Lesson 5 Personal Care for Females - ePals by huanghengdong


									  Personal Care for Females

 Bathe regularly to keep the area clean. During
  menstruation, change tampons and sanitary pads often.

 Keep a record of when your menstrual period starts and
  stops every month.

 Practice consistent sexual abstinence.

 Have pelvic examinations performed by a healthcare
  provider when needed.

 Perform monthly breast self-examinations. Breast self-
  examination (BSE) is a method in which a woman
  examines her breasts and the surrounding areas for lumps
  or changes. A BSE should be performed once a month,
  usually at a time other than the days before, during, or
  immediately after a menstrual period. See a healthcare
  provider if you find lumps of anything else that is not

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