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					              INDUSTRIAL VISIT REPORT



       Report Prepared & Presented by
              GHETIA SOHIL M.

                Guided By :-
           Prof.:- S. Paramshivanma
              Prof.:- Om Terraiya

       Name & Address of Institute

Shree Gyanyagna College of Science & Management
                 Kalawad Road,
                Rajkot – 360005.

               Academic Year

     It has been strongly observe that theoretical knowledge alone cannot
succeed. Rather its practical use is of immense significance for the survival of
human beings. Let it has been well aspect that small/medium scale industries
play an indispensable role in stimulating economic problems.        Small-scale
industries have huge employment potential. NIP – 1991 was a watershed
year for India which witness rapid transformation in the industrial
development of India.

     In view of significant role played by industries in the economic growth,
Saurashtra University has incorporated industrial visit in B.B.A. course
which provide an excellent opportunity to the students to understand felt-
need of an industrial establishment.

     Industrial training helps a student to increase his or her knowledge and
skills about managing a business or industry effectively and efficiently.
Hence, a project report has to prepared which in hence the skill of a student.

        The progress of human being in every field is because they pass on their
heritage from one generation to another. Generation dies but their knowledge
is passed on to next. Witch after confirming the old facts & adding its own
experience in turn passes all these to next generation.

        I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude towards few people
who have supported & helped me to be whatever I am & to achieve whatever I

        First of all I want to acknowledge the key persons behind this effort
Prof. S. Paramshivanma and Prof. Om Terraiya. They have been guiding,
encouraging & motivation me through out the project. They have quenched
my thirst of knowledge.

        I am highly obligate to my college and Saurashtra University for sending
me to do my project report.

        More aver I would like to mention my sense of respect & thanking
gesture for Mr. Chandubhai Virani, the Managing Director of the Balaji
Wafers Private Limited for allowing me to do my project report.

        Finally yet importantly, the help & support of my friends and colleagues
have made this venture successful. Therefore, I would like to thank them all
from care of my heart.

                                                             - Sohil M. Ghetia

      I, undersigned, Ghetia Sohil M. the student of F.Y.B.B.A., Gyanyagna
College of Science & Management, Here by declared that this Project Report is
my own work and it has been carried out under the guidance of Prof. S.
Paramshivanma & Prof. Om Terraiya. This report has not been submitted to
any other University for examination.

Place :-
Date :-                                                    Signature
    Shree Gyanyagna College Of Science & Management


     This is certify that Ghetia Sohil M. the student of F.Y.B.B.A. has
successfully carried out this Project Report under guidance of Prof. S.
Paramshivanma & Prof. Om Terraiya.

     Prof. S. Pramshivanma                         Prof. Om Terraiya

1.   Introduction

2.   General Information

3.   Production Department

4.   Financial Department

5.   Personnel Department

6.   Marketing Department

7.   Future Plan

8.   Special Achievement

9.   Suggestion

10. Conclusion
                             1. Introduction

      As we are quite familiar with fact that industrial visit is must for students of
F.Y.B.B.A.. It was our first visit. Our professor Mr. Om Terraiya has arranged a
visit at Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the biggest potato wafer producer in

      We are visited “Balaji Wafers Private Limited” at Rajkot. Then after we are
started to draw the location chart then we are collected so many information as per
our need.

Name of the Unit        :-    BALAJI WAFERS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Full Address            :-    Balaji Wafers Private Limited,
                              Vajdi [Vad],
                              Kalawad Road,
                              Tal. : Lodhika.
                              Rajkot – 360003.

Registered Office       :-    Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.
                              Vajdi [Vad],
                              Kalawad Road,
                              Tal. : Lodhika,
                              Rajkot – 360003.

Bankers                 :-    State Bank of India.
                              Corporation Bank.
Phone No.               :-    91-0281-2783755/56/89/90/91/92.

Fax                     :-    91-0281-2783747.

Website                 :-

E-mail                  :-

Form of Organization    :-    Private Limited Company.
                    2. General Information
 Index :-
i.     History of the Company
ii.    Form of Organization & Size
iii.   Organization Structure & Chart
iv.    Location
                      2. General Information
[i]   History of The Company :-

      The member of Virani family started the Journey of Balaji Group in a very
very tiny size in the year 1976.     Born to a farming family in the nondescript
Dhundhoraj village in Jamnagar district, Virani brothers first tried their hands in
diamond and agriculture kits business in the mid – 1970’s with a very small capital
of Rs. 20000/- which their father Popatbhai gave them for investment. But the effort
ended in disaster. Chandubhai and his brother Bhikhubhai next took up jobs in
Rajkot’s Astron Cinema selling refreshments earning Rs. 100/- and Rs. 155/- per
month respectively. Later when the cinema owner Govindbhai handed over the
canteen to them on contract basis in the year 1976.          Chandubhai introduced
Sandwitches with a little help from the women of his household who supplied him
with exotic homemade masala. The Sandwitches soon went on to prove an instant
hit in the Saurashtra region. That’s when Balaji was born.

