Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty by squealingkiddos


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 Starting Date: August 2, 2009 (8/2/09)

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Chapter One: 2
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                      [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
                                                Chapter One

Scene 1

“Sometimes I think that suicide’s the best way out of my misery,” she began to write in her navy blue
covered Five Star wirebound notebook that she used solely as a diary. Almost all of its two-hundred
pages were written on in sloppy handwriting akin to a ten-year-old’s. After having had it for nearly two
years and bringing it with her almost everywhere, it already had several bad scuff marks and tears on its
cover and backing. You could easily tell that it was very well used. “Death just seems much more
satisfying. No more feelings. No more pain. No more hate. But best of all: no more worrying. The
constant worrying of being abused again is what cripples me every day. It’s what fuels my social anxiety,
depression and low self esteem and confidence.”

She looked over to the side of her bed as a tear fell from her cheek. On the floor was a picture that had
fallen from her nightstand. It was a photo of her and her family in Yosemite National Park three years
ago. She got up from her bed, picked up the photo, and placed it up against a photo frame that was on
top of the nightstand. Back onto the bed she went as she grabbed the pen into her right hand and
started back to writing today’s entry in her diary.

“But I couldn’t do it,” she wrote in bold letters on the sheet of binder paper inside her diary. “I’m too
much of a wuss. And if I did it, I would just be making my dad’s wish come true, which is something I’d
never ever want to do! That monster can die a horrid death and rot in hell, for all I care! My dad’s
almost the whole reason why I’m the way I am today. He’s the reason I’m so fucked up in the head!”

Danielle McCarthy was her name. She was a seventeen-year-old girl with long, wavy hair whose color
was akin to rich dark chocolate. In the sunlight, her dark chocolate locks glistened with highlights of rich
auburn red. Danielle was home all alone on this summer day: her siblings were either hanging out with
friends or at day care; and her mother was working as a nurse at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks,

“What I really want is to fall in love, get married and have a family. All I want are my own babies to love
and cherish. They say everyone is born to do something, and my something is being a mother. If I
committed suicide now, I’d experience none of it. I don’t want that – at all! I’d be nothing without a
family to call my own. I don’t understand how anyone could go through life without at least wanting to
experience love and being a parent! My life will never be complete until I find the right man and we
have a family together. Till then, though, I guess I’ll never be completely happy.”

But before she could finish up her diary entry, the home phone started ringing.

“Hello?” Danielle asked as she sniffled into the receiver.

“Hey, is Danielle there?” chimed a male’s voice.

“Yeah, this is she. Who’s this?”

“Oh, hey, Danielle! It’s me, Blake...Blake Redding.”

She let out a gasp before blurting out, “Blake?”
                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Yeah...we go to high school together, you know?” he responded, giggling a giggle that could only be
compared to the sweet, adoring sound of a toddler’s.

“I know...but, why are you calling?”

“You live in Thousand Oaks, don’tcha?”

“Uh, yeah...”

She could hear him smiling on the other end of the receiver. “I’m right in your neighborhood then.”

Danielle said nothing because she was shocked that Blake knew her number, let alone called her.

“You wanna give me your address so we can hang out? I mean, I’m like right in the neighborhood
dropping off my sister’s friend.”


“I’ve been thinking about my past and shit, and I really wanna apologize for how I’ve treated you.”


“Danielle, I wanna make things up to you. I’ve realized how much of a douche I’ve been, and I feel hella
bad about it.”

“ address is...” her mind blanked out for several seconds.”It’s, address, it’s—“

“It’s what?”

“187 Coneflower Circle.”

A minute passed by before Blake spoke again. “Damn, I’m only like three streets away! I’ll be there in,
like, five minutes max!”

“That soon?!”

“Yeah. Is that a problem or something?”

“Well, it’s just I’m not dressed…”

Blake laughed. “No worries! All I’m wearing is a tank top and surf shorts.”

Danielle’s heart was thumping against her chest as Blake talked. The feelings she had held back were
beginning to come back. The love and hatred she felt for him was now regurgitated back out.

“Look, Danielle, hun; I don’t care what you’re wearing. I’ll be there in five minutes, okay?”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Okay,” she whispered.

“Oh, yeah, do you like wanna –“but before he could ask his question, she hung up the phone and
slammed the receiver into the phone dock charger. She slammed her diary shut and shoved it under the
mattress of her bed. After having spent the day depressed and in tears, her cheeks and eyes were red
and puffy. She looked like a disaster and didn’t have any time for a shower; all she had time for was to
quickly brush her hair and throw on some clothes – any clothes!

Danielle pulled open her clothes drawers and picked up the first articles of clothing she was able to see.
She grabbed a brush and ran it through her hair in long, quick strokes. Once done trying to put herself
together in haste, she ran down the stairs and crash landed on the carpet at the end of the steps. The
door bell rang right at the moment she crashed. A face was peeking through the window. Danielle
uttered a cussword under her breath and quickly got up. She grasped the doorknob and pulled the door
wide open.

“How cute,” said Blake, his usual deep voice now high pitched. “You were so excited to see me that you

Danielle’s already red cheeks turned even redder as she let out a shy giggle and looked at the ground in
embarrassment. “You sure got here quick.”

“Just for you,” he smiled as he stepped into the house and shut the door. He looked down at Danielle
and touched his left hand to her shoulder. “Are those left over tears of happiness?”

“Huh?” Danielle was now worrying that there were tears coming from her eyes. She wiped at her eyes
with her fingers, and felt nothing.

“Your eyes, they’re all red; and your cheeks, too. Looks like you’ve been crying. I bet you were so happy
that you were crying tears of joy, weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Danielle lied as she let out a short giggle.

Blake grasped his hands around Danielle’s waist and picked her up. He threw her hands around his body
and hugged her. His hands were wrapped tightly around her body and his head was lying against her
shoulder. Danielle laid her head against his shoulder and took a whiff of the Clive Christian No 1 for Men
Pure Perfume that he was wearing: its smell she admired and its price tag she knew was only for the
rich. For being so dressed down, he sure wore such classy, sophisticated cologne.

“I could hold you in my arms forever,” he whispered. “You fun-sized thing, you!”

Danielle could smell the mint flavored Redken shampoo and texturizing cream in his hair. She admired
his surfer styled hair: side swept bangs that reached to his eyebrows, and the rest of his hair layered: the
longest part reaching to the ends of his ears. Throughout his light golden blond hair were ash blond

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Blake’s hands worked their way back to her waist, and after grabbing a hold of her waist, he placed her
back down on the ground. She took a step back from him and looked him over from head to toe, smiling
as she took in his aesthetically appealing appearance. His big deep, vivid Siamese cat blue eyes twinkled
innocently in the natural lighting that came glaring through the front door window. Blake had the body
of a god: the tight black tank top showed the outlines of his chiseled six pack abs and pecs, and left no
imagination for what his arms looked like— strong and well defined, especially in the biceps, triceps and
forearm regions. The cinnamon red surf shorts spotlighted his well toned calves. His body was between
that of an athletic model’s and a natural bodybuilder’s: muscular enough to have almost any girl
swooning over him, but not muscular enough to the point in which he could compete in a bodybuilding
contest. He was no bodybuilder; he just liked to keep well-defined and muscular for the sake of vanity: it
brought him great joy knowing that other guys were envying him, and that girls were drooling and going
weak at the knees at just the sight of his incredible body. What enhanced his already drool-worthy
appearance was the golden bronze tan he sported very evenly all over his body; tanning two-to-three
times a week on the beach was how he was able to maintain his envy-worthy tan.

Although only seventeen years old, Blake looked more like he was in his early to mid twenties. Part of
the reason was because of his size: at six-foot-six and nearly two-hundred-and-forty-pounds, he was
eminent. Model agencies tried to seize the chance to have Blake model for them, but Blake would shoot
them down as quickly as they asked. Rules and demands were not something Blake would tolerate,
hence why his desire to be a model was nonexistent. Even though he desired attention, of which being a
model would bring him in supple amounts, he already received his dose of attention on a daily basis:
stares from women and men in the general public. No matter how many times they had already seen
him, people always seemed to look his way as he walked by. At his height and with a body built like his,
it was obvious why people would look more than once: he was pure eye candy.

“You like what you see?” giggled Blake as he took notice of Danielle’s eyes wandering all along his body.

Danielle looked out the door and could see his Bugatti Veyron: an attractive sports car that is just a little
under two million dollars. It was the car he used for special occasions and when he would take girls out
on dates, and sometimes just for the heck of driving it around. “Of course,” she looked up at him and

“How about you show me around a little?”

“You wanna... see my –m—y— h—ouse?” she asked, stuttering the sentence severely.

“Duh,” he said, laughing as he touched his large hands to her blushing cheeks. “I like seeing people’s

Danielle’s hand reached for one of his, and as she took his hand into hers, she walked him around the
house, giving him a tour. The tour was short because there wasn’t much to see in her middle class two-
story house situated in a fairly good neighborhood. But at the end of her touring him around the house,
he broke out the question she was dreading.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he smirked.

“It’s a mess!” she said nervously.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I don’t care. You could have a dead body or a box of Barney toys in there for all I care. I just wanna see

She hesitated until he grabbed her hand. “Well?” he asked impatiently.

“Fine,” she sighed as she walked him down the upstairs hallway and to her bedroom. “It’s horribly ugly,”
she cringed as she grasped a hand around the doorknob and twisted it to the left, opening it up.

Blake casually looked around, his gazing going from the left to right and then up and down. He settled
his gaze on her. “What the hell are you worrying about?” He laughed. “It looks totally fine to me.”

He walked into her room and sat on her bed. “Come, sit down,” he said, a big grin lighting up on his face
each step she took toward the bed. She sat next to him, shaking a little as she awkwardly looked around
the room, trying hard to avoid his gaze. He took her left hand into his and held it. “You’re cute,” he said,
his other hand reaching for her face and turning it toward his.

 Danielle blushed and looked down at her shoes. “Thanks,” she awkwardly replied as she turned her
eyeballs to the right, spotting an indent in the wall from when her little sister threw a terrible tantrum a
year ago.

He dove his face toward hers, lightly touching his lips to hers. She quickly jerked her face back and
heaved in deeply. “Were you about to kiss me?”

He rolled his eyes. “No, I was trying to bite you.”

“Sorry, it’s just I never had a guy kiss me.”

“For starters, hun, don’t send your head flying back. Go in for it. Oh, and no need to say sorry!” His
hands dwarfed hers as he held them tightly.

She finally looked him in the eye and smiled. “Okay.”

He smiled back and winked. “So…” he started to say as he glanced around her room, “do you have any

“What kind of protection, a security system or something? As if that’s the case, it’s a no!”

He shook his head and looked at the ground. “Never mind,” he said as he laughed a little. “I was thinking
you were wanting to –“

“To what?”

“You know, have a little fun.” He winked.

Not truly realizing what he had meant, Danielle scrunched her brows. “What kind of fun?”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Hand reaching for the crotch of his shorts, Blake began to rub a little at the fabric of his shorts. “You
know,” he whispered, his eyes glancing at hers alluringly. “Lying on the bed, stripping off our clothes,
and getting all hot and sticky.”

Danielle sighed. “Why are you being a pervert?”

“I’m not,” Blake said, giggling slightly. “It’s just that I thought you’d be totally turned on by the hot guy in
your room.”

“The hot guy in my room?”

Blake let out a snort. “Me!”

Conceited much? Thought Danielle as she looked up at Blake and rolled her eyes. “So, you think you’re

“I don’t think I’m hot,” boasted Blake, his left hand reaching for hers. “I know I’m hot.”

 Overweening. Smug. Boastful. Cocky. Highfalutin. Debonair. Holier-than-thou. Self-glorifying. Blake was
all of those, and then some. His love toward himself came to no surprise to Danielle: the guy was the hot
shit at school, and the one who the girls and gay guys of the high school fantasized about. No one down
talked him or told him otherwise when he said he was hot; they either shut the fuck up and kept
drooling over his face and bod, or boasted about how incredibly hot and irresistible he was.

Danielle kept silent, ignoring his respond, and began staring right at his covered muscular core. Blake
took notice and took off his shirt. “There,” he said. “Now you can see my muscles without the shirt.”

She smiled as she stared. Her eyes worked their way up: gorgeous abs to nicely toned pecks and then
finally to his muscular arms. His body was evenly tanned all over, without any tan lines. “You have a nice
body,” she said, continuing to stare in awe.

He lay down on her bed. “Lay on top of me,” he said.

She hesitated, but finally decided to do so. It wasn’t everyday she had a chance to lie on a guy whose
body was as incredible as his.

“You’re cute,” he said, holding both her hands and looking into her eyes.

She giggled nervously. “You already said that…”

“I really do mean it. I just had to say it again as it’s so damn true.”

“I bet it’s just your way of nicely saying I’m not that great looking.” Her eyes went darting for the side of
the bed.

He started to laugh loudly. “If I thought that, I’d just say you’re ugly; plain and simple. I’m not the kinda
guy who sugar coats anything.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Could have figured that by how you and your friends treated me.” Danielle frowned as she replied.

“Danielle, please. Please don’t bring it up. It was the past.”

“But Blake, it really hurt me.”

His cell phone started ringing, and right away he picked it up. Danielle got up and sat on the edge of the
bed. Blake got up, put his shirt back on, spoke a few words into the phone, and hung up.

“I have to go,” he said as he looked over at her.

“Figures,” she said, sighing.

“I’ll give you a call when I’m free to see you again,” he said, touching a hand to her face. “I hope you
enjoy the rest of your day, sweetie.”

“Bye, Blake.”

He walked out her door, down the stairs and out the front door. He was very hurried to get to wherever
he was going.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Scene 2

Blake’s parents, Christopher and Caryn Redding, and Jack’s parents, David and Lisa Templeton, were the
Billionaires who both resided in Malibu, California. The Reddings lived in a 48,000 square foot three-
story Mediterranean style mansion right on the beach, on ten acres. Their whole property was fenced
off with 10-foot tall black iron fencing; for privacy, 6-foot high shrubbery covered the inside along the
fence, except for the house’s entrance area. They had a private cove just a few hundred yards from their
house. The Templetons had a three-story mansion on the east side of Pacific Coast Highway, and owned
eighty-eight acres on which they had a state-of-the-art equestrian stable. Even though they did not live
right on the beach, they had a beautiful ocean view and were a few thousand feet from the ocean. Jack’s
family included: his two parents, David and Lisa; a 6-year-old sister; a 19-year-old brother, who was
currently residing at a mental hospital; a 13-year-old sister, currently in a boarding school in Scotland;
and himself.

The sole reason that Blake left Danielle’s so early was because of Jack Templeton – his best friend and
the most popular guy at school; Blake took second in popularity. Having had grown up with each other,
the two had an attachment that couldn’t be broken; through thick and thin, the two stayed together.
Just as you’d expect from such a strong attachment, best friends take priority over girls, or in Jack’s
colorful language: bitches. Yet, once an equal friendship had since turned into Blake becoming Jack’s
bitch. Once a relatively good boy who acted like a best friend and son should, Jack had since changed
ever since being twelve and a half. But the bond between the two was stronger than super glue: Blake
put up with Jack’s jealousy and control issues and gave into many of Jack’s favors; some of which were
morbid and as illegal as can be.

The reason Jack called Blake? He wanted someone to get high as a kite with him. And who’s the best
person for that? His best friend Blake, of course. Blake headed over to Jack’s place fast because he
wanted to get high just as badly.

“Finally, you’re here, man!” said Jack as he opened the front door for Blake. He had an oval-shaped face
that was masculine with green eyes the color of emerald, and well-proportioned nose and lips. His dark
chestnut brown hair, with honey blonde and dark copper red highlights dispersed throughout, was
styled into a medium-length faux Mohawk: sides cut an inch short; the middle of the hair around two
inches in height and spiked; several strands of spiked hair fell onto his forehead; the back of his hair was
half an inch longer than the sides and reached the middle of his neck; and his thin sideburns reached to
the end of his cheeks. He was six-foot-1 with a nicely toned body: six-pack abs, nice pecs and muscular
arms. He had a very faint tan all over; being as he was full Scottish and both his parents were very light,
he barely was able to tan. Jack was a very attractive guy whose looks alone competed with Blake’s.

“I came over as fast as possible,” responded Blake as he walked through the door. The two of them went
upstairs to Jack’s room and slammed the door shut.

“You only live, like, ten minutes away, max, motherfucker,” said Jack, smiling, as he pulled out a small
bag of white powder – cocaine – from a safe on his bed. Blake opened up the little baggie and poured a
line of cocaine onto a circular microwave oven glass tray that Jack had placed on the foot of the bed.
Jack handed him a credit card, which he used to line up the cocaine. He next picked up a short straw
that was placed on the tray, and snorted up the line. Wiping the remaining white powder from his nose,
he immediately fell onto Jack’s bed and let out a relieved sigh.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Thanks, man,” he said as he looked up at Jack, who was preparing a line of cocaine to be snorted.

“No problem. I’m just glad the dealer got the shit in as it’s been a few weeks since we snorted any!” Jack
grabbed the straw and hastily snorted the line.

“I’m thinking I need to quit this shit, ‘cause lately I’ve been getting nosebleeds.”

Jack grinned as he fell next to Blake on the bed. “I’ve gotten a few of those, but come on, man! The high
from it feels so fucking good. How could you possibly stop?”

“I know it does, but then I feel like complete shit afterwards. I’m thinking of doing just weed instead of
this strong shit.”

“You’ll regret keeping off of it, that’s if you don’t come running back to snort it again.”

“Oh well, at least I won’t keep continuing to kill myself with it. It does a lot of shit to our bodies, you

“They taught us in health, but who cares? Life’s too short to worry about such petty shit!”

Blake looked up at the ceiling fan just above the bed. “Sex’s way better.”

“Duh, you dumbshit,” said Jack, laughing. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that one, now does it?”

“I broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago,” said Blake, sighing.

“Good,” Jack said as he patted Blake on the shoulder. “That bitch got on my nerves. I wanted to fucking
kill her!”

“But,” said Blake, smiling, as he now started to feel the effects of the coke. “I’ve got a new girl in mind.”

“Don’t tell me it’s that tanorexic bitch who laughed in my face?” hissed Jack.

“Ew, no.” Blake broke out into laughter. “That skank’s nasty. The girl I’ve got my eyes on is wonderful.”

“Well, you stupid fuck,” Jack said as he lightly slapped Blake’s chest. “Tell me about this bitch. I wanna
know how big her tits are, what her body looks like, and all that other shit. I want the whole fucking 4-1-
1 on her.”

“She’s short…smart…she’s got meat on her bones…pale…dark brown hair. Total loner. You could say
she’s –“

“Boring,” Jack rudely interrupted. “You had me go soft at smart.”

“Why? I thought you liked a smart girl?”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Psh. I only like girls stupid enough to let me boss them around,” snickered Jack. “Smart ones are bad

“She’s got low self esteem.”

“Sounds like an easy fuck,” said Jack, sneering. “Won’t take long before you’ll be pounding that bitch’s

“I’ll be taking my time.”

“Dumbass.” Jack smacked Blake upside the head. “You don’t take your fucking time! You take advantage
of that bitch, you mother fucking piece of shit!”

“Dude!” Blake shoved Jack. “Shut the fuck up. I’m not going to do shit like that.”

Jack shoved Blake back. “You don’t give a shit about any girl, so quit saying this one’s more than a piece
of meat. All this bitch is is a fuck toy, nothing more. You understand, Captain Fucktard?”

“Stop cussing every other word, Jackass,” Blake groaned. “Your little sister might hear.”

“My little sister?” yelled Jack. “Who gives a shit about that little fat fuck?!”

“I do,” mumbled Blake. “She’s so cute!”

“If you think she’s so cute, why don’t you go fuck her?”

“That’s messed up,” Blake said, his eyes gazing at the bed comforter. “I’d never do something like that.
That’s just…sick!”

“And the hypocrite makes himself heard loud and clear,” laughed Jack. “If you really thought that was
fucked up, you wouldn’t have fucked with that little girl, now would you?”

“Look, it was a mistake, okay? I totally fucked up and I regret it.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Jack rolled his eyes. “I couldn’t give two shits about whether you regretted it or
not. I fucked that little bitch, too.”

“Don’t ever again bring your sister into anything that that has to do with sex!”

“I finger her every night,” Jack taunted as he stared coldly into Blake’s eyes.

“Shut the fuck up,” Blake said disgustedly.

“I’m just kidding, you gullible dumbass.” Jack laughed. “She’s too ugly for me to wanna fool around

Jack looked at Blake. “Guess what I was doing before you got here?”

                            [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Jerking off to sick videos on”

“How’d you know?”

Blake smiled. “Because you always do that. I mean, it’s either that, jerking off to porn, or fucking a girl.”

“Well, it really turns me on, that’s why.” Jack looked at Blake’s forehead. “What’s the girl’s name – the
one you were telling me about?”


“Danielle who?” groaned Jack.


Jack thought for a moment. “Is that the girl who –“

“Yeah,” butted in Blake. “Remember?”

“You didn’t even know what I was about to say, dumbass.” Jack slapped Blake’s stomach.

“Well, what were you going to say?”

“Is that the girl who got pregnant by that nerd Peter?”

“No,” scowled Blake. “She’s the one you –“

The door to Jack’s room opened up and in came a short chubby girl with straight dark brown hair that
went down to her waist and big, innocent emerald green eyes. “Jack,” she squealed happily, shutting the
door behind her and running up to the bed. “Guess what?”

“What?” hissed Jack as he gave her the death glare. “What the fuck do you want?”

She jumped up on his bed and positioned herself so that she was laying on him, her stomach against his.
“Mommy says you gotta babysit me. She grinned, looking eye to eye with her brother Jack.

“Hey, Jessica,” Blake said, grinning to the girl.

She grinned back. “Blakey,” she kindly replied with an adorable pig-like giggle. “Hi!”

Blake took Jessica into his arms and hugged her tightly. “How’s my little babe been?” he asked, kissing
the top of her head and continuing to hold her tightly.

“The bestest I ever been,” she said as she tried clasping her pale arms around his body; the results were

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
 “Aw, I love you.” Blake’s left hand began to stroke through her silky soft hair. “Wish I had a little sister
like you.”

“Ugh,” scowled Jack. “You so do not wish you had a little sister.”

“I think it’d be pretty fun,” Blake said, letting go of Jessica. “I’ve always wanted a baby sister.”

Jack shoved Jessica off the bed. “So, Blake, what were you about to say before this little,” Jack pointed
to Jessica, looking at her with disgust, “fat fuck came in and interrupted?”

“She’s the one you…you know –“


Blake bit his lip. “Dude, “he whispered. “Your sister’s here…”

Jessica looked up at Jack, tears streaming down her cheeks. “You pushed me off the bed,” she cried as
she took off running for the door. Once she opened it, she walked out and slammed it shut. “You’re so
mean!” the two teenagers could hear her crying from outside Jack’s room.

“Not anymore,” laughed Jack.

Blake turned to Jack and sighed. “Rob came home a few days ago.”

“You mean that skinny bitch finally got out?” Jack got up from the bed, his hands snaking down to his
jeans, reaching for his side pockets.

“Dude, don’t call him that,” grumbled Blake. “He’s looking real good.”

“Still into that Goth shit?” Jack pulled out a lighter and a pack of Marlboros.

“Well, yeah,” said Blake, grinning, “but he isn’t all deathly skinny. I mean, he’s still thin, but more beefed

“Okay, and this is relevant because…?”

“I thought you wanted updates on Rob?”

“Psh.” Jack grinned as he shook his head. “I don’t give a shit about him. The fucker dropped us like flies
so he could hang out by himself.”

