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               FY 12 Documentation of Contract Quantities

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1. The correct plan quantity for 35101400 Agg Bse Cse TY B is 2401.0 tons. The contractor places tonnage
for five days in a row until this pay item is complete. Calculate the maximum payment for this item:
DAY 1: 458.4 tons, DAY 2: 633.3 tons, DAY 3: 532.1 tons, DAY 4: 621.8 tons, DAY 5: 362.2 tons.

A.   2401.0 tons
B.   2473.0 tons
C.   2590.0 tons
D.   2593.0 tons
E.   2608.0 tons

2. You have traffic signals in your contract. The contractor has installed electric cable from a signal post
mounted signal head back to the controller cabinet. What is the vertical length of cable that will be paid at
the signal post?

A.   1.5 lf
B.   3.0 lf
C.   6.0 lf
D.   13.0 lf
E.   20.0 lf

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3. As the Resident, you are preparing a pay estimate today. Which of the following items should be included
on that pay estimate? (Circle all that apply)

A.   An estimated quantity for concrete curb and gutter properly placed with acceptable material inspection.
B.   Driveway Pavement Removal measured in place that the contractor removed last week.
C.   The thermoplastic pavt marking that has been measured but does not have an LA-15 or IL OK stamp.
D.   The measured quantity for bridge deck concrete superstructure that the contractor will place tomorrow.
E.   Quantities from an authorization that you submitted for approval for yesterday.

4. Your prime contractor was performing patching on your job utilizing Traffic Control Standard 701201
with lane closures. The contract amount for the patching was $247,000. The final value of the patching was
$301,000. The unit bid price for TC Standard 701201 is $24,000. What is the adjusted unit price for Traffic
Control Standard 701201?

A.   $24,000.00
B.   $26,142.00
C.   $26,846.40
D.   $27,934.80
E.   $29,239.20

5. Contractor delivers a 50 foot section of 51201600 Steel H pile. The written itemized list of pile to be
furnished by the contractor indicated 49 foot long piles were to be furnished. The contractor cut off 4 ft of
pile after driving the pile to the acceptable Nominal Driven Bearing. What furnished length will you pay for
this pile?

A.   46 feet
B.   50 feet
C.   48 feet
D.   45 feet
E.   49 feet

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6. A 36 inch circular concrete storm sewer is laid parallel to the centerline of the pavement. The pavement
is 48.0 ft from edge to edge, and 53.0 ft from the back of curb to back of curb. The average depth (D) from
subgrade is 6.6 ft. The contractor excavated to the required trench width as per the Specifications. The
trench length is 62 ft from face to face of the manholes. The center of each manhole is 4.5 ft behind the back
of curb. What is the correct pay volume for Trench backfill using the tables?

A.   0.0 CY
B.   55.3 CY
C.   60.6 CY
D.   65.4 CY
E.   65.9 CY

7. During construction the Resident discovers a conflict between the Special Provisions and the plans. The
Special Provisions state “pay for tree removal by unit diameter”. The General Notes state “tree removal is
incidental to the excavation”. There is not a pay item for this in the contract. How should the RE proceed?

A.   Add a pay item to the contact according to Art. 109.04.
B.   Do not pay the contractor since it is incidental as noted on the plans
C.   Submit an authorization adding pay item 20100110 Tree Removal (6 to15) unit diameter
D.   Get an agreed unit price approval for Tree Removal Acres
E.   Pay for the work under item number XXX18100

8. Contractor installed a 24 inch concrete pipe culvert. What is the evidence of material inspection
for 542A0229 P CUL CL A 24?

A.   Cert or LA 15
B.   IL OK Stamp
C.   Plant Reports, tickets, and test
D.   List and Mark
E.   Visual Inspection

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9. You direct the contractor to cut a pavement patch 12.0 ft wide by 11.6 ft long. The plan depth is 14
inches. After the patching operations are complete, you re-measure the patch. The completed patch
dimensions are 12.0 ft wide by 11.4 ft long, and a depth check indicated the patch depths averaged 16.5
inches. What is the pay quantity for the patch?

