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									# 499         The GatePost — The             Monthly Newsletter of Aldersgate UMC            September 1, 2010

IN THIS ISSUE:                        Special Remembrances with Flowers
Worship Opportunities                  Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.
                           Page 2                         ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858
Greetings from Greg
                                     Several members of the congregation have expressed their desire to have
                           Page 3
                                     fresh flowers on the altar during our Sunday worship services.
Karin’s Quotes
                           Page 4    For many years your gifts for the Beautification of the Sanctuary have
Financial Facts                      been used to purchase and maintain the plants in the sanctuary. These
Children’s Center News               gifts have been a way to remember birthdays, anniversaries, graduations
                           Page 5    and as special memorials which are then noted in our worship
UMYF                                 bulletin to share with the congregation. We will continue this practice
                           Page 6    and these gifts can be given for any Sunday of the year.
Children’s Ministries                Fresh flowers for the altar are an additional way you can share these
                           Page 7    memorable occasions with the congregation. If you wish to purchase
Outreach/Missions                    flowers for a particular Sunday, please follow these guidelines:
                           Page 8
Environmental Ministries             1. Contact the church office to reserve the date you wish to purchase
                        Page 10         flowers for the altar and inform the office of the occasion so it can be
Prayers                                 noted in the church bulletin.
                          Page 11    2. Contact our neighboring florist, Grower’s Direct, 1169 Irvine Blvd.,
Opportunities & Events                  714/368-9845, at least by Wednesday before the Sunday you have
                  Page 12,13, 14        reserved, to select and pay for the arrangement you wish this florist to
Music News                              deliver to the sanctuary.
                          Page 14
                                     3. You may pick up the arrangement after the 2nd service to take home
Charter Member Spotlight
                       Page 15          or leave it in the sanctuary.
                                    Working with Elsie Hale, our long time Altar Steward, and
Jennifer Kelly, Church Administrator, we have checked the church calendar, September through
December 2010, for dates when a floral arrangement would not conflict with other special
decorations Elsie will be preparing for the altar (Peace Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas) or
with Communion Sundays. The following dates are available:
        •   September 12th, 26th
        •   October 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
        •   November 14th
In the December Gatepost we will publish available dates for January through June 2011.
Suzzi Marquis
Worship Committee Chair
Page 2

                 Ministerial Staff:
                                                                   Worship Opportunities
          Rev. Greg Batson—Senior Pastor
                                                                              September 5, 2010
         Rev. Karin Ellis—Associate Pastor                              Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
                                               Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18
                                                                         Rev. Greg Batson, preaching
              Ministry Support Staff:                               Holy Communion; Food Donation Sunday,
Doug Bell—Multi-Media & Sound                                                Promotion Sunday
Curtis Heard—Director of Music
Norm Henke—Financial Secretary                                               September 12, 2010
                                                                        Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Allison Horner—Coordinator of Creative Ministries
                                                                                Jeremiah 18:1-11
Jennifer Kelly—Church Administrator
                                                                          Rev. Greg Batson, preaching
                                                                                 Family Worship
Mary Keough—Office Specialist
Heidi Perez—Treasurer                                                        September 19, 2010
Laura Prior—Children’s Choirs Director                                 Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost
                                                  Jeremiah 32:1-15
Elisa Hooper—Youth Co-Director                                            Rev. Greg Batson, preaching
Scott Wilmoth—Youth Co-Director                                              Peace Garden Dedication
Kimberly Wilmoth—Children’s Education Director
                                                                             September 26, 2010
              Aldersgate Children’s Center
         Jackie Kush — Children’s Center Director                      Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
               Aldersgatecc                                      Jeremiah 31:31-34
                                                                           Rev. Greg Batson, preaching
                                                              Celebrating the Children’s Center’s 20th Anniversary
                                                                   All Church Picnic at Irvine Regional Park
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       by Aldersgate United Methodist Church
            Gatepost Editor: Jennifer Kelly
    Production Team: Mary Keough; Nancy Joslyn;
    Bob Grissinger; Pat Lauderdale; Claudette Fry;
    Sara Piazza; Pollie Welch; Earl & Shirley Fleck
                                                          Dear Aldersgate Family: 
    Materials for consideration for publication
                                                          Words  simply  cannot  express  how  blessed  we  feel  for  the 
             should be forwarded to
                                                          outpouring  of  love  and  support  over  the  past  few  months.  
         Aldersgate United Methodist Church
                    Attn: GatePost                        There were many of you who visited my dad while he was at the 
      1201 Irvine Boulevard, Tustin, CA 92780 or          hospital.    Many  of  you  offered  prayers  while  others  supported 
           E-mail:                us  as  caregivers.    Thank  you  to  all  those  who  have  made 
               Articles Due to the Editor:                donations in his name.  It has all been wonderful and touching.  
         Noon, Friday, September 17                       My  dad  loved  this  church  deeply  and  you  have  all  certainly 
 Next Issue MAILED Monday, September 27                   shown how much you loved him back.   
                                                                                               Sincerely, The Horner Family 
                                                                                                              Page 3