“You were mean to him, Jack, that’s why he left our group.” Blake bit his lip. “He hated how mean you
were to people. Rob’s not a mean person.”

“Yeah, yeah, save your vocal cords,” groaned Jack. “I don’t care why he left. All I care about is taking a
long drag on one of my cancer sticks.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Can I have one, too?” asked Blake, his body now rising from the bed and his feet planted on the floor.

“Go ahead, fucker; take one out of the pack and see if I care.” Jack shoved the pack of Marlboros toward

Blake opened up the pack, taking out a cigarette, and held it up to Jack’s face. “I took one. Whatcha
gonna do now, Jackass?”

“Good. Now we both get to share lung cancer,” Jack said, smirking. “Because you can’t keep your greedy
fucking hands away from my cancer sticks.”

“At least I’m not the addict.” Blake flashed Jack a mischievous smile.

“I’m not addicted,” angrily barked Jack. “So fuck off, man. You’re addicted, but I’m not.”

“Dude, I don’t smoke every day. You do. You’re the addict, trust me.”

“Well, we all die someday. I’ll just die of lung cancer.” Jack pulled out a cigarette. “Now let’s go out to
the patio. Can’t have the Queen Fatsaurus smelling this shit. She’d kill me.”

“Queen Fatsaurus?” Blake laughed, slapping at Jack’s chest.

“I have a lot of nicknames for her,” replied Jack as he smiled. “Queen Hog. Chief of the Fatties. Lisa the
fat, fucking hippo. Chief Pig. Satan. Little Hitler. Kung-fu fattie. And a shitload of others.”

“Oh. I thought you were talking about Jessica.”

“You wanna know her nicknames?”

“I know a few.”

“Yeah, a few. Let me tell you them.” Jack grabbed Blake’s arm and led him out to the patio, sliding the
door shut behind them.

They each took a seat at the patio table. “Still wanna know her nicknames?” asked Jack.

“Sure,” Blake said as he put his cigarette in his mouth and grabbed the lighter out of Jack’s hands, and lit
the tip.

“Oink Oinks. Fat fuck. Jessica the hippo. Muffin top. Blueberry. Baby Fats. Chubba-chubba-oink-oink.
Spawnling of Satan. Piglet. Poohbear. Gremlin. Cheesepuff. Fatakins,” responded Jack, his right hand
snatching back his lighter.

Blake took a drag from the cigarette, watching as Jack placed his cigarette in between his lips and lit the
tip. He took a long drag, his eyes half closed, as he eyed a horse out in a pasture. “Dude,” blurted Jack
as he grabbed the cigarette with his right hand, still intensely eyeing the horse. “Is that my mom’s new

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
 Turning around to see what Jack was looking at, Blake looked out at one of the pastures and saw a tall
red chestnut Thoroughbred grazing happily on some Orchard grass hay placed in the livestock hay bin.
Along with the Thoroughbred was a breeding pair of alpacas and several pygmy goats. “I didn’t know
you and your mom raise red horses,” Blake said as he looked over at Jack.

“Oh, man, that stallion is hot.” Jack’s vibrant tone suggested he was stuck in his own little world. “Oh,
god, he’s one sexy fucker. I can’t wait till we breed him.”

“Hey, I mean, if you like him so much, I’m sure he’d like an ass to put his tool in,” joked Blake.

Jack looked over at Blake. “He can stick it in yours,” hissed Jack as he tried to hide a mischievous smile.

“Just thought I’d suggested it,” teased Blake as he started to laugh. “I totally remember when I caught
you giving one of your horses a hand job!”

“It wasn’t a hand job, you idiot.” Jack took another drag from his cigarette as he rolled his eyes. “I was
cleaning his sheath.”

“I don’t know, man. You seemed really into it.”

“I try to make it more fun for the stallions and geldings,” admitted Jack. “They hate getting their dicks
cleaned, but it’s one of those things they gotta tolerate twice a year; so I figure I might as well make it as
fun as I can.”

“And I bet it turns you on, doesn’t it?” Blake worked himself into such a fit of laughter that he was now

“No, not really.” Jack tried to hide a grin. “But I’ll admit, I get pretty turned on when I see the horses – or
fuck, any of the animals – going at it.”

Blake stopped coughing. “Going at it?”

Jack could no longer hide the grin. “You know: mating, humping, fucking – whatever you wanna call it.”

“What horses do you have now?”

“Thirty thoroughbreds, ten gypsy Vanners, five Friesians, two leopard appaloosas, three Arabians, a
Clydesdale, and a shire.”

“Damn, that’s a lot of horses!”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s pretty tight having all the horses.”

“How’ve Billy the Kid and Freakazoid been?”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Billy’s been okay; I mean, he’s twenty-eight, so he’s really old. Freakazoid’s been great. I’ve been
working him under the saddle.”

“I remember when he was first born and how much you were squealing in excitement about it,” teased
Blake. “And that was only two years ago.”

“Yeah, well, he’s one of my favorites.”

“And what about Graveyard? How’s he been?”

“He’s been breeding mares and making lots of killer babies,” happily responded Jack. “I’m so proud of
my Graveyard boy. The stuff he produces is, oh my god, the best! Me and my mom couldn’t be any
happier with his foals and ease of breeding.”

“That’s awesome! I’ve always liked him.” Blake looked out at the alpacas. “How’ve your sheep-things

“Alpacas, dumbass. They aren’t sheep,” corrected Jack. “The Boss sired five crias.”

“What the fuck are crias?”

“They’re baby alpacas. How many times have I told you this?”

“Oh, tight. Did Fluffigins and Mrs. Oreo Cookies finally pop?”

“Yesterday, actually. Oh, and Pancake, Sockies and Marshmallow had their babies, like, a week ago.”

“I like the names your sister gives them,” said Blake as he grinned. “They’re so cute.”

“Better her names than no names,” said Jack as he laughed. “I rarely ever name those damn things. They
multiply like flies.”

“I like them. They’re pretty cute. Don’t you show them?”

“Yeah. My mom makes me do 4-H, and for a project, I had to pick something. I wanted to just do horses,
but my mom said we already did that, and that I had to pick something else. She loves alpacas, so she
told me to pick those. It started off with five, and now there’s fifteen.”

“Damn. I knew you had a lot of those walking hairballs, but I never knew it was that high.”

“Blake, we have a shitload of animals. For fuck’s sake, my mom has, like, a million and one dogs!”

Blake laughed. “Oh, yeah, how’s Luigi been?”

“Luigi the African Grey?”

“Yeah, you know, that grey bird that talks.”

                            [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“He’s okay, I guess,” said Jack. “Talks up a storm. Bites me. Pisses me. I wanna strangle that fucking bird.
God, I hate my mom’s birds! She has so many! Thank God they live in their own building.”

“How many does she have?”

“128, Blake. One-hundred-and-fucking-twenty-eight birds!”

“Holy shit!”

“I know, right?”

“I don’t have any pets.”

“Wait, doesn’t Rob still have his collection of reptiles and spiders, though?”

“Oh, yeah,” remembered Blake. “I totally forgot. My parents hired some reptile and spider specialist or
something to take care of them.”

“Well, my cig’s all outta puff,” said Jack, flicking the ashes of his cigarette in the air, and then
extinguished it on the table before he threw it into the bushes.

Blake did the same as Jack, and the two got up from the patio chair set and went back inside to Jack’s
room and then the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Jack turned to Blake and touched his hand to
Blake’s chest. “Yesterday at the therapist, I admitted that I was the one who ruined Madison…”

“Are you fucking serious?” asked Blake, his eyes big with worry as he stared into Jack’s eyes.

“I didn’t say shit about what actually happened,” responded Jack. “I—I just told her that it’s my fault
Madison’s such a fucked up girl.”

Blake shook his head in disgust. “That was a stupid move, Jack. A stupid fucking move.”

“Derek… he – he – he knows things…that’s why he wanted to… you know… off me…”

“I thought your brother wanted to kill your ass ‘cause he’s a schizo?”

“He is, you dumbass,” said Jack, his right hand reaching for Blake’s cheek and smacking it. “But it was all
on me for why he ended up getting psycho enough to end up in the nuthouse. I did everything I could to
prevent him from taking his meds, ‘cause I wanted him gone. I wanted him far as fuck away from me.”

“You fuck up your family every chance you get, don’tcha?”

Jack grinned as he turned on the shower faucet. “What can I say? The world really does revolve around

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Blake rolled his eyes, and watched Jack strip down. Jack took notice of Blake’s watching, and he bent
down. “Like my ass, fag?” he said to Blake, his voice oozing of humor.

“Oh yeah, you know me,” sarcastically replied Blake with a smirk, “I love me some nice firm gluts to hold
onto as I pound my dick in the hole.”

“I know you do, you fucking fag.” Jack laughed as he got into the shower, keeping the glass door open.
He grasped his butt cheeks, looked over at Blake, and in a prideful tone, said, “These nice firm gluts
aren’t for fags, motherfucker! They’re for chicks.”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” said Blake, grinning. “I’m totally straight. The only ass I want is a girl’s.”

“Then why the fuck are you staring at my naked body, you fucking fag? Do I get you all hot and
bothered, and get that dick of yours hard as fuck, or something? I mean, shit! Why the fuck were you
watching me get naked?”

 “For the same reason you watch me get naked: you know a hot body when you see one, whether you’re
straight, a fag, or whatever.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” said Jack, laughing, “just get your ass in here already! My body isn’t going to wash
itself, you ugly fuck!”

“Wash your own body, lazy ass,” Blake hissed at Jack. “You get way too faggy when I get in the shower
with you.”

“Whatever, loser,” yelled Jack as he slammed the shower door shut. “I guess you’ll be missing out on
some hot ass tonight ‘cause you’re such a lazy, stupid, pathetic, piece of shit loser! I’m getting laid by
four hot bitches tonight, and now I’m not gonna share with you!”

“Share what with me – STDs?”

“Fuck you,” Jack shouted at the top of his lungs. “You’re the loser who gets STDs after every pussy you
fuck! And it serves you right, dipshit; you’re so ugly and giant and stupid! You disgust any girl – even
those fugly fatass bitches who can’t get a guy to lay them even if they paid him to!”

“Maybe I should get in that shower with you,” said Blake as he grasped the shower door and pulled it
open. “So I can rape you!”

“Like you’d do that,” confidently remarked Jack. “You couldn’t get away with it.”

“Why not – ‘cause you’d cry to your mommy? I could totally take your ass down if I wanted to, so fuck
off, Jack, okay? I’m bigger and stronger than you, so don’t pull this shit. I wouldn’t wanna hurt your
fragile ego.”

Jack grabbed Blake by his shirt collar and pulled Blake’s face close to his. “If you ever did something like
that,” he hissed boldly, “I’d kill you.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Blake backed down. “Sorry,” he whispered as he averted his eyes to the shower floor tiles. “I – I – I
didn’t mean to get that –“

“Fucking stupid?”

“Yeah, that’s what I was just going to say…”

“Good. You better have apologized, asshole! You don’t ever try to pull dominant shit like that on me.
You’re my bitch; it’s not the other way around! If I tell you to do something, you better fucking listen or
the consequences are harsh.”

“I’m sorry, Jack,” said Blake as he got out of the shower and sat down on the lid of the toilet. “It just
really peeves me when you say I’m ugly and shit like that.”

“Well, you let your ego get out of control, and I help reel it back in. That’s why you should be thankful
you have a best friend like me!”

“My ego out of control? Oh please! Yours is the one that’s as big as all fifty states put together!”

“The difference between yours and mine is just so obvious. I’m awesome enough for mine to be so big,
but you aren’t. You have every god damn thing you could possibly ever want, so therefore, you don’t
have any big ego rights.”

“That’s a load of bullshit, Jack! Neither of us should have huge egos, and you know it!”

“Wrong: you shouldn’t have a big ego, but I can and I do.”

“You’re always so unfair!”

“Think I’m so unfair? Then fuck off! There’s nothing stopping you from getting the fuck out of my life,
fag, so just do it!”

“Whatever, man, I’m out,” said Blake as he walked toward the bathroom door and opened it.

“Oh, yeah,” Jack called out to Blake. “Make sure you tell Fat Fuck to get in here!”

“Fuck you!” Blake shouted as he slammed the bathroom door shut and sauntered out of Jack’s room.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Scene 3

After taking his shower, Jack patted himself down with a towel before taking another towel and
wrapping it around his waist. His strides – confident, cocky and conceited – expressed the way he felt
about himself: superior to all others. Walking out of the bathroom, keeping up the stride, he put the
cocaine and its paraphernalia into the safe, and then put the safe into a secret hiding spot he had built
into the wall behind a portrait of him and his family. Once he put the portrait back up, he went back
over to his bed and lay down. Staring up at the ceiling fan, he began to think about all that was soon to
transpire tonight. Four beautiful teenager girls were going to meet him at his parent’s entertainment
house for a night of hot, kinky sex, rounds of vodka shots, and hits of quality weed, acid and coke.

“Jessica!” Jack shouted in the direction of his bedroom door. “Jessica!”

Listening to the giggling and pounding footsteps, he smirked upon realization that she had heard him
loud and clear and was following his orders as she would almost always do. Jack’s relationship with his
six-year-old sister Jessica was very bittersweet: one moment he was as sweet as can be to her; the next,
he was cussing her out and making fun of her for being chubby.

It wasn’t long before she came bursting through his bedroom door, her big, bright smile lighting up her
round pale face. “Lucifer!” she squealed happily as she jumped up on the bed and wiggled her way on
top of his body.

“What the fuck, Jess?” hissed Jack. “Lucifer? That’s my fucking nickname now?”

“You’re evil, like Lucifer the Devil.”

“I’m sorry about shoving you off the bed,” apologized Jack as he placed his right hand on Jessica’s
shoulder and began to slide it down to the hems of her shirt.

“It’s okay, Jack-sicle. It’s okay. Me and you are the bestest of best friends on the planet.”

He grinned at Jessica. “I was sure there was a reason I loved you,” he replied cheerfully as both his
hands grasped the hems of her shirt and pulled it off from her body. “Wanna play a game?”

“Duh,” she said with a loud giggle. “I love games!”

Jack’s right hand grasped Jessica’s left. “You trust me, Jess, right?”



“Yeah. You my brother, Jack, and you my best friend. I can always trust you.”

His hands caressed the smooth, pale skin of her body. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful I thought you

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Jessica shied her face away from Jack’s. “No,” she mumbled.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Really?” she asked as she brought her face back to Jack’s, and stared into his eyes, grinning.

“I know so,” he replied back with a grin. “And you’re my beautiful girl. You know what I would like to do
with my beautiful girl?”

“Play house?” Jessica asked ecstatically.

“No, silly girl,” replied Jack with a dry laugh. “We’re going to play hide the snake in the cave.”

The look in her eyes was all Jack needed to realize that he needed to elaborate further on about the
game. “It’s a fun game, really,” he said, his hand holding hers. “It feels nice –real nice. It’s, like, way
better than getting your back scratched or eating the best food you’ve ever tasted. It’s heavenly.”

“How do you play hide the snake in the cave?”

“I can’t really tell you, Jess. We just gotta play the game. It’s fun, trust me. You’ll love it.”

“Can we start playing?”

“Of course,” Jack said, smirking, as he rolled himself out from under her and hovered his body over hers.

Jessica looked up at him, a grin on her face. “Where’s the snake?” she asked as she looked to the sides
of the bed.

“Under my towel,” Jack said, his right index finger pointing to the bulge beneath the towel.

She giggled as she brought her right hand over to the towel, trying to tear it off from around Jack’s
waist. He grasped her hand and set it down. “Keep your hands down, sweetie,” he said, laughing. “Be

“And the cave? Where’s that?”

After he pulled off her skirt and underwear, his right hand works its way down to her vulva, his index
finger brushing the entrance of her vagina. “There,” he said, his finger working its way deeper into it.
“Can you feel my finger?”

“That feels weird,” mumbled Jessica as she scrunched her eyebrows and wiggled her body around.

“The snake is much bigger,” responded Jack. “I’m just preparing the cave for the snake.”

He took his finger out and brought it to his lips. “The snake’s going in,” whispered Jack as he stripped off
the towel and took his erect penis into his right hand.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Jack spread her legs and looked in between. “Now, Jess,” he said gently, “don’t cry, okay? It’s gonna

As he began to slowly and gently penetrate her with his penis, she let out a loud cry. “Jack,” she gasped
loudly, her body shaking. “What’s going on? It hurts! It hurts!”

“Shhh,” he cooed. His right hand rushed over to her mouth, covering it with his palm. Tears fell from her
eyes and dribbled down her cheeks. “The snake is eating its way through the cave.”

“The snake is eating into the cave?” Jessica mumbled in horror from beneath his palm.

“Don’t worry, Jessi-pooh,” Jack whispered, smiling as he gazed into her eyes. “It’s what’s supposed to
happen. The cave yearns for the snake, and the snake for the cave. They are made for one another.”

“It really hurts,” whimpered Jessica as tears continued to fall from her eyes. “Real badly!”

“That’s part of the game,” instantly replied Jack. “The pain’s the challenge. If you can take the pain and
allow the snake full entry into the cave, you win; if you baby out, you’re a fucking fat, ugly loser!”

“I don’t wanna be a fat, ugly loser,” said Jessica, sniffling as she stared at Jack with tear-filled eyes.

“Then stop crying like a fucking baby, and take this snake in! It needs your cave to escape from the
wicked monster that’s tryna eat it!”

The tears continued to bottle up inside her eyes, flooding her cheeks every few seconds, but she
managed a cheerful smile as she grabbed her right hand to Jack’s left. “I’m a winner!”

He released his hand from hers, and grasped the top of her knees and spread them wider. “This is really
going to hurt, but the monster is trying to get the snake, and the snake needs to hide right now,” said
Jack as he thrust his pelvis, his penis now partly inside of her.

“Oww,” she cried out upon the thrust. “It hurts so bad! The cave – I – I think it’s boo-booed!”

Jack grasped a thick chunk of hair near her roots and pulled it. “The snake’s in,” he heaved as he began
to thrust in and out as slowly as possible.

Jessica’s body wiggled around. “Why the snake moving? Why it moving?” she asked in a spooked tone.
She was crying and whimpering and squirming around. “I thought snake hiding?”

“A bat bit its head,” responded Jack. “It’s trying to escape the bat, and in order to do so, it has to move
like that.”

“The bat still won’t let go,” Jack hissed as he thrust faster. “Now the snake’s gotta move fast to get out
of the bat’s mouth.”

She began to scream because of the pain, albeit muffled by Jack’s hand. “How do I help get Snaky out of
Batty’s mouth?”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Tell Snaky to go faster,” whispered Jack.

“Faster, Snaky! Faster!” shouted Jessica as she closed her eyes and wept loudly. “Faster!”

Jack grasped the headboard of the bed, the whole frame shaking as he rhythmically thrust faster and
faster. “Ooh, yes,” moaned Jack as he closed his eyelids. “Mmm, thatta girl! You tell that Snaky to go

Jessica’s breathing deepened with the faster thrusting Jack did. “Is – Is,” she whispered breathlessly.
“Snaky… is he free yet?”

“Just a little more,” heaved Jack. “Just a little more and Snaky’ll be free.”

Jack lost control as he neared ejaculation; he thrust so deep and fast that he accidentally slammed
Jessica’s head into the headboard.

“Oww,” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “My head! My head!”

“Oh, god, yes, Jess,” Jack gasped as he grunted and moaned. “Let that Snaky show who’s boss!”

“Snaky slammed my head,” cried Jessica. “My head hurt so bad!”

“Oooh, Jess baby,” loudly moaned Jack as he began to ejaculate. Jessica opened up her eyes and looked
up and watched as his face twitched and his mouth opened, some drool dripping out.

She managed to laugh. “Jack, you okay?” she asked as she grabbed at his nose and pulled it. “You look

He opened up his eyes and slapped her hand away. “Snaky’s free,” he replied breathlessly, a smile
forming on his face. “The wicked monster’s gone and Snaky can now leave the cave.”

Jack pulled out and rolled to the left side of Jessica. He covered himself with the towel, and then looked
over at her. “I love you,” he cooed, his fingers tenderly and lovingly stroking at her cheeks. “I love you so
much, Jessi-pooh.”

“I love you, too, Jackster,” said Jessica as she let out a giggle. Tears were still streaming down her
flushed face, and she looked over at Jack and frowned. “It hurts so badly! So badly, Jack!”

“I know, Jessica, but remember, sweetie,” Jack said firmly, his eyes staring into hers. “You can’t tell
anyone about this game – not even Blake or Mommy or Daddy or Nanny or any of your friends. You

“I promise!”

“You swear to God?”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I swear to God, Jack!”

Jack’s arms reached for her body, encircling her tightly within them. “I took away your virginity,” he
whispered into her ear as he squeezed his arms tighter around her body. “You’re now just another
sinner whose purity was fucked away by your very own brother.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
                                               Chapter Two

“I know I didn’t call or anything, but I decided to come early to see you,” said Blake as soon as Danielle
opened the front door to let him in.

“Blake!” she said both shyly and excitedly. “How are you?

He grabbed her hand and started to lead her out of the house and toward his car. “I figured we’d go to
my house to hang out.”

Her face lit up soon after he told her that she would get to come to his place. She had always wondered
what that mansion looked like from the inside. Yet, her current interest was on his car. As soon as he
started the engine, she looked at its expensive black leather and smiled. All of his possessions were
classy, even his socks! She felt honored just to be able to sit in the seat of his car, but to be alone with
him in it, going to his house, tickled her pink. He looked at her occasionally with a smile while he was
drove her to his house. Blake could tell she was enthralled with his car and was more than excited to see
his house. He found that everyone he met was in awe over the expensive things he had…

Just a quick press of a button and the tall black iron gates opened up, and he drove the car inside the
entrance. Danielle’s star struck facial expression caught Blake’s attention fast.

“Like it?” he said, laughing slightly.

“What a beautiful place!” she replied as she continued to stare at the three-story mansion.

As they walked toward the door, Danielle looked at the front entrance’s surroundings and noticed
famous statues, a large breathtaking pond, dozens of flowerbeds, sky reaching palm trees, and several
beautiful fountains. In the background she could spot the beautiful ocean in the midst of the colorful

“Wow!” she said, grinning. “The beach is just right there!”

Blake laughed and then took her hand. “Where would you like to go first?” he asked.

“The beach!”

Running towards the beach, Danielle stopped quickly as soon as her feet were touching the sand. “I love
it! The beauty, the beach!”

Blake sat down on the white sandy beach shores, and Danielle sat next to him. “Perfect, eh?”

“As perfect as things can be!”

He touched her shoulder and she looked at him, still smiling. He moved his face closer to hers and kissed
her on the lips.

“There,” he said. “I finally kissed you.”
                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
It surprised her. Unlike as described in romance books or as shown in movies and on TV, it felt like
nothing. She didn’t feel anything special; all she felt was a pair of lips grasping hers. He ran a hand down
her cheek and smiled at her. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

His eyes were locked on hers, and he dove his face close to hers and kissed her passionately. “I’ve been
waiting to do that for a few months now,” he said as he winked.

She blushed and smiled innocently. After nervously giggling, she looked down at the ground and
secretly wiped off the saliva from his kiss. She felt uncomfortable because of his gestures of affection.
She didn’t want to feel that way, but she was insecure and there was no connection yet between them;
they had just met, anyway, so of course she wasn’t going to just magically develop those close, intimate
feelings for him yet. He, on the other hand, enjoyed kissing her and showing her affection.

Even though Blake could tell she was uncomfortable, he was trying to push her out of her comfort zone.
He gently pushed her down and hovered over her, his chest close to her body and his arms right by her
sides. He took his hand and held her face as he kissed her even longer than before. “Is that better?” he
asked afterwards, breathing heavily.