A.   12.9 SY
B.   15.2 SY
C.   15.5 SY
D.   16.7 SY
E.   17.0 SY

10. Using the information below, please calculate the daily total theoretical tons for pay item 40603360
 Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface Course, Mix “E”, N50. Tons delivered = 1451 tons
           Unit weight from plans = 112 lbs/sq. yd./inch            Mat width = 24.0 ft.
           Length = 6550.0 ft.                                      Thickness = 1.5 inches
           Little “d” (Gmb) = 2.350                                 Big “D” (Gmm) = 2.495

A.   1440.7 Tons
B.   1451.0 Tons
C.   1494.5 Tons
D.   1529.6 Tons
E.   2161.1 Tons

11. The contractor placed 25000200 Seeding Class 2 with the width as per the cross section below and a
total measured length along the pavement of 5380 lf. What is the final quantity that will be entered in the
quantity book for payment?
                                                      10’        3’3’      10’
A.   123,740 sq. ft.
B.   145,260 sq. ft.
C.   2.8 acres
D.   3.0 acres                                  12’                              12’
E.   3.3 acres


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12. The contractor has excavated for a new footing. The excavation is 46.5.0 ft long x 14.0 ft wide and the
proposed footing is 42.0 ft x 10.0 ft. The layout is as shown. What is the correct volume to use for
STRUCTURE EXCAVATION if the average depth of the excavation is 5.6 ft.?

A.   87.1CY
B.   132.1 CY
C.   133.6 CY
D.   135.0 CY
E.   396.4 CY
                     14.0’                 PROPOSED FOOTING
                                       ’                                                1.5’


13. The Prime Contractor runs over the allotted working days allowed per the contract and will be charged
for liquidated damages. When deducting the 12 day overrun on authorization number six, what is the correct
item code number?

A.   X9100600
B.   FRC00600
C.   XXX00600
D.   XXX17100
E.   XXX21500

14. The required minimum frequency for taking and documenting depth checks for
35501300 HMA Base Course 4 is:

A.   Once every 250 lf
B.   Once every 1000 lf
C.   Not applicable to this pay item
D.   One every1000 sf
E.   One per day

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15. The contractor is ready to begin work on pay item 40603310 Hot Mix Asphalt Surface Course
 Mix C N50. Plan quantity is based on 112 lbs/sq. yd./inch. Gmm 2.45, Gmb 2.35, plan quantity 5642 tons,
and revised plan quantity 5734 tons. Calculate the adjusted plan quantity for this pay item.

A.   5540 tons
B.   5631 tons
C.   5642 tons
D.   5654 tons
E.   5734 tons

16. Yesterday, the contractor started excavating for patches at 7:00 a.m. At 8:30 a.m. you met with the
Superintendent and reminded her that she needed to provide Traffic Control Surveillance due to the open
holes. She completed the excavation and ended her workday at 4:30 p.m. The contractor returns to work
today at 7:00 a.m. and gives the Resident a properly completed BC 2240. The patches are filled by 2:00 p.m.
and therefore no additional surveillance is required. What is the quantity you should pay for Traffic Control
Surveillance based on the specifications?

A.   0.58 Cal Day
B.   0.6 Cal Day
C.   1 Cal Day
D.   9.5 Hours
E.   14.5 Hours

17. The contractor places 1 ½ inch of HMA level binder and 1 ½ inches of HMA surface course over
existing concrete pavement. You checked the surface for smoothness and found 10 surface variations. The
contract price of HMA Surface Course is $85.00 per ton. What is the total cost of surface variations that you
will assess against the contractor?

A.   $85.00
B.   $170.00
C.   $850.00
D.   $1700.00
E.   $2125.00

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18. Fill out this IDR completely as if you are the inspector on the job with your final measurement taken below, including Evidence of Inspection.
Pay item: 40701801, HMA PAVT FD 6, Contract #: 76C53, Date: 10/26/11, Prime: ABC Const, Station: 19+66, depth check: 6.1, Fund Code: 07AA.
                                                                                      Daily Report                      Section


Date                                                                     Initial(s)             Date                    District
                                                        Inspected by:                                                   Contract No.
Contractor or Sub.                                      Measured by:                                                    Job No.
                                                        Calculated by:
Weather    Sunny, 72 degrees                             Checked by:                                                    Project

                                                                                                                   Evidence of Material Inspection               Posted
   Item Code #        Fund                Item                       Location                Quantity
                                                                                                                                                                  in Q
                      Code                                                                   and Units

This is:         an estimated progress measurement (item no.:                                                                                        )

                 a final field measurement (item no.:                                                                                               )
Remarks:         (e.g., instruction to Contractor, special problems, sketches with dimensions for final measurements, computations, number of persons working,
                 hours worked) Use reverse side, if needed.

                                                                         23.5’                                        24.3’

                                                                                                                                                     BC 628 (Rev. 8/04)
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