                    Dear Friends,
                    As September begins, so ends summer vacation and a return to school and work for
                     families. While the church follows its own calendar and seasons, fall is a time we offer
                     new educational opportunities dealing with our faith and spirituality.
                    This past spring, our Adult Ministries committee conducted a survey asking what you
                    wanted in terms of adult education. The predominant response was for shorter series of
                    classes at different times that cover a variety of faith-related topics topic. Taking that
                    feedback into account, Rev. Karin and I have planned a number of educational
                    opportunities over the next three months at AUMC.
    •   Senior Pastor’s Bible Study – Beginning on September 7th, I will again lead my Bible Study class on
        Tuesday mornings at 10:00 -11:00 am in the Fireside Room. A schedule of the assigned readings for
        the upcoming Sunday from the lectionary (including a Psalm, Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel
        selection) is provided. We then study together at least two of the assigned scripture readings in
        depth, usually including the scripture that will be preached that Sunday. A core group of 12 – 20
        people usually meet for this class, and if you are interested in a close reading of the Bible, this class is
        for you.
    •   God’s Renewed Creation – Last fall, the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church issued
        a pastoral letter titled “God’s Renewed Creation: A Call to Hope and Action”. This letter was part of
        our Earth Day worship last April. In addition to the pastoral letter, a six session study has been
        designed for small groups. Rev. Karin and I will be co-leading this series here at Aldersgate this fall.
        We will meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm starting October 6 and ending on November 10.
        We will focus on how our caring for creation is an essential part of our relationship with God,
        including such issues as poverty, violence and the environment.
    •   United Methodist History and Beliefs – The Adult Ministries survey indicated that a number of
        people want to know more about our United Methodist History and Beliefs. A large portion of our
        members were not raised in a Methodist tradition, and there is a real desire to understand what
        makes us unique as members of The United Methodist Church. Rev. Karin will offer this
        introductory, three-week class on Sunday morning, October 10, 17, and 24th, 10:30 – 12:00 in the
        Fireside Room.
    •   Connecting with God through Visual Art – There are a variety of ways to experience God,
        especially through the arts. Visual art is one of the channels of connection, and many of the world’s
        greatest artists have expressed their faith through their work. I will lead a three-week series on
        Sunday evenings that focuses on the work of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and John Nava. We will meet
        on October 10, 17, and 24, beginning with a family potluck meal in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 pm
        with the class from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. We will be meeting at the same time as UMYF, and childcare will
        be provided.
There are more classes to come, but we hope one or more of these four study opportunities are of interest to
you. We encourage you to come and participate in any or all of these classes this fall as we deepen our faith
through study, dialogue, and prayer.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Greg Batson
Senior Pastor

Please remember that ALL GROUPS using the AUMC facility must contact the church office and schedule
their meetings, rehearsals and events on the Master Calendar. In addition, it is VITAL to remember to close
and lock all doors and windows when you adjourn. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in
keeping our property secure.
Page 4

                                        The other day in worship we were singing our opening hymn,
                                        “Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above.” We came to the line, “As
                                        with a mother’s hand, God gently leads the chosen band.” At that
                                        precise moment, I happened to look up and saw 2 young boys
                                        (about age 7) bounding into the church. I thought, “Here is the
                                        chosen band! Here are these wonderful children eagerly coming
                                        into church, leading the way for us all!” And then I remembered
                                        the wonder and joy I have experienced in my own children. We
                                        spent part of our summer vacation at Disneyland, and it was so
much fun to watch them experience the “magic of Disney,” especially on the ride “Small World” where their
eyes were so big with wonder and amazement. It is great to watch all of our children experience the joy of

What if we did this with our own faith? What if we bounded into worship every week? What if we looked at
the world with eyes big and round, full of wonder and amazement? How would our lives change? How
would our relationships change? How would our service to God and others change?

As we look toward Fall and all of the activities that will begin again, I encourage you to look for
opportunities to experience joy and wonder. Look for it in the gatherings we have as a church family,
whether it be at the Church Picnic or at Wednesday Night Dinners. Look for it in Sunday School, the youth
group, and the Adult Classes that will be offered. Look for it in the way we serve others as we begin to
increase our mission and outreach to the neighbors in our community. Look for it at the Blessing of the
Animals that will happen in October. Look for it in the way we meet and gather and plan for the future. Look
for it in the way we worship and say hello to one another. There is so much happening here at Aldersgate
UMC; so many opportunities to experience the joy and amazement of God’s beautiful world and people.

When we seek joy and wonder in our lives, then we can sing with one another, and all of creation, “To God
all praise and glory!”