Danielle said nothing. She lay there uncomfortably as she looked from side-to-side, trying to avoid his
gaze for as long as she could get could.

“It’s cute how shy you are,” he said, smiling, as he moved his lips toward her ear. “I really like you.”

She could feel her heart beating faster and faster as he told her that. Having not felt anything from his
kisses, the fast and hard beating caught her by surprise. It was the way he said it that brought about the
meaning. The way he said it was strong and believable. “You do?”

“Yes,” he whispered back. “I really mean it. I like you a lot, Danielle McCarthy. You’re a sweet girl.”

“I like you, too,” she replied back, smiling shyly.

“Blake! Come here, please,” yelled a voice from one of the sliding glass backdoors of the house. Standing
there looking rather dumbfounded was a girl with very-wavy light golden blonde hair that reached a
couple of inches past her shoulders.

He sighed and looked over at the girl. “Okay, I’ll be right there, Jennifer,” he yelled back.

“Sorry, babe, but I have to go see what she’s up to,” he said as he frowned.

“Now!” yelled the girl again.

“That damn girl just won’t leave me alone,” he said to Danielle with laughter. She laughed, too, and
scooted herself closer to the ocean as he got up to assist the girl yelling.

Feet dipped in the warm ocean water, Danielle sat there staring at the beautiful sunset, taking in the
smell of the salt water, and the sounds of the waves crashing. The beach’s tranquil state relaxed her,

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
while its stunning sights inspired her mind to wonder. Several minutes passed by and she began to close
her eyes due the peaceful rolling and crashing of the waves that engendered sleepiness.

She felt warm hands on her shoulders. “Don’t fall asleep just yet,” came a soft voice from behind her.

“I won’t, Blake.”

Blake sat down next to her and leaned her head against his chest. “Would you like to meet my sister and

Danielle remained silent.

“Sweetie,” Blake said, his left hand reaching for her shoulder. “Would you like to meet them?”

“I don’t know,” mumbled Danielle.

Blake laughed. “Don’t be shy, Danielle. You’ll really like them.”

He grasped his hands around her waist, and sprung her to her feet as he stood up. “We’re meeting
them, whether you want to or not,” he said, pulling her close to him.

Danielle looked down at the sand, sighing. “Do we have to?” she asked, her heart pounding as she took
a quick peek at Blake.

“Why are you so afraid to meet them?” he asked gently as he grasped a hold of her upper arm and
began to lead her toward the house.

“Look,” she said, tugging her arm away from his grasp, “I have some issues…”

Blake scrunched his eyebrows and glared at her uneasily. “What kinda issues?” he asked in a slow,
cumbersome tone.

“I have anxiety issues,” she whispered, her heart pounding against her chest. “I get panic attacks.”

His large, muscular arms wrapped around her body. “Aw,” he cooed, “I’m sorry to hear that. But you
know what?”


“My brother has those same problems,” he responded. “He’s been in treatment for a year at an

“Treatment for what?”

“Psycho-ness, anxiety, depression, anorexia bullshit… you know, shit like that.”

“Oh,” she said uneasily. “It sounds like he’s had a lot of problems…”

                            [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“He’s on his meds, so don’t worry – he’s not gonna try to do any weird shit to you.”

“That’s reassuring,” sarcastically responded Danielle. “You sure know how to talk well about your

“Hey, I’m just being honest. I mean, what’d you want me to say – that the guy’s totally perfect like me
and has no issues?”

“Everyone has issues, Blake.”

“I don’t,” he sneered. “I’m healthy, smart and attractive. What more could you ask for?”

She rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, “Conceited much?”

“I love myself,” he admitted. “A lot. Maybe a little too much. But at least I’m not another dumbass with
low self-esteem. I swear, everyone these days has low self-esteem, and it’s fucking annoying!”

Danielle’s eyes swelled up with tears. “So I’m dumbass?”

“No, but you’re stupid to think that you’re not worth it,” he replied. “Why do girls always seem to think
they’re ugly or something’s wrong with them?”

“Just look at the media, Blake, then you’ll see why.”

“No, they just do it for attention. They know they’re hot and guys dig them, yet they crave more
attention – and that’s why they do that ‘Oh, I’m so ugly and worthless’ shit.”

“How can you say that?” she said, feeling completely offended.

Unbeknownst to Danielle, Blake rolled his eyes. “You’re overreacting, Danielle,” he said, hugging her
tightly. “That’s what people with low self-esteem do: they take everything personally and overreact.”

“Of course you’d be so ignorant about why I’m the way I am,” she replied. “You’ve never experienced
what I have.”

“Look, sweetie, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just very blunt.”

“You offended anyone with low self-esteem.”

“Sorry, but I just don’t understand why anyone would be so fucked up in the head to think they didn’t
matter. I mean, doesn’t everyone matter to someone?”

“You just wouldn’t understand…”

“No, babe, enlighten me. I’ve lived the life anyone dreams of, so the fuck if I know what it’s like to have
a shitty life.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“It’s awful,” was all she said.

“Anywho,” said Blake, grabbing her hand. “Let’s meet Rob and Jennifer.”

They walked through the sliding glass door, and Blake sat Danielle down on one of the black leather
couches in the spacious living room of the mansion. He went into the kitchen and after a couple of
minutes, came back out.

“Here’s Rob,” he said to Danielle.

Beside him stood his brother Rob. Standing side-by-side, their height was identical, as were their facial
shape and features, but everything else differed vastly. Rob’s blue eyes – the same beautiful shade and
shape as Blake’s – kindly gazed at her. A thick amount of charcoal black eyeliner was applied around
them, and velvet black eye shadow heavily coated his eyelids. “You’re beautiful,” he said abruptly to
Danielle as he walked over and sat down next to her.

Danielle scooted over, glancing uneasily at Rob. “You two are brothers?”

“We’re twins,” said Rob, grinning.

Danielle stared at the crimson red lipstick he had applied to his slender lips. On the right side of his
lower lip was a black lip piercing.

“Identical twins,” butted in Blake.

“Neat, isn’t it?” asked Rob, his left hand reaching for Danielle’s. He held her hand, his fingers
interlocking with hers, and gazed into her dark brown eyes. His fingernails caught Danielle’s attention;
they were painted with a rich black nail polish that made her wonder what the hell was wrong with the
guy. What guy would paint his fingernails? She wondered to herself as she continued to stare at them.

“Like the polish?” Rob asked, laughing a little. Danielle looked back up at him, and smiled. There was a
platinum steel industrial bar piercing in his right eyebrow, and multiple piercings in his ears: an
industrial, two small loops along the cartilage of his left ear, along with one lobe piercing; and two
cartilage piercings in his right ear.

She said nothing in response to his question. There wasn’t anything positive for her to say; she thought
the black nail polish was atrocious.

Rob’s skin was much lighter than Blake’s – it was pale. The black t-shirt he wore fit snug against his
skinny body. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite,” he said in an attempt to ease her nerves and get her to start

“At least not hard,” snickered Blake as he walked toward the couch and took a seat beside Danielle.
After he turned and looked at Rob, he pointed to Danielle and said, “Her name’s Danielle.”

“What a beautiful name,” said Rob, his gaze back at Danielle. “It’s nice to meet you, Danielle.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“You, too,” she replied quickly, her eyes averted away from his.

“I’m Robert. But everyone calls me Rob.”

“I know…Blake told me already.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, grinning. “I forgot!”

“So, you’re really the one with all the, um, issues?”

Rob looked at Blake, and then back at Danielle. “I am?”

“She told me she had anxiety issues, so I told her some of yours to help put her at ease about meeting
you and Jennifer,” Blake told Rob.

Rob laughed. “Put her at ease? More like freak her out!”

“She told me that she thought it was hot that you were so fucked up. I asked her what she’d wanna do
with you, and she told me she wanted to fuck your brains out,” joked Blake.

“Stop it, Blake,” bitterly replied Rob. “You’re such a creep!”

Blake turned to Danielle and grinned. “Say something, baby. You’re so quiet.”

“You’re making me uncomfortable,” mumbled Danielle as she stared at the leather fabric of the couch.

“Really, I’m making you horny?” teased Blake. “That’s hot!”


He continued to tease her. “Oh, you’ve really got a little something for me?” He grasped at the crotch of
his pants. “I’ve got something for you, too, but it ain’t little, baby; it’s big!”

Blake was just being Blake: confident, playful and perverted. Danielle was about ready to smack his ass
because what he was saying was not only rude and uncalled for, it was humiliating. Being the shy,
unconfident girl she was, she wouldn’t have dared to express her true feelings; so instead, she just
continued to sit there, in silence, the look on her face expressing her disgust with Blake.

In walked the girl that Danielle had seen earlier – the one who had called for Blake. At six-foot with a
proportional torso and legs, she stood out like a sore thumb amongst majority of girls. Although almost
slender, relatively toned and considered model-material, she was meatier than a model, and much more
beautiful than one, too. Her facial features were well within proportion for her oval face, and her face
was kept completely makeup-free.

“Hello,” she said, smiling as she walked toward the three sitting on the couch, “I’m Jennifer.” She
reached her hand out for Danielle’s and shook it.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I’m Danielle,” replied Danielle as she uneasily looked up at Jennifer, her face emotionless.

Jennifer’s jade green eyes gazed into Danielle’s, her gaze friendly and comforting. “It’s nice to meet you,
Danielle,” she said, her smile turning into a big grin.

Upon her body she wore a very modest yellow sundress with hems that reached down to her ankles.
Although she appeared at least sixteen, she had a kind, refreshing child-like innocence to her that very
few girls had these days – especially ones as beautiful as she was. The warmth and kindness, along with
her smile, was very genuine and real; it made Danielle feel a bit more at ease as she began to realize
that this girl was not what she thought she would be like – a rude, stuck up bimbo who was like a female
version of Blake.

“Jennifer’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet,” Blake told Danielle. “She’s sweet, loving, kind, genuine,
hardworking, intelligent, natural, and very down-to-earth.”

She blushed as she sat down next to Blake. “We’re all very close,” she said, looking over at Danielle.

“And are very glad to meet a beautiful girl like you,” chimed in Rob as he grinned at Danielle.

Rob’s hair was dyed raven black, and was styled like that of Robert Smith’s – from the band The Cure – in
his music video The Lovecats: around three-inch high messily spiked hair with a sparing amount of bangs
falling onto his forehead.

“Tell us about yourself, Danielle,” said Jennifer as she looked up at Danielle and smiled.

“Um,” began Danielle, her heart thudding against her chest as her anxiety rose. “I like to swim, read,
draw and paint, be on the computer. I also like to watch movies and walk my dogs to the park.”

“Awesome,” replied Jennifer. “I also love to swim, read, draw and paint, watch movies and be on the

“We have two swimming pools, you know,” Rob told Danielle. “An indoor and an outdoor – plus a
couple of spas.”

“We should all go swimming,” shouted Blake ecstatically. “That’d be hella fun!”

“Or maybe just the two of you should,” said Rob as he winked at Blake. “Jennifer and I can be on the
deck, and we can all just chill and talk.”

“Sounds like a deal to me,” said Blake as he pulled off his navy blue tank top. “I’ve already got my surf
shorts on.”

“I – I don’t have a swimsuit,” Danielle whispered to Blake.

“No problem,” said Rob, who had apparently heard. “We’ve got plenty of extras around here.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
He got up from the couch, left the room, and headed up the left side of the double marble and iron
staircase. Several minutes later he came down with a couple of beach towels and one-piece swimsuits.
“Here,” he said to Danielle as he handed her a black bathing suit. “I think this one will fit perfectly.”

“I don’t know about this,” quietly said Danielle. “I feel too exposed in a bathing suit…”

“You’re beautiful,” peeped in Jennifer. “And I’ve got some swim shorts you can wear if you’d like.”

“I definitely would want to wear shorts,” Danielle replied to Jennifer.

“Okay, I’ll go get them.” Jennifer walked out of the room and up the stairs to get her shorts. A few
minutes later she came down with a few different pairs of shorts. She handed Danielle a pair of navy
blue shorts that looked like they’d fit the best.

“Everyone knows you cut yourself,” blurted out Blake. “So just take off your long sleeved shirt and jeans,
and have a little fun for once!”

Rob slapped Blake across the back of his head. “What the heck?” he hissed at him. “That was totally
uncalled for!”

Jennifer shook her head as she looked at Blake. “Apologize to her, Blake!”

Danielle kept her face down as she sat on the couch. She was humiliated that Blake would tell both
Jennifer and Rob that she was a cutter. She was angry that he would even say anything like that. And
she was in disbelief that people knew the secret she tried so hard to hide from all others.

Blake took Danielle’s hand into his. “Sorry, hun,” he said, trying to take a peek at her hidden face. “Like I
said before, I’m real blunt.”

As Rob handed the bathing suit to Danielle, he leaned in for her face and whispered into her ear, “I used
to be a cutter, too.”

She grabbed Rob’s hand and squeezed it. “You’re really sweet,” she mumbled.

The four teenagers got up from the couch and walked out of the house and toward the large, beautiful-
landscaped pool. It was large and landscaped as something you’d find in nature, with a large waterfall at
the east end. Palm trees were scattered around the pool area, and at the west end was a large slide.
Across the way was the pool house with a patio.

“Where am I supposed to get dressed?” Danielle asked Blake as they walked toward the waterfall end of
the pool.

“The pool house, but,” he said, pointing at the building, “it’s under construction right now. So, you’ll
have to get dressed behind it.”

“Behind it?!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Don’t worry.” His hands grabbed hers. “I’ll hold up a towel so no one will see. Okay?”

Jennifer and Rob were sitting on lounge chairs under a shade structure. Blake and Danielle went behind
the pool house. Beach towel spread out and held up by Blake, Danielle got behind it and began to
undress herself.

“Mmm,” commented Blake as he peeked over the towel and saw her take off her pants. “Nice butt!”

“Blake!” she called out, grabbing the black one piece bathing suit and covering herself with it. “Don’t

“Don’t freak out,” he said, laughing, as he continued to peek. “I’ll be seeing you naked soon, anyway.”

“Just stop peeking,” she scowled.

“Fine, fine,” he said as he moved it up and turned his head to the side.

She pulled on the bathing suit and then water shorts, and covered herself with a beach towel. Blake
took down the towel and looked at her. “No way,” he said, grasping the towel from off of her. “You look
nice. Don’t try to cover yourself with the fucking towel!”

The two walked out from behind the back of the pool house and toward the pool. Applying sunscreen to
his face, hands and anywhere else that would get exposed to sun, Rob looked up and watched as
Danielle got into the pool; his brother Blake was looking at him and smiling. They exchanged winks.

Blake dove into the water, grasping Danielle by the waist as soon as he hit the surface. He swam her to
the waterfall and the two sat on the step beneath it.

“Guess who was checking you out?” Blake grinned as water dripped down his face.

Danielle gasped for air. “Blake,” she heaved. “You totally scared me!”

“Rob was totally checking you out,” Blake said, ignoring what she said. “But don’t worry, he’s into fatties
and aliens.”

She sighed and looked over at Rob. He was looking at the two, a big smile on his face, and his left hand
waving at them. Blake pushed Danielle into the rock wall of the waterfall. “We could fuck right here, and
they wouldn’t know anything,” said Blake, his face brushing against Danielle’s, and his left hand sliding
down her shorts and to in between her legs as he pulled at the elastic hem of her swimsuit.

“Stop it,” hissed Danielle, her hand grasping Blake’s and thrusting it away. “Stop it now, or I’m getting

“Fine,” he said, backing down. “I’ll leave you alone before you try to kill me.”

“What did you mean by… he’s into fatties and aliens?”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“He gets turned on by fat girls, and chubby ones, too.”

“So, do I turn him on?”

Blake tried to hide a smile, but failed. “You’ve got meat on your bones,” he said, his hands caressing her
thighs. “I love that. I’m a big guy, so when a girl’s your height, I prefer her to be full bodied, if you know
what I mean.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Isn’t it obvious what he thinks of you?” asked Blake. “I mean, the guy’s practically spoon feeding you
what he thinks of you.”

“He gives me the creeps, Blake. There’s something that really bugs me about him.”

“It’s just his appearance,” said Blake, laughng. “Had you seen him before he fucked up his appearance,
you would have been spread eagle and begging for his dick. He was as hot as me before. We were, like,
every girl’s greatest desire. But of course, Rob’s weird taste in girls meant that he was chasing after
fatties, not hotties.”

“And Jennifer – does that girl have any flaws?”

Blake rolled his eyes and let out a laugh. “God, Danielle,” he said, looking down at her. “Do you really
think she’s flawless?”

“She might as well be!”

“No one’s perfect, Danielle. Jennifer’s no exception. Just ‘cause she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she’s

“Then what things about her aren’t perfect?”

“You see, people look at my family and wonder how the hell we’re all attractive; thing is, we got lucky
with genetics, ‘cause my grandparents and cousins and all them aren’t all attractive and tall. My
grandma on my mom’s side is a short, overweight woman who more so resembles a bulldog than a
swan,” replied Blake. “And my dad, his real parents are poor farmers in Sweden who already had eleven
kids before he came along. He was adopted by a rich family in New York whose wealth came from the
family passed down oil business… that later was passed down to my dad, who expanded it to what it is
today – a multi-billion dollar business. My dad’s an oil tycoon.”

“Interesting,” replied Danielle. “I never realized any of that… but that still doesn’t explain her flaws.”

“I’ll get to that. Right now I’m trying to give you some background,” he responded. “My mom’s full
Italian, born and raised in the outskirts of Rome, Italy. She came to the U.S. when she was eighteen to
begin college at Yale. My dad was also going there – for a business degree – and that’s how they met.
Her family’s wealthy, too, but not as wealthy as my dad’s. On some sort of cruise they went on when
they were in their early 20s, they met Jack’s parents, and the two couples became real close…which

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
resulted in becoming best friends and several years down the road, both moving to Malibu near each

“Oh, so it wasn’t by coincidence that they both ended up living in Malibu?”

“No, of course not,” he said, laughing. “I mean, how likely is it that two billionaires would just decide to
move to the same area without first becoming friends and all that?”

“Not likely.”

“Exactly,” he said. “Health problems run in my family. Jennifer’s asthmatic; Rob and I are severely
allergic to animals; and our dad has allergies to a lot of things.”

“Oh, she’s asthmatic? I guess we have more in common than I thought…”

“Yup,” he said, holding her hand. “She also can’t cook worth shit, and loves eating junk food and
drinking sodas.”

“Uh, if she eats junk food and drinks soda, how does she stay in shape?”

“Exercise, duh.” He laughed. “Jack wants her so badly, but you know what, he’ll never get her. He
doesn’t deserve someone as wonderful as her. That creep just wants to be the first to pop her cherry.”

“I don’t even understand why he’s popular.”

“Rich and snobby and everything naughty – that’s what people at school refer to Jack and me as.”

“It’s true,” mumbled Danielle.

“Oh, yeah,” blurted out Blake. “Jennifer’s petrified of roller coasters and heights!”

“I am, too,” she replied. “But you still didn’t tell me why Jack’s so popular.”

“He’s rich, hot, outgoing and assertive. Money, looks and personality matter most when it comes to
being popular – at least at our school.”

“If personality matters, how the heck could he be popular?”

“Jack’s fun. He’s fucking wild and crazy. Sometimes he’s even nice. If you’ve earned his respect and
trust, he’s got your back – most of the time, anyway. Sure, he uses girls, but he throws awesome parties,
and makes any party memorable and fun. If you’re tight with Jack, you get treated well by him –

“I still don’t get how he could be popular…”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Danielle, you see,” Blake said, making eye contact with her. “Jack’s got the most hot and cold
personality of any person you’ll ever meet: one moment he’s hella nice and friendly; the next, he’s
cussing you out and trying to whack your ass. He’s the kinda person who you both love and hate.”

“Doesn’t he get on your nerves?”

“I’ll be honest with you, babe. There are times I’d just like to slaughter the motherfucker. But I still love
him because I know that without him, I wouldn’t be me. He’s like my second half.”

“But what makes him feel the need to be such an asshole? Why does he have to so mean and insultive
to others?”

“That’s just Jack for you. Unless you can stand up for yourself and show him who’s boss, he’ll rip you to
shreds like a bloodthirsty wolverine.”

“I hate Jack. He’s such an evil, disgusting, vile person!”

“Hey,” said Blake, wrapping his arms around Danielle’s body, “I don’t blame you. I’d feel the same way if
I, too, were raped.”

“Shut up, Blake,” hissed Danielle as she freed herself from his arms. “You could have stopped it, but you
didn’t do shit!”

“Look, I’m totally sorry. I’ve done a lot of fucked up shit, and that’s why I’m trying to make it up. I feel
real bad about how much of an asshole I’ve been.”

“You’re still being one,” she whispered. “Especially when we were around Rob and Jennifer. I can’t
believe you blurted out that I cut myself!”

“I’m sorry about that. I tend to speak before I think… a lot of the time, so a lot of things just get blurted
out… Really, now that I think about it, I really truly am sorry about that.”

Blake swam away from the step and toward the edge of the pool. “Hey, Rob,” he called out, waving his
hands riotously at Rob.

Rob looked over at Blake. “Yeah?”

“Come on in, Rob! Get in the pool with us!”

He got up from the lounge chair and pulled off his jeans. Now exposed were his skinny, pale legs that
were covered with a generous amount of light brown hair. A quick lather of sunscreen on both his legs,
and off he went to the pool. Still wearing his black long sleeve shirt, he stepped into the pool, and both
he and Blake swam over to the waterfall.

“Hey,” Rob greeted Danielle as he sat by her left side.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Blake sat on the other side of her, and looked over at Rob. “What would you do if Danielle took off her
bathing suit and shorts, and spread her legs and begged and pleaded for you to pound her pussy?”

Rob frowned as he clasped his hands together and placed them on his lap. He remained silent.

“He’s got a hard on,” Blake whispered into Danielle’s ear. “You can tell by how he did the whole hands in
lap thing.”

“Well, Rob? What would you do?” demanded Blake.

“I’d tell her that I don’t have casual sex, and then I’d get out of the pool.”

“So you’re telling me, that if she was horny enough to throw herself at you with legs completely spread,
begging for your dick, you’d turn her down?”

“I have morals, and I actually follow them, believe it or not.”

“I’m impressed.” Blake reached over and gave Rob a pat on the back. “So, how’ve your aliens been?”

“What aliens?”

“Oh, so now you’re denying them?”

“I don’t have any aliens…”

“Remember Uba, the leprechaun alien you told me you’d jack off to?”


Blake began to moan. “Oooh, god, Uba!! Oooohh, Uba! Again, again! I wanna make love to your
beautiful green body! Your big, black tilted almond shape eyes are giving me the biggest boner I’ve ever
had! Mmm, how I’d like to put my dick in your alien pussy, and pound it all night long! Oh, god, Uba, I
need you! Come here, baby! Come here and let me fuck the intergalactic fluid outta ya!”

Rob shoved Blake off the step. “Stop it,” he mumbled to Blake. “Stop saying stuff like that.”

“Don’t be such a loser, Rob,” laughed Blake as he began to paddle through the water. “It’s fucking
hilarious that you used to jack off to aliens.”

“I didn’t do that,” lied Rob as he looked down at his jean covered thighs.

“Yes you did! You’re a fucking liar!” Blake shouted at Rob. “It’s like that time you lied to the psych
doctor. You told him you never said it, but you fucking did! You told me that an alien took over my

Rob started to shake as he looked around the pool. “S-ss-sstop!” he said, suddenly gasping as he jumped
off the step and swam for the edge of the pool. Once there, he awkwardly got out and walked shakily

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
over to Jennifer. Blake and Danielle watched as Jennifer gasped, asking him what was wrong, and lay
him down on her lap.