      According to Chandubhai the huge demand existed at that time could not be
met out of the limited supply from Saurashtra and this motivated the brothers to fill
up the supply gap.     Therefore, the semiautomatic plant was established with
production capacity of 400 Kg. per hour.     Finally, a fully automatic plant with
production capacity of 1200 Kg. per hour, the over first in Gujarat was established
to after excellent food production to food lovers of Gujarat.      The tremendous
entrepreneurship of these brothers in an excellent illustration of dynamism in

      Today the Balaji Snack foods business give MNC’s a bite for their money and
Balaji Wafers has emerged more than a munch for Pepsi’s Frito-Lay, with almost
70% of the State’s wafers market in its pocket which indeed is not a mean
achievement in any scale.
[ii] Form of Organization & Size :-

{A} Form of Organization :-

       Every business has a different form of organization that is mainly depending
on investment and registration of that particular company.
       There are four types of organization that are as under:
       1.      Sole-Proprietorship
       2.      Partnership
       3.      Public Company
       4.      Private Company
       5.      Co-Operative Society

       Here, Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. is private company and follows each and every
rules & regulations of the Companies Act. 1956.

{B} Form of Size :-

       From the financial point of view mostly three types of company exists in India.
They are as under :
       1.      Small Scale Size
       2.      Medium Scale Size
       3.      Large Scale Size

  1.        All industrial units whose Capital investment on plant and machinery is
            up to Rs. 3 crores of rupees are known as small-scale industries.
  2.        All the industrial units with the Capital investment of more than Rs. 3
            crores and up to about Rs. 100 Crores are classified as medium-scale
  3.        Where the Capital requirement to start an industrial unit is enormous and
            where labour laws are applicable, it is known as large-scale industries.

  In case of Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., it is a medium-scale industry because its
  initial investment is started with Rs. 30 Crores.
[iii] Organization Structure & Chart :-

      The organization is establishing of effective authority relationship among
selected works, persons and work places in order for the group to work together
efficiently. Organization is a basic activity of any business firm.

      The best definition of organization of “The process of combining the work
which individual or group have to perform with facilities necessary for its executions
that the duties so performed proved the best channel for its efficient, systematic,
positive and coordinated application of available resources.

      Organization structure is the established pattern of relationship among
components of the organization. The prescribes relationship among various position
and activity. So, let’s think about Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., we can say it is the good
company, which has an excellent organization structure.
                             [Mr. Bhikhubhai Virani]

                          MANAGING DIRECTOR
                            [Mr. Chandubhai Virani]

                           GENERAL MANAGER
                             [Mr. Hiteshbhai Virani]

          ⇩                   ⇩                    ⇩                 ⇩
    Production           Personnel             Financial        Marketing
     Manager             Manager               Manager          Manager
(Raghuvirsingh Parmar) (Hitesh Virani)       (Suresh Sakhiya)   (Nayan Tank)

          ⇩                   ⇩                    ⇩                 ⇩
    Assistant             Assistant            Assistant           Super
    Manager               Manager              Manager           Stockiest
          ⇩                   ⇩                    ⇩                 ⇩
     Supervisor           Workers             Accountant        Dealer & Retailers

          ⇩                                        ⇩                 ⇩
     Workers                                     Clerk            Customers
[iv] Location :-

        Location of industry is the main factor, which directly concern with the
success and failure of any company. It plays a vital role in the development of the
any company. Every entrepreneur of a business unit must give full consideration to
suitable location of his enterprise because location factors are crucial for profit
maximization.       An entrepreneur has to choose such type of location, which
minimizes the lost of production as well as distribution to a considerable extent.

        Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. is situated at Vajdi, Kalawad Road in Rajkot city of
Gujarat. The old factory is situated in Aji GIDC area. It is covered in the total area
of 25000 to 30000 sq. meters. Due to the location of the company egging many
advantages. The major factors are affecting “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” are as follow:
   1.      Availabilities of Raw materials
   2.      Cheap Labour
   3.      Quick Transportation
   4.      Electricity Supply
   5.      Nearness to Market
   6.      Suitable Climate

Let is Study in detail.