Pastor Karin

                                        … and another and another and another!
                                        Your continued generosity and compassion have touched the lives of
                                        virtually countless numbers of needy men, women and children!
                                        We can never thank you enough, dear wonderful Aldersgate United
                                        Methodist Women, for your ongoing support these many years.
                                        Now, more than ever, your very kind $373.03 donation is so
                                        welcomed and appreciated as growing numbers of those we serve
                                        become more desperate. But the “miracle of the loaves and fishes”
                                        continues! Thanks be to God—and to you, dear friends.
                                        All of us at “Loaves & Fishes” soup kitchen wish each of you and
                                        those you love the blessings of this beautiful summer time of year.
                                        Maria Dzida & all at “L & F”
                                        Your donation will help purchase school supplies for our annual and
                                        much anticipated “Backpack Day” here on August 21 for almost 800
                                        needy children! Thank you! ☺
                                                                                                           Page 5

This last month was, for Aldersgate, somewhat typical of our normal mid-summer results. Our receipts
totaled nearly $42,000 while our expenses ran a little over $43,000. It’s good that they are nearly equal, but the
annual budget calls for an average, for both, of nearly $57,000 per month.
Our single largest income source is Member giving. An analysis of our giving year to date reveals that close
to half of our pledging families are on a pace that puts them $14,000 ahead of their monthly goal. The other
half are nearly $36,000 behind through July.
I am certainly aware that many of our folks are currently experiencing some degree of economic stress, but I
also know that sustaining the life of our church is so important that all of you will do everything you can to
get us through this “rough patch”. If you are behind in paying your pledge, please make every effort to catch
up so that we can continue to support the ongoing ministries of our church.
Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional information or if you want to review your giving
before I send out the third quarter statements at the end of September.
Norm Henke,
Financial Secretary

                          Children’s Center News!
Aldersgate Children’s Center Celebrates 20 Years of Ministry
                        Please join us for worship on Sunday, September 26 for a celebration of the
                        Children’s Center’s 20th Anniversary and special recognition of the Children’s
                        Center Staff. There will be stories told of our history and a viewing of our 20th
                        Anniversary video. There will also be cake served on the patio between services. We
                        look forward to sharing this very special occasion with you!
                        Aldersgate Children’s Center Open House
                         The Children’s Center Staff and Advisory Board Members will host an Open House
                         in Celebration of our 20th Anniversary on Friday, September 17th from 8:00am-
                         12:30pm. Please stop by the Children’s Center for a tour of our classrooms and to
catch a glimpse into a child’s day while in our care at Aldersgate. Light breakfast and luncheon treats will be
available and a tribute cake will be served from 3:30pm-6:00pm.
Go Bananaz Fundraiser
                                   It’s HOT! Cool down & support the Children’s Center at the same time by
                                   visiting Go Bananaz Frozen Yogurt anytime during the week of Monday,
                                   September 13th through Friday, September 17th from 11:00am –
                                   11:00pm. Go Bananaz is located right across the street from AUMC in the
Ralph’s Shopping Center. Whether you go one day or all 5 days, the Children’s Center receives 15% of sales
generated by Aldersgate! All you need to do is present a Go Bananaz flyer available at the Children’s Center
office or just mention to the cashier at the time of purchase that you are with Aldersgate. What an easy (and
delicious) way to show your support! See you there!
It’s that time of year for our Fall Fundraiser!
The Believe Kids Wrapping Paper and Gifts Fundraiser will begin on September 27th and run until October
8th. Please stop by the Children’s Center office to pick up a gift catalog. For those of you who would like to
purchase from a large selection of items on the internet at, please use our school
name when ordering. Online orders will be shipped directly to the buyer.
Page 6

                            The Youth Connection
                                   by Elisa Hooper, Youth Co-Director
The youth at Aldersgate have had a very eventful summer! We had an          AUMC Youth Calendar
amazing Youth Sunday, followed by a pool party to say goodbye to
our seniors and hello to our incoming 6th graders. We went kayaking           September 2010
in Newport Back Bay, and had fun hanging out together at the beach.        September 5th
In Sunday School, we have been studying the patriarchs of the old          − No youth - Labor Day
testament. Aldersgate UMC was well represented at our elementary,             Weekend
junior high, and senior high camps this summer. Altogether, there          September 12th
were 24 people from Aldersgate involved in district camps this             − No Sunday school. Family
summer, and we had a blast! The theme at senior high camp was Get             worship in the sanctuary.
Connected! Scott and Kim Wilmoth, Jeremy and Marni Davis, and I            − Welcome back pool party!
were on staff and Kaitlyn Thomas, Kate Cranor, Megan Gavitt, Sarah            12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Place TBD
Joslin, and Mellisa Astbury were all campers. We talked about ways
                                                                           September 19th
to get connected, and stay connected with God. We also played
                                                                           − 9:00am- Sunday school
games, sang songs, enjoyed watching Kate and Mellisa sing in the
                                                                           − Planning for the year. This is
talent show, and had fun dressing up “a little bit country, a little bit      an important meeting
rock n’ roll” for the camp dance. We had a wonderful week!                    regarding our plans for the
This summer, Aldersgate hosted the Matt Neely concert. The                    upcoming year. We need your
sanctuary was packed with people singing, dancing, and worshipping            input! 5:30-7pm and dinner is
to Matt’s music! All proceeds from the concert went towards the               provided.
district camping program. We were able to raise over $2,400 for the        September 25th (Saturday)
district camps! Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the            − Coastal Clean Up with
concert and support the camping program.                                      Environmental Ministries. This
Before we say goodbye to summer, the youth will be joining                    is not an official youth meeting,
University and Newport Center UMCs for surf camp at San Onofre.               but it is a great volunteer
We will have our welcome back pool party on September 12th, will be           opportunity to help the
planning for the school year on the 19th, and have the church picnic          environment. Meet at church
coming up on the 26th. We are also planning for a mission trip in             at 8am and you’ll be home by
2011. As summer comes to a close, we are looking forward to a great
start of the school year!                                                  September 26th
Grace and Peace,                                                           − 9:00am- Sunday school
                                                                           − All church picnic beginning at
                                                                              2pm at Irvine Regional Park.
                                                                                                     Page 7

