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					If you run a business / online business PPOB, certainly not escape the
question what benefits will I get in running the business? Well here I
will explain about what the benefits are obtained when running an online
business PPOB, is as follows:

    * PPOB using transactional systems to provide benefits to the
entrepreneurs who run their business which benefits the nominal variable,
we obtain for PLN Transaction Fee / profit of Rp 1,000 per transaction
payments made by customers at our payment counter.
    * For transactions Telkom (telephone and speedy home or flexi) we
obtain a fee of Rp 1250 per transaction payment by the customer at our
    * For transactions in the City of Aberdeen taps we obtained a fee of
Rp 750, - every payment transaction by diloket our customers.
    * All fees are calculated globally or in accumulation for 1 month, so
the bonus / fees / benefits will we receive each month following the
beginning of the recapitulation done by the service provider PPOB based
on the total transactions that occur in our booth ID. And fees that we
get automatically added to our deposit balances every month.
    * Assumption: If within one month pelaanggan you pay bills or make
payment of each bill as much as 3 means you get a fee of Rp 3,000 (PLN,
PDAM & Telkom). Continue to your transaction total of 5,000 transactions
per month, then the fee that you get is: USD 3000 x 5000 transactions =
Rp 15.000.000 (fifteen million rupiah) per month and is automatically
added to your deposit balance every month.
    * Sorry, info fee / benefit applies to those of you who run
businesses PPOB with PT. Arindo Primary.
    * For a fee / benefit payments such as Telkomsel, Indosat, its
Installment Loan etc., please specify each one as long as no komflain of
customers with cheap rates as the cost of a replacement receipt proof of
    * For our booth PPOB Adelia and Annisa is currently also providing
additional services in the form of official retribution from the City of
Aberdeen in the event of payment transactions in which it is the Regional
Original Income / PAD form of retribution Hygiene / Waste through Local
Revenue Office.

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