   1. Availabilities of Raw materials :-
              “Balaji Wafers” one of the topmost potato wafers producing in Gujarat.
        They are producing more than thirteen items for these they require raw
        materials in big quantity. Raw materials are used by “Balaji Wafers Pvt.
        Ltd.” as follow :
              Potato, Banana, Magdal, Chanadal, Besan powder, Black paper, Edible
        Oil etc. The company gets all these raw materials easily.

   2. Cheap Labour :-
              Labour are the main element of production. If the labors are efficient
        then production would be of better quality and quantity most of the industries
  are getting local. As this place is totally industrial estate and this is the main
  reason the company getting the best skilled labors. The company is having 75
  to 100 percent of female workers.

3. Quick Transportation :-
        As the area is covered by other industries which are situated on
  highways that is far from city and because of that there is no problem of
  transportation. The company is also having its own transportation named
  Kataria Transportation, which is owned by them and helpful in delivering the

4. Electricity Supply :-
        Due to the area is having so many types of industries the government is
  ready to provides 24 hour electric power.       It will be highly beneficial for
  company that it can carry their activities without any types of hurdles.

5. Nearness to Markets :-
        The vital part for industry is it’s market. So therefore unit must be at
  that point from where company can easily supply good to sale agents or
  distributors or retailers.   In this case “Balaji Wafers” has an advantages
  because it has it’s market only in Gujarat state.

6. Suitable Climate :-
        As Rajkot is situated in middle of Gujarat, the main city of Saurashtra,
  which is having best climate around the whole year also favourable to the
  products which are produced by the company.
        Due to these above quoted advantages of the company is able to produce
  the product at a reasonable cost.     This is one of the reason for the great
  demand of product.
                         3. Production Department

 Index :-
i.     Introduction
ii.    The Production Process of Potato Wafers
iii.   The Production Process of Banana Wafers
iv.    Product List
v.     Plant Machinery
vi.    Price List
                     3. Production Department

[i]   Introduction :-

      Production is the process where raw material are converted into finished
goods. All the process is differ to each product.
      Production means creation of utilities and covers all the activities of
procurement, allocation and utilization of resource such as energy material etc.
[ii] The Production Process of the Potato Wafers :-

    a.   First raw material i.e. potato goes in.
    b.   In fit Conveyer belt are washed.
    c.   Then through vertical elevator it goes to the inspection belt.
    d.   And those poor qualities are sort out by the workers.
    e.   Then it goes to paced and is paced off.
    f.   After pacing potatoes are chapped off buy a potato sticker
    g.   Potato chips are then washed by hot waters so that portion of sugar
    h.   Than chips are sent for frying where they are fried at equal
         temperature, which is controlled by computers.
    i.   In case of masala wafers spices are spread.
[iii] The Production Process of the Banana Wafers :-

    a.   First raw material i.e. Banana goes in.
    b.   In fit conveyer belt and are washed.
    c.   Then through vertical elevator it goes to the inspection belt.
    d.   And those poor quality are sort out by the workers.
    e.   Then it goes to paced and are paced off.
    f.   After pacing Banana are chapped off buy a banana sticker.
    g.   Banana chips are then washed by hot water so that portion of sugar
    h.   Then chips are sent for frying where they are fried at equal
         temperature, which is controlled by computer.
    i.   In case of masala wafers spices are spread.
[iv] Product List :-

     “BALAJI WAFERS PVT. LTD.” is making around thirteen products.

     1.    Potato Wafers
     2.    Potato Masala Wafers
     3.    Banana Wafers
     4.    Banana Masala Wafers
     5.    Farali Chevado
     6.    Ratlami Sev
     7.    Sing Bhajia
     8.    Magdal
     9.    Chanadal
     10.   Vatana
     11.   Sadi Sing
     12.   Masala Sing
     13.   Tikha Mitha Mix
     14.   Chattaka Pattaka
     15.   Chatpata Masala
     16.   Namkeen
     17.   Gathiya
[v] Plant Machinery :-

    “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” is used imported machinery. They are as follows :

    1.    Infeed Elevator
    2.    Grator
    3.    Destoner
    4.    Peeler
    5.    Roller Inspection
    6.    Buffer Elevator
    7.    Vertical Elevator
    8.    Potatoes Distributing Machinery
    9.    Slicer
    10.   Blancher
    11.   Shaker
    12.   High Speed Belt
    13.   Fryer
    14.   Dry Tank
    15.   Defating Shaker
    16.   Inspection Counter Checking Machinery
    17.   Spice Drum
    18.   Spice Feeder
[vi] Price List :-
Sr.                                                       Type of   No. of    Wholesale    Retail
                 Name of Product               Weight
No                                                        Packing   Packets    Price       Price