                                Children’s Ministries
Promotion Sunday—September 5th
                  • Pre-school (ages 3 - entering kindergarten) meets in the Blue room
                • Kindergarten and First meet in the purple room
                • 2nd and 3rd meet in Room 8 (upstairs ....where the children's choir practices)
                • 4th and 5th meet in Room 5 (down stairs)
                We have many wonderful teachers returning this year, but we are still looking for a few
                teachers for the preschool room and the kindergarten/first grade room. It would be a once
a month or every other month commitment. I prepare the lessons for you and send you a copy of the lesson
the week before. And the best part? The children! We are blessed with amazing children at our

                 ZERO Gravity!!
                 Calling all fourth and fifth graders..... We have a wonderful opportunity for you! Our
                 church has a special group that is just for you. It is called Zero Gravity. We meet once a
                 month on Sundays from 5 to 6. We have pizza, play games, and just get to know each
                 other. We always have a great time. Mark your calendars for September 12th! You will
                 receive a postcard in the mail....but save the date!! Can't wait to see you there!!

                                     All Church Picnic…
                      Saturday, September 26 at Irvine Regional Park, Picnic Area #4
                                        12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                                                              Irvine Regional Park
Here’s a chance to participate with                             1 Irvine Park Road
your church family in a time of fun                             Orange, CA 92869
and fellowship at the AUMC All                            (714)973-6835 or (714)973-3173
Church Picnic.
Highlights include:                           Irvine Regional Park is located in Santiago Canyon,
• Bounce Houses                                         6 miles east of the City of Orange.
• Sack races, 3– legged race, egg
• Soft ball game (bring your bat and
• Watermelon seed spitting contest

The potluck lunch will start at 1:00
p.m. Dessert and water are provided.
Please bring a potluck dish to serve 6-                                       To reach the park, take the
8 people and “GO GREEN” and                                                   Newport (55) Freeway to the
bring your own reusable place                                                 Chapman Avenue East
setting.   Here are other items to                                            offramp. Head east on
consider:                                                                     Chapman for approximately
• Chairs or a picnic blanket                                                  5 miles. Turn left on
• Easy Ups for extra shade                                                    Jamboree for one fourth a
• Backyard games (badminton,                                                  mile to the park entrance.
    bocce ball, soccer ball, ladder golf)
Page 8

                                 Mission at Aldersgate
                              By Lynn Bright, Missions/Outreach Committee Member


Be sure and mark your calendars for the Aldersgate Mission Faire to be held in the Fellowship Hall on
Sunday, October 3rd. There will be booths with representatives from a variety of organizations with lots of
information on what current challenges the less fortunate here in Orange County are dealing with. Some of
the invited groups are: Friendly Center; Isaiah House; Environmental Coalition; Adopt a Social Worker and
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).
This is a great opportunity to learn about the work these groups are doing and to find out about ways to

                                               The Big Blue Tub
               On the first Sunday of every month the Big Blue Tub will be on the patio between services to
               place your donations into. Although the Big Blue Tub is only out once a month we accept
               donations at any time—just bring them to church on Sunday or directly to the church office
               during business hours. Make sure donations are labeled: Adopt a Social Worker.

For many years Aldersgate UMC has been in covenant with Romy del Rosario as he has represented the United Methodist
Church in areas around the world as one of our missionaries. Romy has served in Sierra Leone, Israel (Palestine), Malaysia,
Philippines and now serves in Cambodia. We share a recent letter from Romy in two parts. The first part tells about the
people with whom he serves, and the Methodist Church in Cambodia. It is included here with pictures that Romy has
included. The second part will appear in the next Gatepost. Meanwhile, we continue to support him with our prayers and
our gifts.
August 3, 2010
Dear Family and Friends,
Now and always, the basic ingredients of our participation in Christ and Christ’s mission of healing the
world are our prayers. I thank each of you for being partners in prayers with me and the mission of the
Church in Cambodia.
I have been, during the past few weeks, the Superintendent of two
districts covering four provinces: two provinces southeast of Phnom Penh
and bordering Vietnam, and two provinces north of Phnom Penh, one of
which shares borders with Laos and Thailand. The former district was
added to my area of responsibility when a month ago the pastor, who was
its District Superintendent, left for Trinity Theological College in
Singapore to pursue the Master of Divinity degree on a scholarship from
the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). He actually left
Cambodia for Singapore along with the former Principal of Cambodia
Methodist Bible School. The two of them are in the same program and are
enjoying the same scholarship.
                                                                                                            Page 9

