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									                         George Bartol
                    Memorial Scholarship Fund
Issue 2                                                                                                       June 2007

Scholarship Updates                                              Sarah Flowers
                                                                 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
The George Bartol Memorial Scholarship is the only
organization in the United States offering college
scholarships to students who have a parent currently
battling a primary brain tumor or a parent who has
passed away as a result of a primary brain tumor.

In 2006, the organization received 19 scholarship
applications and more than 200 inquiries. A panel of
40 devoted family members and friends from across
the United States casted their votes and helped us
select the 2007 scholarship winners.

2007 Scholarship Winners                                         Sarah is 20 years and is from Moultrie, GA. She has
                                                                 two sisters, one of which is her identical twin, Abby.
We were able to award $9,000 in scholarship money to             Sarah was 14 years old when her father was diagnosed
three very deserving girls this year. We are proud to            with a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) at the age of 43.
present our 2007 scholarship winners:                            Her father, Roger, was a telephone repairman and her
                                                                 mom is a school teacher. Sarah lives at home and
- Sarah Flowers- Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College            commutes to college because this is the most
- Karen Barnett- University of Wisconsin-Madison                 affordable way for her to complete her degree. Sarah
- Sarah Stuart- Auburn University- Montgomery                    attends Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and
                                                                 hopes to major in Business Administration.
All three of these girls lost their fathers as a result of a
primary brain tumor. They were each awarded $3,000               She often remembers her dad’s faith and love for his
in scholarship monies for the 2007 school year. Way to           family. “He would often smile at me and tell me how
go Sarah, Karen and Sarah!                                       beautiful I was and how much he loved me. He loved
                                                                 God, he loved his family and he loved life.” She says,
                                           continued on page 2
                                                                 the last months of her dad’s life was full of silence as
                                                                 the tumor took away his ability to speak and the few
                                                                 things he could say were, “I love you. God loves you.
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                God is good! I guess in retrospect, he was able to say
                                                                 all that he needed.”
1     2007 Scholarship Winners
                                                                 “I fully believe that one of the worst moments in a
1     Sarah Flowers- Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College        person’s life is when they find out that someone they
                                                                 love has cancer. It is a devastating blow that will knock
2     Karen Barnett- University of Wisconsin- Madison            you senseless; left struggling to make sense of this gift
                                                                 we call life. My life has been plagued by cancer, but it
2     Sarah Stuart- Auburn University- Montgomery                has also been full of lessons.”

3     2007 Events

                           George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletter         June 2007
Karen Barnett                                                 Sarah Stuart
University of Wisconsin- Madison                              Auburn University- Montgomery

                                                              Sarah was one of two recipients of the George Bartol
                                                              Memorial Scholarship in 2006 and due to a stellar
Karen hales from White Planes, New York and is an             application again this year, she was awarded a
International Studies major at the University of              scholarship for the 2007 school year. Sarah’s father,
Wisconsin- Madison. She is the youngest of three              Barry was diagnosed on October 29, 2003 with a
children and the only girl. Her father, was an                glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor at age 56. After
Environmental Engineer and her mom continues to               numerous procedures and a 28 month battle, Barry
work with special needs children.                             lost his life to brain cancer on February 23, 2006.