1.    Potato Wafers Simple & Masala             30 gm.    Cartoon     48            4.25     5.00

2.    Potato Wafers Simple & Masala             40 gm.    Cartoon     42            5.50     7.00

3.    Potato Wafers Simple & Masala             75 gm.    Cartoon     24            8.50    10.00

4.    Potato Wafers Simple & Masala            180 gm.    Cartoon     10           17.00    20.00

5.    Banana Wafers Masala                      40 gm.    Bunch       20            4.25     5.00

6.    Banana Wafers Black Masala                80 gm.    Bunch       10            8.50    10.00

7.    Farali Chevado                            40 gm.    Bunch       20            4.00     5.00

8.    Farali Chevado                            90 gm.    Bunch       20            7.00     8.00

9.    Farali Chevado                           200 gm.    Bunch       5            12.00    15.00

10.   Farali Chevado                             1 kg.    Packet      1            60.00    70.00

11.   Farali Chevado                            2.5 kg.   Packet      1           150.00   160.00

12.   Chanadal, Vatana, Magdal                15 Pouch    Bunch       30            0.80     1.00

13.   Sing Bhajiya, Ratlami Sev               15 Pouch    Bunch       30            1.60     2.00

14.   Chanadal, Vatana                        40 Pouch    Bunch       20            2.40     3.00

15.   Magdal                                    40 gm.    Bunch       20            3.30     4.00

16.   Aloo Sev                                  40 gm.    Bunch       20            4.00     5.00

      Shing Bhajiya, Ratlami Sev, Aloo Sev,
17.                                             45 gm.    Bunch       20            4.00     5.00
      Tikha Mitha Mix, Khatta Mittha Mix

18.   Gathiya                                   60 gm.    Bunch       20            4.00     5.00

19.   Chanadal, Vatana, Tikha Mitha Sev         60 gm.    Bunch       10            5.60     7.00

      Magdal, Sing Bhujiya, Ratlami Sev,
20.                                            100 gm.    Bunch       10            6.70     8.00
      Aloo Sev, Khatta Mittha Mix

21.   Gathiya                                  150 gm.    Bunch       5             8.40    10.00

22.   Magdal                                   200 gm.    Bunch       5            12.00    14.00

23.   Chanadal, Vatana                         200 gm.    Bunch       5            10.00    12.00

24.   Aloo Sev                                 180 gm.    Bunch       5            12.60    15.00

      Shing Bhujiya, Ratlami Sev, Khatta
25.                                            200 gm.    Bunch       5            12.60    15.00
      Mittha Mix

26.   Chanadal, Vatana                           1 kg.    Packet      1            45.00    50.00

27.   Magdal                                     1 kg.    Packet      1            57.00    60.00

28.   Masala Shing                              40 gm.    Bunch       20            2.60     3.00

29.   Masala Shing                             100 gm.    Bunch       10            5.80     7.00
                      4. Financial Department

 Index :-
i.     Introduction
ii.    Financial Planning
iii.   Capitalization
iv.    Source of Finance
v.     Management of Working Capital
vi.    Channel of Distribution
                      4. Financial Department
[i]   Introduction :-

      One of the most important function of the top management is to rise finance
at a right time and in a right quantity and also to use it most effectively.
      Finance is in the center of the world because behind all economic activities the
purpose of making profit. Every company depends on production and marketing but
these two activities are depending on finance.
      Finance is a LIFELINE of business. Finance is needed for every activity to be
      “The term FINANCE can be defined as the management of the flow of money
through an organization whether it would be a corporation, school, bank or
government agency.”
                                                               -   JOHN J. HAMPTON
      Finance department provides “Bass” for the company. No company can run
without sufficient finance. Finance is the essence of any business, it is known as
“Life Blood of Business”.

               Organization Chart of Finance Department

                                 Senior Accountant

                               Assistant Accountant

                                     Other Staff
[ii] Financial Planning :-

      Financial planning means deciding in advance, the financial activities to
carried on to achieve the basic goal of the company. Financial planning is top make
sure that adequate funds are raised at the minimum cost and that used widely.
      A firm should be managing efficiently. This implies that the firm should be
able to achieve its objective by minimizing the use of resources. Thus managing
implies co-ordination and control of the efforts the firm for achieving the
organization objective.
      “Financial planning pertains only to the function of finance and includes the
determination of the firm’s financial objectives financial policies and financial
      The initial financial planning is prepared keeping in view the following items
of expenditure viz cost of fixed assets, amount of working capital, promotional
expenses, primary expenses, underwriting commission, cost of patents, goodwill and
many others etc. amount proceeded for contingency.
[iii] Capitalization :-

      The evaluation of the company is known as capitalization.             The word
“CAPITALIZATION” can be defined as sum total of all kind of long-term securities
at their for values.
      Capitalization of a co-operation compared the ownership capital represented
by long-term undebtness. It may also mean the total accounting value of the capital
stock surplus in whatever forms it may appear and refunded long-term debt.