“Rob! Rob!” she called out to him, grabbing his face with both her hands and looking into his eyes. “Are
you okay? What happened?!”

Tears streamed down his cheeks. “M-m-my h—h–heart,” he choked. “Panic attack!”

He turned himself over, his clothed back now facing the pool side lights, and she rocked his head in her
arms and sung to him gently. “Everything’s going to be okay, Rob. You’re on your meds and you saw
your doctor yesterday. It’s just a panic attack. Your heart’s going to be okay.”

“Jennifer,” he whimpered, his head swaying with each rocking. “I—I---I don’t wanna have another heart

Danielle looked over at Blake. “Is he okay?” she whispered.

Blake ignored Danielle and instead swam toward the edge of the pool and got out. He went rushing over
to Rob and Jennifer, and touched his left hand to Rob’s back. “Hey, baby boy,” he said lovingly as he
caressed Rob’s back. “I’m sorry about teasing you! I didn’t think this would happen. Are you okay? Is
everything alright?”

Rob clutched at his chest with one of his hands and bawled loudly. “Chest pains, sooo painful,” he
managed to choke out. He started to gasp, and his breathing was deep and heavy.

Jennifer looked over at Blake. “Hey, Blake,” she said, rushing her words. “Get a Xanax – now!!”

As he went rushing into the house, Danielle swam to the side of the pool and got out. She grabbed a
towel and covered her body with it. One she reached where Jennifer and Rob were, she touched his
back lightly. “You poor thing,” she whispered sympathetically as she rubbed his back. “I get panic
attacks, too, and they’re horrible.”

 Rob’s gasping slowed as he turned his head to the side to look at Danielle. His eyeliner and eye shadow
was still intact – it was waterproof. Redness alienated his cheeks, nose and eyes .Once styled hair was
now a soppy mess of darkness invading his head. Fairly straight teeth, a natural shade of tooth color –
ivory – showed through his gasping openmouthed smile. They were much different from the bright
white of Blake’s teeth – his teeth obviously whitened to the ninth degree. While many rich people and
celebrities were sporting porcelain toilet white teeth, Rob wasn’t. Danielle smiled as she looked down at
him. Her negative judgment of him was beginning to change now that she realized this boy was real and
genuine and not some vain, materialistic rich snob who was faker than fake. He showed emotion. He
cried real, true tears. He had flaws. He really was human, and no better than anyone else – be them
poor, middle class or rich.

“Are you feeling any better, Rob?” asked Jennifer.

“Can breathe better now. Got chest pains still,” he replied as he continued to look and smile at Danielle.

                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Blake came running out of the house, a bottle of pills in his hand. “Got it,” he shouted as he ran over to
the three teenagers.

Rob stood up and reached his shaking left hand for the bottle of pills. “Thanks,” he heaved.

Blake patted Rob on the back. “See, you’re getting better already.”

Danielle looked up at Jennifer and Blake. “Is everything going to be okay?”

“Rob suffers from congestive heart failure,” said Jennifer.

“And he’s had three heart attacks in the last year and a half,” Blake joined in on the conversation.

“It was brought on by anorexia and drug use,” Blake continued.

“And next time he suffers from a heart attack, he may need a heart transplant,” said Jennifer as she
stood up and hugged Rob. “Rob’s had a lot of close calls.”

Blake placed his hands on Danielle’s shoulders. “I think you’ll like being part of the family.”

“Part of the family? What do you mean?” Danielle asked as she watched Rob swallow a pill of Xanax.

“I’m talking about having some of the best Italian dinners you’ll ever eat, beach campouts, parties
galore, shopping at expensive stores, intelligent and thought provoking conversations with the family,
being cuddled and held and kissed all the time, hot sex, and just having the best fucking time of your
life,” replied Blake, who slid his hands to Danielle’s waist and picked her up. “Every girl dreams of being
my girlfriend, but very few will ever experience it. Maybe you’ll be the next luckiest girl in the world.”

Danielle looked down and blushed. “Me? Why would you pick me? You’d most likely pick one of the
cheerleaders or preps or something.”

“Been there, done that, and totally fucking bored of it. I want a girl who’s intelligent and cares about
more than just looks and social status. I want a girl who uses her brain and not her body. A girl who
wants me for me, and not because I’m totally hot, popular and rich. An actual relationship would be
nice,” he replied. “I’ve had my eye on you for a few weeks now.”

“You’ve had your eye on me?”

“Borders in Thousand Oaks. Jack and I go there quite a bit. I saw you nine out of the ten times I was
there in the past five weeks. You were with some skater dude,” said Blake as he put Danielle back down.

“Really, you were there? I never saw you…”

“Maybe you were too busy flirting with your skater!” teased Blake.

Danielle laughed. “Ew, Blake! That’s my brother!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Your brother’s Brandon – that popular skater at Thousand Oaks High School?”

“Yeah… how do you know him?”

“People at school talk about him. I never actually, like, talked to him or know anything else about him;
all I know is that he’s a popular skater at Thousand Oaks high school.”

“And you’re sure you were there? As, I mean, you stick out like a sore thumb, so how could I not know
you were there?”

“I’m totally positive I was there. You were busy looking at books or talking to your brother or something.
I was sitting down at a table most of the time, perusing books and fooling around with Jack.”

“You know,” suddenly blurted Danielle. “I actually did see you there a couple of times.”

“And you didn’t come up and talk to me?!”

“Well, Blake,” laughed Danielle. “You’re not the easiest person to talk to, you know?”

“You know, it’s starting to get dark,” said Jennifer as she looked at Blake and Danielle. “We should all
probably go back inside the house.”

All four of them gathered up what they had brought outside, and headed inside the house. Once in the
living room, Blake and Danielle sat down on one of the large leather couches, while Jennifer and Rob
took the couch on the far left.

Blake got up and grabbed the TV remote. “So, what are we all going to watch?” he asked everyone as he
went back to the couch and lay down. Danielle lay next to Blake, and he wrapped an arm around her

The 150” HD plasma TV built into the wall attracted Danielle’s attention. The thing was massive! As
soon as Blake turned on the TV, the crypt keeper from Tales of the Crypt rose up from his coffin and
laughed a loud, creepy cackle that made Danielle gasp and look over at Blake. “That thing scared me!”
she heaved.

Blake and Jennifer started to laugh hysterically. “Rob and his weirdass movie,” remarked Blake.

Rob looked up and over at Blake and Danielle. “I love horrors,” he said, smiling, as he focused his eyes
on Danielle’s. “Do you, Danielle?”

“Yeah,” she replied as she hinted him a smile.

“There’s just something special about a girl who loves horror movies,” uttered Rob.

“Yeah,” said Blake, laughing, “it’s ‘cause the movie will scare the pants off of her.”

Rob rolled his eyes. “Can you go one day without sexualizing the things I say?”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Only if you show Danielle your junk.”

After letting out a sigh, Rob glared at Blake. “Stop, I’m serious.”

Just as Blake was about to say something, the teenagers heard the front door open. “Mom and Dad
must be home,” excitedly whispered Jennifer as she got up from the couch and speed walked to the

Down the hall and to the living room came Jennifer; alongside her were Christopher and Caryn Redding
– the parents.

Christopher towered over both his wife Caryn and his daughter Jennifer. At six-foot-eight, he even stood
taller than his twin boys, Blake and Rob. He looked almost like an older version of Blake, except for his
body was not muscular, it was slender; and his straight locks of light blond were shorter than Blake’s and
gelled back. At forty-eight, he retained a rather youthful look, and was a very attractive man. At first
glimpse, he looked very businessman-like and professional – and he was; he was the head of a family
passed down oil business. Although his company was based in another area – which thus resulted in
having to travel a lot –, he still spent plenty of time with his family, of whom he prided himself in. Worn
on his body was a charcoal black suit and black leather shoes.

At fifty years old, two years older than her husband, Caryn was a slender, six-foot beauty whose fresh,
youthful looks had no one believing her actual age. Her skin was smooth and a lovely medium shade of
olive. Curls of dark brown –almost black –hair reached down to her mid-back. Big, friendly eyes the color
of Hooker’s green gazed around the room. Her attire was all the evidence needed to come to realization
that she had just come from a fancy evening event: a spaghetti strapped black dress that reached her
mid-thighs, a diamond necklace and earrings, and three-inch black leather pumps.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
                                                Chapter Three:

“Babe, we’re going to the Caribbean,” Blake said into the receiver as soon as Danielle picked up her cell

“Are you serious?” asked Danielle as she gasped.

“Fuck yeah,” he replied. “School starts in a little over a week. I want us to have a nice, relaxing weekend
on my parent’s island in the Caribbean.”

“Where in the Caribbean?”

“Bahamas. It’s a seven-hundred-and-sixty-five-acre island with four miles of incredible beachfront.”

“What day and time are we leaving?”

“Friday at 8 AM. I’ll pick you up at 6 AM. Okay?”

“Tomorrow?! I have to first ask my mom.”

“Well, get to it! You’d totally love the island.”

“Okay, I will,” she replied. “Bye, Blake!”

 Danielle hung up the phone. She had to lie to her mother in order to go on the trip. She walked down
the stairs and slowly walked toward her mother. Her mother was washing the dishes but quickly glanced
over at Danielle.

“Mom…” said Danielle.

“Yes?” replied her mother.

“I met a friend at school and she invited me to come with her to a church field trip…”

Her mom raised an eyebrow. “May I ask how long and where to?”

“It’s tomorrow – August 27; for a weekend. We’re going to Mount Shasta.”

“Flying or driving? What’s the cost?”

“Driving. As for the cost, it’s paid for…”

“I’ll have to think about it. You didn’t even tell me your friend’s name, or the name of the church or

“Please, mom! They’re going tomorrow at 8 AM. My friend’s name is Sara and the church is uh…,”
Danielle tried to recall one of the names of one of churches in Thousand Oaks,”Calvary Chapel Skyline.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“This is such short notice, Danielle,” her mother said, sighing.

“Yeah, I know, but I didn’t find out about it ‘til today when Sara invited me to go.”

“And you’re sure this is for a church group, right? You’re not trying to trick me so you can go and hang
out with some boy?”

“Of course it’s for the church group,” Danielle lied. “I’m not hanging out with a boy!”



“I need the contact information.”

Danielle grabbed a random piece of paper and scribbled a made-up number on it. “Here,” she handed
the paper to her mother.

“Oh, yeah, Danielle,” said her mother as she grasped Danielle’s arm. “I have to go to Washington State
for something work related; for some nurse practitioner conference of some sort. It won’t be till the first
week of September, but I’ll be gone for a week and I’ll have to have your –“

“Yeah, okay, Mom,” interrupted Danielle. “What’s the verdict on the trip? Can I go? Or… not?”

“I’d feel more comfortable if I could at least meet your friend Sara. I have a funny feeling that…well…”

“Mom! I swear on my grave that this for real,” Danielle said as she crossed her fingers behind her back.
“I just really wanna go! Please, mom? Pretty please?”

“You don’t even believe in God, Danielle,” replied her mother. “So why would you want to go to some
church function?”

“Because I really want to meet some friends.”

“You don’t even like socializing with others.”

“I want to change my ways,” said Danielle as she looked over at the kitchen table and saw her 10-
month-old half brother Levi in his high chair. “Do you need me to feed Levi?”

Her mother looked over at Levi. “Oh god!” she gasped. “Thanks for reminding me, Danielle! I completely
forgot that I was supposed to be getting his lunch ready.”

“I’ll get it, Mom. You just rest,” said Danielle, smiling.

Her mother Amy smiled back. “Thanks, hun,” she said as she finished off the rest of the dishes and took
off to the family room to watch some TV.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Danielle began to prepare a meal for Levi; the meal consisted of his chicken soup, diced bananas and
apples, spiral pasta, soft-cooked carrots, and apple juice diluted with water.

Brandon McCarthy, Danielle’s full brother, who was sixteen years old, came into the kitchen. His short
layered shaggy hair was raven black, and brought out his rich forest green eyes. On his average-height,
slender body, he wore a white band t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. Unlike Danielle, he tanned easily and
thus had sun-kissed skin. For his age, he appeared a lot older than he really was: it was because of his
masculine jaw line and the 5 o’clock shadow that currently alienated his face. Typically he was clean
shaven, but he had missed a few days worth of shaving.

“Hey, Sis,” he greeted with a grin as he watched her began to spoon feed Levi his chicken soup. “Feeding
the little shrimp?”

“Yeah, he’s pretty hungry,” she replied, smiling.

Brandon walked over to Danielle and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Jason was asking about you.”

“Jason?” excitedly asked Danielle. Jason was Brandon’s eighteen-year-old skater friend who had shaggy
dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Danielle had a major crush on him.

“Don’t get your hopes up just yet,” laughingly warned Brandon. “He doesn’t like you in that sorta way.”

“Oh well,” replied Danielle.

“Oh well? I thought you had a crush on him?”

“I did, but I found someone else I like better.”

“Oh really?”


“Is he a skater?”


“Well, what is he then?”

“A blond.”

“That’s real explanatory.” Brandon rolled his eyes as he grabbed a bag of Doritos from the pantry and
opened them.

“He goes to my school. Blake’s his name.” Danielle smiled as she snagged a chip from the opened bag.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Brandon fished out some Doritos and shoved them into his mouth. “Isn’t that the guy whose parents are
hella rich or something?”

“Yeah, that’s him. Tall, muscular, blond.”

“Dream on!” Brandon laughed as he playfully elbowed Danielle. “Pretty much all girls are crazy over that

“I think he has an interest in me.” She elbowed Brandon back.

“Righhht. And if that’s true, then I guess it’s true that Pricilla Frank is totally wanting to get into my
pants,” sarcastically responded Brandon.

“Who’s Pricilla Frank?”

“The girl at my school that every guy wants to get laid by.”

“I bet you’ve got a chance at being her boyfriend, Brandon,” Danielle looked him from head to toe.
“You’re a total heart throb.”

“I wouldn’t even want a relationship with her,” said Brandon. “She’s a total bitch.”

“But you just said that you did?”

“Only a one night stand and nothing more.”

“One night stands are for losers.” Danielle sighed. “You’re better than that, Brandon.”

“It’s not like it’d ever happen, anyway,” he responded. “I had more dignity than that, you know?”

“I know you do. You’re a good guy.”

“And good guys finish last,” said Brandon, sighing.

“No, they don’t. You just need to get over your ex already and realize that you can do better than her.”

“I wish I could find a girl who was like you,” mumbled Brandon. “Please don’t take that the wrong way,
though, Sis. I just meant that I like your personality and how you aren’t a drama queen who backstabs
and fucks around with others.”

“It’s a shame we’re siblings,” said Danielle, laughing nervously.

“A shame, yes, but that’s the reality of it.”

“But, you know, there are siblings who have…um…relations with one another,” teased Danielle.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“The thought of doing it with you makes me sick.” Brandon laughed. “I don’t even think I could get a
hard on. Sorry, Sis, but that’s just way too close for comfort!”

“Don’t worry. It wouldn’t exactly be a turn on, for me either, to do…you know…with you. We’re brother
and sister, for Christ’s sake!”

“Good. Sometimes I worry you may get those nasty little thoughts about me,” he joked.

“So, Brandon.” Danielle finished feeding Levi his chicken soup and put down some of the finger foods
onto his plate. “Found any girls you like lately?”

“There’s this one girl,” he smiled as he ran his fingers through Levi’s baby fine blond hair. “She’s got
long, curly locks of copper red hair; eyes as blue as the sky on a clear, sunny day; skin as smooth as silk
and the color of a porcelain doll’s; and a sprinkling of freckles on the bridge of her nose.”

“She sounds beautiful.”

“She is.” Brandon bit his lower lip.

“Go on, tell me more about this girl. I wanna know the whole story!”

“Her name’s Meghan Griffin and she’s originally from Ireland, so she’s got this gorgeous Irish accent. She
just turned sixteen a week ago,” he told Danielle. “Real petite and tiny, too. I think she’s just barely five
feet and weighs maybe ninety pounds.”

“Wow, Brandon,” said Danielle, smiling. “She sounds like quite the goddess there.”

“That’s because she is,” he replied, smiling back. “And her personality, oh god, it’s amazing!”

“Um, what are you waiting for, Brandon?! Ask her out already!”

He bit his lip and looked straight at Danielle. “I did, and she…she declined.”

“Why’d she decline?”

“She told me I was a great guy, that she thought I was good looking and that she loved to hang out with
me, and that if she were straight, she’d totally have said yes.”

“So she’s lesbian?”


“Aw. It’s gotta suck to have fallen for someone who you’ll never be able to date.”

“Yeah, but oh well. She does have a sister, though.”

“Ask her sister out then!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Not trying to sound shallow here or anything, but her sister looks just like her, except, she’s like really,
really big.”

“Big as in height or weight?”


Danielle rolled her eyes. “So what? Weight shouldn’t be an issue for whether or not you’ll date

“It’s not her weight that turns me off from dating her, Danielle,” Brandon said. “It’s her attitude. She’s
always so ‘woe is me’ and tries to blame others for her weight. And if she isn’t complaining about her
weight, then she’s complaining about how awful her life is and how everyone hates her and makes fun
of her.”

“Maybe she needs a guy like you to help her feel better about herself and all.”

“No way, not unless she changes her ways. Complaining about your weight, yet going out and eating
junk food all the time and not ever exercising, is something I so don’t wanna have to handle. It’s one
thing if she were comfortable with herself and accepted that she’s a big girl, or to realize that she has a
problem and to diet and exercise; but it’s a completely different thing when you bitch and moan about it
and don’t bother to either accept yourself or make the needed changes in order to do so.”

“Now you’re making me feel bad, because I’m a quite a few pounds over what my ideal weight is…”

“Oh, get off of that!” Brandon grabbed her stomach and laughed. “You’re just healthy.”

“Good, because I’d hate to have to diet.” Danielle smiled.

“You better not even consider doing that dieting shit. You’re not fat.”

“I don’t plan to, but sometimes I wish I had a flat stomach and thinner thighs, you know?”

He looked at her stomach, and then at her thighs. “I couldn’t ever picture you skinny,” he said as he
continued to observe her. “It just wouldn’t suit you. You look way cuter with the chub.”

“Oh, so now you’re calling me chubby?” Danielle grinned.

“Hey, I meant it in a good way,” he replied, smiling. “You’re not fat, but you aren’t skinny. You got a
good figure, even with the belly.”

Danielle laughed and lightly slapped his stomach. “Excited about being a Junior this upcoming year?”

“I guess. You exciting about being a Senior?”

“Nervous, to be honest.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Oh, you don’t have anything to be nervous about. You’re hella smart! You’ll do fine!”

“Yeah, but you’re smart, too, and at least you have friends. It must be nice being popular.”

“Please.” Brandon blushed. “I’m so not popular, and I’m not that smart.”

“You’re really smart, Brandon. And yes, you are pretty popular. People know who you are at your
school. You’re considered cool, down to earth and well liked. That’s a good thing.”

“The prep clique doesn’t really care for me much. They’re the popular ones. I’m just some random
skater guy at school; nothing more, nothing less.”

“All the other groups seem to really like you. You’re popular, trust me. You have a lot of friends!”

“And you could have a lot of friends, too, if you just opened up a little, Danielle, and allowed your true
self to show.” Brandon looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Na,” said Danielle, smiling back. “I’m just the school freak, weirdo, loner. It’s probably better that way,

“Don’t be so negative about yourself, Sis! You’re an amazing person.”

“If I were an amazing person, then I’d have friends.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, Danielle. You don’t have to be a total hottie or the most outgoing person
ever to have a lot of friends; you just need to be friendly, sociable and show some confidence.”

“It’s easier said than done. You already have what it takes to be like that; but me? No. I hate socializing
and I have no confidence.”

“Stop the negative thinking. That right there will get you nowhere. Be positive once in a while, Danielle;
it’s really good for your self esteem.”

“Or lack thereof,” said Danielle, laughing.

“You need to get out and have some fun. My friends and I plan to go to the movies tonight. You wanna
come with us?”

“No, it’s okay. I don’t wanna interfere with you guys having a good time and all.”

“You’re doing it again,” Brandon said as he rolled his eyes. “My friends think you’re pretty cool. Come
on, Danielle, just come with us!”

“You’re just saying that... that your friends think I’m pretty cool. I doubt they actually think that. They
probably think I’m just some boring freak who’s annoying.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
His eyes rolled again. “You need to get out. One of these days, we’re totally going to the amusement

“But I’m afraid of roller coasters!”

“We won’t go on the roller coasters, Danielle. There are so many other things to do at the amusement

“And who all would go?”

“Just you and me,” he replied, smiling, as he grabbed her hand and held it. “Because I know that you get
all shy with my friends around. And I promise we’d have a lot of fun.”

“Are you sure it’d be fun? You know I hate the heat and all the people – and those two things
accompany the amusement park!”

“It’ll be a blast, I promise. And if the crowds get to you, we’ll go to a part of the park that’s less

“I’m glad I have a brother like you.” Danielle squeezed Brandon’s hand and grinned.

“And I’m glad I have a sister like you,” he said, grinning.

Their mother came walking into the kitchen and walked right over to the table at which Danielle,
Brandon and baby Levi were at.

“Well, Danielle, you better get packing and prepared.” Danielle’s mom smiled as she picked up Levi from
his high chair.

“It’s a yes?” excitedly asked Danielle.

“Yup, kiddo.”

“Thanks so much,” excitedly yelled Danielle as she hugged her mom.

Danielle ran upstairs and started packing all of what she needed for the weekend she was planning to
spend with Blake on an island in the Bahamas that his parents owned. Once she was done packing, she
snuck downstairs and headed for the safe to get her passport. She knew the combination to the safe and
was able to get the passport out. She and her mother went to Mexico for two weeks a little over two
years ago, so luckily she had what was needed for this trip: her passport.

She ran back up the stairs and into her room and shoved the passport into an outside pocket on her
luggage bag. Brandon had quickly took a shower just as she was packing and was now out and walking
across the hall in just his boxers. Danielle went up to her bedroom door and peered out and started
grinning at him. “Nice boxers,” she said, giggling.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
He quickly turned around and immediately grinned. “Glad you like ‘em! I thought they were pretty cute

Danielle jogged over to him and pulled him into her room and shut the door. “Oh my god, Brandon!” she
squealed excitedly. “I’m sooo excited!”

“Wow. I’ve never heard you squeal like that,” said Brandon.

“I’m sooo excited about tomorrow! I can’t even control it right now!”

“Getting laid or something?” asked Brandon, jokingly, as he laughed.

She scrunched her eyebrows. “No!”

“Then what’s so exciting?”

“I’m going on a trip for a weekend!”

“Oh, awesome! I hope you have a lot of fun!”

“I definitely will!”

Just as Brandon was about to open up the door, he turned back around and looked at Danielle. “You
sure you don’t wanna come to the movies with us tonight?”

“I’m sure,” she replied as she finished packing up some last items. “I have to leave at 6, ‘cause we’re
boarding the plane at 8 sharp.”

“Okay, just making sure,” he smiled as he opened up the door and walked out, closing it as soon as he
was out.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
                      Chapter Four: Goodbye, Southern California; Hello, Bahamas!

Scene 1

5:50 AM, August 27 – Friday. Danielle sat down by the pond ten minutes away from her house. It was a
peaceful few acres with a few streams, a plentiful amount of Oaks and various other trees commonly
found in Southern California, and colorful flowers that sprinkled themselves among the combination of
dirt, rock and grass grounds. Birds chirped cheerfully as she looked around at the foliage and pond. A
pair of mallards were peacefully swimming in the green-brown water of the pond.

