Bully Prevention- 3 Tips You Can Use Today To Stop Bullying by karateyubacity


									                     Bully Prevention- 3 Tips You Can Use Today To Stop Bullying

There have been many stories concerning bullying lately. Many of the stories you may have read about
in the newspaper or seen online have been egregious and in the worst cases lead the victim to take their
own life. There has been much talk about bully prevention programs and tougher laws to help stop
bullying now.
Bullying happens all the time in and out of our schools. It happens on school buses, at sporting events
and out in the neighborhoods. Are tougher laws really the answer, though? Think about this for just a
moment, there are laws on the books for murder, burglary, robbery, carjacking, etc. How are those laws
at curbing those crimes?
While the passage of those laws may be “feel good” legislation, they aren’t going to do anything to
stop bullying. You may be thinking, “That’s not true, something needs to be done about this problem!
If it takes a law to do it, then I’m all for it.”
Yes, you’re right. Something does need to be done about bullying. Nothing is more heart-wrenching
for a parent than to see their child withdraw into a shadow of their former self because they are picked
on. Losing sleep, their appetite, being afraid to walk to school or even go to school are all signs of
possible bullying.
But, let’s face it, a law deals with the aftermath of the problem. It doesn’t prevent the problem to begin
So what, as a parent, can you do?
Simple, bully-proof your child!
Here are 3 tips to help you get started:
1.     Stand tall and speak with confidence. Many kids are picked on due to being shy, withdrawn
and perceived as “easy” targets. Teach your child the importance of good posture and speaking in a
strong, confident tone. This confident and purposeful appearance goes a long way in decreasing the
likelihood of being a target.
2.    Creating a zone of safety- If your child is confronted by a bully, clear boundaries must be set. A
safe boundary is about 5 to 6 feet. They do not want anyone to get close enough to grab or hit them.
3.   If someone does get too close, then teach your child to use verbal commands. “Stop”, “Get
back!”, these should be said in a strong commanding voice. (Practice this with your child, it needs to
become natural.)
Giving your child the tools and knowledge they need to effectively deal with bullies is a more effective
bully prevention strategy than relying on legislation alone. Go to
http://www.nononsensebullyguide.com and see how the confidence, resilience and empowerment a
child has when they know they can handle life’s challenges goes a long way to stop bullying now!

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