   1. Ownership Capital :-

      The value of shares of different classes. “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” issued only
      equity share and their total amount of share capital is 52,38,000.

   2. Borrowed Capital :-

      The values of hands and debenture “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” not issued bar’s
      and debenture.

   3. Surpluses :-

      The value of surpluses i.e. accumulated profit.     Reserves and surpluses of
      Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. is Rs. 1,96,87,349.
      In Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. has a fair capitalization and it has maintains all the
financial matters in proper way so that in future there is no problem for doing
activities in smoother way.
[iv] Sources of Finance :-

      It is noted that the sources of finance should be less risky and we should get
maximum benefit at low cost. Financial resources are classified as follows:

➪     Long Term Sources :-
      Equity shares capital, Debentures, Long term loan etc.

➪     Short Term Sources :-
      Advances from Commercial Banks, Public Deposits, Trade Credit etc.

      In Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. also follows each and every steps which are in
Companies Act. 1956 and also taken loans from reputed commercial banks like
ICICI, IDBI, IFCI, UTI. So we can say that every firm is in need of funds for doing
their activities.
[v] Management of Working Capital :-

      Working capital indicates circular flow of cash i.e. a sort of a revolving fund
starting with cash used to pay for the raw materials, labours and operating
expenses and when finished products are ready for sale, the cash is recovered
through sale of these goods on cash or a on credit. Thus, we have a circular cash
flow from cash to inventories top receivables and back to cash.
      Generally, the term working capital refers to that part of capital which is not
tied up in fixed assets but is used to meet the day to day requirement of business. It
is invested in current assets like cash, stock, bills receivable, debtors etc.
      There are two concepts of working capital.

➪     Net Working Capital :-
      It represents the excess of the total current assets over total current liabilities.
It is quantitative ness concept indicating the soundness of current financial position.

➪     Gross Working Capital :-
      It is equal to the sum of current assets only and it may represent both owned
capital as well as loan capital.
      The concept of gross capital; is financial concept whereas that of net concept is
an accounting.
      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, as the problems of working capital is solved by
the manager and handled it all by perfection.
[vi] Channel of Distribution :-

      Distribution means the distribution of goods. The channel of distribution of
Balaji is no complies. So customer did not wait for the products.
      “A channel of distribution for a product is the route take the title of the goods
as they move from producer to the ultimate customer of industrial user.”
      The channel of distribution of Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., is as follows :

                             Carried & Forwarding
                                  Super Stockiest
                      5. Personnel Department

 Index :-
i.     Introduction
ii.    Recruitment & Selection
iii.   Job Description
iv.    Training & Development
v.     Wages & Salary Administration
vi.    Extra Facilities
vii. Personal Record
                     5. Personnel Department

[i]   Introduction :-

      Human capital is the greatest assets of a business enterprise.      Personnel
department is mainly concerned with human being within the organization. The
main aim of personnel department is to keep smooth relationship between the
employers and employees in the organization. The management of human resources
is very complicated and a challenging task for those who are entrusted with the
responsibility of human.
      The personnel department of Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., is efficient one. There is
the good environment in the company and all are working as the family members of
the same house the personnel officer is experienced person in the field of various
      Thus it can be said that the success of the unit mainly depends on the
personnel functioning of the organization.
[ii] Recruitment & Selection :-

1.    Recruitment :-

      Recruitment is defined as “It is the process to discover the source of manpower
to meet requirements to the supplying schedule and to employ effective measure for
attracting that manpower in adequate number to facilitate effective selection of an
effective efficient worker.”
      There are mainly two sources of recruitment.
      1. Internal Sources
      2. External Sources

      Internal sources means to select the required person from the company itself.
While external sources means to recruit the person from the outside the
organization through advertisement, employees agencies, other professionals. The
Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. is mostly worked on external sources.         But they also
sometimes use the internal sources. They adopted following policy:

      1. Minimum Qualification :-
          For Staff Selection       =    Graduation
          For Production Staff      =    Graduation, I.T.I.
          For Operation             =    S.S.C., I.T.I.etc.