Karen was a sixteen year old in high school student           Sarah Stuart is 21 years old and was raised in
when her dad, Phillip, was diagnosed with a                   Montgomery, Alabama. She has 4 siblings and 3
Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) at the age of 55.               nieces and nephews. Eight day before her father’s
                                                              death, his third and youngest grand daughter, Ava,
She describes her dad as a brilliant, logical, quick          was born. Sarah thinks her nephew, Hunter, gave the
thinking man. “I valued his advice more than anyone           best description of her dad. Hunter remarked, “So his
else I know.” In her scholarship application, she             body is like a shell without its pearl.” Sara feels
describes a beautiful relationship with her father, a         Hunter was right. “My dad’s spirit was a pearl that I
relationship that was filled with much laughter, many         know heaven was so glad to receive.”
pranks and lots of quality time. She says, “He was
always making jokes or playing games. In the kitchen,         Sarah has attended Troy University for the past two
where he spent every evening making dinner, my dad            years and will utilize the current scholarship to attend
and I would have mini water fights after washing our          Auburn University where she will major in Pre-Med
hands or danced around to the Beatles. His sense of           Biology. Sarah has maintained a 3.549 GPA. She
humor was contagious. He made himself laugh as                works part time as a nanny and continues to be a role
well as those around him.”                                    model in all that she does. When asked how the
                                                              scholarship will affect Sarah and her family, Sarah
Karen says nothing was more important to her dad              replied that it will help her family “infinitely”. Sarah
than his family. “He loved spending time with me and          explained that the Bartol Scholarship has allowed her
always made me feel special. He was a fun loving              to pay her current tuition, and assist with household
father who we considered to be our best friend. He            bills.
lived everyday of his life as if it were his last.” Most of
the memories she has of her father are when her               Sarah ultimately hopes to attend medical school so
family was relaxing at home. On weekends they                 that she can give back to others. She would like to
would lie on his bed in the morning and talk and laugh        utilize her degree to do mission work in other
for hours. ” She says, he wanted to make a difference         countries, using medicine to connect with people who
in today’s world and wanted his children and his wife         cannot afford healthcare.
to do the same. Today, Karen is making a difference
by doing well in school and by helping to organize a          In describing her father Sarah boldly acknowledged
Cookbook for Cancer, her philanthropy and memorial            that “A father by definition is a male parent, but my
to her dad.                                                   dad was so much more. He was the strength,
                                                              authority, provider, and the most spiritual person I
                                                              have ever known”.

                          George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletter     June 2007
                                                                                              continued from page 2

     The Tug McGraw Foundation is hosting an                  NOVEMBER 4, 2006--- Heather Bartol
      article about George Bartol on their website as           completed her 1 “Ironman” race in Panama
      well as information on the scholarship. You               City Beach, Florida thanks to a little help from
      can access this information by going to                   her dad. Heather carried a laminated picture               of her father throughout the race. The
      scholarships.asp . The Tug McGraw                         “Ironman” race consisted of a 2.4 mile swim,
      organization continues to be a great source of            112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run.
      support for our scholarship fund. Thank you
      Tug McGraw!                                           2007 Events
     We are blessed to have so many                           MAY 2, 2007--- Anne Klein hosted a jewelry
      organizations throughout the country who are              party at her house in Orlando, Florida. Part of
      dedicated to our cause. We have made                      the proceeds from this event were donated to
      contact with every neuro-oncology and brain               the scholarship fund. Thanks Anne for your
      tumor organization in the country. They have              generosity and for this creative fundraising
      all been generous and helped us promote our               idea.
      organization and the scholarship opportunities
      we offer. Such organizations include: Tug                June 9, 2007--- We will be hosting our 4th
      McGraw Foundation, Duke University, MD                    Annual Garage Sale in Orlando. We would be
      Anderson, American Brain Tumor Association,               happy to come pick up any local donations.
      Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation,                      Last year we raised $2800 from our garage
      National Brain Tumor Foundation, Brain                    sale. Please keep in mind we are a tax
      Tumor Action Network, National Brain Tumor                exempt organization. We’d be happy to give
      Society, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association,           you a tax exempt letter for any donations you
      San Diego Gamma Knife Center,                             provide., Gold Star Wives, Virtual
      Trials, Society of Neuro-Oncologists, American           SUMMER 2007--- Karen Rogers has been
      Cancer Society and Association of Oncology                collecting recipes from friends and supporters.
      Social Work to name a few.                                We will be publishing the recipe book
                                                                sometime this summer. All proceeds will

                                                                benefit the fund. Thanks Karen for your time,
                                                                and never ending help!

2006 Events                                                    SUMMER 2007--- We will be hosting a
                                                                Triathlon & our own version of “The Amazing
     AUGUST 26, 2006--- We hosted our 1st                      Race” in Orlando. Details will be announced
      Annual Brain Tumor Golf Scramble in                       in the near future.
      Kissimmee, Florida at Orange Lake Resort &
      Country Club. Eighty eight golfers from                2nd Annual Brain Tumor Golf Scramble
      around the State of Florida participated in our
      event. We had 100+ businesses who donated                OCTOBER 6, 2007--- Our 2 Annual Brain
      items and numerous medical professionals                  Tumor Golf Scramble is scheduled for
      from the Greater Orlando area who                         Saturday, October 6th at Orange Lake Resort
      participated. Christina Arangio, News Anchor              & Country Club. We are expecting a sell out
      for WFTV TV Channel 9 in Orlando,                         crowd so be sure to register early. This year,
      showcased a story on our scholarship fund                 you can register online at:
      and the golf scramble. Through the event, we    
      were able to raise $18,000 for the fund. The              ?event_id=1439837
      event was a HUGE success in particular since
      this was our 1 golf scramble.