Past the sea of Oaks was the street, on which a 2010 blue ribbon metallic Prius came speeding along.
Once fifty feet past the tiny trail leading into the pond area, it made a fast halt which resulted in a loud
screeching noise. Blaring from its stereo was Reverence by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

“I wanna die… I wanna die… I wanna die… I wanna die… I wouldn’t sell my soul but I’d hang for this…I
wouldn’t sell my soul but I’d hang for this… I wouldn’t sell my soul but I’d hang for this… I gotta get my
goal cause I’d hang for this,” sung a man’s voice from the parked car. “Danielle, I’m gonna getcha! I’m
gonna getcha, getcha, getcha! And fuck ya in the back of my car! All day n’ night till the cops come.
Spread em’, they’ll yell at me, as they feel me up n’ down till they get hard as fuck. Then they’ll be tellin’
me to bend over and spread ‘em.”

The door slammed shut and through the trees came Blake. He wore a pair of Gucci sunglasses, a white
tank top, blue jeans, and flip flops. As he neared Danielle, he shoved the sunglasses onto his head and
smiled. She stood up and smiled back at him. “Hey,” she said, her right hand rising from her side.

He held something in his left hand. “Here,” he said, thrusting the box at her chest. “We’ll be needing a
lot of these.”

The gods must have been smiling down at her, because she caught the box before it fell. It was a box of
Trojan condoms. She looked up at Blake, disappointed.

“Because, Danielle,” he said, peering down at her chest, “You’re gonna be screaming for me to fuck you
again and again and again. I’m that good.”

She blushed as she handed the box back to Blake. He grabbed it back, and with his other hand, he
delicately took her left hand with his right. “Nice place you’ve got here,” he said, scanning the area. “Is
this the area you kill and bury hot guys at?”

“Maybe,” she said, laughing, as she looked down at the ground.

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind if you came at me like a spider monkey, and started attacking me with your

Danielle snorted. “Like a spider monkey?”

“Look at you,” he exclaimed as he pointed at her. “You’re so little compared to me!”

At exactly five-foot, she was significantly shorter than him; a foot and a half, to be exact.
                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up. Once he brought her to his chest, she squeezed her legs
around his body, and her arms around his shoulders. “My little spider monkey,” he said, smiling, as he
brushed his lips across hers. “Who I can just hold forever and ever, and not worry about suffocating or

“Not worry about suffocating or breaking?”

“You’re well built,” he replied, his right hand sliding up and down her back. “You’re leprechaun height,
but very robust and curvy.”

His hand worked up to the top of her head, and began to stroke through her hair. “Does the spider
monkey now give her tree kisses? He’s been a very good tree!”

Danielle pecked Blake’s lips. “There,” she said, smiling. “Can the tree now put the spider monkey

 He let his hands fall to his sides, and as soon as she loosened her grasp around his neck and body, she
slid down until her feet were on the ground. “The tree got a hard on,” said Blake, his index finger
pointing to the bulge beneath his jeans.

A sudden laugh escaped her. It was genuine and finished with a loud snort. “Should we get going?”

Blake checked his watch, and then looked at Danielle. “We’ll be early,” he said, his hand reaching out for
hers, “but if that doesn’t matter, then sure, we can go now.”

The flicker of excitement in her eyes was all Blake needed to realize that there was no holding this girl
back; she was ecstatic about going to the Bahamas. Danielle rushed over to the pond and grabbed her
bag, and then rushed back over to Blake. The two walked over to his car and got inside. Once inside,
Danielle watched as Blake buckled his seat belt.

“I’m surprised you or anyone in your family can comfortably drive a Prius,” she remarked as she
watched his right hand dwarf the transmission gear.

“Well, all the cars for us have to be custom-made, ‘cause we’re all a bunch of giants,” he said, laughing,
as he put down his foot on the brake pedal and pressed the hybrid’s power button. The car started, and
he switched the gear into drive, and moved his foot over to the gas pedal. Off the car went until they
were out of the residential area and on US-101 S.

“So, what will we do on the island?”

His eyes stayed glued to the road. “Explore, hike, snorkel, swim,” he replied.

“Anything else?”

He turned his head and took a quick glance at her. “I think someone’s wanting to –“ he said, stopping
mid-sentence as he grinned and looked back at the road.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“No, no,” quickly replied Danielle, trying to save herself more humiliation. “I just wanted to know if
there was anything else we’d be doing. I wasn’t applying that we should… you know…”

He reached his right hand out for her face. “Don’t worry,” he said softly. “I won’t pressure you to do
anything you really don’t wanna do.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks,” she whispered, sneaking a peek over at Blake.

“But if we’re both in the mood to get down and dirty, there’s no reason to stop it. We’ll just go with the
flow of things and see how it all pans out.”

“Do you think we will?”

“I know we will,” he responded confidently. “Once I start touching and sucking your breasts, and rubbing
your clit, you’ll be begging me for more.”


“Trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun,” he said, grabbing her hand.

Once they arrived at Santa Monica Municipal Airport, Blake parked his car in the designated parking spot
that the Reddings had. Blake and Danielle went inside the airport to check in. Once they were checked
in, they had to go through the metal detector. After that pain in the ass thing was done, they took their
seats in the airport lounge.

Blake looked over and down at Danielle. “So, my little spider monkey,” he said with a giggle, “you

“Yes,” she replied, smiling. “And nervous. Most definitely nervous.”

“Think positively, babe: we’ll be on a beautiful, huge island in the Bahamas by afternoon.”

“All alone?”

“Well, not exactly.”

“Who all will be there?”

“You know, just us and a few hundred people.”


“I’m kidding with you,” he said, laughing, as he grasped his arms around her shoulders. “It’s just going to
be the care keeper and his wife, plus the summer camp kids.”

“Summer camp kids? I thought you said this was a private island?”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Okay, I lied: summer camp kids and the Make-A-Wish kids, too. My parents allow this special needs
summer camp to take place on their island. Oh, and they also volunteer for Make-A-Wish foundation,
and bring kids who have life-threatening illnesses over here to help make their wish come true.”

“Oh,” simply replied Danielle. “So there’ll be a lot of people there?”

Blake burst out into laughter. “Damn, Danielle, you worry way too much.”

“I love kids,” she said, looking up at him. “But I thought this was supposed to be a private island.”

“It is, you silly girl, but my parents donate things. We’re not on the island that much, so it’d be a waste if
we didn’t allow use of it, you know?”

“How many people total will be there?”

“I don’t know. Do I look like my mom or dad?”

“Well, do you have an estimation?”

“Oh, I don’t know, like a hundred total.”

“A hundred?!”

“Look, Danielle, they’ll be on the other end of the island. We’re going to be in the house by ourselves
and it’ll be hella fun.”

“I wish you told me about this…”

“I didn’t think it’d matter. I mean, my god, I’m taking you to a freaking private island, you should be
jumping for joy and bowing down to my feet!”

“No, no, no,” tried to explain Danielle. “I’m super excited you’re doing this! It’s so nice and awesome!
It’s just that, you know, I have… those issues…”

Blake rolled his eyes. “You worry too much, my little spider monkey. Have some fun for once, kiddo.
You’ll love it. You just need to ignore the fact that a bunch of other people will be there staring at you in
your bathing suit.”


“Just kidding about the last sentence! The only one who’ll be staring at you will be me.”

“Staring at me?”

“Well, more than just staring,” he said with a short giggle.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Don’t tell me you have a horrible surprise there,” unhappily said Danielle. “Like, Jack or something.”

“Na, I wouldn’t bring Jack… he gets a bit… weird around kids.”

“Um, weird around kids? What do you mean by that?”

“Let’s just say… it doesn’t matter. It’s nothing you should worry about. Jack will be at home.”

“But you promise there won’t be any bad surprises?”

He sighed as loudly as possible. “Any more questions and we might not even go.”


“Don’t worry, I was kidding. It’s just kinda annoying to be asked all these questions. Do people with
anxiety really worry this much?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I think you and Rob would have made a perfect match. You two could ask questions and worry
yourselves all day long,” joked Blake.

“That’s not even funny,” bitterly replied Danielle. “I don’t have feelings for Rob.”

“You better not,” he said. “Because then this trip would be a waste.”

“What does that mean?”

“I can’t tell you… unless, of course, you want the surprise to be ruined.”

“Let me guess –“

“No, don’t try guessing. I won’t tell you.”

“I can’t believe we’re already arguing…”

“It’s the worrywart that’s arguing.”

“Am I the worrywart?”

“No,” sarcastically replied Blake. “I’m the worrywart. I’m the one worried about all the people at the
island. I’m the one with the anxiety problems. I’m the one who wants to bone my brother.”

“Blake! Why do you always tease me about Rob?”

“Because it’s funny.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“No it isn’t.”

“I’m not even going to argue with you about this. Just… just chill, okay, Danielle? We’re not even on the
plane and we’re bitching at each other. It kinda makes me wonder how this trip will turn out…”

“Well, you shouldn’t bring up Rob, okay? That annoys me when you do that.”

“Can you even take a freaking joke?”

“That teasing you did to Rob and me in the pool wasn’t cool.”

“Okay, look, I’m sorry. Can we now just fucking move on and get over it? I’m a chill guy, Danielle, but
you sure know how to get on my nerves.”


He grabbed her hand and held it. “It’ll be fun.”

“Yeah, it will,” she said, trying to hide her nervousness.

“And maybe if you’re good, we can play with the retarded kids.”

“What the heck, Blake?” barked Danielle. “Why would you ever call those with intellectual disabilities
that word?”

“I’m just kidding.”

“Maybe we should just…”

“Not talk till our asses are in the plane?”


“Bravo,” cheered Blake. “I think we’ve got the winning solution! Because if this arguing continues, I
don’t think that special surprise will happen.”

“Yeah, and that’s what worries me…”

“Good, because it should. You’ll love my special surprise.”

“I have a feeling that I might.”

“You will. I have all the confidence in the world that you’ll love this surprise.”

“Oh really?”

“Really. It’s the best surprise you’ll ever have.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Don’t tell me it’s in your pants…”

“Actually,” said Blake, now laughing. “It’s not in my pants.”

Ten minutes of silence passed as the two sat there: Blake playing on his cell phone, and Danielle looking
around the airport. The silence was interrupted when his ringtone – Crank Dat Soulja Boy by Soulja Boy
– came blaring from his phone.

He took a quick look at the screen of his phone to see who was calling, and then answered. “Hey, man,”
he said, smiling. A couple of seconds later, he laughed and said, “Well, have fun with that! I’m going to
my parents’ island in the Bahamas.” More listening and laughter, and then finally, “With a certain
somebody. But hey, man, I gotta go. Talk to you later.”

“Jack,” Blake said to Danielle as he hung up his phone. “He was wondering what I was up to.”

Danielle said nothing as she looked down at her feet.

“We’ll be boarding the plane soon. You wanna see it?”

“Sure,” she mumbled.

The two got up and headed out toward where the personal jets were kept. Once they reached past five
different jets, they came to an Embraer Legacy 600 jet and stopped. “This is it,” said Blake as he stroked
his fingers across its gold painted metal frame. “Wait till you see the inside.”

He opened up the door, and turned to her. “You like what you see?”

The forest green leather seats and sofas were positioned as if they were placed in some rich person’s
living room; you know: a chair here, a chair there, a couch in between, that kind of deal. A marble coffee
table was set amid the middle of the chairs. The whole place was richly decorated and color

“Wow,” spoke Danielle as she looked around. “It’s so nice!”

“Yup, and soon you and I will be in it traveling to the island.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Scene 2

Humid and hot, that’s exactly how you would describe it. Getting off the jet, Danielle looked around like
a spooked child being departed from her mother. It was a foreign place for the Southern California girl
who stayed inside most of the time. The sun beating down and the heat stifling, all she wanted was to
go back inside the air conditioned jet. Sweat poured down her face and soaked her shirt, and it made
her irritable. “Geez, it’s so hot,” she said to Blake.

With a little sneer, he replied back, “Welcome to the great sunshine, nightwalker!”

“Very funny, Blake.” She smiled as she playfully pushed his bicep. “You know I hate the sun.”

Blake loved the sun – too much. The sun-worshipper loved lying out on a beach towel or a lounge chair
so that he could work on his tan. And boy-oh-boy, did that guy have a great tan. “A little sun won’t hurt
you, sweetie.”

“Can we at least get some A/C going on?”

Okay, so yeah, Blake loved the sun, but the guy sweated easily, so he was just as willing as Danielle to
get into the house. “Yeah, totally. You see that house up ahead?”

It was a two-story contemporary styled beach house with four bedrooms and two baths, that was
situated several hundred feet from the east shore. Forests of an assortment of rainforest-type foliage
invaded much of the island. Also on the island were several ponds and three lakes.

The two ran to the house and as Blake fumbled around with his keys, trying to find the small stainless
steel one that would open the lock, he over at Danielle and grinned. “You know what we’re doing

Danielle shook her head. “What?”

He found the key and stuck it into the keyhole, slowly turning it as he laughed. “I’m not telling you.”

She could only guess, and it was pretty obvious. His key in her keyhole. Catch the drift?

“Does it involve those… things you threw at me earlier today?”

Blake opened the door and both of them walked inside, feeling refreshed as the air conditioned air blew
on their faces the second they walked in. The furniture was contemporary, but very élan and beachy –
sexy, fun, thrilling beachy, that is. Walking into the place made you want to drink a large margarita as
you lay in your lounge chair on the beach in only your bikini, listening to some Beach Boys and watching
the waves and thinking of how sexy your tan would be in thirty minutes of sun worshipping. Hell, that’s
mainly what Blake was currently thinking of; lying out in the sun, naked as a jaybird, with a glass of neat
Vodka in one hand; a coke chaser in the other. In his fantasy, Danielle was sitting just below his pelvis,
straddling him rather, as she bent down and placed her lips around the head of penis and sucked him

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“You mean the condoms?”

She nodded.

“Not exactly,” he replied, walking over to one of the beige leather couches in the family room and sitting
down. “It involves your lips.”

Danielle sat next to him. “Kissing?”

“No.” Blake laughed and turned to her, his hands sliding up onto her thighs, sensually rubbing the denim
of her jeans. “It involves your lips on my dick; sucking on it, using your tongue, your whole mouth. Sexy,
right? Mmm. I can totally just picture you completely naked and stra—“

She sighed as she scooted to her left, trying to distance herself from him and his slithering hands that
she knew only wanted to unbutton and unzip her jeans and work their way to her –. She stopped at
that, and totally erased the thought from her head. “I thought we were going to have fun…”

“Oh, of course!” Blake reached his hand over to her left side and pulled her up against him, nuzzling his
cheek against hers. “It’s going to be tons of fun this weekend. You ever explored a forest in the
Bahamas? Nope! But guess what? You will tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow? What are we doing today then?”

Springing to his feet and turning around, Blake offered his hand to Danielle and pulled her up and out of
her seat. “Come on, beautiful,” he said, his sultry voice alienating her mind with thoughts – dirty, dirty
thoughts for such a shy, awkward girl like herself. “Let’s go upstairs, shall we?”

They scrambled upstairs: Blake wanting to pour out his feelings; Danielle wanting to know what was up.
I mean, the girl was on this awesome island full of adventure and fun, fun, fun and she wanted to know
what was on today’s itinerary. A swim in the great span of ocean that was warm and clear and the
prettiest shade of aqua? Trekking through the coconut palms, and picking up fallen coconuts on the
way? Picking the beautiful yellow trumpet-shaped flowers of the Allamandas – or maybe the
Frangipanis, whose flowers were a lovely shade of pastel pink with a burst of vibrant yellow-orange in
the middle? Even just having him place a hibiscus flower behind her ear would be enough of a thrill to
capture her happiness for the day.

Psh. Blake didn’t want to do that kind of boringness; he wanted chase her – the two of them naked –
into the shallow waters of the aqua ocean, and then through the coconut palms; make out with her by
the Allamandas; push her onto her hands and knees by the Frangipanis; and have his way with her on
the fallen petals of the hibiscuses. That was what would fulfill his happiness for the day.

Blake led Danielle into a room whose walls were painted Tiffany blue. Professionally painted beach
scenes – a different one on each side – overlaid the blue paint. A queen size bed with six pillows – three
of which had shells covering the fronts; the other three were embraced with one large starfish each –
and a baby blue comforter laden with beige and white shells, was set amid the middle of the room, up
against the wall. Above the bed frame was a photo of an aerial shot of the island. Beautiful. Sunshine
illumined the room via the two large windows on both the left and right sides of the room.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Blake went over to the bed, followed by Danielle, and then sat down upon its shell sheets. When she got
onto the bed, he gestured her to lie down; she did so, as he did, and they lay there, looking up at the
ceiling fan covered in shell and dolphin trinkets. Blake slid his hand into Danielle’s and squeezed. “You’re
an amazing girl. Do you know that?”

“I am?”

“Didn’t I just say you were?”

“I don’t feel like I’m that amazing.”

Blake rolled his eyes and sighed. “Listen, Danielle,” he began, his free hand reaching over to her nearest
cheek and caressing it. “I know I’m a bit of an ass—“

More like a huge ass, she thought.

“But, I’m really a good guy deep down –“

Beneath all the superficies and muscle and bucket loads of ego. Way deep down – a few miles down.

“And I have these feelings for you. I don’t know why, but I do.”

“You don’t know why?” Danielle averted her eyes from the ceiling fan. Now she stared over at Blake,

Looking over at her and flashing a smile, he said, “Actually, I do. It’s ‘cause you’re different from other


He nodded. “Yep. You’re a hard one to read. You’re a mystery – but mainly ‘cause you’re too afraid to
show your feelings and emotions. And talk – you don’t talk all that much.”

Danielle said nothing; she just lay there, looking at Blake.

“See.” He sneered. “You aren’t a talker. But you know what? I like that, ‘cause that probably means
you’re a good listener. That’s what I need; I’ve already been with enough girls who talked their stupid
mouths off.”

“I like listening.”

“And I like talking. See, that alone makes us a good match, doesn’t it?”

She shrugged.

Blake laughed. “You’re cute, hun. So shy and innocent and sweet – and I fucking love it!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I thought you liked…sluts…”

Instead of saying anything, Blake pulled out a black box from his shorts pocket and set it on the bed. “It’s
for you,” he said, pushing it into her hand. Danielle sat up and grabbed the box, eyeing it for a couple of

“What is it?”

“Just open it.”

Upon opening the small, black velvet-covered box, Danielle spotted a 14k white gold link bracelet
adorned with multi-colored gemstone flowers. Blake grabbed it from out of the box and unfastened its
pressure clasp. “It’ll look lovely on you,” he cooed, bringing it over to her right wrist and clasping it shut.

Eyeing the captivating bracelet with round gemstones of blue, green, purple, pink and yellow, she then
looked up at Blake and smiled. “It’s really mine?”

Blake smiled, and then grinned. “Yeah.”

It was a 1300 dollar bracelet that this guy was giving this girl – thirteen-hundred-dollars, and she wasn’t
even his girlfriend, let alone a steady, long-term girlfriend.

“Thanks, Blake. I – I” and she cut her sentence off at that. Danielle wasn’t a jewelry kind of girl, but she
would have to be an idiot to not like getting such a gift. “It’s nice.”

He took her hand into his and squeezed it. “It’d be nicer if you were mine.”

“What do you mean?”

After giggling, Blake composed himself and looked into her eyes, his gaze intense. “Will you be my
girlfriend, Danielle five-foot McCarthy?”

She blushed, and then turned her face away from his. “…sure...”

Reaching his hand for her face, he faced it with his. “Say it to my face, Danielle.”

“Yeah.” Blake was still holding her face, his grip tight.

“The first step to getting over self-esteem issues, Danielle, is by facing your anxieties. I’m one of your
anxieties, aren’t I?” He leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

Blake watched her whole face turn red. She nodded.

He grinned. “Well, not anymore. Because I’m your boyfriend now.”

“Boyfriend…it’s weird to think that.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Why? Because I just like sluts?”


“That’s what you said earlier.”

“Oh, that.”

Being the bold guy he was, Blake grabbed at her chin and tilted it up, so that she was forced to face him
and look him eye-to-eye. “I have standards. Sluts and fakes are trash to me.”

“I know.”

“No you don’t, Danielle. You presumed that the only kinds of girls I like are sluts – aka skanks. Do you
really think I like girls that look like nasty ass porn star bitches?”

“Well, it’s just that –“

“Yeah, okay, so I tan – a lot. I whiten my teeth to the point of ‘oh my god, porcelain toilet alert!’ I get my
hair highlighted. And I work out and take a lot of pride in my appearance. But, why the hell does
everyone assume that I like skank and fake? I mean, why can’t I just like natural looking girls without
people giving me weird looks?”

“Because…guys like that, well, they like… big chested blonde bimbos…”

Blake snickered. “You mean platinum blonde bimbos with big, fake ass tits who are hella tan and

Danielle nodded. “Yeah, those.”

“Unless they went through something like breast cancer and had to get a mastectomy, girls who get
breast implants are insecure. What’s worse than an insecure girl is one who’s insecure enough to risk
her life under the knife. I hate fake boobs. I mean, they aren’t boob at all! They’re just bags of silicone or
saline surgically placed under the muscle or atop the breast tissue. No thank you. I like and respect girls
who don’t mutilate their bodies. Anyway, I really don’t care for big chests; I like ‘em small breasts the

“I agree with you – completely.”

“See, I knew you were insecure but smart. I can handle that. But my god, fake girls? Keep them the fuck
away from me!”

“You still seem like the kind who likes fake…”

“My parents taught me and my siblings better than that. Yeah, okay, my mom’s a plastic surgeon, but
she’s a reconstructive plastic surgeon; you know, those ones who reconstruct faces and bodies for
people who have issues from trauma or diseases or congenital defects – things like that.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“That’s respectable. Most are just in it for the money, aren’t they?”

Blake nodded. “But my mom, she isn’t. Her only clients are those who need reconstruction due to
destruction done to their bodies, or from deformities and all. She doesn’t deal with ones that want it
‘just because they’re insecure’ or whatever. She’s not like most. My mom’s just a nature-loving person
who finds joy in the natural human body. And well, she prides flaws – she says they’re essential. I like
flaws. They’re what make people, well, them! I have flaws – lots. Everyone’s flawed.”

“You’re deeper than I thought…”

After grinning and rubbing his nose against hers, he squeezed his arms around her body. “My mom
flaunts her wrinkles and natural aging beauty. My sister never wears makeup or shaves anything. My
brother’s a total alien-nut who loves naturalness – as does my sister. My dad accepts his wrinkles and
the fact that he’s getting older– and he’s a real chill guy. I come from an open-minded family who praise
the natural. So come on now, Danielle, you have to give me a break and realize that I’m not all that bad
of a guy.”

“I like your family. They’re really sweet and loving and so relaxed and friendly!”

Instead of agreeing, Blake sneered. “They can be,” he replied, sighing, “but not always.”

“I know not always… but for the most part, they are…”

He continued to sneer. “No, Danielle. You haven’t witnessed Rob before he went to the psych hospital.
You haven’t witnessed Jennifer having a rage over me sleeping around and smoking and doing drugs.
You haven’t seen how fucking irritating my parents can be. You’ve just seen them when they’ve got
themselves under control.”

“Go on…”

“The day you have your brother coming at you with a huge knife, ordering you to cut out the
government chip implanted under your muscle, or else he’ll do it himself, is the day you realize how
quickly your life can be jeopardized.”


“I love them and all, but, sometimes I can’t stand them. Rob has stressed the family out beyond belief. It
got so bad at one point that I wished he would just die. But, Danielle?”


“Please don’t ever tell anyone – not a single living soul – about that. I feel like shit for having that
thought. I mean, wanting my brother – who’s closer than just a brother; he’s my identical twin – to die?
That’s fucked.”