      2. Age Limit :-
          Minimum Age limit is 21 years and maximum is 58 years as per
          government rule.

      3. Type of Labour :-
          Skilled
          Experienced
          Contractors
          Administrative Officers
2.     Selection :-

       Selection is the process of the choosing the right person right job, which is
from, recruited ones.
       Following are the selection policy which is used by the Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.
      Application Blank
      Interviews
      Psychological Test
      Reference Checking
      Final Selection
      Induction

       After going through all the above quoted steps the company get the best
person for the required job.
[iii] Job Description :-

       Job descriptions a systematic record of documents, which has information
regarding about job analysis.         It includes organization position, functional
information relation with the one job to another, responsibilities, job activities etc. it
is essential to guide the employees or worker in getting him a clear picture of the
       They are as follows, which is set up by the personnel, manage of the company :
 Job Title and Position :-

          Formulation, recommendation and interpretation of all manpower,
           management policies.
          Guiding the recruitment, selection and placement of personnel and
           participating in the selection of the higher cadre staff.
          Advises an officer on complicated matter such as merit, rating, promotion,
           transfer etc.
          Performance appraisals of the officers.
          Checking their salaries and wages are paid according to government rules.
          Maintain of discipline.
[iv] Training & Development :-

      Training is process of learning as sequence of programmed behaviour.
Training increases the knowledge and skill of employees. It attempt to improve
employee’s performance on the current job or prepare then for an intended job.
Training programmed is a systematic programmed which designed tons, insight
theories, experience of opportunities. This company uses method of training like the

 On The Job :-

      In this training method they give job instruction, job rotation, coaching,
appreciation, versatile and organization training etc.
      We can say it is the best way to give the training to the personnel by the

 Off The Job :-

      Off the job training considers lectures, conference, case studies, rule playing,
audio-visual and discussion etc.
      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” employees and office staff are also getting benefits
of training.
      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. “ workers training is given mostly on the job so
that not only employee but also management came to under the problem and can
take corrective action to avoid it.
[v] Wages and Salary Administration :-

     Wages and Salary is generally refers to the reward given to employees for
their work. The worker and employees expect a reward in a monthly from the
organization for which he is working. This amount is called as salary of wages. The
salary is decided on the basis of performance of the staff. Wages are paid according
minimum wages.
     The salary started from Rs. 5000.00 and paid to each and every employees as
per the government rules and regulations. They also provide bonus and provident
fund to their workers and employees.
     Today, the number of employees in the unit is 75 to 100 including managerial
persons, office staff and remaining workers who get their salary on 5th day of
particular month in the company.
[vi] Extra Facilities :-

      The maintain behind such service to motivated and encourage the employee’s
performance and that’s they don’t attract towards other firm and not leave the
present firm.
      Modern business accepts this thing that are as follows and similarly “Balaji
Wafers Pvt. Ltd. “ do follow it.
    Canteen Facility
    Uniform
    Medical Facility
    Cultural Activities
    Transport Facilities
    Bonus Facilities

      Thus, we can know that and agree to say that company take keen interest in
development of their employees and workers.       Because they considered their
employees and workers as the member of some family.
[vii] Personal Record :-

      Personal records is a systematic record of employees behaviour, performance,
attitude, skill etc. personal records are necessary to the management gets essential
information about the employees at any time and it is very helpful to the
management for job analysis, promotion, demotion etc.
      “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” maintains personal records includes the personal
education qualification, medical fitness, native place, permanent address, caste,
date of birth, family background.
      Thus, from it one can easily derive the idea that which kinds of personnel are
there in the company. So one company is successful when and when its personnel
are efficient as there are in this company.
                      6. Marketing Department

 Index :-
i.     Introduction
ii.    Advertisement
iii.   Sales Promotion
iv.    Marketing Research
v.     Market Segmentation
vi.    Product & Pricing Policy
vii. Channels of Distribution
                        6. Marketing Department

[i]   Introduction :-

      Marketing of the product is quite essential factor in modern time. Marketing
is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources and a set of activities
necessary to direct to customer in the process of distribution. Businessmen regards
marketing as a management function to plan promote and deliver products to the
clients or customers.
      “Marketing is a analysis, planning and controlling of the firm’s customer
impinging resources, policies, activities with a view to satisfying the needs and
wants of chosen customer groups at a profit.”
                                                                   -   Philip Kotlar
      Human efforts, finance and management constitute the primary resources in
marketing. Marketing management has become an important function in business.
Because of consumers treated as a king of the market. First of all the company
focuses on consumer’s satisfaction and there by earn the profit.
[ii] Advertisement :-