                      George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletter    June 2007
     CLUB-- If you would like more
                                                        2006 - 2007 Business Donors
     information on the award-winning, Arnold           Documart * Simoniz Car Wash * American Granite * Agel *
     Palmer-designed “Legend” golf course at
     Orange Lake where our golf scramble will           Atlantic Capital Mortgage * Orange Lake Resort & Country Club
     be held, please check out their website at:        * Sea Hunt Boats * Landmark Contracting * Winn Dixie *
                                                        Orlando Neurosurgery * Wall Street Cantina * TEVA
                                                        Pharmaceuticals * Estate and Business Planning Group *
    FALL 2007--- We will be hosting our 1              Hooters * Coca Cola * William Reed Graphic Design * Markham
     Annual Kickball Tournament at Trotter
                                                        Signs * Carrabba’s Italian Grill * Sea World * Subway * Papa
     Park in Orlando sometime this Fall. This
     event is sure to bring out the kid in your         John’s Pizza * AMF Altamonte Springs * Lake Fairview Marina *
     heart. We’ll have more details on this             Gatorland * Cavanaugh’s Wine Shop * Wal-Mart * Sam’s
     event to share in the very near future.
                                                        Wholesale Club * Costco * Walt Disney World * Darden
    We have submitted an application to the            Restaurants * Houlihan’s * Emeril’s * Metro West Golf Club *
     Florida State Employees Charitable                 Orange County National * Cinemark Theatres *
     Campaign. If approved, State of Florida
     employees will be able to donate pre tax  * Specialtee Golf * Windermere Country
     dollars to the George Bartol Memorial              Club * Victoria Hills * Mystic Dunes * Celebration Golf * Golf
     Scholarship Fund.
                                                        Smith * Falcon’s Fire * Radisson Hotels * Tijuana Flats *
                                                        California Pizza Kitchen * Golf Etc. * Florida Hospital Massage
                                                        Therapy * Sky Venture * Florida Hospital Celebration Health &
                                                        Fitness * Florida Lottery * Edwin Watts * House of Blues *
                                                        Collier Jaguar * Regal Entertainment * The Entertainment Book
                                                        * Wedgefield Golf Club * Texas de Brazil * Hendrick Motor
                                                        Sports * Florida State University Football * David Toms, PGA *

                                                        Jake Delhomme, NFL * Dr. Mitchell Freed * Timaquan Country
                                                        Club * Buena Vista Palace * Casey’s on Central * Gators
 There are several ways you can make a TAX              Dockside * Salon Zion * Seasons 52 * Improv Comedy *
 DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to our scholarship                 Kennedy Space Center * Mercantile Bank * University of Miami
 fund. You can:
                                                        Football * Harmony Golf Preserve * Links @ 434 * O’Shucks
    Mail a check                                       Pub * Danay’s Candies * Great American Productions * MGI
                                                        Pharma * Universal Studios * The Parking Spot * Orlando
    Donate online through           Science Center * Keene’s Point Country Club * Blue Green
                                                        Resorts * Body by Rock * Roy’s Restaurant * Specialized
    Make a donation at any Washington
                                                        Rehabilitation * Agent Orange Quilt of Tears * Panera Bread *
     Mutual Bank location nationwide. Our
     account is listed under the George Bartol          Duncan Donuts * WFTV Channel 9 Orlando * Agent Orange
     Memorial Scholarship Fund.                         Victims & Widows Support Network * Perdido Key Golf Resort

                                                        WANTED: Corporate, Hole, Prize, Silent
 Through additional fundraising efforts we hope
 to increase the number of scholarships we are          Auction and Food Sponsors for the 2007
 able to award each year. An endowment fund
 has been created which will give us the ability        Brain Tumor Golf Scramble. All
 to offer scholarships to deserving students for
 years to come.                                         donations are tax deductible.