...continued from previous page
We joyfully anticipate their return to Cambodia when their studies are completed to teach at the Cambodia
Methodist Bible School. Please include Sok Sovandy and Svay Youthearoath in your prayers.
The continuing education of Sovandy and Youthearoath is part of a much broader strategy of transitioning as
fast as we can from missionary tutelage to the indigenization of the leadership of the Methodist Mission in
Cambodia. At a recent meeting, we in the Cabinet of the Bishop decided to recommend that effective this
year—that is, at our Annual Meeting in August, all the District Superintendents should be Cambodians. This
has already received the approval and favor of the Bishop. So, barring any emergency changes, the
Methodist Mission in Cambodia will have a new leadership profile less than a month from now. The goal in
view is an autonomous Methodist Church in Cambodia by 2016.
We are heartened by the fact that the Cambodia Methodist Bible School has received thus far over twenty
new applicants for admission to its program this year. A total of seven of the applicants happen to come
from the two districts I superintend. There is a great amount of excitement in my two districts and in the
                                     other districts over this hope-filled news.
                                      What will I do once I step down from being DS? I will continue serving
                                      as the Country Director for the United Methodist Mission, which is one
                                      of four agencies working to bring about one Methodist Church in
                                      Cambodia. The other agencies are the Korean Methodist Mission, the
                                      Methodist Mission in Singapore, and the World Federation of Chinese
                                      Methodist Churches. In Cambodia, the United Methodist Mission has
                                      two agency participants: the General Board of Global Ministries
                                      (GBGM) and Connexio, which is the Board of Missions of the United
                                      Methodist Sok Sovandy Svay Youthearoath Church in Switzerland and
                                      France. As Country Director, there are eight colleague GBGM
missionaries in my administration.
At the moment, our partnership with the other agencies covers all dimensions of the mission:
Christian education; ministry among women, men, youth and children, including street children; leadership
training and continuing education of pastors and lay people; vocational training for youth; health, agriculture
and community development; evangelization and church growth; the construction of new church facilities;
education –i.e., primary all the way to secondary education; orphanage ministry; and vocational training for
I will continue to teach at the Cambodia Methodist Bible School. This past school year, I taught classes in
Church History, Systematic Theology, and Ecumenics and Mission. I also serve as chairperson of the
Theological Education Committee, which has supervision over the Bible School and conducts the continuing
training and education of our pastors and lay people. I have agreed to continue in this role for the coming
year beginning in August. I am also the chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry. I have yet to hear
word from the Bishop whether I am also continuing in this role.
                                                                                ...continued in the October Gatepost

                         “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in
                         the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and
                         teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.
                         And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

                                                                                          Matthew 28:19-20
Page 10

                                                            Our Oil Dependency
                                            by Margaret Henke, Environmental Ministries Committee Member

We have all been saddened and frustrated by the events in the Gulf of Mexico. Our hearts go out to all of the fisherman
and others who have lost their jobs, and to all of the innocent fish, birds, sea turtles & other marine creatures who have
suffered and died. Much of the oil seems to be under the surface and no one knows how much damage has been done,
but we do know that the effects will be felt for years. It is time we reconsidered our whole dependence on oil. The fuels
we built our civilization on are destroying the climate in which that civilization has flourished.
Richard Heinberg of Post Carbon Institute said it best: "This is what the end of the oil age looks like. The cheap, easy
petroleum is gone; from now on, we will pay steadily more and more for what we put in our gas tanks—more not just in
dollars, but in lives and health, in a failed foreign policy that spawns foreign wars and military occupations, and in the
lost integrity of the biological systems that sustain life on this planet. The only solution is to do proactively, and sooner,
what we will end up doing anyway as a result of resource depletion and economic, environmental, and military ruin:
end our dependence on the stuff."
We know that this will not be easy. Our whole culture is built around easy access to oil, and it is still affordable due to
government subsidies. What can we, as individuals, do to address such a huge problem? Since the lion’s share of oil
use in the U. S. is for transportation, and most of that is just to move ourselves around, this becomes personal. (our cars
alone count for over 50% of the energy usage in our country.) We all use cars every day. How could we possibly
− First of all we can consider making fewer trips each week, and/or making our trips count when we do go out. I try
     to designate two or even three days a week when I don’t go anywhere. I also try to line up appointments and
     errands so that I can do them all at once. For those of you who travel to work each day, have you considered
     carpooling? Some companies are actively encouraging and helping their employees do this.
− Secondly, we can consider all of the options available now for fuel efficient cars. I see quite a few Priuses in our
     parking lot these days, and all-electric cars are now on the horizon. Later this year, GM will introduce its new Plug-
     In Hybrid Chevy Volt, and Nissan will begin delivering its all-electric car, the Leaf. European automakers have also
     begun marketing efficient diesels to the American market. Hopefully, eventually prices will go down and there will
     be no reason for anyone to be driving a car that gets under 30 MPG, In addition, there will be many more all-electric
     cars on the road. Sherri Loveland & Reed Tibbets both use their bicycles to run errands, and I applaud them, but I
     realize this is not an option for everyone.
− When planning vacations, think about using railroads rather than cars or planes. We have several friends who have
     taken wonderful trips across Canada and over in Europe, strictly by rail. One of the groups we belong to has used
     Amtrak to go on outings during the past two years—a nice easy way to travel, & lots of opportunity to visit along
     the way.
− Think about using fewer oil-based products, like plastic water bottles, plastic bags, and all things plastic. This will
     be good for the environment in many other ways as well.
− Buy your produce from a local farmer’s market or a CSA ( Many of you are already doing this through our program
     at Aldersgate) The average item in the grocery store has traveled 600 miles! Buying directly will save a lot on
     transportation costs, as well as packaging.
All of these small changes add up. Actions we take now to kick our oil addiction can help us adapt to a world of
shrinking oil supplies. This will be tough, since we have waited far too long. We should have been on a path to clean
energy 20 years ago. The way we live now is destroying our world, as the BP oil disaster has shown. We can’t, in good
conscience, keep destroying God’s creation, but we can adapt to the world of the future by starting now to make a few
small changes.
In the meantime, do some research on AB23, being promoted by two Texas oil companies to roll back AB32, our
landmark bill mandating higher fuel efficiency standards here in California. AB 32 is very important in our efforts to use
less oil. Don’t be fooled by AB 23, which is packaged as a “jobs” bill. Efforts at Clean energy are already creating many
new jobs. Thanks for caring.