       Advertising is one of the    most important parts of marketing department.
Sometimes the demand of the product is dependant on the advertising.
       “Advertisement is a paid form of any non-personal presentation of goods,
services or idea by an identified sponsor.”
       The main object behind advertising is to inform the consumer about the
company. “Advertisement is message design to promote a product, services or idea
by an identified sponsor.”
       In modern business world, advertising is essential for very business.        No
business can survive without advertisement. Nowadays, advertisement becomes a
part of parcel of the commercial life.
       The advertising is the best source of increasing the sales of the company but it
also gives basic and essential information to its customers like how to use the
product also about the introduce of the new product in market, about to increase the
quality. All these type of information given to the customer through advertisement.
“Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” do the following advertisement for its products.
    Holdings
    Pamphlets
    Internet
    Newspaper etc.

       As this company has its fixed and also some of them are new to it but it is
unique in all. Thus, Balaji’s each and every product is unique and they have some
competitors in the market.
    Samrat Namkeen
    Kishan Wafers
      Everest Wafers & Namkeen etc.
[iii] Sales Promotion :-

      “Promotion consists of those activities that are designed to being a company’s
goods or service to the favourable attention of customer.”
      Sales promotion is a important instrument in marketing to lubricant the
marketing efforts. Today, sale promotion is necessary and not merely a luxury of a
fashion. It is not expenditure, it is an investment that can pay rich dividend. It is
an integral part of the marketing efforts.
      Sales promotion is referred to the promotional activities. Other than personal
salesmanship, advertising and publicity, which stimulate consumer and dealer
effectiveness. The main objectives of sales promotion are as follows:
      1. Providing information
      2. Increase in sales
      3. Reducing seasonal decline
      4. To keep the memory of exiting product

      “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” uses sales promotion to such extent for purchasing
the consumer. They promote their sales through new products also. They have also
the packing in attractive colorings nitrogen plastic packing. So it is also good for
health rather not harmful.
[iv] Marketing Research :-

      Marketing research is the essential part of any company.           In today’s
competitive world companies has to do market research to survive in the market.
Marketing research may be defined as the scientific and controlled process of
gathering of non-routing marketing information helping management to solve
marketing problems.    Marketing research concentrates on the study of product
planning and development pricing policies, effectiveness of personal selling,
advertising and sales promotion, distribution structure, marketing strategies,
market competition, buyer behaviors and attitudes in the market place.
      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, they also follows the marketing research
procedure to find out their consumer demand.          In this process first of all
requirement of consumers are studied. They try to introduce new facilities every
time. Thus, marketing research is an important matter not only for this unit but for
also other unit.
[v] Market Segmentation :-

      Market segmentation is a subdivision of market as based upon the modern
marketing concept, it points out that there is several demand schedules.           Each
demand schedule represents a separates market consisting of a group of the buyer
with similar needs and characteristics of demand. The market segmentation is done
on the basis of age, sex, family size, income, education, occupation, social class, life
style etc. The conscious search conscious search is made to separate buyer into a
number of segments each varying in size, buying power and buying behaviour
limiting factors for market.
      Segmentation are :
      1. Rising of cost of project planning and development.
      2. Rising unit cost of production.
      3. Rising inventory cost for a variety of different lines.

      “Marketing segmentation consists of taking the total heterogeneous market
for a product and dividing it into several submarkets, each of which tends to be
homogenous in full significant aspects.”
                                                                       -   Philip Kotlar
      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, there is no market segmentation.
      Their market is fixed so they think that there is no need of market
segmentation they produce item according to all classes. And which is also good for
the society and firms reputation.
[vi] Product and Pricing Policy :-

[1] For Pricing Policy :-

      “Decision concerning price to be followed for a period fame may be called as
price policies.”
      Pricing decision has strategic importance in any enterprise.      Good pricing
policy is always desired by all organization.
      It is also an important element in marketing mix. Mostly we measure the
exchange value of any product in terms of money. The price is the components
between customers and release about what they are receiving in this money oriented
economy price for any product is the value of the item. “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”,
gives full concentration to the fixation of prices.

