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					Ways To Take Care Of Your Outdoor Dining Furniture

Obtaining an outdoor table and chairs set is really an investment for your house and garden area.
They don't commonly come cheap, but with proper care they'll last for a long time to come. It all is
dependant on how well you care for your patio furniture. Here I will discuss the main elements of
garden furniture care to take into account. Don't forget, the more often you take care of these
tasks, the simpler and less serious they'll be!

Keep Things Nice and clean

The more frequently you are able to clean your garden furniture, the easier it will be. Different
materials need to be cleaned in different ways, but most types can just be cleaned with soapy
water. When you have a furniture cushion, then you will wish to wash this every couple of months.

Protective Covering

Dependant upon the type of furniture you buy, you may have to apply a protective coating to your
garden furniture. For wood, this ought to be applied around one or two times each year or two (it
all depends on your manufacturer guidelines). If you have metal patio furniture, then you can
protect it from the weather using wax. Do this at the beginning of each season, and wipe it clean
on a regular basis in between treatments.

Taking Furniture Inside For The Winter season

Regardless of how well you care for your outdoor table and chairs, the best way to extend their
lifespan is to bring them indoors in the winter season. That will protect them from the most harsh
climate conditions.

If You Cannot Store Your Furniture Inside

If you do not have the room to bring your furniture inside during the winter then you'll need to
consider the material you choose even more carefully (with metals being especially popular). You
can also invest in a cover for your outdoor furniture. While you mightn't think you need to have this,
your outdoor furniture really is an investment. You are spending all this money already, so it is
really worth spending some more on covers which will extend the life of your garden furniture.
These not only protect against wind and rain, but also help prevent sun damage.

Check Manufacturer Directions

Whatever type of garden furniture you choose, you absolutely must check the manufacturer care
guidelines. All furnishings are different. Although certain materials, such as iron, have general
maintenance guidelines, you may find that your particular furniture has a certain type of finish, or is
put together with another material, so that those general guidelines don't apply. Your manufacturer
advice will be geared specifically to the patio dining set that you buy.

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