                    Help the environment, your local farm, and your budget by participating in the CSA Program.
                    The program costs $25 per week and feeds a family of four. If you are interested in joining,
                    please contact Sherri Loveland via email at
                                                                                                                  Page 11

                    ...Our Prayers...Joys and Concerns
               Remember these people               We rejoice . . .
               in your prayers.                    …with Audrey Silver at the birth of her granddaughter, Emma
               If you are in need of prayer  
               for yourself,  a member of 
                                                   ...with all those celebrating new beginnings and life’s milestones
               your family or a friend, you        We grieve . . .
               are invited to contact:             ...with all those suffering loss
               Pat Downie,                         We pray for . . .
         Prayer Chain Coordinator,                 ...Peace, Our military personnel and their families, Jeanie Barber,
             at (714) 352‐6373.                    Laura Dennison, Ceil Kirby-Morgan, Marion Anderson, Sheryl
                                                   Redpath, Darryl Maddox, Dorothy Hitt, Betty Hall, Melanie
    All  prayer  requests  are  placed  in  the    Ackerman, Jeanne Peterson, Gavin Walker
    church  prayer  book  and  the  staff  and 
    pastors  pray  for  these  people  weekly. 
                                                   Our Homebound Aldersgate Family:
                                                   Eilleen Murray, Jenni Chatterton, Pauline Clem, Bunny Clark,
    To  respect    the  privacy  of  those  in     Margaret Preston, and Margaret Percival
    need,  we  publish  only  the  names  of 
    those  who  have  given  us  permission 
                                                   Extended Family:
                                                   Lindsay Calderon, Ed Jensen, James Budde, Roger Anderson,
    to  do  so.    Let  us  support  you  in 
                                                   Sarah Cramer, Gail Hawes, Debra Owen, Beatrice Keen, Jean
    prayer!                                        Beaman

Prayer Shawl Ministry...
...meets  on  the  1st  and  3rd  Wednesday  evenings  of  the  month  at  7:00‐8:30  p.m.  in  the  Junior  High  Room.  
Phyllis Gavitt is the Coordinator of the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Please feel free to contact Phyllis if you have 
any questions or need further information about the group. 

GriefShare is a special weekly seminar/support group for people grieving the death of someone close.
It is a place where you can be around people who understand how you feel and the pain of your loss.
At GriefShare, you’ll learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time in your life.
Meetings are held at 7pm in the Fireside Room.
For more information contact Elsie Hale at 714-838-4111 or Mary Lynn Norby at 714-832-4678.

                                                   BeFriender Ministers
               BeFriender Ministers are the “After People.” We are ready to come alongside you and provide
               comfort and support for as long “after” as we are needed.
               BeFrienders are now able to provide Holy Communion to the homebound. Please call the
               church office at 714-544-3653 if you are interested. Contact the church office or Rev. Greg if you
               would like to explore having a BeFriender Minister meet with you.
Page 12

                   “Thank Goodness It’s Wednesday” Night Suppers
          I would like to thank all the people who helped make the summer Bar-B-Q's so successful. Starting
          with those who brought salads, they were so good: Barbara Kuntz, Nancy Murrieta, the Choir,
          Nancy Joslyn, and Tom Tallman. And a special thanks to the "grillers" Dave Stuart, Tom Tallman,
          Earl Fleck, and especially Paul Baker. A special thanks to the Fleck's for supplying the cut fruit and
          doing the drink table. Also, my wife Nancy for making the delicious baked beans. Our regular
          TGIW dinners begin again Sept. 8th. The cooks for September are as follows:
                    September 8—Paul Baker & Claudette Fry
                    September 15—Terry & Ron Snow
                    September 22—Helen Waterson
                    September 29—Barbara & Keith Kuntz
                                                                                                       D. Joslyn
                       The TGIW team needs a dishwasher for the fall TGIW, dinners.
                                            The pay is $25 a night.
                    Please contact the church office or Dennis Joslyn if you are interested.