“I won’t.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I’ve had to hold him down against his will. I’ve had to threaten him back with knives. I’ve had to knock
him unconscious because he one time came at me like a savage animal, thinking that I was going to kill
off one of the alien races. And then, there was this time he went psycho on the whole family and we had
to call the cops. Basically, he got his hands on a hunting rifle and threatened to hunt us down, because
the aliens were telling him that we were not family but intruders, and that we had to be exterminated,
or else he would be tortured to death inside the mothership UFO, by his lover alien.”

“Seriously? What a psycho!”

“Dead serious. And to make matters worse, he went anorexic on us – but not for the reasons actual
anorexics do it for; it was because of the aliens. They were telling him that the government was
poisoning all of the food in the house and wherever they thought he’d go, because they wanted to kill
him off before other people caught on to his ‘alien status.’ And also because the aliens were telling him
that he didn’t need food to survive; he just needed to use his mind power to quench his hunger. But
ironically, certain liquids were exceptionable, so long as they were bottled. He practically lived on soda.
Funny this is; he was able to find certain foods that he could eat, because he told me that there were
times the hunger pains were so excruciating that he had to take a chance on being poisoned. So, he
wasn’t anorexic, but he was barely eating anything and got so skinny that it freaked us all out.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Oh, and then that turned into hell; the aliens told him that he was able to take something for the
hunger pains. They told him it was called FFS, which stood for: Food For Survival. But, then they said that
on Earth it was called ‘meth.’ And so he started using the actual drug meth, because that’s supposedly
what it was. That shit just fucked him up even more.”

“I can see why you can’t stand him…he sounds like a lunatic.”

“He’s been an embarrassment, Danielle. I’m not even going to lie about that one.”

“In public?”

Blake nodded. “He’d be sitting somewhere in public, just rocking himself back and forth while humming,
and pulling his hairs out and licking the roots of them.”

Danielle laughed. “What?”

“Yeah. And he’d also sometimes say weird shit in his ‘alien language.’ Oh, and he’d also make these
clicking noises and tell me that the clicks were a secret code to let other aliens know that he was one of

As Blake was thinking on the bed, he started to burst out into laughter. “Oh, oh! I forgot about this
story. One time, me and him dropped into McDonald’s to get something to eat. So, we’re just sitting
down at a table and he’s just staring at this, like, six-year-old boy. I start joking around that the little boy
must be an alien, and Rob turns to me and whispers, ‘He makes me very, very nervous.’ I just start
laughing, ‘cause I mean, come on, it’s just some little boy, you know? Before I can even comprehend

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
what’s going on, Rob gets up, walks over to the boy and turns around, and just lets one rip – a loud ass
one! The kid starts crying and his dad gets up and starts yelling shit at Rob. Instead of listening, Rob
starts sneering and doing his clicking noises, then comes back to our table and sits down. I ask him what
the hell that was about, and he whispers, ‘One of the aliens told me to fart in his face.’”

“That’s really funny,” said Danielle, now laughing. “Wow!”

“Yeah, that was hella funny. Another one was: we were waiting at the ER, because he had tried to cut
‘something’ from out of his arm, and well, there was this big girl next to him; she was, like, four-hundred
pounds or something. He kept smiling and staring at her, and she was getting really uncomfortable. I
think the girl was sixteen or something. But anyway, he raised his non-bloody hand, brought it to her
face, and stroked her cheek up and down. Then, he said, ‘You’re a goddess, aren’t you?’ The poor girl
looked about ready to freak out, but tried her hardest to ignore him. The girl looked over at Rob, and lo-
and-behold, she saw the big bulge in his pants, and that’s when she cringed. Rob looked down, then
back at her, and while smiling, said, ‘You’re making a little someone happy, happy!’ At this point, the
girl’s had enough and she’s about to get up. That’s when Rob grabs her arm and says in a voice loud
enough for the whole damn waiting room to hear, ‘Let’s make love! I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll
be speaking the alien language of love and lust!’”

“What happened after that?”

“She slammed away his hand and got herself the hell away from him. Yet, Rob didn’t take the clue, and
he got up and started to run after her, till one of the security guards grabbed him and told him to take a
seat. Instead of taking his seat, he turned and faced all the people in the waiting room and yelled at the
top of his lungs, ‘I just wanted to make love to her!’ and then he started bawling and sat a few seats
away from me. The waiting room broke out into whispers and laughs, but Rob’s overly drama bawling
was the loudest.”

“That’s funny. But, what are some more of the embarrassing stories?”

“Well, one was when Rob interrupted one of my parties by running down the stairs, right into the
middle of the party and screaming, ‘See! I knew it!’ and then showing this horrible stab mark on his
upper arm. ‘I had another chip in my arm!’ People were wondering what the fuck was wrong with him,
and I had to rush him to the ER, because it was bad enough to need stitches. That wasn’t even the most
embarrassing. I kind of don’t want to talk about the most embarrassing, though. Sorry, Danielle.”

“It’s okay.”

Instead of continuing on with the Rob saga, Blake sat himself up and sneered as he eyed the collar of
Danielle’s nearly-turtleneck t-shirt. “You wanna lie here naked?”

Expecting her to suddenly frolic around cheering, ‘Hell yeah!’, he was disappointed when she lowered
her brows and gave him ‘the look.’ “No.”

                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
                                                SCENE ??

Shade-derelict and sun-bestowing, the island’s beach just wasn’t Danielle’s forte. Bearing the skin of a
pasty white freak, she would turn lobster-red if out in the sun too long sans the sunscreen. Playing along
the wet shores of the beach were children whose ages ranged from five to seventeen. Several had Down
Syndrome. A few looked like they had gone chemotherapy; their sunscreen-laden bald heads
shimmered as the sun’s rays shone upon the skin. An assortment of the children had different kinds of
syndromes and disorders. Pretty much, you could say that it appeared that a special needs’ camp was
going on -- along with a few children whose wishes were being fulfilled by the Reddings and their
sharing of their island for the Make-a-Wish foundation. Squeals and giggles, laughter and shouting, and
the sweet smell of happiness and love filled the air. Blake and Danielle walked hand-in-hand, until they
had reached one child whose name tag read, ‘Robert.’

Turning to Danielle and bending down, Blake whispered into her ear, ‘Look, it’s a retarded Rob.’
Laughingly he pointed to the boy and shoved his elbow into Danielle’s side.

The boy did kind of resemble a Rob; his black hair was like a crazed octopus overtaking his head; his eyes
were big and blue; and his skin was ridiculously pasty, although it appeared that it was being fermented
into a tan. Little Robert skipped along the beach, his eyes squinting as he stopped and looked up at
Blake. Staring intensely, as if trying to take in the magniloquent teenage who barricaded his path. “Who
you?” he asked, his tongue licking at his plump lips.


“Who she?” Robert pointed at Danielle, and then he kind of let out a snicker. “Pudgy girl!”

Most people would expect Blake to start cracking up and agree, but surprisingly, he didn’t laugh at all.
Instead, he held himself together and kindly said to the boy, “You never comment about someone’s
weight.” He looked at the boy and then gave a nod of his chin. “Or, lack thereof.”

“Pig girl!” Robert oinked, then squealed, and then pointed at Danielle again. “Piggy girl grazing on cake!”

Slouching her shoulders, holding her head down and trying to cover her face as best as she could with
her hair, Danielle turned herself to Blake and stayed in such a total low self-esteem position. The last
thing she needed was some little kid insulting her, but here he was, insulting her like nobody’s business.
Even though it was against her personal morals and stances, she was tempted to scream, ‘Shut up, you
retard!’ at him.

Blake grabbed Robert’s arm and squeezed. “For your information, kid,” he whispered with a hiss, “that’s
my girlfriend, and her name’s Danielle.”

“She’s gross looking!” Robert pointed and laughed. “Piggy-looking. Troll-face. She’s ugly!”

Now feeling pretty raged by the boy’s remarks, Blake picked up the boy and held him so that they were
face-to-face. “You better shut your motherfucking mouth, retard,” he hissed in the boy’s face, “before I
show you what a real man does.”

                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Robert spit on Blake’s face. “Put me down!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “You’re hurting me!
You’re hurting me!”

Coming from the distance was a tall, thin woman whose face showed just how concerned she was --
tremendously. Before the woman arrived, Blake said to Robert, “She’s beautiful, and you know it. You’re
just jealous that I’m the one who gets to make love to her! So fuck off, Robtard!”

The woman was breathless when she arrived. “Who are you?” Her voice was strained, filled with worry.

She looked up at Blake and raised her brows. “What were you doing to Robert?!”

Blake kept silent. The woman looked over at Danielle. “Who are you?”

Danielle kept her head down, and her mouth closed.

“I’m asking you two to leave. I cannot have some teenagers messing around with the campers!”

Mary was the woman’s name. Dark olive skin, long, thick, straight black hair, and big, deep brown eyes
were the rest of the qualities that stood out about her. The woman looked like she was in her early-
twenties; old enough to have some kind of a degree, but young enough to handle the rambunctious
campers who called this area their home away from home.

Cleavage spilled out from her V-neck top, and apparently, she either didn’t realize it, or wanted to flaunt
it. One thing was for sure, though; it caught Blake’s attention and he couldn’t help but look, probably
wondering if her boobs were real or fake. Based on her svelte body and how deprived her body was of
fat -- save for her chest and buttocks regions --, it was safe to say that she was probably sporting a pair
of bags filled with saline or silicone in her chest region. A fake approach to trying to regain confidence or
blue-pencil one of many insecurities. Whatever the reason, they were fake, and thus so, all Blake could
think about was this chick’s fakeass tits.

“Implants, huh?” he commented as he continued to look down at her spillage of cleavage.

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she covered the cleavage and bitterly looked up at Blake. “That’s
nobody’s business,” she replied, rather bitterly. “You were hurting Robert. What the hell’s wrong with

“The kid was making fun of girlfriend.” Blake pointed to Danielle. “He was calling her shit like pudgy, pig
girl, piggy girl, troll-face. You expect me to stand back and let the little ‘tard insult my girlfriend like

“Well,” began Mary, looking at Danielle like she was some kind of a freak, “the truth hurts, I suppose.
She could just think of it as a, um, motivator to get off her butt and exercise.”

“That’s bullshit!” Blake yelled at Mary. “Fuck this shit! My parents own this island, and you can bet my
ass that your retard camp will no longer go on!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Mary laughed. “Wow, I’m so scared. Some bratty teenager is threatening to have my camp taken off this

                        ***FINISH FINISH FINISH ***

                        [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Scene 3

          Jack and his family (what they’re doing the day Blake/Danielle go to the Bahamas)

“Uh, what’s your name again?” asked Jack as he pulled on his boxers.

“Clarice,” replied the woman with a sigh as she lay in Jack’s bed, her naked body covered by a thin,
white sheet.

“It was fun fucking you,” he replied, a small smile forming on his face. “We should totally do it again one
of these days.”

“I can’t say the same thing about you,” she replied, the frown upon her face expressing her feelings. “I
expected thrusting, not jack hammering.”

He managed to hold in his laughter. “Well, my name is Jack.”

“Is that short for Jackass?” hissed Clarice as she grabbed her clothes from the side of the bed and began
to put them on.

He ignored her rude question, and instead watched her dress herself. “I love your skin color,” he
complimented as he eyed her smooth and flawless dark chocolate colored skin. “And your kinky black

She looked up at him and examined his shirtless body. “Again, I can’t say the same about you,” she
replied unhappily as she pointed her index finger at a mole on his neck. “You’ve got that mole, and then
another on your neck. Oh, and then you have one on your upper arm. I hate moles.”

And again, he ignored her negativity. “You look real young for your age,” he remarked with a big grin.
“You know, it was my first time fucking a mature woman.”

“I’m fifty-five,” she said as she got up from his bed, fully dressed, and headed toward the door. “And I’ve
been with a lot of guys. You’re by far the worst.”

“I never would have guessed,” he sweet talked. “I was thinking more like twenty-five or under.”

Clarice laughed as she opened up the door. “Don’t ever call me again, okay?”

Before he was able to reply back, she walked out and shut the door behind her.

“That fucking bitch,” Jack said aloud. “She insulted me! She insulted my looks!”

He grabbed for his iPhone on the computer desk, and immediately turned it on. When the home screen
finally appeared, Jack saw that he had two new text messages.

“Show entries were due yesterday, Jack. Called secretary and she said she didn’t get them. Call me
ASAP,” read a text from his mother.
                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
On the computer desktop were the horse show entry sheets she was talking about. Jack continued to
stare at the blank entries. “Shit,” he muttered. “She’s gonna be pissed.”

And she was. It was one of her favorite horse shows of the year, and one that was close by.

He went to the next message.

“I hate u jack,” read the message from an unknown caller. Jack immediately sent a reply. “Fuck u,” he
replied, snickering as he sent it.

Jack grabbed his tank top and jeans from off the floor and pulled them on. He stuffed the phone into his
back jeans pocket and headed downstairs to the family room.

A boisterous voice boomed throughout the family room. “I’m Scottish,” loudly spoke a man’s voice. “I
like my beer and pubs.” The man laughed loudly.

Now an older woman’s voice could be heard. “Oh, David, you’re such a hoot,” spoke the woman in a
high, squeaky voice that grated Jack’s ear. Her laugh sounded like a hyena’s, and it was the laugh that
Jack despised. Hearing it made him want to pull out a gun and shoot her.

“Daddy, daddy,” called a little girl – it was Jessica, Jack’s sister. “I wanna ride my pony!”

“See if Jack will come out with you,” he said to the little girl. “Jack! Jack!” he yelled, cupping his hands to
the sides of his mouth. “Jack!”

“I’m here,” bitterly replied Jack as he stepped into the family room.

“Oh, there you are,” happily responded David, his voice vibrant and loud.

He walked over to Jack and threw his arms around Jack’s back. “Good to see you, son,” he said warmly
as he squeezed his arms tighter around Jack’s body. “Good to see my little boy.”

My little boy, Jack hissed to himself. My little boy? I’m not your little fucking boy!

David was a fairly tall man who was moderately heavyset with striking green eyes, pale skin, and rich
black hair styled into a classic Caesar haircut. Jack and his father possessed similar facial features.
Scottish bred and raised, but living in America since he was nineteen, David still had a strong Scottish
accent that was sometimes so thick, it had Jack wondering what his father was saying. He finally stopped
hugging Jack and took a step back to gander at his son. As he reached his long, fat fingers out for Jack’s
face, he smiled and said, “Well, well, my lad.” His Scottish accent was so thick right now that Jack
narrowed his eyes and gave his father ‘the look.’ “What a handsome chap you are! I bet ya been
shagging ‘em gorgeous lasses, yeah?”

Jack’s eyes flashed to the right – to where the older woman sat. “Dad,” he whispered sternly. “Mrs.
Robins is here.”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
David looked over at Doris Robins – Jessica’s nanny – and smiled. “Jack, your sister wants to take a hack
on her pony,” he said, his Scottish accent now diluting down, as he looked back at Jack.

“She’s big enough to ride by herself,” groaned Jack as he looked over at Jessica and flashed her a smile.

“Jessica’s only six, Jack,” loudly spoke David as he threw his hands up in the air. “A lass her age is much
too young to take a hack by herself.”

“Those stupid Scottish words,” complained Jack as he hissed at his father. “We’re Americans, Dad, not

“Wrong!” his dad barked in reply. “I’m born and raised a Scotch, and damn proud of it. You, you’re the
American, but don’t forget your roots, boy. Your ancestors are Scottish.”

Jessica got up from the couch and went running down the hall. Jack heard a door open, and then the
clicking of toenails on the wood floor. “No,” he shouted as he raised his hands in protest. “Jessica!
Jessica! Put them back!”

David laughed as he looked over at Jack’s scornful face. “Daaad,” he whined loudly as he narrowed his
eyes. “She let them out!”

“Good grief, Jack,” his father replied. “They can’t stay cooped up in their room all day.”

“Oh, please.” Jack snorted angrily. “Their room is huge!”

Seventeen balls of fur came romping into the family room: two Rottweilers, a Labrador retriever, three
Weimaraners, two Saint Bernards, a bullmastiff, two Great Danes, a Dalmatian, two German Shepherds,
a Pekingese, a dachshund, and Jack’s mortal enemy – Slappy, the pitbull terrier. Jessica was wrestling
with both Saint Bernards, her squeals and giggles growing louder the closer she and the dogs ran to Jack.

“Jack! Jack!” she squealed, her giggles flooding the room. “They’re gonna get me! They’re gonna get
me!” Her chubby short arms grasped Jack’s jeans, tugging on them firmly.

Looking down at the dogs in total disgust, the only things he thought about were the ways he could kill
them. One by one, he’d take them out to the old barn on the property and torture them to death. With
a gun? He asked himself, thinking of how badly it’d make them shriek in pain. Or a knife? Or, or, my bare
hands? Maybe some poison? Or, or – and then a smirked formed on his once bitter face. Or, I could
stomp on them and punch them and smash them against the concrete.

Slappy walked up to Jack, his lips raised, his canines in clear view, and his growling growing louder. The
dog hated Jack as much as he hated the dog. Jack looked down at Slappy and growled back. “Away, you
stupid dog,” he hissed, reaching a hand down to slap the dog, but instead, he missed and his hand
slapped the air. “Get away from me! Get away from me!”

Jessica released an arm from Jack’s jeans and grasped it around Slappy’s neck. “No, no, baby Slappy,”
she scolded gently. “No being mean to Jack. You have to love him. He’s your brother.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
The dog began to bark and growl ferociously at Jessica, his teeth still bared. Jack bent down and slapped
the dog’s face. “Get out of here!” he screamed at the dog. “You don’t growl at Jessica, you stupid thing!”

Slappy growled and barked viciously at Jack as he reached his mouth for Jack’s hand and bit down.
“Daad!” Jack screamed, trying to yank his hand free. “Daad! He’s got my hand! He’s got my hand!”

David hurriedly grabbed a glass of water from off the table and poured the water on the dog’s face.
Slappy let go and scurried under the nearest table. He was afraid of water, and squirting or pouring
water on his face was the only way to get him to stop doing whatever thing he was doing.

As he held his hurting, bleeding hand, Jack looked at his father in horror. A couple of tears – tears of pain
– swelled in his eyes. “I hate that dog!” he screamed bewilderedly. “He would have tried to kill me!”

“Nonsense,” called out Mrs. Robins as she rolled her eyes. “You provoked him, Jack. If you’re dumb
enough to slap the poor thing, of course he’s going to lash out – in self defense.”

Jack stomped his feet like a toddler does when he’s having a tantrum. “He was trying to attack Jessica,”
he said, trying to defend himself. “What else could I have done?”

“Poured water on his face,” she responded. “Like your dad did. You don’t ever slap its face, unless you
want it attacking you.”

Droplets of blood fell from Jack’s hand and landed on Jessica’s face. “Jack’s bleeding!” She started to cry,
her face still tilted up in the air. “He’s bleeding, Nanny. He’s bleeding, Daddy!”

“Ewww,” said Mrs. Robins as she got off the couch and walked to Jessica. “Jack, get to the sink! You’re
getting blood all over Jessica’s face!”

Jessica didn’t even care. She continued to worry about Jack. “Nanny,” she continued to cry out, pushing
away Mrs. Robins’ hands. “Jack’s hurt! Jack’s bleeding! Jack’s bleeding so much!”

“Jack will be fine, sweetie,” she whispered, trying to hush the child. “It just looks worse than it really is.”

“My hand, my beautiful hand,” yelled Jack as he ran over to the nearest sink, droplets of blood dripping
onto the floor. “My fingers! My fingers! Oh, God, Dad! Daaad! Get in here!”

His father rushed over to the kitchen and watched as Jack stared in horror at his left hand. “I’m going to
die,” Jack moaned in pain. He was being a drama queen. It wasn’t that bad of a bite. There was just a lot
of blood, that’s all. “I’ll bleed myself to death!”

After turning on the sink and washing off most of the blood from Jack’s hand, David looked at the bite
and breathed a sigh of relief. “A bandage and that’ll heal just fine, Jack,” he said as he firmly patted
Jack’s back.

“Look at it!” cried Jack. “My hand is ruined. And it’s all because of Mom’s stupid dog! I could have died,
Dad, and you and Doris don’t even care! Your little Jack could have been dead – from that stupid, evil,
monster dog! Your baby Jack, Dad. Your pride and joy!”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Even though Jack was being serious, David burst into laughter. “What a drama queen,” he said, laughing
hard, as he slapped his knee. “Oh, God, Jack, you’re such a drama queen!”

Tears began to stream down Jack’s cheeks. “Stop laughing at me,” he shouted, stomping his feet and
letting out a frustrated grunt. “It’s all Mom’s fault! It’s all her fault this happened.”

“Huh?” asked David, confusion overtaking his laughter. “Her fault?”

“I’ve told her time after time about that stupid dog,” hissed Jack, his green eyes looking monstrous as
they stared out into the living room, right at Slappy. “He always growls at me, Dad. Always! Mom tells
me I’m making things up. She tells me that Slappy’s a great dog – that he’s family. He bit me, Dad! He bit
me! Would a family member ever bite another member of his family?”

“Your sister has bit you,” replied David, laughing at his own dull joke – one that was actually true. “Bit
you real hard, I remember. She made you scream and shout for your mommy. Remember?”

“It was cute,” said Jack, admitting to something that would embarrass most kids. “But I love my sister.
Dogs – I hate them! And biting me? Nuh uh, Dad. Nuh uh!”

Doris Robins came into the kitchen. She was a short, slender woman, well into her sixties, with long,
light brown hair that was pulled back into a neat bun, and little beady blue eyes surrounded by large
black framed glasses. Jack would always joke with his friends that one day, he’d woo her over and she’d
be head over heels for him. But so far, it never happened. Any joke attempts to try and woo her were
reciprocated with disgust and scolding. Even if I were younger, would think Mrs. Robins, that boy would
never be my type. Too muscular. Too pale. Too snobby and evil. And that grin! That disgusting grin of
his! She hated when he grinned his mischievous, evil grin – the one that meant he was up to no good.

Several months ago, Mrs. Robins found Jack sitting down on the couch, naked, just waiting – waiting for
his next victim to come atop his penis, probably, she had thought. He didn’t even flinch or say anything
when she came into the room, surprised by his nakedness. He sat cocky and coolly, that smirk strew
across his face, looking up at her with eyes that read his sick, lustful desires.

Shaking the thoughts of Jack from her head, she looked at the bite mark on Jack’s hand and rolled her
eyes. “I’ve told you time and time again, not to hit the dog!”

Jack flashed her a stone cold look. David looked at both Mrs. Robins and Jack. “I think he needs to be put
to sleep,” he said, sighing. “We can’t have a dog who’ll attack. Jack’s already so petrified of pitbulls.”

“Oh, David,” immediately defended Mrs. Robins. “Slappy’s a good dog. He means well. It was Jack who
provoked him.”

“Provoked or not, he’s a hazard. My children’s wellbeing matters more than the dog’s. I mean, what if
next time he bites Jessica? I’d kill that dog with my bare hands if he ever did that!”

“He’s never tried to attack before, David. It’s not his fault that he was provoked into biting.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“But he was growling at Jack,” interrupted Jessica. “He came up to Jack and started growling!”

Mrs. Robins threw up her hands. “Jack hurts and teases the dog, for crying out loud! Am I the only one
who notices?”

“No, I don’t,” shouted Jack, lying through his teeth. He was always harassing the dog. Always hurting the
dog. Teasing the dog to no end.

Jessica looked down at the ground. “Yes, you do,” she whispered cautiously. Even though she was afraid
to say bad things about Jack, she wasn’t one to lie.

