payments in
kind to casual and permanent labour, the landlord, arisen and seed
and stock to cover the future exigencies including wastage. The
latter term refers to the quantity of produce that is actually sold in
the market by the producer irrespective of his home consumption
and other requirements

              After a crop is harvested and before it reaches the
consumer, it is subjected to one or more forms of processing, which
differ for different crops and for different uses and preferences on
the part of the consumer. A single form of processing may consist
of more than a single operation carried out by different parties at
different stages. Thus, paddy may be threshed and winnowed by
the cultivator but husked by the miller, the trader or even the
consumer. In more prevalent forms of processing of major crops
there is a broad uniformity in this country.

              In marketing of securities and some agricultural
commodities specialized institutions have grown up with different
techniques and functionaries.

              The “stock exchange” is a market for the purchase
and sale of securities. The joint stock companies and the local
bodies of government, who wish to raise funds for the execution of
their schemes, have to go to the stock exchange. The stock
exchange to some, who have made fortunes on them, means “an
open sesame for treasure.” While to some others who have turned
into beggars-it means ”a place where one gets rich in an easy and
effortless way,” while to still others it conveys a dark picture full of
immoralities providing a home for the people whose morals have
gone down and who want to make money through lies and
treacherous activities. But none of these views are true of the
modern stock exchange.

              In this market members of the association are
engaged in buying and selling shares, stocks, securities and bonds
for the public on commission and are guided by certain rules and
usages. The business of stock exchange is more varies and
cosmopolitan than that of any other market except the money

                  Every share of security constitutes a separate market
    for itself on a stock exchange, which consists of group of men
    standing in a certain place provided for the purpose and ready to
    deal in a certain class of security. But it should not be understood
    that “a stock exchange is something like a vast warehouse where
    securities are taken away from shelves and sold across the
    counters at a fixed price in a catalogue which is called the official
    list.” On the other hand, it does not provide unlike a vegetable and
    fish market a place where people are found with stocks of various
    articles ready to sell or to buy but it simply provides a place where
    the main traffic of stocks and shares is conducted.


                  The stock exchange is not an investment institution
    like the investment banks, the issue houses, or the investment
    trusts, supplying capital to industrial enterprises. It is simply a
    meeting place for the intermediaries who find out buyers and sellers
    for purchase and sale of securities, and thus it provides a
    continuous open market for them.

                  Stock exchanges are market places where millions of
    individual and institutional buyers and owners of listed securities
    may readily and promptly exchange their savings for stocks and
    bonds, convert their holdings or securities for cash and exchange
    them for other listed securities.

              No firm can work for the shake of work. Each and
every firm wants to have their own prestige in market there can be
many other objectives like to earn more profit, to satisfy customers
need, to maintain quality. But none of above can be achieved or got
without analyzing firms’ own performance. A firm having sound
performance assessment policy will be succeeding in the up
coming future.

              Every firm wants to compare its performance but we
all know that if any firm will not consider its weak ness in
performance assessment, it cannot say that we are not lacking
anywhere. In real, it is lacking but due to lack of vision they are
saying so.

              There fore, SWOT analysis is one of the tools to
measure      company    performance.     It   includes   Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. For any particular firm this
is the parameter which includes both the aspects i.e. areas which
has been already improved and areas which are needed to be
improved. A firm has try to develop its weak areas, retain its
strengths, look for new opportunities with considering competitors’
upcoming strategies, that is what SWOT is all about.
                        Vast area of
                        Good incredibility
                         in market.
                        Vast number of
                        Well-designed
                         culture and
                         discipline staff.

Opportunities                                    Threats
 To be a good                                 Govt. policy.
  finance services                             International and
  provider firm.                                Domestic.
 To be an ideal                                competitors.
  bank.                                        Negligence of
 To be a tele-come                             clients may prove
  service provider                              a looser of a
  firm                                          business.
                                               Depends on other
                                                companies and
                                                their situation.

                       Less manpower.
                       Lack of proper
                       Dispatch
                        department to be
                        more systemized.
                       Grievances and
                        queries are not
                        handled properly.
                MSFPL has good reputation in the field of finance
services provider firms. But then also at some places, MSFPL
lacks. So I would like to give suggestions for areas, which have to
be developed. There are lots of chances for MSFPL to come out as
a better services provider firm.

   I)        There are some departments where more manpower
          needed. Department like customer care, where there are an
          enough tale-phone lines to communicate with clients, but
          there are only one to two persons to handle these tale-
          phones, so they cannot serve enough information to clients.
          So, if there is more manpower, customer can have better
   II)       In some department, there is a requirement of some
          types of systemized work. Like in trading department for pay-
          in and pay- out, there is miss-management. Due to these
          clients receives their documents not in time. So by adopting
          some systemized work, this time gap can be eliminated.
   III)      There should be one separate department that focus only
          on current market trends and situations. Means they should
          know what is going on in market and what types of serices
          customer demands.
   IV)       I have found that if any staff member is on leave for some
          day. They interchange the person of other department at that
          place. Means if any employee of trading department is on
          leave for some day, they call upon an employees from any
          other department then what happens, a department from
          where the person has been shifted can not work properly
          and on the other hand customers can not get proper
          services what they should be got.

              First of all I would like to thank Mr. Satish Kumar who
is the general manager of MSFPL. He has given me permission to
make project report on MSFPL (Marwadi Shares and Finance Pvt.
Ltd.). I also thank to all the staff members of MSFPL and spent their
precious time to provide me all the information.

              During my project report, all the staff members of
MSFPL found to be goods and co-operative. Working environment
of MSFPL is also good and every executive officer has its own
identity in the firm. MSFPL has clear vision and working system.
MSFPL knows what are their objective and how will they reach
there? MSFPL is having good research team which constantly in
touch with current market situation and consumers preferences.
MSFPL has advance technologies in the field of finance and they
are also using it at its optimum level. According to me MSFPL will
definitely achieve their objectives in near future due to their team
sprit and consumer oriented working environment.

              Hence, I concluded that whatever efforts have been
putted by MSFPL is the subject to recommendation and I wish them
to achieve their targets in near future.
              During My Industrial visit for the Marwadi Shares &
Finance Pvt. Ltd. Following books website are help full to me.

          Principle and Practice of Marketing In India
           - C.B. Memoria & R. L. Joshi

          Finance Management (Third Edition)
           - M.Y. Khan & P. K. Jain

          Personnel Management
           - C. B. Memoria

          Human Resources Management
           - Dr. C. B. Gupta

          Marketing Management
           - S. A. Sherlekar

          Marketing Management
           - Philip Kottler

       Web- Site:

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