                                Mark your calendars now for the 2010 Caring For Creation conference, to be
                                held Saturday, October 30 at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 2200 San
                                Joaquin Hills Road, Newport Beach, CA 92660. The Keynote speaker this
                                year will be The Rt. Rev. Bill Swing. Rev. Swing, retired Bishop of the
                                Episcopal Diocese of California, from 1980 to 2006, is the Founder and
                                President of the United Religions Initiative (URI), an international NGO
                                working to promote interfaith cooperation. The conference will be held from
          9:00 to 3:00 and will also feature morning and afternoon workshops, exhibitors, and an Earth
          Celebration. This event is organized by the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the
          Environment. To register, please go to their website at For more information, please
          contact OCICE via email at, or Margaret Henke at .

                                          Ladies Luncheon
                                   Whether you are 4 years old, or 104 years old or somewhere in between,
                                   you are invited to a luncheon on Saturday, Oct. 9 from 12-2 PM in the
                                   Fellowship Hall at AUMC. Rev. Karin will be leading a program for all
                                   girls and women of the church. You are asked to bring a salad to share.
                                   Drinks, bread, and dessert will be provided. Come and share in a time of
                                   feasting and fellowshipping as we laugh together!

          Elizabeth Circle                                      Pot Luck Circle
          Elizabeth Circle is holding their Planning &          The Potluck Circle will be having a Family
          Potluck meeting on Monday, September 13               BBQ potluck dinner at the home of John &
          7:00 p.m. at the home of Kim Churton. Please          Vanessa Dulebohn on Saturday, September 18
          RSVP to Kim at 714-730-1837.                          at 5:00 p.m. For more information or to RSVP,
                                                                contact Vanessa at or (714)
                                                                                                       Page 13

                    Aldersgate Men to Kick Off New Year
                     In keeping with one of the tenants of our UMM Mission Statement ___ Service,
                     our first meeting of the 2010/2011 program year features a presentation on
                     what could be an opportunity for us to be of service to the needy right here in
                     Orange County.
                     I am pleased to announce that we are hosting Mark Korando, Senior VP of
Site Development for the Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. Mark, a member of Mesa
Verde UMC, has been with Habitat since 2000 and has been instrumental in the development and
construction or rehab of over 100 homes in the County.
It’s my hope that, when we hear the details of his ministry, we might find a way to support it
either financially, using some of the proceeds of our two fundraisers,( the Mother’s Day Brunch
and the Parking Lot Sale), or by organizing one or more teams to provide on-site construction labor
as we used to do in Tecate, Mexico.
Mark your calendars and help us make this a terrific start to our new year. It’s Saturday,
September 18th in the Fellowship Hall. Breakfast is served at 8:00am, the program is at 8:30 and
adjournment is 9:30.
RSVP to either Bob Grissinger at, or myself at
Norm Henke
President, UMM

                 Helping Those in Need in Our Own Backyard
                 A Mission Opportunity You Don’t Want to Miss
               ~ A homeless man working a minimum wage job to save for an apartment ~
                        ~ Parents who go hungry so they can feed their children ~
                       ~ A woman who lost her job and is about to lose her home ~
                            ~ A lonely senior citizen who seeks friendship ~
Your neighbor, my neighbor.
                       In partnership with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, our congregation plans to
                       commit a team of volunteers to serve dinner to those in need one Sunday
                       each month.
                       St. Paul’s Episcopal Church started “Sunday Suppers” to feed neighbors in
                       need of a good meal and friendly companionship. They have hosted four
                       dinners on the first Sunday of the month, serving up to 75 guests. The
                       guests are from all walks of life and, surprisingly, most are families with
                       children. Their goal, with the help of local churches, is to expand dinner
                       service to every Sunday.
How can you help?
Attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room.
Volunteers are needed for set up, menu planning, food preparation, serving guests and clean up.
This is an incredible opportunity to share the warmth of our church and to follow our mission of
serving the community. God’s love for the world is an active and engaged love.
  “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is no other commandment greater than this.”
                                           Mark 12:31
If you have questions or want to volunteer, please contact Ann DiPlacito, 949-824-1897 or
Page 14

                              A Concert to Benefit Haiti
                                 You are invited on a “sentimental journey” through the great American
                                 songbook. You’ll hear jazz standards by Gershwin, Arlen, and others,
                                 featuring the vocal stylings of Laura Prior, Jan Hanson, Sally Puente, Lisa
                                 Heard, and Janet Kempke accompanied by the cool Curtis Heard on
                                 keyboard, and the smooth sounds of Doug Percell and his combo.
                                 The $15 ticket donation and all proceeds from the concert will be given to
                                 International Child Care, which our congregation has supported for years-
                                 the work goes on in Haiti even though the recovery efforts since the
                                 earthquake are not front page news anymore. Watch for tickets to go on sale
                                 between services on Sunday mornings.