He reacted how she expected him to: he grasped her wrist and stared coldly into her eyes. “Oh, so now
whose side are you on, huh? Mine or that stupid dog’s?”

Several tears streamed down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, Jack,” she whimpered, her spooked eyes glaring
into his. “It’s the truth. You always kick him and hit him and hurt him. You make him whimper and cry
and scream. You tell me he deserves it, because he’s an evil breed – a pitbull.”

“You little fat hamster,” Jack screamed at his sister. “Go away, before you blabber your mouth some
more! Scram, you little fat hamster! Scram!”

Jessica ran into the family room, sobbing and crying. “You’re mean!” she squealed. “You’re a big

As she ran into the living room, crying and upset, Slappy came out from under the table and as he bared
his teeth, he growled at her. “Stop it, Slappy,” cried Jessica as she took a couple steps back from the
approaching dog. “Stop it, Slappy!”

The dog lashed out at her and bit her hand. “Daaaddy!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

David and Mrs. Robins rushed into the room. Jack grabbed the largest knife he could find on the
countertop and walked out with it. Putting his thumb and index finger into his mouth, he whistled
loudly, catching the dog’s attention. The dog made a run for it toward Jack, his teeth bared and ready to
latch on. As soon as the dog was near enough, Jack stabbed the knife through its eye. “Take that,
motherfucker,” he yelled manically at the dog. Slappy let out screams of pain as he tried to back himself
away. Instead of letting the dog go, Jack pulled out the knife and began to repeatedly stab the dog’s face
and body. “Take that! Take that, you fucking monster,” he screamed at the dog, his voice now so
psychotic that he sounded like a murderer on a blood frenzy rampage.

David, Mrs. Robins and Jessica, looked over in shock and horror as Jack continued to stab the dog. His
face was bright red with beads of sweat dripping down from his forehead, and blood squirting across his
cheeks and nose. “You’re going to Hell,” Jack continued to yell at the dog. "You evil, sick demon! You
fucking deserve to die! You fucking deserve it!”

                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Mrs. Robins ran over to Jack and shoved him onto the floor. “Jack!” she screamed as she slapped him
across the face, in an attempt to try and bring him out of his rage and back to reality. “Jack! Stop it! Stop

“Get the fuck away from me,” he yelled at her as he held up the knife, threatening her with it.

She stepped back as she watched the knife shake in his hands. He had the look of pure evil and rage on
his face. He was so angry and red with rage that his blood vessels began to show and his eyes bulged.
“Everyone stay back!” he yelled as he waved the knife around. “Stay back! It’s between me and this
fucker. No one else!”

Blood was squirting all over Jack’s face, arms and clothes. Intestines were beginning to show from the
repeated stab wounds stabbed into the dog. A pool of blood seeped out from underneath Slappy’s body.
The dog whimpered quietly, its breathing shallow and nearly nonexistent. Jack watched as the dog
began to fade away fast, its eyes blinking once…twice… and then no more. He stopped breathing and lay
lifeless on the wooden floor. A victorious smile formed on Jack’s face as he stabbed the dog one last
time – right for its heart. “I slain the beast,” he said boastfully as he turned around and glared at his
sister, dad and the nanny. Blood dripped from his face. “He’s dead! He’s dead!”

All three kept staring at Jack in disbelief. The sight before them was so grim and gruesome. So horrifying.
Had Jack really killed the dog? Had he really stabbed it to death?

“Lenora,” David shouted for the house keeper. “Lenora! Come quick! We’ve got a mess – a bloody mess!
Come! Come quick!”

Jack dropped the knife on the ground and got to his feet. “I gotta shower,” he said, sounding relieved. “I
gotta get this blood off me.”

On his way to the nearest downstairs bathroom, Jack saw Jessica’s hamster cages and took her favorite
hamster out – Snugglebear – and held it in the palm of his hand. The little Russian dwarf hamster
wrinkled its nose and squinted its eyes. “Well, hello there, Mr. Snugglebear,” he said affectionately to
the hamster as he stroked its furry body, the blood from his hands sticking to the fur. “Would you like to
learn how to fly?”

His sister stood in the hallway, her mouth gaping as she stared at him. She looked so scared, so spooked.
Afraid. Afraid of Jack. Afraid of what he could do. He positioned the hamster head-first in his hand and
thrust it at his sister. The hamster hit her mouth, and then dropped into her outstretched palms.

“Good catch,” he snickered to his sister as he took one last glimpse at her before turning around and
heading for the bathroom.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Scene 4

“I killed the dog,” Jack whispered aloud in the shower as he let the water hit his face, blood dripping
down and being whisked down the drain. “I finally killed it.”

He ran his bloody fingers through his hair, and then ran them along his body, enjoying the feeling of the
drying blood against his bare skin. When he lifted his hand, bringing his fingers to his mouth, he slowly
began to lick off the blood. “The taste of satisfaction,” he gloated, pleased with his victory. “It felt so
good. I felt sooo good. It was incredible.”

The feeling was so immense that Jack couldn’t stop thinking about it. Thinking back to the stabs, the
stabs that sent his mind into a pleasurable frenzy throughout the whole stabbing episode and
thereafter, he felt like he was going to explode – explode with pure pleasure that raged his brain. “Oh,
god,” moaned Jack as he let his body fall back against the granite shower tiling. “Oh, god! “

“I’m so turned on,” he yelled toward the shower head. “Oh, god! Oh my fucking god!”

As he watched the blood fall from his body and mix with the water, turning it a pink color as it swished
around and finally was swept into the drain, he placed the palms of his hands against two walls of the
shower and let his head bang gently against the corner. “I wish Blake could have seen it. I wish he could
have seen me own that motherfucker!”

Back in the living room, as Jack showered, Lenora cleaned up the mess. Another housekeeper took
Jessica to another bathroom and helped dress her wound. Mrs. Robins and David stepped into another

“David,” she yelled. “I can’t stand this anymore! If you can’t get your sick brat under control, I’m going
to quit. He’s evil – pure evil! I love Jessica, but that boy? That boy? I can’t stand him! He harasses me,
David. He does and says sick things – to me, to Jessica, to you, to everyone but his mother. Everyone
else knows what a creep he is, besides his mother. Why do you keep it a secret from her, huh, David?

David sighed and turned away. “Please, Doris,” he said, groaning. “Don’t do this. At least not right now,
okay? Jack’s not evil, he’s just… he’s just—“

“Just what?” she screamed.

“He’s just a teenager!”

“Just a teenager? Newsflash, David: normal teenagers don’t start going psycho and stab their dog to
death! Normal teenagers don’t harass and abuse animals. Normal teenagers don’t raise a knife up to
anyone and threaten them with it!”

“What do you expect Jack to do when he –and then his sister – gets bitten?”

“To get the dog away, not kill the poor thing! Now Slappy’s dead. Dead, for crying out loud! He killed
that poor, sweet dog!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Poor, sweet dog?” barked David. “That damn thing bit my son and daughter, and you still call it sweet?”

“Jack provoked it!” she screamed back. “Any animal that’s continuously harassed and teased and
abused will react violent, David!”

He sighed. “I’ll have a talk with the boy, Doris, but remember: you can’t say anything about what
happened today to Lisa. Nothing at all, okay? If she asks what happened to Slappy, we’ll just say he got
out and ran away. Okay? Okay, Doris?”

Mrs. Robins threw up her hands in disgust and frustration. “Why do you always cover for this boy? Why,
David? Lisa’s his mother, and she needs to know how sick her son really is. Why can’t you ever be honest
with her about him? Why must you always let the little monster get away with everything?!”

“You know what she’ll do with him, Doris,” whispered David. “He’s my son, and there’s no way I want
my other son in the mental hospital! I just want my family happy and together, okay, Doris! I don’t want
to ruin things more than they already are! My oldest daughter is away in Scotland, and my oldest son is
in a mental institution. I don’t want my family falling apart anymore, okay? Is that so hard to

“It’s all Jack’s fault! He’s the devious devil behind it all, David.”

“Oh please,” yelled David. “Now you’re sounding like the psycho one!”

“I found blood on Jessica’s sheets a few days ago,” sternly whispered Mrs. Robins. “I asked her why it
was there, and she just shrugged. I think Jack, I think he –“

“Enough!” shouted David. “She probably just cut herself on something. You know her, she’s such a
clumsy little thing!”

“He does that horrible grin of his when he’s around her, David – just like he did with Madison. I think
Madison was –“

“Stop it, Doris!” David threw his hands in the air and let out a groan. “The doctors said she was suffering
from depression, and that a change in scenery would do her well. That’s why we sent her to my parents’
for the last couple of years.”

“And see how much happier she is away from Jack? That little creep, I know he did something to her! I
just know it, David. That creepy grin of his, he was always doing it around her! The look of lust in his
eyes, too. That boy, that boy, he’s sick!”

“Doris, you sound like an old woman who’s losing her mind,” replied David. “Lisa and I raised the boy
right. He got the best education, the best nannies, and was well loved and taken care of. He goes to
church every Sunday and everyone there adores the boy, especially the Priest and church staff. We’ve
raised him with our Catholic morals, and he’s damn well followed them!”

“Followed them?” she sneered. “He’s the biggest sinner there is.”

                            [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“You’re just making things up, Doris. You just want Jack to be sent off to some crazy farm, don’t you?”

Mrs. Robins just sighed. There wasn’t anything more she could say. “You’re just in denial, David.”

Silence swept over the house. Everything just seemed so surreal. What had happened, it shocked
everyone. The only one who seemed fine was Jack.

While still in the shower, Jack heard the bathroom door swing open and then shut. He opened his eyes a
few second later and saw his sister standing by the toilet, staring through the shower glass at him.

“Jack?” she called weakly as her legs shook nervously.

He opened up the shower door and signaled for her to come inside. Obediently, Jessica entered the
shower – still fully dressed – and Jack leaned her against his body and threw his arms around her. “I’m
sorry I called you a little fat hamster,” he apologized, one of his hands reaching up and stroking through
her dampening hair. The blood was washed off his body, and shampoo suds were beginning to wash
away as he held his head underneath the spray of clear water.

Jack could Jessica’s heart thudding against her chest. The only thing she could think about was his red,
raging face and the blood that had covered it. And the way he repeatedly stabbed the dog to death. The
whole scenario repeated through her mind, never ending.

“You killed Slappy,” she choked out as she thrashed her body around, trying to release herself from his

He squeezed tighter and tighter. “Shhh,” he whispered gently as he grasped her arms and held them
down. “I killed Slappy,” he said calmly, the words echoing in the shower. “I killed that stupid dog.”

“And you threw Snugglebear at me,” shouted Jessica. “You threw him right at my mouth!”

“That’s right,” calmly replied Jack. “I threw that fucking hamster at you – right for your open mouth.”

“You coulda killed him, Jack!”

“But you caught him, like a good owner would. You caught that fat little hamster and saved him from
becoming hamster meat.”

He finally released his grip, and she raced out of there. The door opened and then slammed shut. After
finishing up with his shower, he turned off the faucet and stood there, looking down at the drain. “She’s
going to eat that dog,” he said aloud. “They’re all going to eat that fucking dog.”

He was talking about Lisa, his mother. Vengeance was all that was on his mind. Jack’s bite wound
dribbled blood. The bright red droplets splattered on the shower floor, beads of water mixing with them
as they crept their way toward the drain. Standing there, watching the drips and beads mixing and
creeping along, Jack grinned that creepy, mischievous grin of his.

                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
After opening the glass door and reaching for a towel, he wrapped it around his waist and stepped out.
Looking into the mirror, he studied his face for several seconds. I’m perfect, he thought as he continued
to examine his face. Tall and muscular and attractive. After he took out a medical kit and dressed his
bite wound, he grasped the doorknob and twist it open. Chest out, back straight, and keeping his cool,
he walked out and treaded down the long hallway. In the family room, a large black garbage bag sat
atop several smaller ones.

“I’ll bury the body,” coolly said Jack as he approached his father and the large garbage bag.

David shrugged his shoulders as he stole a glance at Jack. “Okay,” he replied. “Bury the dog.”

Aside from the bags, all of the mess was cleaned up. You couldn’t even tell there used to be a bloody
mess on the floor. “Good girl,” Jack said to Lenora as he playfully slapped her butt.

The dark skinned, black haired woman with big black eyes and a petite nose, gasped. Her short, slender
body rushed away. Lenora was just her nickname. She and the other housekeeper were originally from

“Hey, Lenora,” he called out, smirking. “Why you leaving? I was just being playful.”

Looking over at Jack sternly was his father. “Jack,” he said, sighing, “don’t. Don’t bug Lenora. She had to
clean up that mess of yours.”

“Yeah, so? Isn’t that what you pay those girls for – to clean up the house?”

“Yes, the house, but not blood! Not a bloody dog body,” he replied. “Oh, and Jack, you’re making dinner
tonight, okay?”

“Sure, Dad, sounds good to me,” Jack replied calmly.

David looked over at Jack again. “You’re actually not complaining?”

“I’ll be glad to make dinner for the family.” Jack grinned warmly. “I already caused this whole gnarly
scene, so it only makes sense that I put dinner on the table.”

“Are you okay?” slowly asked David as he raised his eyebrows. He was growing suspicious of Jack. “First
you volunteer to take out the body; and now you’re totally fine with cooking dinner. Are you sure you’re
not up to something, Jack?”

“Dad, I’m fine,” reassured Jack. “I had a huge freak out – an explosion – but I’m fine now. I’m not up to
anything, I promise.”

“O-kayyy,” David answered ever so slowly. “What are you making?”

“Slappy Joes,” Jack said quickly, before he could realize what he had said.

“What?” asked his dad, his brows narrowing and his nose wrinkling. “What did you say?”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“Sloppy Joes,” Jack corrected himself. “Sloppy Joes!”

“Those are Mom’s favorite,” thoughtfully replied David. “She loves them.”

“I know,” said Jack, grinning. “And I know she’ll love some made by her wonderful son.”

“But I could of sworn you said Slappy Joes,” replied David as he began to walk into the other room. “You
sure you’re not up to no good, Jack?”

“I promise, Dad,” lied Jack. “You just relax and I’ll get to dinner.”

“Wait.” His father turned around and pointed to the black garbage bag on the ground. “First bury the
dog. We can’t have your mother finding out about today’s, uh, incident.”

“Okay. I’ll bury the body, then I’ll get to dinner. Sound good?”

“Yup!” David walked out of the room. Jessica and Mrs. Robins were elsewhere in the house. It was just
Jack and the body. He snuck into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher’s knife.

Jack looked down at himself and realized he was wearing just a bath towel. He ran upstairs and into his
room, pulling out a black tank top and a pair of shorts. Running down the stairs as fast as he could
manage, he jumped the last few steps and ran for the front door to put on some flip flops. Now wearing
some clothes, he picked up the knife again, grabbing several plastic bags – to put the useable bits of
meat in – and the garbage bag on his way to the door, and ran into the backyard.

Once he reached behind the old barn, he began to ever so carefully butcher the dog’s body. Jack knew
how to slaughter and butcher animals; his cousin Damien owned a slaughterhouse and had shown Jack
how it was done, and had him help slaughter animals.

When he got enough meat to make Sloppy Joes for the family, Jack ran inside the old barn and grabbed
a shovel. He buried the dog a few hundred yards away from the barn, and placed the shovel back in its
spot. Starting for the house, the knife and several XL Ziploc sandwich bags full of meat in hand, he wiped
beads of sweat from his forehead and smiled proudly. “Slappy Joes for the whole family,” he snickered,
holding the bags in the air and shaking them. “Good ole Slappy Joes for everyone!”

“Onions, Ketchup, seasoning, buns and dog meat,” Jack said aloud, laughing. “Mom’ll love these
delicious Joes! She’ll be woofing them down. Woofing down her pathetic little pride and joy.”

Before he entered, he peered through the kitchen windows to make sure no one was there. The coast
was clear: he had the room all to himself. He walked inside the back kitchen door and dropped the knife
and bags into the large sink. Blake and Rob had taught Jack a lot about cooking: they taught him how to
make great meals, and how to make incredible Sloppy Joes. He washed the meat with water and broke
it into small pieces. Next he pulled out some pans, cooking utensils and the ingredients he needed for
the Sloppy Joes. Once done getting it all together, he put the meat in a big pan and began to prepare it.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
It ended up taking an hour before Jack was finished with the preparations and cooking. Now that the
meal was complete, he cleaned up the kitchen, and placed plates and eating utensils down on the
family’s dining table.

“Jack!” called a voice from behind him.

Oh, god, thought Jack as he rolled his eyes. Mother Dearest is home.

Before he could turn around, Lisa grabbed the top of his tank top and yanked him toward her. “Jack!”
she screamed at him, her other hand grabbing his bicep and squeezing it. She let go of his shirt and
pushed him forward, and then grabbed his shirt again. “Jack!” She slapped the back of his head as hard
as she could. “You idiot! You complete idiot!”

He pulled away from her grip and turned around. “What did I do?” He asked, his voice raising.

She slapped him across the face. “You let Slappy get away,” she screamed at him. “You stupid idiot! You
let my pride and joy get away, and now he’s lost – lost forever! And, and –“

“It wasn’t my fault your stupid dog ran out the door,” he mumbled bitterly.

Again, she slapped him across the face. “No swearing, young man,” she scolded as she narrowed her
eyebrows at him. “And you threw Cuddlebear at Jessica’s mouth. You threw Jessica’s poor hamster at
her mouth. Are you a pathetic idiot or what?! Why in God’s name would you do that? What’s gotten
into you, Jack, you stupid, stupid boy?!”

Instead of cooling off and leaving, she slapped Jack’s stomach. “You never mailed in those entries,” she
screamed at he tried to back away, only to have her grab his arm and dig her nails into his skin. “My
favorite show! My favorite show! Now we can’t go, and it’s all your fault! You knew how much that
show meant to me, you stupid, stupid boy! I reminded you every second about getting those entries in
on time. Don’t you realize how upset I am?!”

“Stop pinching me,” he shouted. “Get away from me! You’re being crazy.”

She let go of him and slapped him across the face for the third time. “Respect your elders,” she yelled.
“You never talk back to your mother or father or any other adult. Never! Now, get out of my way! I’m so
angry, Jack. I swear… I swear that I could just –“ and she finished the sentence with a frustrated scream
as she threw her hands in the air and shoved Jack right out of her way.

“At least you did something right,” came her voice from the kitchen. “These Sloppy Joes smell real

Even though Jack was fuming and wanting to sock his mother real hard, he kept it back and grinned.
“Yeah,” he responded to her. “I know you’ll love them.”

“I better,” replied Lisa. “Because I had a long day at work and I’m starving.”

“Well, you didn’t have to go off on me,” said Jack, keeping his cool.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
She went over to Jack and hugged him. “I’m sorry, kid,” she said, sighing. “I didn’t mean to hit you so
much. It’s just it really pissed me off when I heard what you did to Jessica’s hamster, and how my
beloved dog ran away, and that you didn’t turn in the show entries.”

Jack pulled away. “Let’s just eat,” he told her.

“No, really, Jack, I’m sorry. I had a rough day at work.”

He sighed. “You always do.”

“I lost a couple officers today,” she said, her face grim. “They were the station’s top gang unit.”

Lisa’s brown eyes stared into Jack’s. “I’m always at work,” she complained. “I never get a break.”

“Sorry,” he said, no sympathy or sorrow in his voice. It just sounded cold and distant.

Her long dark brown hair was pulled back into a low pony tail. She always wore it in a bun at her job, but
when at home or in public, it was either down or in a pony tail. “You don’t know how devastating it is to
lose someone close to you,” she told Jack, her glare intense.

Lisa rubbed at her pale white arms. She was a short woman, only a few inches taller than the five-foot-
even Danielle. “Get your father and sister,” she ordered him, her double chin bouncing as she spoke. “I
want to eat – now!”

But he didn’t have to: Jessica and David came into the room, taking their places at the table. Lisa sat
down as Jack served the family their Sloppy Joes. He took a seat next to his mother and watched her
stare at the Joe.

“It smells funny,” protested Jessica as she shoved the plate away.

“Just eat your food,” grumbled David as he pushed the plate back toward her. “Your brother made it.”

“He probably put blood in it,” she said, sticking out her tongue in disgust.

Lisa slammed her fists down onto the table. “Jessica Moon Templeton!” yelled Lisa. “Just hush and eat
your food! I want a happy family meal for once!”

Jessica picked up her fork and poked at the meat between the buns. “But Mommm –“

“You either eat it or go to your room,” David sternly told her. “Your mother had a long day, and neither
she or I will put up with this nonsense, young lady.”

Jack picked up his Sloppy Joe and took a bite out of it. “Mmm,” he said, surprised by its delicious, sweet
taste. “It’s really good.”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Jessica continued to poke her fork at the meat. Lisa picked up her Joe and took a bite. “I like it,” she
responded as she picked up her fork and shoveled some of the loose meat into her mouth. “Real sweet
and tender.”

A grin formed on Jack’s face as he began to giggle quietly.

“What’s so funny?” bitterly asked Lisa as she looked over at Jack.

“Nothing,” he responded as he watched her take another bite of the Joe.

David finally picked up his Joe and gave it a try. “Yum,” he replied happily as he began to devour it. “It’s
really good, Jack.”

“Yeah, Jack,” his mother said, a smile forming on her once frowning face. “What meat did you use?”

He burst into laughter, his legs kicking around. “You know,” he said, his laughing quieting down. “Beef.
Just a special beef.”

“A special beef? Where from?” his mother continued to question him. She downed the rest of the Joe
and reached for another one, as did David.

“One of Damien’s cows,” responded Jack, a sly grin crossing his face. “One of his special cows.”

“I could even go for thirds,” replied his father. “This stuff’s good!”

“Definitely,” said Lisa, her glance back at Jack. “You sure know how to cook some good Sloppy Joes,

He finished his Joe and grabbed another. “Hits the spot, doesn’t it?” He couldn’t wipe the sly grin off his
face. It remained frozen there.

Jessica finally picked up her Joe and took a bite. “It tastes like wet dog,” she responded, spitting it back
out onto her plate and sticking out her tongue. “It’s gross!”

Jack grabbed the Joe and shoved it in her mouth. “Eat it,” he demanded. “Or else you’ll go hungry.”

“Oh, god, Jack,” Lisa snapped. “Don’t shove it in your sister’s mouth! If she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t
want it. She’ll just have to go hungry.”

David got up from the table and grabbed a bottle of wine from out of the fridge. “Have a couple glasses,
hun,” he said to Lisa as he grabbed her wine glass and filled it up.

“Thanks, dear,” she responded, trying to manage a smile. She downed the glass within a couple of gulps.

“Wow,” responded David, astonished that his wife had already downed the glass.

Lisa poured herself another and downed it as fast as the first. “What year is this?”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]

“It tastes marvelous,” she replied, pouring herself a third glass.

Jack stared as his mom downed the third glass. “Whoa, Mom,” he said, grabbing the bottle of wine and
pulling it away. “I think you’ve had enough.”

She snatched it back. “You can’t tell me what to do,” she hissed at Jack. “I’m an adult. I don’t need a
child telling me whether I can have a glass of wine or not.”

“Three glasses all in a row,” said Jack, reaching back for the bottle. “You’ll be drunk in no time at this
rate, Mom!”

“I have tomorrow off,” she said, pouring herself a fourth glass. “And I’m a legal adult. I can get drunk if I
want to. I’m not hurting anybody.”

Jack felt strange as he watched his mom down the fourth glass. He had never seen her drinking as
heavily as this. Jessica had spit out the Sloppy Joe Jack had shoved in her mouth, and she eyed it in
disgust, moving it around with her fork. She was hungry, but not hungry enough to eat something she
thought tasted disgusting.