                     George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletter       June 2007
2006 - 2007 Individual &                                         In Memory Donation
Family Donors                                                    Col. Dennis Duffy, USMC (Ret). recently made
                                                                 a memorial donation to honor Mrs. Nemetz,
                                                                 the mother of his friend, Col. P.T. Nemetz,
Jack & Wanna Bartol * Sue Bartol * Kari & Jeff Romano *
                                                                 USMC (Ret).
Heather & Allan Shields * Brandy Bartol * Diane & Larry Cook
* Debbie & Allen Graff * Dr. Kelly Bowman & Family * Pizzie      Our Beloved Volunteers
& Jackie Romano * Lisa Romano * Jay Wilson * Carol & Skip
Wilson * Suzanne & Keith Rhodes * Raf & Ali Rasheed *            We couldn’t survive without the help of our
Theresa & Billy McGough * Todd James * Angela & Phil             volunteer staff. Our organization is run 100%
Fischler * Mike Haas * Chad Haas * Tom Haas * James Dykes        by volunteers. We appreciate their dedication,
* Wesley Dykes * Joe Dykes * Brent Abel * Rick Painter * Joe     and support.
Wutton * Garth Savage * Glen Senkowski * Kevin Dufferd *
John Rothwell * Emily & Don Spillman * Tina Collyer * Jeannie
& Allan Shields * Michael Borg * Mike Pryor * Alison Reiner *
Dac Ung * Dr. Edward Pan * Wayne James * Cheryl Moore *
Zanetta Barnes * Dan Arney * Jimmy Yost * Casey McElroy *
Will Tharpe * Max Spon * Allan Wilson * Dr. Don Behrmann *
Tom Vaughn * Dale Cruze * Brian Floyd * Colin Mills * Marty *
& Family * Pete Saxe * Adam Thielen * Jeff Sievert * Ed Miller
* Jaison Heard * Documart Staff * Justin Boudreaux * Scott       If you are interested in volunteering with our
Harris * Paul Mekeeby * Doug Swanson * Jon Stephens *            organization, please let us know. We will need
Greg Vanover * Buck Tabaczynski * Wes Burrell * Karen            help with our Golf Scramble and Kickball
Rogers * Dr. Paul & Mrs. Helen Newbold * Deirdre & Joe           Tournament. We have a variety of volunteer
Ochipinti * Joe Hammit * Diane & Roger Harvey * Gail &
                                                                 activities that we will need help with now.

                                                                 God Bless our Troops &
Dennis Duffy * Mark Morrison * Alan Packer * Jason Johnson *
Elizabeth Landers * Anne Klein * Amy & Jimmy Roberts * Jill &
Howie Mall * Nicola McLean * Rich Jaeger * Cecelia Boerenko      Veterans
* Keith Ogden * David Reid * Madlyn & Jerry Commeaux *
Eileen & Jack Toohey * Sherry & David Kramer * Gia & Robert      We Owe our Freedom to Them
Baker * Tran Nguyen * William Leeds * Eula Mae Bernard *
Lori & Mike Kelso * Cathy & John Gallagher * Susan & Jim
Swope * Janet Sutton * Keith Ogden * Melissa Kirkland *
Shannon & Eric Bernard * Christine & Paul Thompson * Amy
& Erik Ferguson * Jenny Allen & Family * G. Scapin * Scott
Willis * Kelly & Bubba Roof * Cecelia Boerenko *

“Happiness resides not in possessions
and not in gold; the feeling of happiness
           dwells in the soul.”

                          George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletter     June 2007
                    George Bartol
               Memorial Scholarship Fund
                   Donation Form

   Please fill out this form and return it with your contribution to the George Bartol Memorial
 Scholarship Fund should you desire to make a donation. All donations received will be applied
         towards the 2008 scholarships which will be awarded by December 19, 2007.


      Name __________________________________________________________________
      Address _________________________________________________________________
      City _______________________________________________    State ____________
      Zip _____________ Phone ______________________________________
      E-mail ___________________________________________________________________

 I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund

                         $25 ____      $50 ____       $100 ____          $______

         Please make checks payable to the George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund.
                               Please send your donation to:

                         George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                  4614 Edgewater Drive
                                 Orlando, Florida 32804
                                    Tax # 11-3734219

                   Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Kari Bartol Romano                  407-718-7601       
Heather Bartol Shields              407-493-9169       
Brandy Bartol                       407-242-6236       

                    George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletter    June 2007

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