[2] For Product Policy :-

      Product planning is the process of deciding the production target and
achieving the goals of the organization. In today’s competitive environment product
planning is must. Without this company cannot achieve its target and wave to face
many difficulties.
      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, product planning is done of the basis of market
research and company’s own research. Citizen of India are very conscious of their
food items. Taking this point in the mind “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, making each of
their product with perfect care like wearing cap, gloves, uniforma and many other
things at the time of production process product line refers to the various offered to
consumers by the organization. It contains all the product of the company, which
are sold in the market. The company need not to be offering such discount but they
make such type of prices that is reasonable.
[vii] Channels of Distribution :-

      Most production does not sell their goods directly to the final users. Between
them stands a set of intermediates performing a varity of function.             These
intermediates constitute a marketing channel-channels of distribution can be
viewed as set or interdependent organization improved in the process of making
product or service available for the ask of consumption.
      “Marketing channel are of interdependent organizations involved in the
process of making a product or services available for use or consumption.”
      There are four levels of channel of distribution between producer and
consumers. They are as follows:
1. Producer     ➪ Consumer
2. Producer     ➪ Retailer        ➪ Consumer
3. Producer     ➪ Wholesaler ➪ Retailer          ➪    Consumer
4. Producer     ➪ Agent           ➪ Wholesaler ➪      Retailer     ➪ Consumer

      In “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” they follow that 4th method for selling its product.
They are having chain like these in each and every city of Gujarat.
      When the product is packed by the company they first send to its area Agents.
Agents send these goods to Wholesaler of the city or area. Wholesaler sends these
good to Retailer. Finally Retailer sells these products to Consumer.

            Organization Chart of Marketing Department

                              Marketing Manager
                               Area Sales Manager
                                  Sales Executive
                              Sales Representative
                                   7. Future Plan

      Future is always uncertain.     But we make it possible to do our desire be
making various creative efforts.
      “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, has achieved great success in establishing good
brand food items, image, prestige and reputation over the consumers and also in
      In order to meet the increasing demand of the products, the Balaji Wafers Pvt.
Ltd. has planned to install a sophisticated and ultramodern plant with the
production capacity of more than 1200 kg. per hour. In the neighborhood of Rajkot.
Thus, the company is planning to sale in other parts of country. It is exporting the
product to Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
      “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.”, is able to make best us available resources and
going to look forward for exporting their food items beyond the boundary. I wish it a
very bright and successful future.
                        8. Special Achievements

     The “Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.” is one and only on company, which produces
many types of food items and they are also famous for their purity and registered
purpose.   The company is unique in comparison of their companies that are
producing food items.
     The company’s food products like potato wafers, Banana wafers and other
salty products are prepared in its fully automatic plant with bacteria-free and
stringent hygienic standards. The use of computer system ensures uniform quality
and obviates the necessity for touch of human hands.
     The production environment makes it possible to make the products less lily
and more nutritive.
                               9. Suggestion

     As a student I would like to give a suggestion for better future of the company.
This company has all the best quality and ecquenics. But each and every human
being cannot do perfect work. He will be lagging behind in some or other way.
     For such giant organization, I don’t have any suggestions to give there is some
eye catching loops. Then also I have some point in my mind to suggest for their
betterment. They are as follows :

  1. Company should increase its sales promotion activities to attract new
      customers and more satisfied to its old and loyal customers.
  2. The company should invest in research and development programme.
  3. Company has opportunities to expand the business in this field and other
      field also. Hence it should explore other line of products.
  4. Give more responsibility to lower level management.
  5. Must involve lower level management in decision making process because
      due to that many innovative ideas may come.
  6. The company must improve the marketing network.
  7. Within India the company must also explore the southern state and must
      penetrate the great potential of huge marketing network.
  8. The company research to more diverfication to cater to the needs of both rich
      and poor. This will ultimate and hence the overall profitability.
  9. To cater to the need of millions of Indian customer, the company should not
      only a great the quality of every product but also it can follow both skimming
      pricing strategy to with stand fears competition.             Since the present
      manmohan government is above to invite foreign direct investment in “Retail
      Business” Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. must use this opportunity in “TOTO”.
  10. They should make more advertising through television, newspaper and
      holdings etc. for increasing their sales rather profit.
                              10. Conclusion

      Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., is the adventure of gujarati family. “Balaji” brand
name is so powerful in Gujarat. They are utilizing 100% of production capacity. It
is located at G.I.D.C. Rajkot. in are most all the cities of Gujarat they have their
dealers. They are trying cover market most of the state in India. Their quality is
also good.
      At the end of this report it can be very easy to conclude that “Balaji Wafers
Pvt. Ltd.”, is one of the best companies in Gujarat today. In this company the
internal relation between the workers and management are very well.             The
management of the company is well planned and very effective.

      I wish heartily best of luck and great & bright future.

      My best wishes with “BALAJI WAFERS PVT. LTD.”

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