Some time passed and Lisa was feeling the wine kicking in. The once bitter and angry Lisa was now all
smiles and giggles. “Oh, David,” giggled Lisa as she ran a hand down his clothed chest. “I think I drank a
wee bit too much.”

Jack stared at his mother as she slid one of her hands under the table and groped her husband. David let
out a deep laugh. “Oh, you frisky girl, you,” he said to her, grinning, as he reached his hand for her face
and caressed her cheeks.

“Dad’s getting laid tonight,” whispered Jack, a grin on his face, as he elbowed his father.

David looked at Jack sternly, but then immediately grinned. “You know it, boy,” he whispered in reply,

No wonder Dad wasn’t trying to stop her from downing the booze, thought Jack as he watched his
parents flirt. She’s a horny whore when she’s had too much to drink. I hope they keep their door unlocked
so I can watch – or even better, so I can record. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched them fuck.

Lisa yanked out her scrunchie and shook her hair free. She was a pretty woman whose facial features
were soft and blended well with her oval-shaped face. Black eyeliner lined her dark brown eyes, and
mascara enhanced her thick lashes. Jack continued to examine his mother’s appearance. Thick, wavy
locks of dark brown ran down to the middle of her back.

“Your father and I are going to bed earlier, kids,” spoke Lisa as she got up from her chair, holding the
bottle of wine in her hands, and stumbled toward David. She grasped her free arm around him and

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
reached up to give him a kiss. “Goodnight, you two,” she said as she looked back over at Jessica and

Jack watched as she held onto David, stumbling each step she took toward their bedroom upstairs, on
the third floor. Once they were in there, David shut the door –forgetting to lock it – and pushed Lisa
onto the bed.

She held the bottle up and placed it to her lips, taking large gulps. “I sooo wanna get laid,” said Lisa,
sighing loudly as she kicked off her shoes and socks and lay on the bed.

“Finally!” trumped David as he, too, took off his shoes and socks. He unbuckled his belt and undid his
pants and slid them off. “It’s been how long since we last had sex?”

“Six months, I think,” she replied, sighing. “Or maybe seven.”

David sighed. “Too long. Too long.”

Lisa narrowed her eyes at David. “I’ve been too busy! You try being the police chief of the LAPD and see
what it’s like!”

He, too, narrowed his eyes. “But you’ve sure got time for those damn horse shows!”

“Oh, please, David,” she said sternly. “That’s the only extra thing I can do, and I enjoy it. I need a hobby
to keep me sane!”

He looked into her eyes, his hands reaching for her face and caressing her cheeks. “You’ve also got a
family, Lisa. And it’s been awhile since you’ve spent any quality time with them.”

Ignoring him, she stripped off her pants and shirt, and lay in just her bra and underwear. “Let’s just have
some fun,” she whispered flirtatiously to David, her right hand beginning to unbutton his dress shirt.

Shrugging his shoulders, he let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. “Okay,” he responded reluctantly, his eyes
now staring down at her bra. “But we need to have a deep conversation about our family and marriage
tomorrow, Lisa, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed, not really caring about what he was saying. She was drunk and not in the mood for
a conversation about her falling apart marriage and family.

Just as they were stripping off the rest of their clothes, Jack silently opened the door and peered in, a
video camera in his right hand. The bed was located in a spot that made it difficult for them to see the
bedroom doors of their room, so Jack was easily able to peek in on them without having to worry about
getting caught.

As soon as he opened up the camcorder screen, he pressed record and whispered, “My mom’s drunk
and horny,” to the camera.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Watching David atop Lisa, her legs squeezed around his waist, and his hands gripping the front bed
posts, Jack quickly looked down at his pants. It was very clear he had an erection: his pants were bulged
out in the front. As he watched both his parents take off the rest of each other’s clothes, he unzipped his
shorts, bringing his penis out, and began stroking the shaft. “Put your dick in her, Dad!” he whispered to
the camera as he watched his parents engage in foreplay.

It wasn’t long until Lisa wanted some more action to occur. “C’mon, David,” she began moaning as she
grinded her hips against his. “Let’s make love!”

“Yeah, Dad, give it to her! Give it to her all night while I watch and jerk off!” Jack continued to whisper
loud enough to be heard by just the camera.

“Fuck, David,” she moaned loudly as David began to part her thighs. “Just fuck me, for Christ’s sake!”

“Good God, Lisa,” spoke David, his deep laughing filling the room. “Hold your horses! You know damn
well that you like it when I take my time with you.”

“Not when I’m this fucking horny,” she replied as she thrust her hips toward his. “I want your dick right

David looked at her, slightly puzzled and slightly humored. “Well, okay then,” he said, smiling, as he
began to penetrate her with his penis.

“Finally!” she shouted as he slowly inched his penis in. “I forgot what it’s felt like, that’s how long it’s

He completely ignored what she said and let out a pleasured grunt. “God,” he said, breathlessly, “I wish
you could feel how good it feels for me to put it in.”

Jack continued to masturbate all while watching and recording his parents having sex. Once he was near
ejaculation, he breathed deeply into the camera, saying, “Mmm, yeah. Mmm. Pound that bitch’s pussy,
Dad. Mmm, yeah.”

And just as he finished saying that, Mrs. Robins happened to walk by the door. Grasping at his shoulders,
she hissed, “The hell are you doing, Jack?”

Ignoring her, he took out a paper towel he had stuffed in the elastic of his shorts, and continued to
stroke. “I bet you like seeing me cum, don’t you, Doris?” The camera was still on, filming the thrusts,
moans and groans of his parents, and of course, his own voice and noises. “Well, baby, you’ve caught
me at the right moment.”

Mrs. Robins watched Jack stroke himself to ejaculation: as his body quivered and he let out a low grunt,
semen dribbled down from his penis and onto the paper towel.

“You’re a sick child,” she hissed, grabbing his bicep and pulling him toward her. “Turn off that camera,
and come with me!”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
 Jack pressed stop on the camera and closed the screen, and then he shoved the paper towel into his
shorts pocket and put his penis back in his pants before zipping it up. In Mrs. Robins’ hand were the
home phone and a note in her elegant cursive writing.

“What’s with the phone and note?” He acted like nothing had happened as he glanced up at her and
smiled. “Someone called?”

She was none too thrilled to be around Jack. Mrs. Robins couldn’t stand the kid’s guts; he was a
disgusting, strange freak of nature who made her life a living hell. But the call was important, and the
whole reason she even catch Jack in the first place, was because she was trying to see the parents to let
them know about the call. “The psychiatrist called and said that Derek will be released tomorrow

“No fucking way,” Jack yelled. “They’re not releasing that psycho! No, no way!”

David and Lisa had already finished having sex and were now getting dressed. Right then and there
when David heard Jack yell that, he threw on a shirt and ran out of his bedroom door. “He’s being

Mrs. Doris looked pleased to finally have David come out and hear what she had to say. “Yes, David,
they’re releasing him tomorrow afternoon.”

Scene 5

           Jennifer and Rob (what they’re doing the day Blake/Danielle go to the Bahamas)

Cuddling with Jennifer on the black living room couch as they both watched Saw VI, Rob pulled out a
hair from his head and touched it to his tongue. Feeling satisfied and distressed as he continued to pull
out a few more hairs and repeated touching them to his tongue, he began to daydream about aliens.
Thinking about their big, black eyes that were tilted and almond shaped; those short, slender grey
bodies; their two slits for a nose; and that thin, tiny mouth of theirs that spoke such a strange, unique,
wondrous language that hypnotized Rob for hour upon hour, day after day. He began to feel an intense
head rush as he breathed in deeper and deeper, the erotic images of aliens clouding his mind and
making him feel turned on. It was a bad time for him to feel such a feeling; he was with his sister,
watching a horror movie. Instead of thinking about aliens, he was supposed to be indulged with a movie
consisting of the mutilation and dismemberment of unwilling human participants in a sick, demented
serial killer’s twisted game of survival.

Trying to block the images of aliens from his mind, he gave up when it was clear that there was no way
he’d be able to stop turning himself on by the thoughts of the female aliens breathing deeply into his
ears and touching their clawed hands to his bare chest. The first time he experienced an erotic
encounter with an alien was when he was thirteen.

He remembered it like yesterday: she was different from the rest; she had a light violet colored body
that was plump, and nails that were short and safe. Touching her hands to his chest, he breathed in
deeply as he looked into her enormous black eyes that could keep his attention span for an eternity.
They were like two black holes situated perfectly on her face. Bringing his hands down to his pants, he
                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
slid them under and touched himself. Her name was Uba and she was part of the Grey race, but was a
hybrid between a Grey and a Human; so being as she was half human, she had a human-esque body, but
yet her facial features were that of a Grey’s. She was the perfect mixture in Rob’s opinion. As he
touched himself beneath his shorts, Uba watched and then as her tiny, thin lips formed into a smile, she
slid her hands down his pants and began to stroke his penis. That was the most pleasurable touch Rob
had ever experienced in his life. The way her fingers wrapped around the shaft and stroked up and down
made him shiver and shake, his face and body tingling and turning hot each second she continued. A
couple of minutes of pleasure passed and then, he experienced the most earth shattering pleasurable
feeling ever as his penis pulsated and his pelvis quivered as droplets of milky white liquid leaked from
the head his ejaculating penis.

Enjoying the memories of his first sexual alien encounter, Rob smiled and stopped cuddling with
Jennifer. Getting off the couch and telling her that he was going on his computer to look some stuff up,
he sprinted to his room and locked the door from behind him. He immediately went right to his laptop
and opened it up, and clicked open the web browser. Once it was open, he googled “aliens” into the
browser and then clicked “images.” Hundreds, thousands of alien photos came into view, and Rob’s eyes
grew huge as he stared at the black eyes gazing into his from the computer screen. One of the photos
showed a naked alien, and that’s when Rob quickly clicked out of the browser window.

“Please, God,” he whispered out loud to himself. “Please let me think good thoughts. I won’t masturbate
to aliens. I won’t masturbate to aliens. I won’t masturbate to aliens. I am a good boy. I don’t make love
with aliens. Aliens make love with other aliens. I am only attracted to human females. Please, God, just
free me from wanting to make love with aliens.”

While he continued to whisper that out loud, over and over again, he pulled hairs from his head and
touched their follicles to his tongue. And then, he stuck a finger in his belly button and as he kept it
there, he bitterly whispered, “Aliens! Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!”

Yet, looking down at his pants, he shook his head as he noticed that they bulged out in the front. Dirty
thoughts of alien sex still clouded his mind as he reopened Google and retyped in “aliens.” Scrolling
down to the picture he had seen of the naked alien, he smiled and grinned as he opened up the photo
and examined it. Touching a hand down to his pants, he began to fondle himself through the denim of
his jeans. “I’m not an alien,” he said, trying to make it clear to himself that he was indeed human. “I just
love masturbating to them.”

He was on his medications, so he knew he was human, and he knew that the aliens wouldn’t be talking
back to him. Even on his medicines he wasn’t a completely normal person; he was still a quirky alien-
loving weirdo named Rob. But he kept the alien stuff to himself, and knew reality from fiction when he
took those damn pills that he constantly wished would just go away and never come back. Without
those pills, though, he was a deluded schizo who chased after female aliens and talked to aliens, and
sought out areas at which they flew their UFOs, in hopes that he could catch a ride and meet some alien

It was kind of sad knowing that an intelligent, sweet, loving teenager like Rob had such severe mental
issues bringing upon a distraught invasion of the mind that seized the opportunity to chase after the
mythical beings that clouded his thoughts and desires. It was definitely a secret of his that he still
thought and dreamt of aliens, because he knew that if anyone else knew that he still had a thing for

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
them, he’d be back in the mental hospital, doped up on strong ass meds that made him tired and weak
and a guy he never knew.

Stopping suddenly when he heard a knock on his door, he closed out of the browser window and stood
up, going over to the door and unlocking it. In walked Jennifer, a smile crossing her face as she looked
up at Rob. “I didn’t want to be left alone,” she said. She walked over to his bed and sat upon its blood
red sheets, her fingers straightening out the wrinkles. In the corner of his room was a black comforter
with pictures of different colored alien faces; he kept it off during the day due to his desire to stare at it
hour after hour, visualizing the aliens and how he would converse with them if they were to come off
the bedding and into real life.

Rob walked over to her and sat down, his head jerking to the side as he stared at the alien faces on the
comforter. He turned his head after several seconds and looked back at her. “Aliens are amazing, aren’t

She nodded, and then giggled. “You and your aliens!”

“They’re the only ones who understand me,” he said. Pulling up his sleeve, he looked down at a long,
wide, deep scar amidst dozens upon dozens of others, all of which were less severe. “Among a world full
of humans, I stand out like the blood amid the white sheets.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. Bringing her hand over to his shoulders, she squeezed. “You’re unique, Rob.
That’s a good thing. Being unique is wonderful. Mom says there’s nothing better than being a one and

Clearing his throat as he shook his shoulders and cracked his neck, he moved his forearm into view of
Jennifer and brought it close to her face. “Each scar’s diameter, duration and peak vary. They’re unique
– just like me. They’re a part of me, and they always will be. Did Mom tell you that one, too?”

Jennifer frowned. “I’m not talking about your scars, Rob. I’m taking about you – you as a whole; your
personality and charisma and the way you hold yourself together as a person. That’s what makes you
unique – not those scars.”

He retracted his arm and placed it back in his lap, now pulling down his sleeve as he stole a glance at the
alien comforter – for the third time. “I love you, Jennifer. I don’t know what I’d do without you or Mom
or Dad or Blake. You guys are the only ones who gave me hope when there wasn’t any.”

“There’s always hope, even if it’s just a sliver.” Jennifer hugged Rob tightly. “You just gotta notice every
little nook and cranny in life, because each one’s full of hope and treasures.”

“Quoting Mom again?” Rob sneered as he hugged his sister back. “Don’t worry, Jen; I know there’s
always hope. I love life; it’s amazing and exhilarating and an experience that’s only explored once.”

“Of course. Mom always had wonderful opinions and insights to share.”

“Opinions are like dogs: always up your butt and barking!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Jennifer giggled as she playfully elbowed Rob. “You’re too much, Rob!”

He grinned like a total dork as he lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling fan. “What do you think
they’re up to on the island?”

Rob was talking about Blake and Danielle, who were on the island at the moment, having an enjoyable
time exploring and all the fun stuff that can occur when at such a tropical wonderland.

“I don’t know,” responded Jennifer. “Exploring? Swimming?”

“Do you think Danielle’s a virgin?”

Jennifer’s cheeks turned bright red. “Rob! Why would you ask that question?”

He laughed. “Sorry. That was kind of a, um, personal thought.”

It was no secret that Jennifer was very prudent. It was her personal goal to remain a virgin until
marriage, and it wasn’t due to just being Catholic; it was mainly due to not wanting to be another
statistic of teenage pregnancy and STDs. Sex, in her opinion, was completely overrated – along with
kissing and fooling around and everything else that came within the sexual territory – and not
something she wanted to experience until she was an adult and found the man she loved and wanted to
have a family with and spend the rest of her life with. Until then, she had no interested in even kissing or
holding hands with a guy.

“Yeah, Rob, it was. You know how I feel about stuff like that…”

“I know, and I respect that. You’re a very smart girl, Jennifer,” said Rob. “But it’s just; it’s really eating at
me – about the thought of Blake having sex with her, while they’re there, all alone.”

“If she has enough respect for herself, she would wait until she was ready. So why are you worrying,

“Because, Blake wants what’s between those thighs, and he’ll coyly coerce her to let him part them and
put it –“

“Rob, stop!” Jennifer made a disgusted face as she looked down at Rob. “The subject of sex is just so…

“Hey, now don’t down sex so soon, Jen!” Rob sneered at her. “If it weren’t for sex, you or me or anyone
else, for that matter, wouldn’t be here. Along with its negatives, it has its positives, you know? Just like
almost everything else.”

“I know it has…positives.” Jennifer’s face was as red as Rob’s sheets as she turned her face away from
his. “But, they’re…teenagers!”

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I was fifteen when I had it for the first time. A few thrusts and then I cummed. Kind of sad to think back
to how short it was.” Rob sat up and reached a hand over to Jennifer’s shoulders. “But, hey, I loved her;
she was my third girlfriend and the only one I ever had sex with.”

Jennifer sighed as she looked over at Rob. “Please, Rob, can you just please stop talking about… sex
things? It’s really grossing me out. It’s such a disturbing subject...”

“Okay, but Jennifer?”


“One day you’ll be looking back and wondering why you ever thought sex was gross and icky and
overrated.” Rob winked.

                                               Chapter Five

It was like when your Uncle Bob or Aunt Helga comes to visit: a surprise attack you never wanted. Jack
was the last surprise visitor that Jennifer and Rob wanted, especially when Blake was gone and they
would have to put up with him until he was ready to depart -- and that very well could take hours. With
Jack’s crude and crusty personality, along with his perverted sense of humor, it was a miracle that
Jennifer didn’t already murder him.

But Rob didn’t expect Jack to be at the door – especially at midnight. Rob was downstairs in the family
room, lying on the couch, watching a documentary about UFOs and abductions. On the glass coffee
table in front of him were alien face cookies that he was munching a mile a minute. Sleeping on one of
the other couches was Jennifer. She fell asleep as soon as Rob turned to the eighth alien documentary
this night – UFOs and abductions.

The doorbell didn’t ring; rather loud, obnoxious knocking occurred. Quiet enough to not be heard by
anyone other than Rob, though. At first Rob jumped, fearing a hoard of aliens was coming to take him
away. Then he laughed off the fear and realized that that wasn’t it. Wearing a long sleeve red shirt with
a Santa Claus Alien on it, and black pajama bottoms with different colored UFOs printed on them, he got
up and walked to the door. He opened it quickly and looked out, only to see Jack standing there with a
smug look.

“Well, shit,” began Jack, sneering as he looked up at Rob. “I was hoping it’d be Jennifer answering the
door in some sexy lingerie— not some tall ass lunatic in alien clothes!”

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
Rob crossed his hands in front of his chest. “What do you want, Jack?” He jerked his head to the right to
look over at the clock in the living room. Then he turned back to Jack. “It’s midnight.”

Jack peered into the house, spotting Jennifer on the couch right away. “Well,” Jack said, pushing past
Rob and walking into the house. “I’d like to be poppin’ that sexy girl’s cherry, first off. Then, I’d like a tall
glass of clean Vodka, coupled with 7Up and a line of top quality coke. And lastly, I’d like that sexy girl on
her hand and knees, giving me head. Can you make that happen, Rob?”

“You’re disgusting, Jack. You know that?”

Jack laughed. “You think little Jen-Jen will notice if I fuck ‘er in her sleep?”

Before Rob was able to turn around and grab Jack, Jack sprung over to Jennifer and sat down on the
edge of the couch. As he stroked his hand up and down her exposed cheek, she began to open her eyes
and stare at him.

“Stop touching me, Rob,” she mumbled as she reached up and thrust Jack’s hand from off her face. “It’s

“Rob? It’s me, Jack.” Jack brought his hand back over and stroked her cheek once more.

Jennifer slapped away his hand and quickly rose from the couch. “Why are you here?!”

“Why’s he here?!” Jennifer looked over at Rob with pleading eyes. “Make him leave! Make him leave,

Successfully making Jack leave before he wanted to? Psh! You might as well try to carry a cow down a
flight of stairs. But at least Rob was willing to try.

Walking over to Jack and grabbing a hold of his shoulder, Rob calmly said, “Hey, Jack, can you just…go
home now? It’s late, and Jennifer and I need to get our sleep.”

Jack took Rob’s wrist and twisted it violently. “Don’t fucking touch me, lunatic!” Before Rob could pull
away, Jack grabbed at both Rob’s sides and shoved him to the ground.

Yet, instead of bellowing in pain on the ground like most people would, Rob got right back up and
approached Jack. Unexpectantly, though, his left hand reached for the top of Jack’s head and plucked
the longest strand from his fauxhawk. He then brought that hair’s follicle to his mouth and licked it.

Not knowing what to think, Jack stared at Rob for several seconds, a look of confusion and disgust
crossing his face. “Did you just… pull that hair from my head… and lick it?” Jack watched Rob drop the
hair and smile. “You’re a fucking weirdo!” shouted Jack as he got to his feet and stood chest-to-chest
with Rob.

                           [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
                                                 Chapter ??

Sometimes I don’t get why I write in this stupid diary. I mean, I could very well just type this in a Word
document, or on a blog – anything but in a notebook using a pen to write down my worthless thoughts in
my ugly handwriting. I guess it’s because the computer’s shared and I don’t want anyone else reading
this. But I really need to write this down, for the sake of my own sanity.

Violated. Desecrated. Impure. Dirty. What happened to me today will change me forever. I hurt all over. I
feel so violated and desecrated. I had to take a shower because I felt so dirty. My purity is no longer in
existence. My virginity, raped away. I ache everywhere. I’m still in disbelief of what happened. Why
didn’t I try and stop it? Why did I just lay there like a defenseless little slug? Why didn’t I fight back and
prevail? I wish I could go back in time and have stopped all of what happened. I mean, why me?! I’ve
been through hell and back, yet today…today I experienced the most degrading, humiliating,
traumatizing horror: rape.

Jack Templeton’s his name. He’s the tall, muscular rich boy. He’s the leader of the populars. He’s the
most popular guy at my school. People envy him. People listen to him. People are just total suck ups to
him. It’s pathetic. You’d expect him to be nice, wouldn’t you? He’s evil – pure evil! He’s the most evil,
manipulative asswipe you’ll ever meet.

Most of the most popular guys at school – Blake Redding, Jeff Smith, Andrew Jackson, Bobby Henderson,
and Mike Reynolds – were there with Jack. All I was doing was walking by the bathrooms near the new
buildings when Jack grabbed both my elbows and shoved me through the opened door of the boys’

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
I fell to the ground in an instance. Hovered about me was Jack

                                                Chapter ??

Rob cared a lot about Danielle; so much, in fact, that once she and Blake were back from the trip, he led
her into his room and sat her down on his bed. “How’d everything go?”

“Good,” she answered, rather surprised by Rob’s intenseness.

Sitting down next to her, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and leaned her head against his chest.
“Danielle, please tell me that you and Blake didn’t –“

“We did,” whispered Danielle as she pulled herself away from him.

Danielle thought he looked disappointed, and that was because he was. Rob thought that she had better
morals than to sleep with the guy right upon being asked to be his girlfriend. “I can’t believe you let the
guy talk you into sex. I hope you guys used protection at least.”

Now she was starting to get crept out by how fatherly he was being. It was just once that she had hung
out with him – the first time they were introduced – yet, the guy was butting into her personal business
and giving her a lecture for what she and Blake had done? It baffled her completely. Not knowing what
to say, but yet not wanting to lie, she just point blankly said, “We didn’t…”

She expected more lecturing, but all he did was pull her back against his chest and stroke his fingers
through her hair. “Just between you and me: sex isn’t worth the hassle.”

                         [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]
“I’d rather be playing Sims,” agreed Danielle as she grinned. “It was kinda fun, but a whole lot of pain –
at first. It gets better, though, doesn’t it?”

“I hope you realize that you’re with Blake – the horny, sex-crazed player?”

“You know, Rob; I think he’s changed a lot, like he says he has. I don’t think he’s a player now…”

The laughter sure didn’t make her feel better about what she had just said. “He’s my twin brother,
sweetie; I think I’d know whether or not he’s changed.”

Wishful thinking. She wanted to believe Blake when he said that he was trying to change himself for the
better. She wanted to think that being his girlfriend would make the gods smile upon her and have
angels singing their sweet melodies. But all it ended up being was wishful thinking.

                          [Rich and Snobby and Everything Naughty – Est. 2009]

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