                                           Heards Words
  Greetings from the choir loft. One of the more noticeable seasonal changes that occurs at Aldersgate is
  the summer “recess” enjoyed by the choir. Now that Fall is rapidly approaching, the choir will return to
  its normal schedule of Thursday night rehearsals, and Sunday morning worship services. This year, the
  choir will be kicking off its first rehearsal with an open house in the choir room on Thursday, Sep. 9 from
  7 to 7:30. Please join us for some light refreshments and fellowship, and if you like, stay for our rehearsal
  from 7:30 to 9. We will mainly be singing through the music that we will be singing in church for the
  next few months. New members to the choir are always welcome, and I also look forward to seeing
  those of you who already share your talents. Whether you sing with us or not, please stop by for a visit
  on Sept. 9!

Children's choirs are starting up again on Sunday, September 12th. Our K-3rd grade group, Joyful Noise,
will meet in Room 8 every Sunday from 10:00 - 10:30 AM. After taking a hiatus last year, Singsation! (4th - 6th
grade) will also be resuming on September 12th and will meet in Room 8 from 10:30 - 11:00 AM. Sign-ups are
between services on the patio. Early registration is encouraged in order to have music folders ready for the
first rehearsal; however, if you miss registration please come to the first rehearsal and you can register your
child at that time. For further information please contact Laura Prior.

                                           CALLING ALL HANDBELL PLAYERS
                                       Handbell Rehearsals resume on Sunday, September 12, 2010.
                                       Time: 11a.m.
                                       Location: AUMC Choir Room
                                       Beginners are welcome, we have a lot of fun!
                                       If interested call or email Shanyn Behn at or
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                               My husband, Robert H. Laster, and I were Charter Members of
                               the Aldersgate United Methodist Church on Charter Sunday,
                               held October 18, 1959 along with others making a total of 111
                               members. Until buildings were constructed on our new church
                               site, approx. 18 months, we met at the War Memorial Building,
                               First and Prospect, Tustin. The Reverend Bill Usher was
                               assigned to start a mission church in Tustin. Bill, Donna and 3
                               young sons, Steve, Howie and Kenny lived in our parsonage on
                               Windsor Lane.
                                While details were underway, the Usher Family worshipped at
                                the First United Methodist Church in downtown Santa Ana. I
                                was serving during that time as pre-school superintendent at the
First Church; I had the pleasure of having Kenny in my care during church service.
I had the opportunity to become acquainted with the Ushers and I was asked if I lived in the
Tustin area, which we did. Consequently, we were invited to become a part of the AUMC
steering committee which we graciously accepted. We had less that $100,000 annual budget in
those years, during EMV (Every Member Visitation) the necessary funds to meet the budget
were raised within a few hours on the designated Sunday afternoon.
Many of those charter members have moved [away] from the area or have passed away in the
meantime. Once we moved inot the Fellowship Hall, our membership was at an all time high.
El Toro [Marine Base] was going strong ad we had several military families attending.
I served as Treasurer (unpaid responsibility) for 20 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I have
also served as Evangelism Chairperson, Finance Chairperson and several different periods on
the Board of Trustees.
My daughter, Karen, was only 5 when [AUMC] chartered and was later married in the chapel—
about 35 years ago. My husband’s funeral services were held in the sanctuary in 1989. The flag
installation (2 flag poles) in the front lawn are in memory of Bob and was dedicated by Rev. Al
Waterson in March, 1990. I have in the meantime, set up an Endowment to maintain the
installation and to provide halyards, flags, etc… as needed in the future.
Being owners of Union Sign Company, Inc. in Santa Ana enabled us to donate many of the signs
currently in use at the facility. Using our crane, my husband and J.T. Beatty installed the spire
in front of the Sanctuary. The lumber was purchased from Ganahl Lumber Company and
dropped-shipped to the church site. The spire came from Nelson-Harkins, Chicago.
I have seen many good times and lean times during the past 50 years. I have been very thankful
of those faithful persons who have done so much for our church and then only to be transferred
to another area. Many of our current old time members have been there since the early 60’s and
they have contributed to our success and continue to do so. I have great expectations of the
years to come, as we face the tomorrows.
Fran Laster
             1201 Irvine Boulevard * Tustin CA 92780
                 Phone: 714.544.3653 Fax: 714.544.8894

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                   Sunday Worship Schedule
                         9 & 10:30 a.m.
                   Sunday School is provided
                    during the 9am service,
          childcare provided during the 10:30 service.

...Our Presence…
Worship and Sunday School Attendance
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