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It all started in the depression when William King Driggs found his family growing and his wages not
keeping pace with his salary as a proffessor of music. Mother Pearl

MAXINE Elliott Driggs) King Thomas – b. Sanford, Colorado, October 5, 1911; d. Corona,
California, May 13, 2009.

(LOUISE Driggs) Luise King Rey – b. Payson, Utah, December 21, 1913; d. Sandy, Utah,
August 4, 1997.

(Alice Golda Driggs) ALYCE King Clarke – b. Payson, Utah, August 14, 1915; d. North
Hollywood, California, August 21, 1996.

started singing in junior high as the Driggs Sisters. During one engagement at a radio station the station
manager suggested a name change and it was changed to their father’s middle name of King.

Maxine married and resigned from the group.

(DONNA Olivia Driggs) King Conkling – b. Sanford, Colorado, September 3, 1918; d. Plano,
Texas, June 20, 2007. Donna married Jim Conkling who in his own right was the first vice
President of Capital records. He later become President of Columbia Records and then Warner
Bros. At aged 46 he retired. Donna and Jim were married for 55 years.


(Cornelia YVONNE Driggs) King Burch – b. Ephraim, Utah, January 15, 1920; d. Santa
Barbara, California, December 13, 2009.

joined. Making four King Sisters.

Donna retired and was replaced by

(MARILYN Adine Driggs) King – b. Los Angeles, California, May 11, 1931.

They sang with Horace Heidlt until they had a falling out over his attitude for perfection.

Alvino Rey entered the family and later married Louise. The band and singers played together for many

Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin. They had their own show, ''The King Family,'' in the 1960's.

They toured with Artie Shaw and had many TV shows along with movie parts.

The King sisters grew into the King Family where many of the children and cousins now sing and play
musical instruments.

bio of King sisters


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